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Part 90: 8/17-8/19: I Swear We’re Almost Done With Summer

Part 88: 8/17-8/19: I Swear We’re Almost Done With Summer

The Phantom Thieves will do something about it!
Can they really? We don’t even know who they are.
It’s probably impossible. We’d need some sort of miracle…
If they could do something about it, they’d be gods!

Music: Tokyo Emergency

I got home late last night, and my wife yelled at me since I didn’t tell her where I was…
Ahaha! You do something naughty behind her back? Careful, or the Phantom Thieves might target you!
No, you moron. I was just drinking with co-workers. Must you always bring up the Phantom Thieves?

First thing we’re gonna do before we leave is save the game, so we can reload. Why? Because, of course, I want to see all the incidental dialogue, and I got paranoid about running out of time before it updates. We’re going to be spending our time today indoors, and we can’t reenter Leblanc once we leave for the day without spending time (unless it’s just to go to the hideout) (unless it’s night).

Be careful so you don’t get heat stroke! Today’s topic is “Ways to Beat the Heat.”
I swear this heat’s taken years off my life. And it doesn’t help that the seasons are all screwy.

I’m sure it’ll be fine. The Phantom Thieves will do something about it.
You really think we can rely on them? They have no obligation to save Japan.
That may be true… But would they really abandon someone in need?

It’s hot outside, so don’t push him too hard. He’s an old dog, after all.
...Woof! Woof!
Kotaro says he’s fine! We’re gonna help the Phantom Thieves!

This dog is gonna die by the end of the game and it’ll be super depressing.

Music: Tokyo Daylight

We’re pretty hosed.

So you think Medjed have a valid point? That the major corporations are making too much and therefore should suffer from this?
...Are you sure you want to say that? The sponsors will complain if they hear those comments…
Don’t worry. This’ll just make things more exciting. Be sure to edit them so they flow together!

However, I, the Sun God, will surely save them along with my apostles, the Phantom Thieves!
Sun God! Please order the Phantom Thieves to punish Medjed immediately!
N-No need to be hasty! I am waiting for the right opportunity, you fledgling!

That isn’t like you. Is it because of that thing going on between the Phantom Thieves and Medjed?
Yes! And I want something to happen! And then, Akechi-kun will be on TV to comment on it! He looks so good when he’s just talking!

Yeah? Well, if I’m here, that means you couldn’t handle it.
But… I was made project lead…

This is one of the requests we have currently. Unfortunately, we need to put in a bit of legwork to get the target’s name. We’ll get there soon.

I’ve already gotten… 100 numbers this summer.
Are you serious!? How many people is that per day? That’s insane!
Perhaps you could say I’m a Phantom Thief of Hearts…

There’s certainly nothing we can do. It’d be awful if Medjed set their sights on our company.
Exactly. Higher-ups like my hubby are who need to step in if things go south.
Sometimes, I’m relieved my husband hasn’t climbed so high in the ranks.

No, I’m OK. I still seem to be… myself. The Phantom Thieves steal hearts, huh? To be honest, I wish they’d take the heart of… you know. I guess I’ll try to persuade him by writing another letter. It’s better than doing nothing…

Aw, that’s so nice! Actually, I’ve always wanted to be an actress…
Yeah! I can tell acting is in your soul. I know you’ll become famous if you take our acting courses!
Hm, it seems a little expensive. I don’t have much money, so I’ll have to ask my parents…
No problem at all! I can get you a job where you can make lots of money in just a little time!

Tell me more, Fishy Hawker!

Have you reevaluated your home security lately? If not, now is the perfect time! We’re having a special promo sale of our total security systems. Join now for bonus benefits! Don’t let this opportunity pass you by! When danger strikes, will you have the protection you need?

Yeah, it’s all over if they can destroy the infrastructure. Those hackers in Medjed know this.
If the economy takes a hit too, the current government won’t last either.
The Phantom Thieves might be our last hope. Maybe we really did take peace for granted, you know?

Now, we reload and craft… more Lockpicks! Woo! The double craft procs without my having to savescum this time, leaving us with 6 more, for a total of twenty. We will not be using all of these by the end of the game.

Maaku gains Proficiency +3, including a bonus +1 from the double craft.

And we rank up in Proficiency! Hooray, now we can open that goddamn door for Yusuke!

Music: Beneath the Mask

People are getting even more restless online too.
Are we done for if we lose here…?

Remember how we were going to try to formulate a backup plan? That sure went nowhere, ha.

Maaku’s right. Sorry for messaging you all about such weird stuff.
It’s OK. We all feel the same way.
I’ll try and make sure I don’t blow my cover.
As should we all.
It sounds like everyone’s starting to get anxious. But considering how fast the days are closing in, the best thing we can do for now is stay calm.

It’s only days until August 21st, the day Medjed will attack, and corporations are scrambling. With no sign of a response from the Phantom Thieves, some suspect they’ve surrendered or ran away.
Huh? We did not run away! And we’ll never surrender! Just watch and see what happens!

Music: Time to Repent

I don’t think my bond with Hifumi will deepen just yet...

Now, time for the lesson.

I feel like my bond with Hifumi will grow stronger soon…
Thank you for today.

And we head to the diner for what may be near the last time, because by my completely unscientific estimation we’re getting close to capping our Knowledge. So long, Weird Bike.

Maaku gains Kindness +1 and Knowledge +3.

And another rank up! Hot dog!

Music: Beneath the Mask

Oh… You’re talking about… What were they called? Medjed.
You should be ready for any new crisis. That’s why I installed all this new security software.
Well, I don’t have any info that’d be valuable to them. They’ll only go after the big companies.

With Medjed’s day of attack almost here, the anticipation over their showdown is at a fever pitch. People overseas are also showing great interest. Some are even betting on who will win. One bookie says that the odds are on Medjed’s side.
People are really betting on this? And they think we’re gonna lose?

Music: Crossroads

Speaking of which, the public’s starting to warm up to the Phantom Thieves. Your favorites! *sigh* I can’t gather any news because of the chief. He doubts that I’m dating a younger guy… Hey, should we try going on an actual date? Any beaches around here or something?


...Just kidding. You have some Phantom Thieves info for me again today, right?
I don’t think my bond with Ohya will deepen just yet…

Oh, I look forward to it!

I feel like my bond with Ohya will grow stronger soon…
OK, bye.

Music: Tokyo Emergency

Here’s the pitch… Strike three! That’s his tenth strikeout today! It’s a heated pitcher’s battle with neither team scoring runs in the tournament’s final round…

Ah, that date on that calling card? What kind of crazy thing do you think will happen?
Just… All I know is that it’ll be crazy! They’re up against a world-famous group, you know.

“Alibaba won’t lose” or something. What kind of dream was that…?

Music: Tokyo Daylight

First thing we do is head on down to ol’ Book Town and buy the first book.

Companies seem to be on high alert. A lot of my customers have complained about how much more work they have.
Listening to people’s complaints is part of the job. And lemme tell you, everyone’s real stressed out. Still, I dunno if anyone should blindly trust a group that calls themselves the “Phantom Thieves.”

They don’t. They’re #Millennials.

I should be able to open the door with my current Proficiency.
You are a tremendous help. Let us return to Madarame’s house.

Music: Alright (Elp Version)

However, the door appears to be jammed. What shall we do, Maaku?
I think I’ll be able to open the door with my current Proficiency
Maaku, you are capable of fixing it? ...You never cease to amaze me.

You know, I lived here not long ago, yet it feels almost like the distant past at this point… Being here has brought back memories though. Whenever I acted out of line, I was made to sit calmly in this corner. Ah, and over here was a bookshelf, filled to the brim with various tomes. It contained art compilation books for the most part, but there were a few manga tucked away as well… At times I would take a break from my art to hide and read them… This is also where we would gather to eat when the atelier still had a large pupil count. Sensei is particularly fond of salty food, so…

Music: Alleycat

Why do I still treat him as my mentor? How long will I allow him to control my life…?

Y-Yes… My apologies. The truth of the matter is, I used to paint in this room… and I did it simply for the joy of painting. No matter what I took as my subject, my hands would move of their own accord to capture its essence… But back then, I only saw the superficial beauty of the world. I could not see the grime beneath. After learning the truth behind Madarame’s actions though, everything changed. I strove to fight back against the newfound ugliness I saw… To display my talent to those who mocked me… I needed to do whatever it took to validate my artistic ability… In that search for meaning, darkness took hold of me. ...Ultimately, I began to emulate that which I had so deeply despised in Madarame. You know, Boss told me something very interesting when I was staying with you that one night at Leblanc… He said… he didn’t believe Madarame took me in for my skill alone. I suppose now that I think about it, there would be no way to know whether or not I would have been talented. ...Maaku, why do you think Madarame decided to take me in?

Maybe he was impressed by your inability to stop talking, wow.

This is about the moment I realize that for the first time in the entire game I’ve forgotten to bring a matching Persona. Oh well! It’s not worth reloading, there’s ways around it.

It truly is a mysterious beast… …… Even after learning the ugliness of his true nature, a part of me still believes in my former mentor. I simiply cannot come to terms with the stark dualities presented to me… The humble house and that loathsome Palace… The kind teachers and the fiendishly deceptive artist… It seems even the workings of my own heart are inexplicable… What, then of my search for pure beauty…?

Is someone there? I’m coming in.
Hm? Could that be the police!?

Ah shit man, I can’t get caught with the goods on me

Who the hell are you?

Oh, that dude? Why is he trespassing on our trespassing?

Indeed. Thank you for our conversation back there. More importantly though, why are you here? I couldn’t help but notice the door was open on my way home from work.

So you… went inside? What?

Are you perhaps still caught in your slump…?

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

I know a great deal about you, Yusuke-kun. You’ve made a name for yourself by patterning your work after the beautifully detailed “Sayuri”… But that painting at the exhibition was… quite different from that. Have you begun trying out new styles?
If you’d like, I can advise you. Materials, themes, et cetera. You seem as though you could use a helping hand right now.
Most of your painting was done while living in this residence, correct? Your current lack of patron must be what is holding you back.

I’ve made a living investing in promising young artists like yourself, Yusuke-kun.

But… why have you chosen me? You criticized me so harshly back at the exhibition.
Because I feel you have talent. Now, my foundations can provide you an environment that will allow you to focus on developing your skills. If such a lifestyle interests you, we can talk further at a later date. As for today, I have business I must attend to… but I hope to hear from you soon.

My opportunity may have finally arrived… And it was all because you opened that door for me… Hm, it seems good luck is simply a characteristic of yours. You have my thanks, leader.
I feel like my bond with Yusuke is growing deeper…

...I must be going now. I’d like to think on this some more. Farewell.

Music: Beneath the Mask -Rain-

Medjed is extremely dangerous. Judging from their past actions, they’ll make good on their threat. Of course, Medjed has only resurfaced because the Phantom Thieves recklessly provoked them. If the Phantom Thieves have any shred of decency, they should step forward and take responsibility.
He says it’s our fault? Can you believe how we got dragged into this?

I discover Shinjuku has a fucking acupuncture clinic, what?

This is an acupuncture clinic? Hm, so people get treatments with needles here for their health… I bet the drained and exhausted people in Shinjuku come here, seeking immediate relief…

Sadly, we cannot go inside.

Music: Crossroads

I don’t really mind it, but keep yourself in check, OK?

Let’s look into working here to fulfill that request.

Or is it that you’re interested in working here at night? A lot of different people visit this bar, so maybe working here could broaden your perspective.

You may not realize it, but you’ve got potential, young man. I can teach you the basics of how things are run here. Don’t worry, you won’t do anything illegal.

Working at the bar is a returning feature from Persona 4 Golden, and functions almost identically.

So, did you want to do some work for me today?

All right, go on and change.
Well, aren’t you a hard worker? Well, I guess it’s about time for me to be heading out.

It’s your first time, so things might be a little scary, but just try to relax. It’s easy work. I’ll need you to help with some chores around the bar. Washing dishes, cleaning tables, the like. I have to entertain the customers, so I can’t do those things myself. That’s why you’re here now! And there you have it. Explanation finito. Do you have any questions?

You’re underage, right? So please don’t touch any of the alcohol. No drinking it, of course, but that also means no serving it either. I’ll do that, don’t worry.

Let’s see… There’s just one of me, so sometimes I can’t pay attention to all my customers. Would you be on the lookout for those times? I’m sure they’ll want to talk to you, too. They’re all great people, so don’t worry. I’m sure it’ll be a good experience for you.

*sigh* Fine, I’ll ask it.

Ah… Are you interested? I can be your producer if that’s the case. ...Haha, just kidding. I don’t want to break any adult entertainment laws, you know? What you’re wearing now is fine. Well, I guess I’ll have you start immediately, then. It’s almost time for the customers to arrive, so good luck.

I would have loved to see you all dolled up. Hey, there’s a customer who’s all alone. You should go check up on them.
Which customer should I talk to…?

Based on what customers are present, we can gain a corresponding social stat by spending the evening talking to them.

This might bore you, but I wanted to ask. What do you think of our nation’s economy? They used tax money as an emergency measure to restore the economy… But it only increased our nation’s debt, which in turn burdens us, the citizens… Is this really a good strategy for revitalizing the economy…?
Ugh, this is going to take some time…

I’m surprised anyone could be so long-winded. But you did talk about a pretty difficult topic. I’m sure you gained some Knowledge out of it.

Maaku gains Knowledge +2.

Oh, right, you were speaking with Nagai-san, right? He’s an elite banker. He talks a lot, but he’s got a wealth of knowledge. I bet you learned a lot by talking to him. Well, here’s your pay. Keep up the good work!

Pay’s good, but we can get guaranteed social stats from other repeatable opportunities, and in higher quantities.

All right, you should be going home. You’re still underage, and Shinjuku is dangerous at night.

We should go home. I’m getting sleepy...