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Part 95: 8/28-8/29: Please Skip This One

Part 93: 8/28-8/29: Please Skip This One

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

Hey, are you there? Sorry, but I need your help with the dishes.
Help with the dishes!
Is Futaba here, too? That means we’re not only helping out at the cafe, but we’re also babysitting Futaba today too… Well, the faster we get started the faster we’ll finish!

Music: Break it Down

Orange juice. 100% natural.
(to Maaku) That reminds me, you’re going to the beach tomorrow, yeah? Go have fun, and make up for the fireworks. Just try not to cut loose too much.
Oh yeah, you wouldn’t know. He tried to go to a firework festival, but it got rained out. Not only did he get crushed in the crowd, but he came home looking like some kinda drowned rat.
Fireworks, huh…


Oh… welcome.
(to Maaku) Oh! You’re…

Music: Wicked Plan

Huh? You know each other? Wait, aren’t you…
I’m Akechi.
Oh yeah, the one on TV and stuff. So what brings you here, Mr. Detective?
This place is more than I imagined it to be. The atmosphere is wonderful. No wonder Sae-san recommended it so strongly to me.

I already told her everything I know. There’s nothing more I got for you people.
Oh no, that’s not my intention. I just came to enjoy some coffee.

Oh, you must be Wakaba Isshiki’s…

I’ll have whatever you recommend.
Coming right up.

Dude, Sae told you what she did last time she was here. Why the hell would you think Sojiro would be hospitable?

Music: Confession/Secret

...Did I bother you? My apologies. Apparently, my mother was in a relationship with some low-life of a man…

Um, what?

She was swiftly discarded when he learned she was pregnant… That despair would lead to her death.

I did not ask.

Thanks to him, I was passed from foster home to foster home. But, I do quite well by myself these days.

Good for you, buddy. I’d ask how you managed to gain enough of a good education and whatever else you needed to become a fucking police detective at the age of seventeen from those circumstances, but that never made sense in the first place and also I really don’t care.

Ah, yes. Medjed. ...To thinks they’d be taken down by another hacker.

What is up with all the non-sequiturs, man? Is your brain a fucking View-Master, just randomly switching from subject to subject as if by the whims of a small, impatient, easily bored child?

I’m not sure whether Medjed was defeated by the Phantom Thieves themselves or an avid supporter…

Many kids your age seem to be fans of the Phantom Thieves… Do you like them too?
What’s the matter?

*chuckle* Thank you. Although I’d rather not be compared to people like the Phantom Thieves, if at all possible.

Mm, this is delicious. You get to drink this coffee every day? I’m incredibly jealous. I would never have thought you’d be boarding at this cafe… We seem to share some kind of bond.

Ehhh… I guess.

*chuckle* Thank you. I believe that fate brings people together. It’s strange, but talking to you is thought-provoking. Well… I think I found my go-to cafe.

Please no.

I feel like my bond with Akechi is growing deeper...

I always change the channel when I see him.
All he ever does is nitpick.
There’s no way the Phantom Thieves are the bad guys!
He’s so desperate. It’s kinda lame.

Music: Beneath the Mask

I’m outside Leblanc.

Music: Alright (Elp Version)

Can we? I bought some.

Mm-hm. I ran into Mona on the way back though.

If she can do that, she should be good to go. Plus she did a great job dodging that ace detective.

Hold on, Futaba. I haven’t even put out my cigarette yet…

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

C’mon, don’t get the smoke on me!

Hey… the cat doesn’t like the smoke! Keep the flames away from him.
Daaaaaang! I made a huge one! Sojiro, look! Look!
R-Right. Just be careful, OK? Memories of summer, huh...

N-Nooo! *cough* *wheeze*

Aww. That’s legitimately one of the sweetest scenes in the game.

Music: Beneath the Mask

I’ll be good on my own, y’know.
I only ask that you try not to get separated from each other in the crowd, OK?
No worries. I’ve already made preparations for when that happens.
That don’t make me feel better…
Make sure you keep an eye on her. It’s tough enough going solo, let alone watching over someone else. Still, going to enjoy the beach… We can finally have a good time!


Air pressure continues to be high, and it’s expected that today’s sunniness will continue tomorrow.
Looks like we don’t have to worry about the weather! I can’t wait for tomorrow!

She must have wanted you to see that. I guess good things can happen when you least expect them.

At least we’re almost done with aojiru buying. Maaku gains Kindness +1.

Meanwhile, I haven’t made any progress… I can’t have that, yo! Listen up, yo! Check out my “Phantom Anthem”! Say Phantom, say Anthem/Say Phantom, say Anthem/Phantom Thieves are on the rise/But m’popularity’s takin’ a dive/They reached top, I’m at a stop/Got m’moms back in the countryside/Big city’s a hard place to reside/Passion in m’head, mess up I’m dead/Say Phantom, say Anthem/Say Phantom, say Anthem/ How was it, m’main man? Wasn’t my performance filled with passion?

Livin’ in the city costs a lot of dough, yo. That’s why I gotta become a big star!

I tried numerous times, but the “Empress” card keeps appearing. Last time, I felt that you were having trouble with women, but I sense something different now… A-Anyway, please be careful… Well then, what would you like to do today…?

Your fate is very… interesting, so I’d like to try a different fortune-telling technique… I’ve gone through all my books… Maybe I need some that are out of print. Where I can [sic] find some…? Oh, never mind. Let’s begin the verification test.
I don’t think my bond with Chihaya will deepen just yet...

Maybe I should invite her to Book Town...

Jinbocho? There’s a lot of used bookstores there… It’s a bit far, but let’s go! I wonder if the stores are still open…

Music: What’s Going On?

Hmm, there’s a lot here… Which ones would be good as reference?

But since I’ve never had, well, a “normal” job, I didn’t know what to say sometimes. Those would definitely be worth reading!

With those, you feel like just reading them is enough. You end up not actually helping yourself. So I want to learn the ideas in these, and be able to express them to help my customers.

That used bookstore’s sign says “Study of Destiny”! Wh… a fortune-telling specific shop!? Hamiru-san, let’s go check it out!
I feel like my bond with Chihaya will grow stronger soon...
I feel like this place could feel like a second home… Thank you so much for today.

Music: Alright

Make sure you don’t let any dudes try to hit on her.

Don’t do anything that’ll make you stand out, moron. Just act with your brains, OK?

Are you sure you’ll be all right?
It’s just a day trip! Don’t underestimate me!
R-Right… Sorry. ...Guess I just have to let it go. Have fun, but be careful you two.

Beach (Don’t watch this)

Music: New Beginning

Sorry for the wait.

I know it’s nothing on the level of some of Persona 4’s awfulness in this regard, but jesus, keep it in your pants, Hashino.


Fuckin’ Ryuji.

Ann, at least, takes it like a champ. Almost uncharacteristically so, in fact.

Are we missing one…?

Oh these hi-larious antics the Phantom Thieves get up to, I tell ya!

Extremely Yusuke.

There’s nothing perfect about that.

Ugh, this update was all cops and sexualizing minors. Deliver me from this summer hell.