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Part 99: 9/2: I Really Gotta Watch These Update Sizes

Part 96.5: 9/2: I Really Gotta Watch These Update Sizes

Music: Tokyo Daylight

Well, that was a refreshing twenty-second break, wasn’t it? Back to talking to every NPC in the game.

We’ll get fired if we go too far… Let’s just cover the Phantom Thieves fad like we were told.
This is definitely good news. The more we praise them now, the more fun we’ll have later.
So we build them up now only to bash them once they fall? Do you think it’ll be that easy?
We’ll worry about that when the time comes. Right now, we just stir and keep stirring!

Everyone admires the Phantom Thieves… They’re the ones fighting the battles, after all.
Nrgh! What are you trying to say? They win thanks to the power I graciously provide them with!
All you do on rainy days is sit inside your holy place and surf the internet…

I dunno. If the Phantom Thieves didn’t, my boyfriend and I wouldn’t have fought.
I hope you didn’t say something like, “Poor Akechi-kun” in front of him. That’s it, isn’t it?

Wherever I go, I hear about these phantom thieves. They’re being called modern day heroes. If I asked phantom thieves to help me, I wonder if they could clear the haziness in my head… *sigh* In my clothes, I’ve found some money and a bloodied knife. This isn’t the first or second time… The stretches of time that I have no memory of are getting longer. No one understands my problem...

Poor guy.

I’m excited. It’ll be my first time overseas. I heard Big Bang Burger has an exclusive menu in Hawaii!
Don’t fall for marketing hype so easily. It makes you seem information illiterate.

God, everyone in this game is a jackass.

Everyone’s all about the Phantom Thieves now. They’re all anyone on TV talks about.
I told my hubs he should sell a Phantom Thieves-inspired burger. Don’t you think it’d be a big hit? One must always have their finger on the pulse.

FOR TWO WEEKS ONLY, get a special PHANTOM THIEVES BURGER at your local Burger King! It’ll steal your heart through the magic of cholesterol!

We pick up some of those Phantom Wafers we heard about earlier while we’re out, considering they’re a steal for how useful they are.

Out into the world, huh? That reminds me. Anna, Dorothy, Nora… I wonder if they’re all right.
S-Senpai, don’t tell me you’ve already gone international!?
That’s all in the past. Just forget what I said.

Oh, it’s Futaba. Let’s see what she wants.

Oh, right. Um, well… Sorry about what happened in Akihabara. I really messed up…
Futaba looks really depressed… Maybe you should cheer her up.
I should be able to find the words to comfort Futaba with my current level of Kindness

This is the Rank 4 Kindness gate.

This may be a good opportunity to deepen my bond with her...
That police officer… He was a way higher level than me…

Yeah… I guess you’re right… I mean, I still managed to buy some stuff after that. But that was only ‘cause you were there… Anyways… ...Can we go up to your room? I wanna talk to you some more.

OK. Let’s go, Maaku.

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

I think I wanna try going somewhere else sometime. ...It really sounds like Sojiro wants me to go back to school. But online classes are better for studying! I wouldn’t even have to leave the house.

Fuck school, find any way you can to get out of it.

Though… I dunno if Sojiro’d really consider that going to school.

…… Um, to be honest… I really do wanna go back. ...Do you think I’ll be able to?

I… I’m gonna do my best!

Music: What’s Going On?

My mom used to have me do that all the time. She’d write all my goals for the month, like cleaning the house or running errands for her.

Your mom died two years ago, meaning that she had you running errands at like, 13 or younger? Wow, irresponsible!

Then when I’d finish one, she’d mark it off with a big stamp. She always used to write comments too… Those were the best. Oh, and once I finished all my goals, she would take a day off work to spend time with me. It’s decided then! I’m gonna make a promise list! Time to get my ideas ready!

So, these are my promises. 1. Go somewhere with lots of people. Getting used to big crowds is key. 2. Go to school. I wanna see what the inside of a normal high school looks like. 3. Learn about my generation. I definitely need more info… 4. Have a normal conversation with a stranger my age. ...How’s that?

I’m not setting a deadline for this, by the way. I wanna try and finish all of them someday! You’re gonna have to help me though. I’ll work even harder with my navigation in return!
I can sense Futaba’s trust in me…

This might seem pretty useless to the casual LP observer. It’s actually fucking amazing. While there are some… odd properties to the Mementos map (like the inability to scroll it at all in any direction), (my brain is fucking broken, folks) knowing where the treasure chests are from the outset is great. That’s not even the best part, though: the game functions that let you warp automatically to the next or previous floor aren’t tied to having opened the appropriate door, just to having the stairs on the map. In layman’s terms, it means that if this procs, you get to skip the entire floor. Considering how bad Mementos is, this is incredibly welcome.

If I finish all the promises, do you think I could have a reward…? I know it’s kinda weird to ask… but having a reward waiting at the finish line will totally push me onward…! Anyway, I got this! …… Though I’m kinda exhausted from making the list, soooooo… Tomorrow. I got this… tomorrow. Welp, I’m gonna make like a hedgehog and roll outta here!
Futaba went home...