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Petz: Horsez 2

by Chocolate Donuts

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Original Thread: Horses LOVE My Colors!: Let's Play Petz Horsez 2!



Most recent update:
"Play more surgery games, Donuts."

Hello, folks.

Back during Christmas Eve, I got busy gifting games to people in the Games forum Steam thread. Goon SwissArmyKnife decided to offer a trade- He wanted Dead Rising 2, and since it would be cheaper to buy if you owned Resident Evil 5, he wanted to get it from someone who had RE5 in exchange for a game of equivalent value. I took him up on it, and offered him Dead Rising 2 with no strings attached. He decided he had to get me something in return, but after looking for a while, he proclaimed "Fuck it! Found the perfect thing."

So, of course, we discussed just how painful this was, and decided I should do a trip report in the Steam thread. Then, I made my big mistake: I mentioned I owned a licensed copy of FRAPS with a microphone. He eagerly began proclaiming I ought to make an LP of his wonderful little white elephant. At first, I resisted, but ultimately I decided I would do the opening of the game (up until the end of the tutorial, at least) as a video trip report, which I did. At this point, I immediately deleted all the videos from my computer after uploading them to Dailymotion, and tried to forget the whole thing had happened.

Then, people started seriously asking about Petz Horsez 2. "How bad could it be?", they asked. "I wonder if it's actually decent as a horse game?"

I reposted my videos. I had to warn them off somehow! Among the responses, there were even more people who thought a Let's Play would be a good idea. So here we go. The original six videos on Dailymotion will be my first update- I would love to combine them somehow, but I've long since deleted the source files (thinking, at the time, it was all over with already!) Suggestions for horse names, any kind of romantic decisions () and suggestions for training and events are all welcomed, if not encouraged. There may be a contest related to Generic Love Interest's crazy accent. Prepare your butts: Let's Play Petz Horsez 2.

The Videos!
Update 1: The original Trip Report, in six parts.
Trip Report 1
Trip Report 2
Trip Report 3
Trip Report 4
Trip Report 5
Trip Report 6

Update 2: Silent Hillz?
Video 1
Video 2

Update 3: A Branching Plot?!
Video 3

Bonus Video: The Stay Cutscenes!
Bonus Video 1

Bonus Video: BUT THOU MUST!
Bonus Video 2

Update 4: The Leave Cutscenes!
Video 4

Update 5: Mini-Video (select-a-horse!)
Video 5

Update 6: "Understanding Horsez"
Video 6

Update 7: 45 Windows
Video 7

Update 8: Hugo the Prophet
Video 8

Bonus Video 3: Basically? It works.
Bonus Video 3

Bonus Video 4: Emma Joins ICP
Bonus Video 4

Bonus Video 5

Update 9: Never Forget
Video 9

Update 10: Streaming Test
Video 10

Update 11: Dressage Competition!
Video 11

Video 12

Update 13: Understanding Horsez 2
Video 13

Update 14: Hugo's Secret
Video 14

Update 15: Oliver's Secret
Video 15

Update 16: Insta-Foal
Video 16

Update 17: Why not break the window with a rock?
Video 17

Update 18: YOU'RE AN ADULT!
Video 18

Update 19: Agent O
Video 19

Update 20: MISSION FAhahaha
Video 20

Update 21: I've seen this somewhere before!
Video 21

Update 22: Oliver and the Crypt
Video 22

Update 23: Hugo has a kind of autism...
Video 23

Update 24: Go the fuck away, Pastor
Video 24

Update 25: The Photography Competition
Video 25

Update 26: The Stalker Cabin
Video 26

Update 27: Nothing of value happens
Video 27

Update 28: Multi-Competition
Video 28

Update 29: Absolutely Nothing Happens AGAIN
Video 29

Update 30: Stalker with ambiguous accent
Video 30

Update 31: Now with 100% more Hitler
Video 31

Update 32: A Prison For "Undesirables"
Video 32

Update 33: "The Mayor is mean."
Video 33

Update 34: Concept Art
Video 34

Update 35: Technical Difficulties
Video 35

Update 36: THE END
Video 36

Secret of the Magic Crystals

Secret of the Magic Crystals 1: Testing The Game At 3 AM
Video 1

Secret of the Magic Crystals 2: Making Horseshoes out of Aenuses.
Video 2

Secret of the Magic Crystals 3: Does anyone know what magic crystal I need to give the Pegasus so he will mount my Unicorn?
Video 3

Secret of the Magic Crystals 4: Clarisse is now in the 1 place!
Video 4

Secret of the Magic Crystals 5: Bowden, Equine God of Death
Video 5

Secret of the Magic Crystals 6: Horses are Incapable of Breeding Twice
Video 6

Life and Death 2: The Brain

Life and Death 2: The Brain 1: Paging Doctor Ladonka to the OR
Video 1

Life and Death 2: The Brain 2: Eating Pizza on a Fresh Corpse
Video 2

Life and Death 2: The Brain 3: Hope You Don't Have A Pacemaker
Video 3

Life and Death 3: The Brain 4: How does that make you feel, doctor?
Video 4

Planet Horse

Planet Horse: My Friend is Dreaming Bear
The only video. It's an experience.

The Reading

I apologize profusely.
I feel so bad for you if you watch this.

The Paws and Claws Series

Editor's note: Videos are currently unavailable, sorry!

Paws and Claws: Pet School
Video 1

Paws and Claws: Pet Vet
Video 2

Paws and Claws: Pampered Pets
Video 3

Miss Popularity

I hate all that lives.
This game seems to have sapped all of my energy.

Texturesheets and other mod options:
Emma's Texturesheet
Hugo's Texturesheet
That fucking cat that keeps showing up in random parts of the village.
Flora's texture sheet.
The Ghost texture sheet.
That foal's texture sheets, apparently including dirt and dust layers or some shit idk
Raphael's Oliver's texture sheet.
I honestly had to edit this in because I found the horsez' coat textures.
Text Portraits
Emma's Hair
Two separate .txt Dialog files.
The Priest
Pretty sure this is Luigi
The splash screens, in mpg format
Carol(?)'s textures.
Chloe's textures.
Hilda's textures.
Michael's textures.
The Foal coat textures, for real this time!
The Ubisoft, LexisNumerique, and Star/Finish logo textures from the competition fields!

But is it ART?


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