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A couple things:

1. Turns out that extra save before the plate center doesn't exist. Nevertheless, you really don't miss a thing. Rune just darts out of the way of the event. That's it.

2. Trying to improve the frame rates in my videos has given rise to some terrible desyncing. I've attempted to fix it by jimmying the video's frame rate around in Virtualdub, which seems to have worked, but, just keep that in mind if something seems wonky. Also, my computer is overheating now that spring is here, so the second video has some audio blips from things grinding to a halt occasionally.

3. The update.


We last found ourselves in Termi, just about ready to track down Rune in the Ladea Tower. Let's mosey on over, then!

What? Aw, another one? Okay then, let's just...

Oh, uh, crap?


Okay, uh, THIS time...

Let's drive over!

It's to the south.

Oh god why did you get out of the land rover do you have a horrible death wish hurry up and get inside for the love of god get in-

Welcome to Ladea Tower.

The first floor is huge, empty, and only has the stairs up and some columns.

Also Centaurs with laser-hand-blades for some reason.

The second floor is more dungeon-y. Nothing up top, so let's go left.

Going north here...

Gets us a dimate. Whoopee.

Let's just keep going left.

And then down...

And then up the stairs.

And then back up...

And up...

And finally, Star Dew. Heals somewhere around 150 HP on the whole party. Indispensable once bosses stop bothering with single-target attacks and just start spamming corrosion.

Also, there's a lot of centaurs in here. Three at a time can be dangerous, I later learn.

Also note that Demi's new weapon stuns monsters fairly often.

Alright, way back to the beginning of the second floor, and to the right.

There's nothing to get, so just head to the stairs. They're in the same position as the left side.

Oh, hey, it's that guy. One of the best characters ever or some such. Ho hum.

: You've come, Chaz! Amazing that you got all the way up here with those short legs of yours!

(Oh how I've missed him!)

: Rune, this is no time for jokes! I implore you. Give us your assistance!

: Hey? What happened to Alys? Is something wrong?

: Well, the fact is... We kinda went and fought Zio despite you telling us specifically not to, and she got hit with a black energy thingy and is sorta dying as we speak.

: Is that right...Such a thing happened... Alys... But let's not be hasty. As soon as we get the Psycho-wand...

: 'Psycho-wand'?

: Hey, she's taking after me now!

: Yep, I came here to get it. The Psycho-wand is the only weapon that can break through Zio's magic barrier! And to think that two-thousand years ago they sold them in shops!

: So...Rune!

: The Psycho-wand is supposedly sealed up in the uppermost level of The Ladea Tower. I haven't got my hands on it yet. I'm on my way to get it now. Will you accompany me? Once you find the Psycho-wand, I will be more than happy to lend a helping hand.

: OK, OK, I get it.

And thus, Rune re-joins. He's done well for himself ever since I stole all his equipment!

And as we take one step, we fight something and Chaz learns Gires. Sorta makes up for losing Hahn's healing, but not much since Chaz isn't that good with it.

We head around the tower until we hit the top, and can then head into the center again.

I tried so hard to show the phantom Rikas attacking here, but only the actual Rika showed up.

Chaz is then killed to reward our efforts.

And, since we need him, and I'm too lazy to just warp out and come back, I use my singular Moon-Dew on the little brat. He'd better appreciate it.

: I actually felt him carve my face in two pieces! I'm gonna have nightmares for weeks...

We'll skip the stairs for now, as there's one thing to get still.

I didn't say it'd be worth it, though.

These guys only have 3 hp, but they only take 1 damage from any non-holy attack AND they have corrosion. This is a really nasty skill that frankly I was surprised to see so early in the game. To make it worse, they're hardly worth killing.

Let's move on up.

I can see treasure!

So of course we gotta go the long way around.

Don't keep going here, just take the stairs.

Then head left.

And find this in the center of the floor. Back in the day, people used to have to fight little old men hiding in deep caves in order to get Frade Mantles! Now they just leave them on the floor! Darn kids! At any rate, this is high-quality armor for Rune. Throw it on him, and then head left some more.

Back down we go!

Loop around to the top to get...

Those two boxes from before!

I'm not gonna complain about this one bit. Back to the frade mantle box, and then south...

Brings us to the last staircase. Up we go.

Ooh, shiny.

: We can now break the barrier!

Then the barrier around the psycho-wand is broken. I don't exactly know how or why.

: Ha, ha, ha! This is it! I've been waiting for this moment!

: You're Zio's underling!?

: Hmmph, what a brain dead kid you are.

: Wait, is he talking to me?

: Chaz, don't let him get the Psycho-wand!

: You don't have to tell me that! Stop ordering me around all the time!

: Come on! Is this any time to bicker? It's coming!

BOSS FIGHT: GY-LAGUIAH (Gamevee Viddler)

I'm not exactly sure how to describe this guy. Evil spikey bug thing?

I do know to nail him with this a bunch of times. Oh, Rune, you magnificient bastard, welcome back!

As per my normal strategy after this point, Demi puts up Barrier and Rika puts up Deban and Saner.

Then, we apply violence. Repeatedly.

Of course, Gy-Laguiah is also fond of violence, himself.

He won't mind being splattered, then.

: So why aren't I in the shot?

: So, as long as we have this Psycho-wand, there's no need to fear Zio.

: No, he can still kick the crap out of us. We can just hurt him now. Now, let's...huh?

: ...what's that?

: You two, is anything wrong?

: What's going on, you two?

: Chaz! We've got to return to Krup right away!

: Huh?

: Get a move on it! we're leaving!

The party then warps out of the tower immediately.

RETURN TO KRUP (Gamevee Viddler)

: Alys's condition has suddenly taken a turn for the worse!

: ...Chaz...were able Rune? That's goo..d...

: Alys! Alys! Rune! Can't you do anything with your powers!?

: It contains an even more evil power which I can't cure.

: Chaz...don't worry. Chaz...

: I'm here... I'm right here...Alys.

: ...Rune...Please help...Chaz...Rune...

: Don't worry...Leave it to me...

: Alys...

: Chaz...come here...let me take a good look at you...

: From now have to carve out...your own yourself...

: Alys! Don't say that! Alys!!!

: I doing?

: Chaz?

: In a far off country, before Alys picked me up, I did some pretty bad things. When I joined forces with Alys as a hunter...I was at last able to earn some money, and live a pretty comfortable life. Everything seemed to be going fine... But now...Alys is gone. Of course I want to avenge her death, but what am I to do? Should I fight? If so, what for?

: Money, huh... Do you really think that Alys was fighting just for money?

: What? When did I say that?

: Is fighting technique the only thing you learned from Alys?

: I...

: I'm was a really good thing that I was able to get out of the Bio-plant. I've learned so much from Seed. About oceans, mountains, towns, and people! There's a big difference between knowledge attained from studying and actual real life experiences.

: I'm...not entirely sure what you're getting at, but...Thank you, Rika.

: It's good to know I'm not the only one overwhelmed by this...


Vengeance? Eventually!

Thuryl posted:

Well, there are a few things to explain in this update. But first, let's have a moment of silence for Alys.

Okay, moment's over.

A little note on Haunts (those monsters that take 1 damage from physical attacks): according to the technical guide, besides holy power, they're also vulnerable to fire, ice and light. So if you really want to get rid of them fast, a Fire Storm or Blizzard combo should kill them all.

As meteor9 alluded to, the Psycho-Wand and Frade Mantle are both references to Phantasy Star 1; they were the best weapon and armour usable by Noah (Lutz). The Psycho-Wand (just "Wand" in the official translation) could be bought in a town on Dezoris, and would automatically let you escape from combat if used as an item. The Frade Mantle had to be acquired by defeating Noah's old teacher, a monk named Tajim/Tajima/Tarzimal (even the official translation can't make up its mind) who lives in a cave on Motavia:

Noah has to fight him alone. This is one of the two battles in PS1 that you don't get a game over for losing (the other being the nightmare in the Governor's mansion): if you lose to him, he restores Noah to the state of health he was in before the battle and tells him to go train some more.

Sartak posted:

Purgatory Boss #5: Gy-Laguiah

Being able to revive people makes a huge fucking difference! Especially when a physical attack by the boss can KO a fully- healed party member.

Demi starts with Burstroc. My Wren doesn't even have Burstroc yet!

This is also the first time I showed off stats after the fight. It was a mistake here but I like it better, so future videos will do that too.