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Sorry I'm not responding much. I rarely know what to say. Needless to say, I'm still grateful for all the support coming from this thread, so, thanks a bunch everyone.

Apparently, I may not be as forgetful as I originally thought. Turns out that my save files are randomly vanishing, thus explaining why we can't bring Rune to the plate center event now. Also, today it deleted my Slot 1 on me. Thank god I had made a copy of it. Still, this doesn't make any sense. There's only the one save file in the folder; why are parts of it being deleted?

Anyway, let's get a move on.


: I think it's best to report on what has happened so far.

: Didn't Holt already do that?

: Well, uh, yeah, but... I plan to convince the academy to come up with a plan of action.

: Good. I'm counting on you, Hahn! Even though I have no idea what's there for the academy to possibly accomplish.

: I'm also going to return home. The children are waiting for me.

: Chaz, keep your spirits up!

Hahn and Saya dart offscreen before Chaz takes one last look at Alys' grave. Presumably they've gone to have one last night of awkward nerd lovin' before Hahn disappears again.

Yeah, sorry about that thought.

Before we go, let's poke around and see if anything has changed.

: Alys...

: anymore?

: Did something happen?

: Keep your spirits up Chaz and best of luck.

Despite the children all being affected by the event, the rest of the townsfolk still think I'm heading to Tonoe. Eh.

Let's go bug Hahn!

: It's been five minutes.

: won't work... The upper management of this academy is hard-headed. They're such cowards. They won't do anything for us.

: Upper management? They? I was under the impression that this whingy little dork at the desk was the head honcho.

: Please don't come here again.

: Hey, it was your stupid mission that got us all caught up in this in the first place!

: Woah, hey, easy there little guy.

: Ah, let's just go home.

: ...

: Oh yes, she's a good girl! It looks like she is presently working on a pretty dangerous job. She's really kind to children, and when she puts her mind to it, she can do anything, from cooking, to fighting, to poetry! The next time she comes home, I'm going to take it upon myself to find her a good husband!


pass on without a word? Oh, it's you, Chaz. Give my regards to Alys, will you?

: Shouldn't we tell someone what happened?

: ...

: I know we should, but, I just can't bring myself to do it...

: They all knew her too. They deserve to hear it.

: Okay...

: I should have forcibly prevented her from leaving...

: I think I just gave her a guilt complex. I feel worse now, actually.

: Sorry.

: We've searched this town from one end to the other. It pains me to see the children so crestfallen.

(They only have one 'children,' for the record.)

: I went to the Hunter's Guild and asked fortheirr* help.

(*Yes, that's exactly how they spell it. Holy shit.)

: I'm sure only a hunter who is really bored and has too much spare time would undertake dog searching.

: That's my dog's name. I wonder where he could have gone off to?

: Hmm...poor kid...hey, Rune?

: Yeah?

: I think I know what you were getting at, now.

: What the hell are you talking about?

: About Alys, and what she was doing. I get it now. She became a hunter to help people, didn't she? Money didn't really mean a thing to her, or else we would've returned home right after the incident in Piata's basement.

: Huh, and I didn't think you'd catch on so quickly. But what's that got to do with anything right now?

: I'm going to find that dog and help that family, that's what.

: What? Seriously? We're kinda busy here. Zio destroying Motavia and all.

: Yeah, I know, I know. But... I gotta do this.

: ...alright. But make it quick.

: Note that the rest of us apparently have no say in the matter.

: I'm used to it.

: Aww, let's go find that poor little doggy!

: Ugh...

: You sure must have a lot of, no -- I'm so very thankful! The fact of the matter is that Rocky, our daughter's dog, is missing. We searched the town, but couldn't find him. And outside the town with all those monsters... That's why we went to the Hunter's Guild. I beseech you, help us!

: Mister, please bring back 'Rocky' as soon as possible! Please!

: She, she called me mister...It's like some bad luck is destined to occur...not that things could really get any worse at the moment.

: ...wait, that sounds kinda familiar...

: That's because he loves sweet things...No wonder he gets fat. ...Would this constitute some kind of clue?

: No, no, please tell me every detail even if it may seem irrelevant.

: But I already just did.

: Oh, right. Well, see you later then!

: Let's take a break for a bit before we head out again.

: on the wall!

: There's a statue of a heroine on a hill beyond the sea. It also says 'Termi.'

: What a waste of money!

: It's all right, it's a memento of our trip.

: Memento of our trip? Have you forgotten what just happened during our little adventure, or are you too busy desecrating Alys' home to notice?

: To be fair, it's my home too. And there's been some good points on this adventure, too. I'm sure Alys would've loved a reminder of that Sandworm rancher and his hilarious plight.

: village of Termi. Wonderful workmanship! And if you look really closely, you can see him tossing about a small rancher! It really makes you appreciate the skill of the artisan.

: What a waste of money! Don't we have a puppy to save?

: Try to understand the romance of travel.

: Sometimes I wonder if you can actually hear what's coming out of your mouth, man.

: Now, I'm pretty sure I remember seeing a dog in Krup...

: We haven't fed him for a while. He left not long ago. I think he went north.

: North? Well, I doubt he went to that cave. But with the quicksand to the northeast...

: Just go to Monsen already. I guess he can fly or something, I dunno.

: Uh, right.

: Ah ha!

: This scraggly little dog must be Rocky! Here boy!

: What? Hey, get back here!

: I guess he 'flew' away again.

: Huh, how are we gonna...oh, right! He likes sweet things! I have a cunning plan!

: What? Aiedo? Are you tired already?

: Shh, I'm scheming here!

: Oh, goody, cake!

: Everthing is proceeding according to plan!

: The next town after Monsen should be Termi. Let's look there.

: Gya ha ha! There's no escape!

: Good boy, good boy. Here's your favorite food, a piece of shortcake. Or so I'm assuming. Here's our chance. Let's take him back to Aiedo!

: Finally.

: My daughter is overjoyed! I'll send the agreed upon commision to the guild.

: As much as I'm all about helping people now, at the same time, yay, meseta!

: See, my daughter is so happy.

: So, what, you just chase him around all day? No wonder he ran away.

(Hell, I'm just guessing here. There's no real prompt for him to criticize the girl's pet-caring skills the way he does.)

: Congratulations on a job well done! Please accept your commission fee of 2000 meseta.

: Perhaps... there's a trait that he has in common with you!

: ...what?

: I do not comprehend.

: You think I'm interesting?

: She probably means your incredibly short stature.

: Don't be ridiculous!

: Can we please get on with the business at hand? My axe hasn't met Zio's face yet, and that desperately needs to change.

: Yes, focus kid.

: Hey, you don't have to tell me twice. At any rate, I feel pretty renewed now.

: Let's go make Alys proud.


Vengeance for everybody! Yay!