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Alright. Last time we were here, things didn't exactly go as planned. Hopefully the new plan works.

But, first things first, let's test out the Psycho Wand.

: system!

: Zio! Is Zio in there?

: Chaz, I know how you feel, but...right now, we've got to shut down Nurvus!

: We don't have time to talk about it! We must hurry! We lost precious plot-time saving that doggy!

Incidentally, I'm not equipping Rune with the Psycho Wand. This is for convenience sake later.

Down we go!

The music shifts over to the standard 'technology base' affair.

As does the scenery, soon after.

Ooh, a terminal! That was easy!

: from this terminal?

: Impossible! Presently, Nurvus is not accepting input from the outside. We can't even access the system unless we get inside it's nucleus!

Oh, well, okay then. Let's go left! (This always seems to be my first choice, I've noticed.)

No progress, but there is a spiffy new gun for Demi! Hits pretty darn hard, too. Now, back to the right!

Along the way, we fight spider robots with, you guessed it, machine guns! Hooray, robots!

Now, as I was saying, to the right!

Once you hit this point, just go north. Nothing to see on the left.

Going down!

From the elevator, head straight, then south at this fork.

Snag this and head back to the north path.

Along the way, say hi to Juza's cousin. He's all over the place down here, but luckily I only ran into him once. And surprised him. Phew.

Then I ran into another new robot. This one shoots fire! Neato!

Going down again!

They throw this multiple elevator crap at you twice in this place.

Fortunately, taking the next elevator right away gets us some nice dinnerware for Demi. Back up we go!

The Speards and Tech Users have gotten an upgrade. And those techmasters have Sar, the bastards. Luckily I dont run into more than one of them at a time, or else I'd hit them with Seals. As it is, they go down in two hits.

Now, back up at the two elevators, go south to continue.

: Come on, mind explosions!

: Laser hands are good too!

I'm not certain why tsu turned into thu, or vice versa, but I assure you that it's more laser hands.

: Phew, we can buff our attacks again.

: And now I can revive Chaz's sorry ass.

: Hey!

We won't be getting that for a while. A shame, too. I like what's in there. To the elevator!

The elevator drops us off at a path to a door.

More pseudo-side-scrolling!

Aww, it's over.

: If Hahn could see these lines he'd be freaking out.

: Oh, that silly little man.

Eventually you'll hit this branch-off. Ignore it and follow the line to the elevator.

Here's that other dual-elevator. This time, ignore it for now.

You'll get an empty box and some new armor for Demi as a result. Now take the other elevator.

A new enemy!

And he paralyzed Rika, the bastard!

Now what'll I do? I'll have to waste the TP to cast Rimpa and then-

Oh, right. It wore off after ten steps. I told you Rimpa and Cure-Parals are jokes.

At any rate, the other elevator brings us down here. A simple stairway would've sufficed, but I guess the people of PS2's era were akin to WALL-E's Axiom inhabitants.

To the left: Treasure. To the lower-right: Vengeance. I think we all know the right choice.

: Damn right we do!

Indeed! Treasure!

: I hate you.


Now, really, who can argue with that?

Alright, back to the elevator.

It's a straight shot from here.

: Welcome to the nucleus of Nurvus!

: After this, we can go tear Zio a few new assholes, right? Right?

: Hey, why's it all dark and spooky now?

: Well Gryz, how 'bout that? Two birds with one stone.

: Part of that should offend me, but frankly I'm just happy I can finally bust the one head that matters.

: You've made it was to be expected. You should be aware that one step further is the road to your death. I won't let you escape this time! Oh, reverent one! Lend me power!

BOSS FIGHT: ZIO (Gamevee Viddler)

(Nothing I do can improve the video quality and fix the audio sync. I can only have one or the other, apparently. And, in some cases, neither! I should try doing the videos on an actual PC from now on. Ol' lappy here can't take it.)

Zio starts the fight the same way he did before: Magic Barrier and Nightmare. It's not going to do him a whole lot of good.

: Ha! Eat that!

: Aw, nuts.

Zio has a few attacks up his sleeve. Corrosion and Hewn are both pretty nasty since they hit the whole party, but a few of our characters don't take much damage from them, being magical in nature. Still, definitely have Demi put up a Barrier.

He's also got the Black Energy Wave and a powerful normal attack in the form of a huge black beam that can easily wipe out a character.

However, Chaz has his own laser skills.

Rune can't hurt Zio too terribly much, so I relegate him to wood-cane duty.

Which doesn't last all that long.

There goes our only way to revive everyone but Demi! Hurrah!

Nevertheless, we still finish him off.

: With my axe!

And, though I missed the screenshot, Gryz is right. He did finally kill Zio himself. Not in the video, though. Rika got that kill for some reason.

: As long as I got him in ONE reality, I don't mind!

While that would've been rather useful BEFORE, Sar is still a wonderful little spell to have. Full-party Res!

Anywho, plot, resolutions, etc.

: Dark Fo...Aaaargh!

: My life has meaning again! Or, wait, does it now that I no longer have vengeance to power it?

: Alys! You've been avenged!

: I will admit, that was pretty satisfying. Even if I'm having trouble breathing, or standing, or, well, anything at the moment. Have you seen my legs?

: normal means. I am going to connect myself directly to Nurvus' system and crack its security.

: Connect directly?

: Well, it's no Land-Rover, but I gotta have my fun somehow! Yes, this is good-bye, Chaz.

: Demi!

: Good-bye everybody... Thanks for everything.

: Access main system... Issue top priority interrupt...

: Has...has it stopped?

: The operation is a success.

: Demi! Where are you now?

(Despite being in some horrible machine-tentacle-shoulder-rape scenario, she remains cheerful and adorable. Oh, that Demi! )

: Right now, all the systems that have been maintaining Motavia are halted. Now there won't be any more disasters.

: halted, sooner or later the entire planet will become barren. We must work to restore the functions of each system as soon as possible!

: To do that we'll have to do something about Zelan.

: That's right. As long as the satellite is sending abnormal signals, we cannot control the the system.

: Chaz. Why don't we go?

: Like a getaway together?

: No, like a mission.

: ...OK! I'll take what I can get! Let's go to Zelan!

: Don't worry. An emergency shuttle is available at Nurvus. It's being readied for you. I won't be able to leave here just now. I must stay and perform maintenance on each of these systems.

: Wren? I know him! When I was at the Bio-plant, I often telecommunicated with him! About half a year ago, I became unable to reach him on the communication circuits. I've been concerned! I just didn't feel like mentioning it until it was convenient, though. Please Chaz, let's go find Wren at Zelan...

: Didn't I already agree to that?

: Well, good luck with Zelan everybody...Be careful.

: Ugh...I think I can stand...a little. Just enough for a cut-scene.

: I know, I know. You just can't leave your little sister.

: Who? Oh, wait...yes, that's it. Exactly. Certainly not fear of space flight! Sorry.

And then we're unceremoniously dumped out in the desert short two members and hauling around a dead one.

Mission accomplished! Yay!


Needless errands that some other shmuck could easily do!

: Aaaaaand passing out again.

: ...heh heh heh.

Sartak posted:

Purgatory Boss #6: Zio

I have Rika using two shields for this fight. It really helps; shields boost defense by a lot. She (along with Gryz) was mostly on healing duty, but whenever she needed to attack, Flare did plenty of damage.

I'm overleveled for this fight. If I'm not casting Rever or using Medic Pw every turn, then it's not worth recording. Then again, it's quite nice to be able to survive hits.

This song kicks ass live