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We're going to Zelan! For reals this time!

See? We're entering the spaceship dock and everything.

: Finally!

: Oh god I didn't buckle in! Waaugh!

: For the last time Chaz get off of me.

: Oh, god, that's better.

: I had no idea that space was infinite! Wow!

: Try not to crash us into the station, guys.

: We're the first Palmans in almost a thousand years to travel through space! Does that make us heroes?

: No, it makes us commuters. Get moving already.

: This place feels like home.

: Oh boy, I love Zelan already!

: Heck yeah, a new lightsaber! Could this get any better?


: Chaz, what the hell did you pack?

: Just necessities! And most of my underwear.

: Ugh, just throw out some cure-parals or something.

: Phew, I was worried you might throw out my new hat.

: Man, I hope this place isn't overrun by killer robots.

: Gyaaah! There's one now! Kill it! Kill it!

: Chaz! That's Wren.

: This is the man-made satellite Zelan, which has complete control ofver all the environmental systems for all the planets in the Algo solar system. I am the android who manages it all. Rika, finally we meet face to face.

: Yes, Wren! I didn't know that you were so tall!

: And these other people?

: They're great pals!

: Who and who are great pals?

: Whatever. Anyway, glad to meet you.

: Demi told us that the reason the systems in Motavia are out of control could be found here... We've come to try and cure the problem, but from the looks of it, it doesn't seem likely.

: That's right. Zelan is not causing the systems in Motavia to run out of control. We have no control at all.

: What does this all mean?

: It is the artificial satellite Kuran that is causing the Motavian systems to run amok. originally, Kuran was supposed to play a supportive role to Zelan, but somebody has occupied Kuran and usurped our control.

: Is that so? Since Zelan is at the top of the chain of command...

: Demi must have determined that it was Zelan that had gone awry!

: Zelan's telecommunication functions are paralyzed. There isn't even a way to communicate.

: So that's why we were incommunicado!

(This game will throw 'fortheirr' at us, but then perfectly whip out 'incommunicado?')

: I was so worried!

: So this means we have to go to Kuran!

: Chaz, if it is OK with you, may I accompany you? Zelan is presently completely cut off from all the other systems. It is impossible to do any system restoration from here. I was hoping to go to Kuran to get the situation under control.

: I dunno...

: I'm built like a tank and carry heavy weaponry.

: Sold!

: Oh Wren, it would be so reassuring if you came with us!

: have a lot of faith in Wren!

: Oh, yes! Wren and Seed were my teachers!

: This current crisis was brought about by my lack of power. I must take responsibility. It seems that Seed has left me responsible, too...

: Wren...

: Why don't we get a move on!

: Stop trying to take charge, Rune!

: All right then, you take charge - if you can.

: What did you say?!

: Rika...what's going on here?

: Oh, this happens all the time. Would you two cut it out?! You're embarrassing me in front of Wren!

And here's Wren! 998 years old and doesn't look a day over 400. Much like Demi, he comes with Spark, Recover, and Barrier. He also has a Flare cannon in there somewhere. And, as mentioned before, he's built like a tank, so he'll be leading the party for...well, the rest of the game, really.

Back to the ship!

To Kuran! (It's the purple satellite thingy!)

: room.

: Problems in the engine room...that's bad. Well, let's go see what's going on!

: I told you, stop taking charge!

: Uh...would you believe...uh...the stewardess?

: Oh, well, okay then! I'll have some peanuts.

: Chaz, you dumbass, that's an agent of Dark Force.

: Oh my, I've been found out already.

: engines or kill you right here! You're not getting to Kuran!


This guy is a complete joke. In the video he lasts one turn. He lasts two in the screenshots only because I wasted time setting up Barrier and Deban as if he was a formidable fight or something.

The real strategy here is to just beat the hell out of him, preferably with some 'shooting in the face' being applied liberally.

Golly gee, we almost didn't make it!

: Rune! Couldn't you have applied a little bit of self-control?!

: Shut up! You're in no position to talk! Mr. 'Look at me, I have laser hands!'

: It's impossible to get back in that orbit! We will be able to make a crash landing on Dezolis, the third planet in the system. Shall we try?

: What are you saying! Hey. Hey! Are you OK? Hey!

: Calm down, Chaz. You should endeavor not to let your blood pressure become too high.

: Damn, I knew I should've gotten unsalted peanuts instead.

: Relax.

: Why are you all looking so unconcerned?! Yikes!!!

: We're going to diiiieeeeeeee!!


: Man, it's great not being in any danger whatsoever.

: Whatever you say, dear.

: ....are we dead?

: If we are, and you're here, then I guess I'm in hell.

: Wow! What a flamboyant landing!

: Perhaps I should not have deployed the sparkly sequins, then.

: Huh?

: You...what on earth are you?

: Ahhh, it's a Dezolisian. It's the first one I've ever seen!

: Answer me, you bonehead! You've destroyed an important temple! My temple!

: Oh, er, sorry, about that!

: It looks like we've crushed someone's house...

: Who are you people? A girl with horns, and a mechanical doll!

: These are ears, I tell you!!!

: Please use the word android, will you?

: An droid, the droid -- whatever.

: Quiet, you old fart!


: on a ship that flies. Or flew, anyway, before it fell. That's extraordinary...Four Motavians flee, fly -- and fall, right on my Temple hall.

: Ha, ha, ha! What a funny old man!

: Ah...

: It's beyond repair.

: What shall we do?

: Hey, old man.

: My name is Raja! You'd better remember that, little girl.

: Ah, yes...Raja. Are there any facilities where we can fix this ship?

: None that I know of.

: Then how are you going to fix our ship?

(I love how she just assumes it's his responsibility five minutes after crushing his house.)

: I'm not. But...hee, hee...I do have some welcome news for you.

: What, what, what, what?

: There is another ship that can travel the skies!

: There are other spaceships on Dezolis?!

: Tell us where, old man!

: Hee, hee, okay I'll tell, but on one conditon.

: A condition?

: This sounds interesting. Take me along.

: What?!

: If you do I'll overlook the destruction of the temple.

: what shall we do?

: I don't mind. I like him. He's kind of interesting.

: I don't think we have much choice.

: It seems a very practical choice.

: Oh? Then, let's go!

: Great! Now listen carefully! A long, long time ago, Parmanians came here to Dezolis on a ship that traveled the skies. It is said that the ship still exists in the town of their descendants!

: Is this true?

: Of course it's true!

: Chaz, under the circumstances, we have no choice but to rely on this information and go there.

: And where is this town?

: It's a Parmanian town called 'Tyler' a short distance northwest of here! Everyone, let's get going!

: All right, all right.

And here we are. Everyone else's favorite character in the game. He's a lovable ol' bastard, isn't he?

Plus he comes with the only TP restoration ability in the game (Ataraxia) and a full-team heal that works on robots (Miracle). He's also got St. Fire which does some pretty solid damage to purely evil monsters, as well as Holyword which will instantly kill an evil monster. Also, Blessing is basically Deban.

Raja is INCREDIBLY useful, as you can see. Plus his dialogue doesn't need much, if any, of my pitiful help to be amusing.

: I guess it'll never fly again.

: By the way, it's your fault.

: Oh, I'll be fine. It's boring staring at the same faces all the time.


: are you taking another pleasure trip to the country?

: You needn't come along this time, so make sure you guard what's left of this place in my absence.

I get the feeling that ol' Raja isn't too fond of his subordinates.

: This has been going on for three months now. This planet has always had a cold climate, but even I have never seen anything like this!

: There must be a malfunction in the Dezolisian climate control system.

: No, I bet the cause of all this lies in the Garuberk Tower!

: The Garuberk Tower?

: Raja, what makes you think that?

: It's a feeling I have. And my feelings are always good -- get it?

Yeah, Raja then says an empty text box.

: Ha, ha, ha!

: Ouch...

...I have no idea what just happened there.


Ski trip!

Thuryl posted:

Hey, we finally have some more callbacks to earlier games for me to talk about! I was getting a little antsy for a while there.

The Wren in PS4 was originally called Forren, while PS3's Wren was Shiren. (There was actually another Wren-class android in PS3 as well, called Siren, but he wasn't a party member.) In an early draft of the English script, PS4's Wren was called "Forn", which was hastily changed to Wren using find-and-replace when they realised that Forn was a dumb name. There's some proof of this much later in the game.

Here's what Wren looked like in PS3. Not [i]too[/i] different from PS4's Wren, is he?

Also, yay, we're finally on Dezoris! Dezoris is the best planet and Dezorians are the best people. They're stronger and tougher than humans and they probably live a little longer, too; hell, Raja's 85 and he's still doing fine. In Phantasy Star 1 and 2, Dezorians have a well-deserved reputation for being secretive, dishonest, and suspicious toward Palmans. One Dezorian in PS1 would even try to lead you into a trap that could only be escaped with magic. Compared to that, Raja's being a pretty nice guy, especially considering how we just destroyed his temple.

The town of Tyler is also a reference to something, but I'll talk about that after the next update.

Oh, and for those who are wondering: no, I'm not sure if Raja's puns make more sense in the original Japanese or if they're just that bad.

Seiren posted:

It is a little-known fact that the Chaos Sorceror can be eliminated in a single move, even if you're not horribly overlevelled.

He is the only 'boss battle' in the game that succumbs to instant-death attacks. My last playthrough had Rika lead with her Eliminate skill, effectively ending the battle before it even started.

Wren (Fuoren-class Android) This powerhouse here effectively controls the entire Algol Solar System from his headquarters in Zelan, the artificial satellite which shares an orbit with Motavia.

Being an Android, he cannot learn techs, but his powerful skills more than make-up for his lack of technical abilities. Equipped with 'standard android gear' such as Recover, Barrier, and Spark, Wren's abilities lean much more heavily on the offensive/anti-machine combat than little Demi. For starters, he's equipped with a Flare Shot embedded in his torso. Like Demi, spare parts can be found to equip Wren with new skills, however, Wren cannot equip Phononmezer parts, and likewise, Demi cannot equip parts meant for Wren. In some regard, Wren is quite possibly the most destructive character in the entire game. The Positron Bolt parts he can equip with near the end of the game, is so powerful that a mere 10-second burst could even destroy a space-fortress like Zelan!

Another major difference between Wren and Demi are in their primary weapons: Wren's weapons cannot cause status effects like Demi's Stun Shot, but they deal a significantly greater amount of damage. In addition, Wren can equip Vulcan weapons, which attack an entire group of enemies. It's standard Android procedure to use Vulcans as much as possible, and then switch to a powerful single-target cannon for boss-battle.

Raja 'No Last Name Given' Raja is Raja, the caretaker of the title of '2nd most badass character in the entire game'.

He isn't violent by nature, but his jokes just scream a concentration of badassery Rune can only just barely surpass. Instead, he is a supportive powerhouse, capable of making your party nigh-invulnerable with his unmatched supportive abilities. As noted by meteor9, he gets Miracle, which is basically Medic Power which also works on droids, and heals nearly as much as Nasar. (Note: Actually, it doesn't revive so it's not too much like Medic Power -meteor9) Blessing is basically Deban, but without the TP-cost, and countless charges. Holyword is an instant-death attack that targets one creature, but only works on 'evil' enemies like many you'd see in Zio's Fort, and lategame areas. Further bolstering his arsenal of powerful support skills is Ataraxia, which is the only thing in the entire game, barring the Inns or Healing Tiles that can restore TP to the group. Combined with a modest amount of charges, your party can go a looooooong time without ever setting foot in a spaceport or an inn.

Finally, he gets Saint Elmo's Fire (St. Fire), which deals significant damage to an entire group of evil enemies.

But that's only his skills! He also learns the entire *Res family, the entire *Sar family, Rimpa, Anti, Rimit, Seals, Rever, and Regen, with Regen being a Sol-Dew in Technique form for 40 TP. Even his basic Res is typically as strong as Chaz or Rika's Gires!

His equipment is limited to basically the same things Rune may use; which means he can wield 2x Laser Barriers for the ultimate tank.

In short, with this wisecracking old fart on your team, you simply can't lose. And if you somehow do manage to lose, well, let's just say Raja will come out of your television/monitor and personally make you pay for the damage to his lovely temple.

Sartak posted:

Purgatory Boss #7: Chaos Sorceror