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David Corbett posted:

: Perhaps you could say that the Great Collapse threw a Wrench in the whole works! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Oh god, that's perfectly awful. Begrudgingly nice work!

With that, let's ignore the somewhat-lateness and have ourselves an update! Is this, perhaps, the farthest a PS4 LP has ever gotten?


Welcome back! When we last left our heroes, they had just destroyed the home of the most amusing character in the game. He then made some confusing jokes and I still have no idea what to make of them.

Also, we're now on Dezoris and this is ALWAYS the planet I get lost on. Hell, I only just got Motavia down pat for once.

: we'll have to find that space ship Raja told us about.

: So that means we're going to the town of Tyler northwest of Raja's temple?

: Before doing that, why don't we take a little break at the inn in Ryuon? You'll be able to hear a lot of fun stories, you won't regret it, ha, ha!

Incidentally he means the bar, not the inn. Yeah.

Ryoun isn't that far off, as you can still see the temple sprite below.

: If you want to have fun, this is the town!

: I just can't avoid this town when I'm passing by, ha ha!

: It generates heat. You may have noticed that it's somewhat chilly up around here.

: The Dezolisians believe in fire!

(Although I can't really imagine anyone that doesn't believe in fire. 'What? That orangey hot thing? That's nothing! Ignore it!')

: This watch fire is an object of their worship.

: about the situation around these parts. If you want to know something that's where you should go.

: Two fists is...the best situation!

: What does that even mean?

: It's so nice to sit by the fire and listen to Gyuna's stories...The inn is our source of relaxation.

Incidentally, this guy also means the bar, not the inn.

: It's the center of Dezolis, and it's the pillar of support for the hearts of Dezolisians!

: time I've seen a girl with horns!

: Oh! How dare you!!!

: Ha, ha! I told you, to normal people, they look like horns!

: It looks like they've flapped all the way here from Motavia.

: Arrgh!

: See? His arms are so sore!

: Will you cut it out you old fart?!

: wonderful priest named Raja.

: Highly virtuous? Wonderful? Yeah, right.

: I don't think they know you very well Raja.

: What? I'm virtous* and wonderful, right?

*I should probably stop doing this by now, but, the game dropped a 'u' for some reason.

: out of town is unreliable. There are many places where the roads are obstructed by ice!

: On winter nights, we huddle so tight, saying ice is really nice... How's that!?

: I give up!

: Hah!

: No, seriously, what? Was that poetry or a bad pun? I can't tell anymore!

: They're surprisingly similar to Parmanian dishes.

: self-conscious about their looks.

: strange traveling companions this time!

: Raja is our strange traveling companion!

: How could you say something like that? I thought we were friends.

: in Dezolis...It is said that it was built overnight.

: Built overnight...I seem to have heard this story before! However, I'm going to stop connecting dots now and ignore it!

: Tyler to the northwest is one of them. This cold weather we're having now is hard even for us. I hate to think how horrible it is for the Parmanians.

: It's hard for them, but they'll survive!



At least Rune could make do with some new fashion accessories.

: Thank you for amusing us with your funny wit.

: ...I just feel that I can't keep up with the Dezolisian sense of humor...

See, this is the inn. There's nothing here but, uh, inn-ness.

This, however, is the bar. It's actually necessary that we come here.

: of things...Gyuna listens to all this and passes the information on...This is where peoples' ideas gather and are disseminated.

: looking lot. You're making my drink go sour. Don't get too close.

: He's a maudlin drunk... What a pain.

: In that case, I'll tell you anything. What do you want to know?

And, here's Gyuna, Dezolis' version of Grandfather Dorin. He even has the same repetative method of answering questions. Let's get started, then.

: This snow storm started three months ago, and hasn't stopped since. It's been a terrible disaster, hats being blown off all over the place and lips getting chapped!

: Hats? Lips?

: Ahem! But, the biggest problem is the wall of ice! The storm has left snow drifts all over the place, and has created walls of ice. This has divided Dezolis up into parts. We can't get anywhere!

: It's said there's a tower somewhere in Dezolis where the demons live. As the story goes, the tower suddenly appeared overnight!

: That's it! It's those demons who are destroying the universe! Algo is under a curse!

: Could what Raja says be true?

: That I don't know. But, Raja being what he is, he may be sensing something.

: And you have no idea at all where the Garuberk Tower is?

: All who've seen it say something different....All I can say is that it's up north somewhere.

: I see...

: Not particularly, but, sure.

: I've known him a long time. He's a weird one...but, he's a skilled magician, and he was well liked at Gumbious Temple.

: Wow. I can't believe it. That old freak!?

: But, he was tricked by those who were jealous of him, and was banished to this rural place.

: Really... It doesn't seem possible.

: Actually Raja himself is quite happy that he was able to get away from that constrained temple! He's a good guy! He's a good friend of mine!

: Why do I get the feeling that Raja may have orchestrated the whole 'banishment' thing as a way out?

: Are you talking about the space ship that is underground in the town of Tyler? I don't know a lot about it, but apparently, if you take a good look at the grave, a path will open for you.

: A grave...?

: Anything else?

: Know any interesting measurements?

: Nope.

: I guess we're set, then.

: Thank you.

: Oh boy, back into the blinding snowstorm!

: H-h-h-hey, d-d-d-don't c-c-c-complain... At l-l-l-least you have p-p-pants...

: Ah...sorry. So...where's Tyler from here?

: Let's ask mister owl! Mister owl, how many licks does it take to get to Tyler from here?

: I still don't see why they didn't answer me.

: Being owls, it is my understanding that such creatures lack the ability of speech. Also, they appeared to be quite busy pecking at my cranial section to pay much attention.

: At any rate, this is obviously the wrong way, unless you happen to have a shitload of rock salt.

: ...It's not my fault that we don't have salt, or that we ran afoul of that angry owl! Ha!

: Would you cut that out already?

: Or rather "ran a 'fowl!'" Ha ha ha!

: Maybe these guys'll know the way?

: Why, Alys? Why did you curse me so?

: I have eliminated the obstacle. Please be wary of stray burning feathers.

: I r-r-r-r-really hope that's t-t-the place...

: We made it! Yippee!

: I n-n-n-n-need a b-b-bed and a f-f-fire...

: Wait a minute, there's only one bed in here and it's a king size. How are we going to do this?

: I have no need for any furniture. I shall enter hibernation mode in an out-of-the-way corner.

: I need to take a walk. Being with you and Raja is making me want to club you.

: I shall spread good will and cheer! And maybe grab a few pints of beer!

: B-b-b-bed....

: So that just leaves me and Rika...curse my sudden wave of decency! I'll take the floor.


: Guh, I feel like I've been stepped on...

: Oh, sorry!

: They say it's the grave of the first chief of this village. I'm sure the old man would know more about it.

: How on earth were you able to get through the walls of ice?

For the record, with the walls of ice in place, we actually can't reach any other location aside from the temple, Ryuon, and Tyler. While it's a pretty blatant way of making the game linear, at least it actually affects the NPCs in that they're all worried about the isolation it causes. It was the same on Motavia with the quicksand, obviously, but still, at least they integrated it into the world as more than just an overworld graphic.

: I feel like my hat is going to be blown away. Such a nuisance!

: Wow, Gyuna wasn't kidding then!

: I do, but humor the kid.

: With Laconia you can make weapons and armor that is out of this world! We haven't caught up with refining techniques here so the best we can do is make the low grade 'silver.'

Further cementing the idea that Laconia is PS's version of Mythril, I see. And it's funny. Psycho-wands used to be mass produced, and Laconian weapons were incredibly rare and feared by Lassic. Now there's only one wand and Laconian equipment is sold over the counter. What the hell?

: Aw, man. Swords made out of physical materials? What a gyp!

: Why doesn't anyone sell pants?!

: Aw, man, I forgot to bring any aside from what I'm wearing, too!

: You brought all your underwear, but not a single change of clothes.

: Yup! Sorry Rika, I would've let you borrow a pair.

: Algo is doomed. This is what I have to work with. We're doomed.

: Huh?

: ...nothing. Just keep shopping.

: ...Chaz, do not sell the mystical one of a kind holy relic.

: Aw, but you're not using it! You're busy with those shields.

: And if I could move with the damn things, I'd beat you to death.

: We might realy freeze to death.

: Reshel. We don't trade much with them, but I hope they are doing well!

: I'm sure they're fine, barring something silly like vampires or a zombie outbreak.

: This is the place where the Parmanians first landed when they moved to Dezolis a long time ago. It's been said that they named this town after the captain of the space ship they came on. And the story goes that they built a grave on the outskirts of the town in memory of the captain.

: Oh, right! We were doing something about space travel, weren't we?


: 'Here lies the great leader Tyler...Touch us...Listen to our voice...Entrust that body to us...' So this is Tyler's grave...That's the creepiest epitaph I've ever heard.

: Lying alone...what a horrible fate.

: Gyuna said to inspect this grave closely, but I don't see anything...There's just this inscription...Ahh!? The plate just moved!

: It moved? Chaz, push it again!

: OK!

: T-t-to think that n-n-n-nobody ever s-s-s-stumbled across such an obv-v-vious entrance!

: Maybe there's a space ship down there?

: That or a corpse.

: Let's go see!

: This does not appear to be an ideal place to store technology.

: Oh god, not more of these!

: Let's give them a licking! Ha ha!

: Oh, good, he has friends.

There's only poison frogs down here. They don't do anything special like summon reinforcements or anything. The screenshots were just coincidental.

This is the only fork worth mentioning in here. Northwest nets us...

...a waste of inventory space since we have Raja the almighty. Southeast would get us...

Fashionable robot headwear! It says it's heat-resistant, which is odd, as the ceramic stuff didn't say anything of the sort. Anywho, go south next.

And then left here.

Past the box that taunts me with it's mysteries.

And into the exit!

: So this is the space ship the Parmanians used in coming here so long ago!

: Here's an emblem. L-a-n-d-a-l-e...'Landale!' I knew a Landale once, mind.

: It's called a Landale. What a cool name!

: So, how is it? Hey Wren!

: Hey! Don't ignore me!

: With a little maintenance, it could be perfectly useful.

: Whew! We sure are in luck!

: Wren, Make preparations for takeoff!

: Roger!

: Hey, another spaceport! So long, inn fees!


An old friend and spaaaaaaaaace!

Thuryl posted:

The big reference this update is Tyler.

He was a rebel against Mother Brain, who rescued the party in Phantasy Star 2 from certain death when they were trapped on a prison satellite that crashed into Palma. (Well, in the Japanese version he didn't "rescue" them so much as clone what was left of them, but either way he's responsible for their continued existence.) He's also supposed to be a descendant of Tylon (Odin), a party member from Phantasy Star 1.

Tylon/Odin is that guy up there. See the family resemblance?

Another, less obvious reference is Raja's comment on seeing Tyler's tomb:

": Lying alone...what a horrible fate."

Dezorians don't normally bury their dead in individual graves like Palmans do. Instead, they house them in giant morgues. One of these, Guaron, was a dungeon in Phantasy Star 1 and 2.