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Sorry guys. Job-hunting, puppy raising, four hundred screenshots, and an obligation to hunt Agito Repcas in PSU have conspired against me.


...nah, I'm just fucking with you. Here's the update.


: Hey, let's go see if the Zombies are still around!

: Shouldn't we check out Gumbious?

: Whobius?

: Hey, they figured out how to wear clothes! Isn't that adorable?

: Every time I think I can respect you again, Chaz, you go and do something like this.

: back to its original splendor! No, even better than that!

: As long as you fix the terrible decor, sure.

Goddamn, I love mass-produced legendary equipment. Stupidly, though, I buy two Laconian Mails. Why is this stupid? Well, you'll find out in a little while.

: There better not be zombies springing out from everywhere anymore!

: Aw, boring!

: Well, since we're making detours...can we check on Raja?

: Again?

: Yeah, again! He's our friend, after all.

: on the road to recovery.

: Well, I suppose this little plot-thread could've gone worse in the end.

: It's great that he's getting better, but...He keeps telling these stupid jokes.

: See? It's not just me!

: How do you put up with him?

: I'm not his guardian!

: Well, I find him quite charming, so there.

: I see you haven't changed, Raja! Still requiring rest after a major illness!

: Aww, don't listen to him, Raja. We've really missed having you around!

: Indeed. Your mannerisms and conversations always taxed my communication sub-routines to their limits. It was quite exhilirating.

: Eh. ...hey, I know! That closed item shop should be open now!

: The plague has been gone for roughly ten minutes. Why would the shop suddenly spring open?

: Did we not just visit a half-rebuilt Reshel?

: ...alright, I'll give you that one.

I'm pretty sure this is the best store in the game.

: You know, eventually we should go and investigate the wanton destruction of Gumbious.

: Holy crapspackle!

: I guess we're allowed in the restricted area, though.

: Our Love defense was no match for it!

: Oh, of COURSE you survived.

: I'm glad you're here. The bishop awaits you.

: Hey, are you that two-thousand year old guy someone mentioned the other day?

: I am the bishop of the Gumbious Temple, which stood here for two thousand years. Barring those few centuries when it was a monster infested tower.

: Bishop, what on earth is going on?

: The temple has vanished without a trace.

: We've defeated Dark Force. Again. Isn't that the end of our work? I was kinda hoping to take a lunch break by now.

: 'The Profound Darkness' still exists.

: What's 'The Profound Darkness?'

: It is the root of all evil that has wrought death and destruction in Algo since long ago. Dark Force is but a tool of that existence!

: Oh! So why is this the first time I'm hearing of this, then? We've been fighting Dark Force for over two-thousand years. This might've been helpful to know.

: Well, they didn't write it in until this installment.

: This doesn't sound good!

: Dark Force. He came to Dezolis to search for the whereabouts of Rykros. Considering that he just sat around for six months, though, I guess he wasn't all that successful.

: Rykros?

: It has become something that is beyond your control.

: I'm pretty sure I was never really in control.

: That's why, The Profound Darkness stirs. If it can't lay its hands on it, its not going to let you get ahold of it.

: Bishop, we don't understand. What is 'Rykros?' And, again, why have I not heard of this supposedly important thing before now?

: Is there something so important that we have to scramble and find it? I mean, I'd really like a break or something.

: I'm sure the Profound Darkness would give you plenty of time to relax and have fun.

: Really?

: Of course not, you imbecile. Lutz, is this really your champion?

: Look, I don't like it either. But don't change the subject. What's Rykros?

: It is the place where all the secret answers lie.

: Huh?

: What do you mean?

: It is not clear to me either, what 'Rykros' is...or where it is... When 'Rykros' returns, the 'Aero-Prism' will show the way. I know nothing except this saying that has been passed along.

: 'Aero-Prism!?'

: Woah, calm down.

: Ah, the light of the Aero-Prism which illuminates everything...!

: Rune, you know about it?

: Yeah, it was one of the thousand fetch-quests Alis and the Lutz had to put up with. Chaz! We have to return to Motavia!

: To Motavia?

: The first generation of Lutz stored the Aero-Prism in the Soldiers' Temple!

: Oh, the temple on the island in the lake near Krup!

: Holy shit, you remembered that far back?

: We need a vehical that can travel across that lake.

: Don't you mean 'vehicle?'

: Perhaps. I will contact Demi immediately.

: Bishop, thank you. We'll be sure to return the Eclispe Torch. It's taking up valuable inventory space, anyway.

: So, you will go to Rykros?

: Yes. After all, we've come this far. And it's not like I got anything better to do.

: I see...then I have done my part...All I could do was point you towards Rykros. It's up to you to shape history. All hope is on you youthful ones.

: You're not going to self-destruct, are you?

: What? Of course not! I'm going to take a nap. Now, what is your name?

: Chaz. My name is Chaz Ashley.

: I see. I entrust you with this mission, Chaz Ashley. Don't screw it up.

: Why does everyone think I'm going to blow it? I've done perfectly fine so far. We've killed La Shiec, and even Dark Force twice! What else could possibly stop us?

: You know what? You're right. While you keep me in constant turmoil with your incessant idiocy, the fact remains that you are a dependable and capable champion. Keep it up, Chaz.


: Long time no see. I'm glad that you're all looking so well!

: Ah! Ghost Demi!

: Chaz! She's communicating with us from Nurvus.

: Oh.

: Demi, what is the condition of Motavia?

: All systems on hold. There are no abnormalities. Everything you requested is already on stand-by.

: As always, your preperations are impeccable, Demi.

: Oh! Thank you very much, Master Wren!

: Awwww!

: How'd you fit this through the door?

: This is a Hydrofoil! We brought it from the Machine Center. It's no Land Rover, but it'll do. It has been completely overhauled. It's as good as new!

: By using this, we can move across water.

: Okay, Chaz, let's get a move on and head for the Soldier's Temple!

: I'm sorry, but at this point I don't think I can be of use to you. The restart of all the systems in Motavia will take some time.

: Oh...that's a pity. But good luck to you, too.

: Thank you, Rika...

: OK, let's head for the Soldier's Temple! Or was it Soldiers'?

: Sweet, glorious heal panel...

: Chaz...this isn't Krup.

: I know! But since we've run into so many of our friends so far, I figured we might as well check on the rest.

: This time it makes sense.

: We just can't seem to get the school to do anything!

: What? You're still here doing that? Go home to your girl, man!

: I haven't sat down in weeks. I can't feel my legs! Ho ho ho, oh no!

: Yeah, uh, I'm gonna go now.

: Well, hey, at least that's reasonable.

: So how goes the good fight?

: Pretty good. We've killed off three legendary evils and stuff.

: ...and I've been sitting in a hut.

: Hey, it's dangerous times. Like you said, you've gotta stay by your sister's side.

: Alright. But, if worse comes to worse, and you really need me, don't hesitate to ask for my help again.

: One last stop.

: Hey, Alys. Look, I don't know if you can see what's going on anymore, but...things are going pretty okay. We're all doing fine, so you don't have to worry about that or anything. We've actually kinda save the world a few times. Or, rather, a few worlds, even. I'm sure you would've loved it.

: ...

: Well, there's still some work we have to do, so, we'll be going for now. Rest well, I guess. I really wish you could still be fighting with us, but...well, can't do anything about that, I guess. Goodbye for now, Alys, and...thank you. For everything.

: All right, let's get a move on.

: Whew! That was a rough trip, guys!

Yeah, we need to show off the Hydrofoil more. The Hydrofoil is wicked fast, and can travel over any flat terrain (still no mountain or tree crossing, unfortunately). Unfortunately, you still get attacked in it, and it's really jarring when the thing moves so fast and is subject to the same encounter rate. As a result, it's incredibly easy to get lost when driving this thing, as you spend more time in battle than you actually do driving around.

Here's Thunder Grid. Pretty self explanitory, and hits hard.

And here's X-Burst. It looks like Efess at first, but then quickly expands into a fullbright, fullscreen blast. It hits about as hard as Thunder Grid, though. I suppose it may just be these guys being weak to thunder or something, I dunno.

Alright, back to the temple.

: My name is Seth. I'm a traveling archeologist. I came here in search of the ruins of an ancient temple, clearly visible a top this island, but there are monsters in the cave that leads to it.

: Hmm, the temple...just where we're going.

: Ah, I knew it! How fortunate! If that's where you're headed, would you allow me to come with you? I do have confidence in my skills. And I don't intend to be a nuisance.

: Hmm, an archeologist...

: If there are monsters, the more of us there are, the more advantageous it'll be in a fight against them.

: OK, I guess it's all right.

: Thank you very much! I appreciate your kindness.

: Rune, he's quite a polite person.

: Huh? Oh, er, yes...Creeps the hell out of me, though.

So, here's the new guy. He's, uh, a guy. Covered in Laconia and a Cybersuit for some reason.

Huh. That's...unusual.

: Time to visit Aiedo!

: What? Oh, come on!

: can take the couch if you want, Seth.

: Sure! ...what for?

: I...uh...sleeping, I'd assume?

: Oh, yes, of course! Ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha!

: Uh....

And here we are. The final sidequests of the game. We're going to do them all, too. But right now we're going to the first two.

: via letter transmission. 'My two daughters have left the village and have not returned since. Please find out where they are...' That is the message. The fee offered, if you bring them home, is an incredible 50000 meseta. Quite a generous guy! You will need to cross the ocean for this job...will you take on this request?


: In that case, please go to Uzo and get more details at the village chief's house. Uzo is a village on a deserted island south of here.

Alright, while they do sorta give you directions, Uzo and the next city are still a real bitch to find in the hydrofoil. I'd really recommend just finding a world map somewhere and going with that, as I still can't tell you exactly where Uzo or Torinco are.

Still, yay, Uzo!

: Really? You think? Gee, I thought it was Dezolis what with all this snow around.

I guess the game thinks you might be confused now that you're back from Dezolis? I dunno. It's still retarded.

: I hear that there's a Motavia Academy full of cultured people, and a marketplace that sells everything!

: There's no culture in the Academy, only whiny nerds. And the Aiedo Market doesn't sell crap worth anything.

: dreams! Noooo!

: I haven't commissioned anybody from the Hunter's Guild for anything!

: Huh?

: And they headed to the mainland to do some shopping at the market. But it's been a month now and there's no sign of them! I don't even know if they made it safely to the mainland or not...My husband is so stubborn and obstinate...He carries on like that, but in truth, he is even more worried than I! Please find our daughters for us!

: Oh, why do I have this terrible feeling I know exactly who they are?

: One of our ancestors really loved playing the flute...

...Oh, Jesus, that joke just writes itself, doesn't it? I won't say anything, then. ...heh heh...flute... (EDIT: Oh, wait, wrong city and wrong guy! Whoops!)

: Well, let's go rescue the idiots.

: carried away. So much so that we couldn't pay for our rooms and we got caught.

: Yeah, I was there, I remember. Anyway, I'm here to bring you back home.

: What? You have a request from my parents in Uzo? Is that right? But there's a watchman standing guard all the time...there's no way I can go home.

: They've got a ten-year sentence, so they say.

: ...ten years for a 200 meseta hotel bill? That's idiotic.

: Let them out? No way! Well, if you post their bail I don't see why I can't let them out.

: Okay, how much?

: Their bail is at 50,000 meseta.

: ....fuck.


Now I have to go grind again. So I can defeat the powerful 'court systems.' What the fuck.

Ugh. At least Chaz learns Nares and Nazan out of it, and Rika gets Nasar, which is pretty fucking awesome.

: Where the hell did you learn how to do that?

: Uh...correspondance course?

: Oh, okay!


There. Now we can finish up this gigantic waste of time.

: You'll post their bail? Wow! How magnanimous of you! Yep, payment received in full! I'll leave it unlocked so go ahead and take them away!

: Let's go. Your parents are real worried. We'd better hurry back to Uzo.

: Well done for bringing her back safely! I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am. I'll be sending your commission fee to the guild right away!

: Could you maybe add just a little more to-

: The village chief has gone.

: Crap.

: Congratulations on a successful resolution! Your commission fee is a whopping 50000 meseta! Please accept the money. You look kind of dissatisfied. Is anything wrong?

: Er, it's nothing...

: Well, I can't imagine anything can be amiss! After all, you have recieved your fee! Money money money!

: I feel cheated!

: You didn't win but you didn't lose anything either. Let it be, this once. Besides, we got Nasar out of it.

: via letter transmission. 'My son has fallen ill. I would like to discuss a certain plan I have to deal with this matter. I will go into more detail after we meet.' That is the message. The fee offered is 10000 meseta.

: Oh, well, fine. It'd better actually pay out this time.

: In that case, please go to the village of Torinco and get more details directly from Mr. Culvers. The village of Torinco is south of Monsen.

It's much easier to go south from Ladea tower instead.

: It's a farming village famous for it's terraced fields.

: Look at what a wasteland it is now. A strange flock of birds flew from the northeast and ate our fields!

: I'm going to die. I don't have long...

: son took to the place greatly. He was especially delighted to see the statue of the heroine on the hill. He said, even though she's a woman, she looks cool, and he wants to be strong and conquer evil people, too. But now this...

: My name is Culvers. My son has become ill...but actually, the doctor said that he has been cured. But my son is convinced that he is going to die, that he can't be cured. It's one of those so-called psychological illnesses. Back in the days when there weren't many monsters, we used to take family trips to Termi. It we could only take him now...bu that's not possible. If we showed him something that is connected to Termi it might get his strength back. Please, could you go and buy something from the gift shop at Termi?

: Hmm...I have a cunning plan!

: We've got to take away those Blackadder DVDs before he fully turns into Baldrick on us.

: It's the Alis-Sword! That heroine...we saw at Termi!

: of the heroine Alis!

: Actually, that's a different swo- ah, nevermind.

: Here. It's for you. Now, you get better!

: Oh yes! Thank you! I feel like I'm getting better already!

: It's all thanks to you! You are the second hero! Thank you so much. I'll remit your fee to the Guild!

: Wow, Chaz, that was so very sweet of you!

: Eh heh heh heh...

: The commission fee is 10000 meseta. Here it is!

: It's amazing that even a toy sword like that could save a life.

: That was a genuine heroine's sword, that that boy.

: So, how 'bout that Soldier's Temple, eh guys? Buddies? Pals?

: Hold your horses, mister! I run a tight ship around here!

: You do no such thing, you putz.

: Such leadership! Yes sir, Chaz sir!

: ...what?


Another PS3 reference and Robots!

: Can I sleep on your couch again?

Thuryl posted:

Yay, I get to talk about references to previous games again! And boy, were there ever a lot of them this time.

Firstly, the Hydrofoil was the Japanese name for Phantasy Star 1's Hovercraft, a vehicle used for crossing water. The party found it in a junkyard in Palma and restored it to working order.

Uzo is a location that appears in PS1, PS2 and PS4. In PS1, it's a town on Motavia. One of its citizens tells you the location of the Soothing Flute (hence the reference to a flute player in this update). The flute can be used in combat to make monsters fall asleep (which, oddly enough, won't stop them from attacking you at all), or outside of combat to instantly teleport the party out of a dungeon. In PS2, sea levels have risen thanks to Mother Brain's terraforming and Uzo has become a small deserted island; the party had to travel there to find Maruera leaves, which could be made into a gum that let them breathe underwater.

Finally, the Aeroprism also appeared in both PS1 and PS2. In PS1, it's found in a cave on Dezoris and used to reveal the location of Lassic's castle. In PS2, Lutz gives it to you, and it reveals the location of the dungeons where the ultimate weapons and armour can be found.