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Mecha Labrador posted:

I think I remember this game. I may have played it as some point.


Only a little awkward.

But, moving on!

This one isn't nearly as long as the last few have been, but pacing-wise it's how it has to be done.

Also, I did invent a face graphic for one character, mostly just to keep his endless chatter from looking out of place in a sea of faces. I'm sure it'll be blindingly obvious when it comes up.


: So, Soldier's Temple? Eh buddies? Eh chums? Eh pals?

: Don't talk to me.

What? The plot? Oh, right. Let's swim across from Krup again.

This is always so arduous.

Having raided ancient military bases, secret mother-brain copy installations, the ruins of an evil castle floating in an asteroid belt, and a living tower filled with meat and other horrors, our intrepid team is now ready to face the true, unbridled terror of...some cave with a little water in it.

Kind of a let down after the last bunch of dungeons, huh?

It's also filled with boring wildlife like newts, Fract Oozes and Ooze Jrs, and Shriekers. The Oozes, of course, haven't been dangerous since before we left Motavia.

I test out Rika with the Power Shield for a little while, before ultimately deciding that she rarely gets hit enough to warrant losing the attack bonus of a second claw. Plus, all her abilities look so weird with only one swipe in them.

Right of the entrance is an Escapipe that I don't throw out for some reason.

To the left is some split paths. Go left from here.

Left again.

And up these stairs.

I'm starting to get inundated with Dews. But I can't bring myself to use them, not that I've ever needed to, and I don't want to sell my special-effect weapons and armor. I'm almost always running out of room at this point.

Back down to the first floor and go around to the right of the stairs now.

Skip these stairs for now and keep going right.

We're looking for this at the moment.

Though I'm not really sure why I bothered. Alright, back to the stairs.

Which leads to more stairs.

: You must have felled many a monster by now!

: Huh? Well, not really... Hee, hee, I'm embarrassed.

: ...holy shit, man.

Head east at this intersection for a Moon-Dew, then take the southern branch.

Here is another instance of the strategy guide sucking. There's a treasure box on the left. However, the book says nothing is there. In addition, it also points to a dead-end in the opposite corner of the map and says the item is there instead. Yeah, that's fun. I'd been using the maps to sorta help keep this LP on track, and they keep fucking me over.

Nine screenshots later, I finally make it back to that aforementioned treasure box, which is admittedly worth it.

East of that Star-Dew is this little intersection. I suppose it really doesn't matter which one you take.

You end up in this general area either way. Ignore the stairs, they lead to an empty room. Head left instead.

Oh, Seth, you innocently have so many of these!

Keep heading left here, too.

Moving on.

: I would love to have that kind of strength!

: This is the result of many hours of training. You can become strong too if you put effort into it!

: Interesting! I am not familiar with this word! Does it involve mutilating small animals?

: When did you ever do any training, Chaz? Kinda seems like you've just been going with the motions for this whole adventure.

: Shhh!

: And the cycle spins back 'round to me wanting to kill him. God, did the actual Lutz ever have this much trouble with his associates?

Head up. Nothing else to see here.

And there's the exit!

: Wheee! I am naked, as they call it!

: Why the hell did you strip down you creepy bastard?

: I feel liberated! This is all thanks to you.

: Uh....

: There may be monsters still. Please, let me come with you a little while longer.

: Oh, er, well... all right.

: Yay!

: So, why did a previous Lutz put this here, again? With all the monsters around it seems like a terrible idea.

: Look, I can't really vouch for the sanity of the previous Space Jesuses.

: We did it! It's the Aero-Prism! And no bosses in sight! But how is it going to show us the way to Rykros?

: Gee...I don't know.

: You're sure a big help!

: Just shaddup and get outside.

BOSS FIGHT - ????! (Gamevee Viddler)

: Wow! It's blindingly bright!

: Oh, how observant. Hold the Aero-Prism up to the sky!

: How beautiful! It's an ordinary beam of light!

: Rykros is at the end of the light! Probably!

: But...that's beyond the skies!

: Yes, if only we had some sort of 'space ship' that could travel into the mystical ether beyond the clouds!

: we?

: I will calculate the direction immediately.

: I know he's a creepy son of a bitch, but you really shouldn't point the laser crystal at his eyes.

: But I'm not!

: Seth! What's wrong?

: Ahhh!

: It's...not Seth!

: What? Sure it is! It's your old buddy Seth! See? Look at the mustache!

: Oh, hey, you're right! False alarm, everyone!

: That...that figure...couldn't be! Dark Force!?

: It can't be!

: Stop denying my existance you guys! That's mean!

: Does this mean that Dark Force has been mascarading* as a human?

: *Am I wearing too much eyeliner?

: That evil-minded monster! Trying to fit in and adapt!

: Can Dark Force also evolve?

: Oh, whoops, I've been pushing 'B' after every battle.

: Whether it evolves or not, here it comes!

: Hugs! Best friends forever!

: We have no choice! Let's go!

Aaaaaand Dark Force number three. I mean, who else is totally surprised that something was up with Seth? I know I was!

: Yup, this still works fine.

: No mustache deflection or anything!

: Hey, this is fun too!

: Ow ow ow too hard, too hard! I'm telling on you!

: Come on, Efess, break through that creepy mustache! You can do it!

: That's it! Our friendship is over, and you can't come to my birthday party!

: Nooooooooooooo!

: ...

: ...

: What?

: Remind me never to piss you off.

: Is that a weak point? I shall concentrate my attacks on the same coordinates, then.

: Ow.


: I'm tired of you interfering between me and Chaz!

: ...what? Ew. Also, you missed me.

: I'm sorry buddy, but I have no choice!

: Whyyyyyy?!

: I believe this would hurt quite a bit if I had such capacities.

: Alright, I'm pretty sick if this redardation. Time for an old-fashioned finisher.

: I...I'm dying!

: Hang on, Seth Force! Hang on!

: I'll never forget yooooooooou!

: Noooooooooo!

: If only I was wearing a staff so I could club you to death.

: ...Woo, exp! Yay!

: Maybe Dark Force should've gotten a job or something. Cheap bastard.

: I know, I've got Seth guts all over my boots and everything! Ew!

: Chaz, we've got to hurry to Rykros!

: Huh?

: You fucking idiot. Rykros. The whole reason we're here! I bet the followers of The Darkness are already aware of the way to Rykros through Dark Force. And they also may now believe in a thing called love from listening to the rythm of their hearts. They're probably on their way there even as we speak!

: You mean, they were spying on us?

: No, the Dark Force that was following us around really was just our good ol' buddy. Of course they were!

: Rykros...the only thing certain is the direction in which it is located. But no doubt there is something there that they can't afford to let us have.

: So we'd better get that something.

: We'll have to hurry, otherwise they'll beat us to it! And then probably just gloat and stand around ineffectually like they do everytime they're ahead of us.

: I have the direction of Rykros stored in memory. But...

: The light is now extending far beyond the sky...

: We'll just have to head towards it in the Landale. Why do I have to do all the thinking, people?!

: All right, let's return to the spaceport! We've got to hurry!

After they all finish taking turns saying to hurry, thankfully this outer area counts as 'outside', and you can use Ryuka to hightail it back to Kadary and the spaceport.

: Hello, my lovely little panel!

: We are on course.

: Is it an island like the Air-Castle, or is it an artificial satellite like Zelan or Kuran? You know, something logical like that which only a wizened old mystic would know about!

: If we keep to this course we will leave the Algo solar system!

: You know, I'm getting more and more okay with that every day. We have no choice but to keep going.

: Wow! This is astounding!

: Ow, it burns!

: Hey, it's the Aero-Prism again!

: Whew, you scared me. What happened?

: Chaz, look!

: Are we going to crash into the moon?

: That's no moon! That's a...whatever Rykros is.

: It's a planet.

: Right, that.

: A planet has suddenly appeared.

: That can't be! There's no indication on the radar?!

: It's not Motavia, it's not Dezolis... and of course it's not Parma. There is no such planet in my database!

: This is...This must be Rykros!

: I'm sure they won't mind if we land on their house.

: Yeah, they'd be happy to have us, I'm sure.

: Well, it worked with Raja!

: ....abort landing! Abort landing!

: Oh thank god, no one is home.

: Ack! We tripped their home alarm system!

: And we've been jettisoned into space! Urk!

: Breath, you moron. This is an illusion.

: Even so, wow.

: What was that? There's a voice reverberating in my head!

: I am Le Roof of Rykros. I remain in this land to pass on the secret of the genesis of Algo.

: Just as I thought, this is Rykros.

: Yes is is. This is Rykros, the fourth planet in the Algo solar system.

: What! The fourth planet!

: There are only supposed to be three planets in the Algo solar System, Motavia, Parma, and Dezolis.

: Rykros is a planet that has been protected by a powerful and inivisible barrier. No normal being is able to see or even sense it.

: This isn't goddamn Dragonball Z. Most beings don't 'sense' anything.

: I didn't know such a planet existed!

: Moreover, the planet's orbit is highly elliptical. It only gets close to Algo once every thousand years.

: So, it's an orbit like that of a comet!

: The Aero-Prism shows the way when Rykros returns...So this is what they mean by 'return!'

: And that's why it was hidden until now...

: Le Roof! We came all the way here because we wanted to find out what we can about The Profound Darkness! What is 'The Profound Darkness?' Why is it causing disasters in Algo? And exactly where is it now? We were told that all answers would be found here! Now tell all!

: Hmmm...Uppity one, aren't you? You courageous Protectors who came all the way to Rykros, I have much to tell you. But first you must perform a task. There are two towers in Rykros called The Courage Tower and The Strength Tower...Also, there's the Anger Tower, but that doesn't count, and you can't go in anyway. Go meet the guardians of those two towers. When you return, I will truly recognize you as 'Protectors,' and will then tell you all you seek to know.

: Protectors?

: Are you testing us?

: Yes, I am. But please understand. This is absolutely necessary.

: I guess we'll have to do it. Come on guys, let's go!

: Please hurry. Already, the hand of the Darkness stirs toward this planet. Beloved ones, I await your return.

: ...beloved ones?

Alright, long story short, run around the perimeter for a Guard Shield, Guard Sword, a useless telepipe, and a trimate.

: Ooookay, this place is trippy.


Two-thirds of the entire planet Rykros!

Thuryl posted:

There's not much to say about this update because Rykros hasn't appeared in any previous Phantasy Star game. Presumably Le Roof was sitting around with his thumb up his incorporeal ass the last two times Dark Force attacked, because Alis and Rolf sure as hell didn't get any help from him.

Well, okay, there's one thing to say about this update. There's a minor debate about Seth among fans: was he originally a human who was possessed by Dark Force, or was he just a false identity used by Dark Force when he assumed human form? Dark Force has physically possessed people before (the first time Lutz fought Dark Force, he had possessed Motavia's governor), so the fact that Lutz is surprised at seeing a human turn into Dark Force suggests that something different is going on this time. (Also, Seth doesn't turn back into a human after the fight like the governor did.) According to the Compendium, he's "Dark Force disguised in human form", which would also seem to support the "Dark Force all along" argument.

The Compendium also has this to say about him:

Incidentally, Shiam was modeled after a certain human at the Sega offices.

I'm not sure if having a demon modelled after you is meant to be an honour, an insult or a bit of both.

Sartak posted:

Purgatory Boss #16: Dark Force 3

Here's where I start using Sol-Dews. Now that Meese sells them, I'm eager to use them.

This fight wasn't very hard; this was my first try. I blame it on the overleveling for Dark Force 2.