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Heh, this one was easy for some reason.


Once again, we find ourselves at the Esper Mansion, ready to raid their Plot closet once more.

: That's...that's very astute of you. Yes. Something will happen! What clairvoyance!

: Rune, are you on edge?

: Am I?!

: I can chest is throbbing violently!

: Rune, I suggest you stop pummeling that man in the chest. It is most improper.

: Look! Something's happening! You're a miracle worker!

: Uh, Rune-

: Don't even open your mouth, kid. You're the reason I've become like this! "Save the world please!" "No! I'd rather have whiny teen angst!" Graaghgh!

: Once again, it has become necessary to drag one of you away. I insist that this not become a habit.

: Okay, okay...I'm good. Seriously. Let's do this.

: I've got something to give to Chaz.

: S...surely, you're not going to give that to a youth like this!

: Youth! You, you...elderly!

: There's no one other than Chaz. ...You've got to believe me!

: Why don't you sound all that sure?

: I understand, reverent fifth one. I will say no more.

: It's not the ball again, is it?

: No, no, it's behind the ball.

: The sacred sword Elsydeon!

: In verity, the sacred sword Elsydeon is what he has said.

: It's probably the one and only weapon that has the power to destroy The Profound Darkness!

: Probably?

: Go, Chaz...alone! Go and meet with Elsydeon!

: Meet Elsydeon?

: That's right. And at that time you should find the answer you are looking for.

: I dunno, it's kinda dark in there...

: Human beings are so complicated.

: Woah! You turned into a heal panel! Cooooool!

: Alright, let's get this over with.

: Although I still don't see why the Great Light can't be expected to come back and actually solve it's own problems.

: Will you phantoms lay off? I'm thinking, here!

: But, then again, since the Great Light is gone, and no one else is stepping up to the plate...

: ...and I'd rather not let my friends die, after all...

: And, it's like Le Roof said, I guess. If we beat the darkness, than the seal is pointless. There'd be no more Light or Dark causing trouble for Algo anymore...

: ...holy shit, that's a big sword!

: I hear a voice from somewhere!

: Ah, you have made it, Chaz Ashley...This is the place where the spirits of those who fought to protect Algo return to...Elsydeon is the sword sheltered by those spirits! Now Chaz, you must take Elsydeon in your hands...

: Either I grew three feet, or this sword just got a lot smaller!

: Huh?!

: Rika? Oh, it's not her, no black tips on the ears. ...wait, when did I ever notice that?

: You were able to understand.

: Aaah...!

: All of our thoughts are stored within that sword.

: Don't worry Leave it to me!

(...I can't believe they dropped punctuation at such an important scene.)

: Hey guys, look what I found!

: Elsydeon promised that it would give you power. There was no mistake in my judgment!

: Rune!

: Right! We're doing it for all life in Algo, and to create a future that is truly free of terror! A future unbound at last from the evil of the past! And with the yoke of the Great Light lifted from Algo's shoulders, for that matter. For that, I will fight!

: Chaz...

: Let's conquer, Chaz! For Algo!

: We have an emergency! Demi informs us that disaster has erupted on Motavia!

: Chaz!

: I notice that you don't seem to say much else these days, Rika. What the hell?

: All right. Let's hurry to Motavia!!

: You didn't take anything else while you were in there, right?

: I didn't see anything.

: Good.

Ah, cool, it automatically equips the Elsydeon for you., shit, I was out of inventory space and it ATE my damn Guard Sword! Sure, I'd never use it again, but it was worth mesetas! Damn you!

Ah well, plenty of other shit to sell. And it's not like I need the money for anything anymore. I've got more Dews than I know what to do with, and that's just from finding them.

: Ahh! Zombie Raja!

: Chaz! We saved him, remember?

: A minor sickness like that couldn't keep me in bed! Take me with you!

: There's reassurance in numbers. Since I'm so reliable, I'll accompany you!

: Raja and Kyra... Thank you!

: Woah, who are you, and how'd you people get in here?

: Chaz!

: I'm kidding, I'm kidding!

: Hey, Chaz! You seem to have become stronger since we last met!

: I was scolded by Pana, but I came anyway.

: The system is finally stabilized! Now I can go with you!

: Everybody...everybody...Thank you so much!

: Demi, what is this disaster you reported?

: Well, a large hole suddenly opened north of Piata! The life forms around that hole are dying, one after the other! But there's no gas or radiation emissions coming from the hole.

: We knew as soon as we arrived in Motavia.

: We did?

: What did we know?

: It's all due to the Black Energy Wave -- and a pretty strong one at that! It's The Profound Darkness. He finally opened the door from the other dimension.

: Chaz, let's go! Isn't this the last battle?

: Really, you guys need taking care of. I'll be your big sister and look after you!

: Well, seeing that we're all here, I'd like all of you to go, but...

: There are only five 'Rings of Stars' to protect us from the power of the 'Darkness'!

: So that means we have to choose one person to take.! The rest of us can't be bothered to give up our nifty jewelry.

: However, for the moment I choose none of you! We're going back to Rykros!

: What? Why?!

: Because....I have a hunch.

: Oh, fine.

: This had better be worth it.

: Aw, come on, you know my hunches are good! Right, Rika?

: Didn't you want to take us to Termi to solve that cult mystery?

: Hey, that was legitimate lateral thinking, okay?

: Hey, Le Roof's not around?

: There appears to be a note.

: "I'm not home right now. Kegger at De-Vars. Key's under the rock. -Le Roof."

: Huh.

: Let's try the angry place again!

: What? Why?

: A voice is reverberating in my head...

: Oh Protectors of Algo...The Anger Tower welcomes you gladly.

Welcome to the last real dungeon in the game. I say real because it has some definite shape and some treasures in it. There's only one more area after this, and it's rather...well, you'll see eventually. For now, head right.

Oh, here's the non-bonded Twinarm party!

And there they go! Elsydeon is helping Grand Cross to do upwards of 750 damage now. That'll kill almost everything in the game at this point.

Take the stairs.

And finally get Rika a set of Guard-Mail. Now, go back down and head left instead.

Before the stairs, there's a handy little Sol-Dew for us! Yay! Unfortunately that's the very last treasure box we'll ever open on this adventure. That's kinda sad. Cry a little, then head upstairs.

The next floor is empty now that we got the Guard-Mail out of it.

Eventually it spirals to the center.

: ....wha?

: Did you guys see that?

: See what?

: You know! Upstairs!

: There wasn't anything up there. And you weren't even there. Where the hell were you?

: ...oh, I think this is another test. I'll be right back, guys.

: So...uh...

: Alys? Alys! Hey, answer me, Alys!

And then Alys attacks. I'd film this, but it seriously only lasts two turns.

Alys chucks her slicer at Chaz, and then Chaz hits her with goddamn Rayblade and cuts her in half.

I guess that makes sense?

: Alys!!! Ahhhhhhhhh!!!

: Heh, heh, heh...

: Who's that?

: Well, well, 'Protector,' what a weakling you are. So you wail and lament for something you know to be an illusion.

: An illusion?

: You seriously couldn't figure that out?

: Is that!

: Ah, your anger, your hatred, it's quite a show of your force of character. Would you like to be able to wholly transform those feelings into strength?

: Huh?

: There's a technique to transform emotions of anger and hatred into powers of destruction.

(Don't say yes! For the love of fuck, don't say yes! I'll show you why later.)

: Huh...why is that?

: Even if I won using such a power, it would be meaningless! It would only make us the same as the Darkness!

: I've fought the illusion and yet you haven't lost sight of yourself. All right, I shall trust you with the technique! The forbidden technique...Megid!

: 'Megid'...The forbidden technique? But didn't we just go over how that's a bad thing?

: There's nothing to be afraid of. It's necessary to feel anger and hatred for humans to be human.

: Oh...then why the big, dramatic question? Supposing I knew this already, and I said yes, what would you have done?

: Same thing I would've done this time if you said yes. Fucking killed you.

: ...what?!

: There shouldn't be any danger that you will be corrupted by the power of Megid. Just don't forget your true self.

: Uh...kay?

: Took you long enough. We were gonna leave you behind.

: Oh, shut up and watch this.

: ....fuck.

: Woah...

: Most impressive.

: I think we're ready to go, now.

: So...which of you guys are we gonna take?

And that, dear reader, is where you come in! That's right, the "let's" part of "let's play" will finally apply here! Which of our five friends will we take with us to battle the Profound Darkness?

Will it be...


: That's what she says. And she says you don't have to put up with things for her sake, she's all right.

: ...what? Wait, was that what she told you to get you back out here?

: I think so? Chaz, let me make amends. Let's go together!


: I want to go and see all the famous places...I'd better hurry and clean everything up! How about it? If you take me you won't have a moment of boredom! Ha, ha, ha!


: worry about the future. They told me to go. After all, Chaz and everyone will be benefactors of Dezolis! Oh Chaz, take me along! Wouldn't I be of some help to you?


: since that time I've been secretly training! So that I'd be able to be of more help to you guys!

: While standing around in the principal's office?

: Please! Take me with you!


: I can accompany you without any misgivings! You can't have the person in charge of Motavia not go!

Alright folks, there you have it. Start voting now! Votes previous to this post don't count, simply because my laptop tends to melt when I load 400 images a page while trying to find a post.

Voting will end in two days time, as well. That might not sound like much, but, we're a relatively small bunch. I'm sure everyone that wants to vote will be able to fit it in with plenty of time to spare.


The final battle!


So, remember our dealings with that guy in the Anger Tower? Here's what happens when you say yes.

: If that's the case, show your master of the art with your body!

: What?

: Don't you understand the true meaning of anger and hatred? It's ridiculous that a fellow like you could consider himself worthy to wield Elsydeon!

This fight is absolutely unwinnable. Well, maybe if you hack the shit out of the game, but then you don't learn Megid and kinda break the event.

Anyway, he'll probably kill your Chaz in one damn hit as it is.

So, for once, a jRPG doesn't have a 'but thou must!' yes or no choice. And will in fact kill you for answering wrong. Ouch.

Now get voting!

Thuryl posted:

I tried to kill Re-Faze once. Chaz was at level 90. I think I survived a little over 10 rounds and spent most of those healing.

Most of the story beyond this point deals with stuff that first appears in PS4, so there's not much more for me to say. As meteor9 implies, Elsydeon isn't really mentioned in any of the previous Phantasy Star games. Alis's best weapon is a Laconian Sword, which, apart from being the only such sword in PS1, doesn't seem to have any remarkable properties. Rolf gets a Neisword that has a couple of special powers, but there's no suggestion that it holds the souls of departed heroes. (There's also a Neisword in PS3, but, well, it's PS3.) As far as we can tell, when the casts of PS1 and PS2 died they all ended up in some random sword they'd never seen before and got stuck there for centuries until Chaz walked in. All the people in the thread saying that the Great Light is a bit of a dick may have a good point.