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Alright, voting time is over! Let's tally up those votes!

Hahn "Secret Training" Mahlay: 32 votes!

Grizzly Gryz: 10 votes!

Demi the Lil' Robot: 5 votes!

Kyra "Rune with boobs" Tierny: 4 votes!

Su Raja the Magnificent: 2 votes!

Sandworm Ranch Owner: 2 votes!

Mr. President: 1 vote!

Alys "I'll kill you fuckers" Brangwin: 1 vote!

The Xe-A-Thoul on the Right: 1 vote!

ANGRY Re-Faze: 1 vote!

Lassie-C, whatever that means: 1 vote!

Searren: 1 vote!

Seth Mustache: 1 vote the fucking second I was going to post this goddamn it Zereth!

Since you people hate me, Hahn it is! Otherwise this has been a rather odd and amusing turnout. Thanks for making my day.

This is it, everybody. The final battle. The final update. The final 400 screenshots I'll have to take and trim down to like 80 or whatever.

: Guys, I've come to a decision. I'm going to pick...

: The sandworm rancher!

: This isn't the time to be messing around, kid!

: But he's such a go-getter!

: Besides, I'm sure he'd love to go.

: Uh...sandworm guy? You okay?

: Oh my god, I think he's...

: And he had such great hopes...

: I wonder what happened? We should ask around.

: No one will answer me. What nerve.

: They must have been done in by 'The Black Energy Wave'...

: Ah, nuts. You see Alys? I told you not to say such things!

: And I told you I wouldn't care, remember?


: Chaz, who are you talking to?

: No one! Nobody! Nothing!

: Welcome back.

: Have you made a decision yet?

: Where're the drinks around here? I'm feeling parched! Ha, ha!

: Seriously, take me! I'll rough 'em up good!

: Er...yes! Pick someone, perhaps!

: Yup!

: ....wait what? Why me? Noooooo!

: Aw, come on, buddy! I mean, you came all this way just to help us out and everything! You're one of the first buds I've ever had, and we learned a lot on this journey together, didn't we?

: Well, er...I mean, yeah, but...

: You were here for the beginning, so why not stick through to the end? For Alys!

: Uh....ulp.

: You don't have any choice in the matter, I've already pushed C.

: Thank you! I'll do my best not to be a nuisance! Woah, why did I say that? Please, don't take me! Don't make me go into the scary hole!

: Come on, pal! Let's go!

: Nooooooooooo!

All things considered, he's not too shabby right now. Unique, name-brand equipment, a tech-list comparable to Rune's, and even two new skills: Astral, which seems to be an attack of some element, and Rika's Eliminate for some reason. He's also got Nares and Savol, so he'll be fine.

I guess he's not so bad after all. He's actually very useful.

He also lends to some new combination attacks: This is Paladin Blow, a combination of Astral and Rayblade.

And this is Holocaust, made with Savol and Diem. It's an all target death spell, sorta like Savol, but hopefully much more effective, otherwise it's a silly combo.

Oh, yeah, and then there's this. Deban -> Megid -> Legeon -> Posibolt, in that order, makes Destruction. Unless there's something I'm not aware of, it pretty much always deals around 999 damage to everything. Very nice against parties of monsters, but kinda wasted on single targets.

There are other combinations out there, but I'll cover those in a bonus update.

Now it's time to go back to Mile.

: I believe this may be the source of the problem.

: What was your first clue?

: Oh god oh god oh god oh god...

: Aaaaagh! What the hell is happening?!

: Master Wren! Is everything okay?

: Everything is fine, Demi. I assume you have your communication devices set up so that the whole party may converse freely?

: Absolutely!

: Demi, as always you exceed expectations. Keep up the good work.

: Thank you, master!

: So, wait, you mean everyone back at the hangar can hear us?

: That we can, my furless little friend.

: Go kick some ass for me, would ya?

: I've heard of the walls having eyes and ears, but a mouth, too? Ha, ha!

: Wow, this is really good for morale. It's like you're all here with us!

: The floors! The...lack of them! The....what's happening?! Aieeee!

: Oh, jeez, you'd think he's never been in an alternate dimension before or something.

: Gyah! There are things living in here? How?

: Beats me. Let's kill it!

: Hey guys, what's going on-

: ...what just happened?

: I killed him while you were cowering in the back.

: Oh...okay.

: Hey, what's that...vague shape ahead?

: I surmise that it is a means of teleportation. Let us proceed.

: You know, this is kinda like those lines you love so much, Hahn.

: ...yeah, you're right! It's all so obvious now!

: Huh?

: Go north up here!

: Well, that brought us...somewhere, I guess?

: Keep going! We can do this!

: Oh, I see it now. The warp tiles are like a twisting square corridor heading downwards.

: That, or just a funky design. This place is far too trippy for my tastes.

: Isn't this the same place?

: Trust me! I know my lines!

: My sensors do indicate we are in a new location.

: What the hell is that?!

: Just two Ripper-like dudes sewn together. No big deal.

: What the? How does that even...fascinating!

: Say what?

: Well, I am a biologist.

: Keep heading west here!

: Aye aye, cap'n!

: So, if the Dimension Worms in the Air Castle were hiding in this dimension and leaping out at us...where the hell are these guys hiding in?

: The super darkness dimension!

: Maybe I'll just feed them some Silver Tusk and we can move on, yes?

: Alright, now, stay to the left no matter how many times the path forks!

: If you say so.

: Since when can they do thi-

: Rika!

: I got this one, don't worry.

: I have to admit, that's impressive.

: Are you alright?

: I'll walk it off.

: Well, great. Now we're a shish-ka-bob.

: My spine!

: I don't think there are any more paths to choose. We can go straight from here.

: Wow, good work, buddy!

: I'm sensing something familiar around here...

: Is it us?

: No. Go away.

: Now THERE'S what I was talking about.

: D'aww, it's a little Dark Force!

: Aaaugh!!

: There's nothing little about it. This is the form of the first Dark Force fought by Alis and the Lutz 2000 years ago. The Darkness really is pulling out all the stops here.

: Eh, nothing we can't handle, right guys?

: Right!

: Eh, gotta love that enthusiasm.


: Target analyzed. Destroying target.

: That was rough...

: Yeah, no kidding. Has anyone seen my lungs?

: Well, now that we know the way to the end, let's take a break, huh?

: What?

: That doesn't seem prudent!

: I concur.

: There is a god! Feel free to leave me behind, guys!

: Who wants some noodles?

: I don't believe this.

: Well, I suppose it would be best to face our enemy at our healthiest. How's your injury?

: I've regained the ability to feel, at least. Still waiting for the muscle tissue to grow back.

: Alright everyone, are you ready?

: Yes! Now get on with it!


: Demi, are you picking this up on visual?

: Yes, master! Everything is crystal clear!

: Ew, it's all squiggly!

: Glad I'm not there.

: I get the impression that my axe wouldn't help much.

: Good luck everyone! We're rooting for you!

: I guess this really is it, huh?

: Yes. Everyone, and everything, is riding on this.

: Ah! What's...happening!?

: It's an emanation of The Profound Darkness! Anger...hatred...of all that lives...And, a great need to destroy!

: Is that why I wanna start punching Hahn for some reason?

: Ow!

: We've got to defeat this thing! This being must not be allowed to come to Algo!

: The portal is not yet completely open. We've got to take advantage of this opportunity, Chaz!

: Right! Let's go, everybody!

: Roger!

: O...oh!

: Good luck you guys!

: You can do it, master!

: Knock 'em dead! Ha, ha!

: I'll be shouting a war cry for you, my friend!

: Holy shit!

: Engaging defenses.

: R..right, right!

: Chaz...don't...don't stand in it's mouth, you idiot.

: This is most unpleasant.

: Much better.

: Hey, am I actually dealing decent damage?

: Wow, would ya look at that?

: Though I am about to outclass everyone. Sorry!


: Ah, 400+ damage a swing. So nice!

: That does look fun. I think I'll join you!

: Hey, did we kill it already?

: Not quite.

: Gyaaaaagh!

: No reason to change things up, I guess.

: Aw, not this again.

: Again? Ouch!

: Does anyone else feel all wavy?

: Ha ha, laser hands!

: I can't believe I've been relegated to secondary heal bitch.

: Why are you always picking on me?!

: Let's see how you like it!

: Wow, good work!

: Holy...breasts?

: Is that what they look like?

: Um...not really, no.

: Not real ones, at least.

: Why are we even talking about this?!

: So, wait, are we just settling some millenia old domestic dispute?

: Apparently. I guess the Great Light is kind of a dick, huh?

: Well, might as well keep doing what we've been doing.

: Hey! No fair! That's my schtick!

: I almost feel kinda sleepy, but not really.

: Administering first-aid.

: You know, aside from the tremendous, searing pain from Megid, this is sorta fun.

: Aw, she ruined my buffs!

: Well then, might as well wrap this up.

: Sounds good to me.

: Hear hear!

: Affirmative.

: What are you guys planning?

: Just a little something we came up with after I learned how to blow things up by being angry.

: We did it!

: I'm still alive!

: It's a miracle!


Sartak posted:

For Purgatory, mid-high 30s is not near strong enough.

Purgatory Boss #19: Profound Darkness (part 1) (7:18)
Purgatory Boss #20: Profound Darkness (part 2) (6:45)
Purgatory Boss #21: Profound Darkness (part 3) (20:53)

Have a disturbing glimpse into how a programmer fights a difficult boss. How else am I going to know the best move will be for each turn? I had only done this kind of thing once before, for the first Dark Force fight. It's not really worth it, the fights are never that close.

My overall strategy was braindead. It doesn't make sense to unleash all of my Efesses against the first forms. It's far wiser to sandbag, to save the strong attacks for the final form. The first form doesn't do much damage, so it's easy to keep up with the healing. My only excuse is that this was my first attempt.

Form 2 is killed by a Repair-Kit. :laugh: It's probably just that he took enough damage to transform at the end of the round. Then again that would be inconsistent with form 1's transformation, because Raja used St. Fire before the next round. Whatever!

As soon as the third form came out I got hit with two Megids without healing. That really sucked and inspired way more caution for the rest of the fight.

I feel like I was overleveled. Even with my dumb strategy I didn't even touch Raja's Miracle skill. Oh well, the readme did say to be level 70.

Have some closing notes from the Purgatory side of things!

Though the readme says Alys and Seth get high-level abilities, I won't be hacking them in. I have neither the capability nor do I really have the inclination. It's probably something silly anyway!

The Algomap can't be used on the satellites, on Rykros, or in the Edge (because it's a dungeon). You also can't ever sell or discard it, so you're stuck with a useless item if you buy it.

The fifth ring, for Rykros, cannot be equipped in the original game (probably a bug?). The hack fixes this; any of the fifth party member choices can equip it. It increases attack by 5, defense by 31, agility by 3, and mental by 3. Each ring does have different stats.

The readme says some of the weaknesses of endgame monsters changed but I didn't really notice anything. That could be because I fled from every battle in the Edge.

I have a ton of save states (standing before each boss, starting with Juza) if anyone wants them.

Thanks! to everyone for all the advice; especially Thuryl for sending me the thing in the first place. Apologies to the Dezolis wildlife for probably setting off their extinction. I grinded exclusively outside the spaceport and Jut because Firestorm owns.

It's been a lot of fun!