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ENDING AND CREDITS (Gamevee Viddler)

: The force holding this dimensional hole open is gone!

: I sense a time warp. It's getting bigger. Danger! Danger!

: Why are you flailing your arms around like that, Wren?

: What are we supposed to do!?

: It's protecting us...

: Thank you all...

: Yes, it's over.

: We were able to keep Algo safe.

: Except for Mile, Molcum, those nameless villages near Kadary, Reshel, and Gumbious, but who's counting?

: Well, I guess we'll head back to Dezolis. So much for my world tour! Ha ha!

: We'll get a ride with Wren.

: It was quite a fun journey, Chaz, the likes of which I haven't had in a long time. Crush my house again sometime!

: You should come visit Dezolis once in a while.

: That's not possible. They don't have a space ship. And flapping their arms won't get them too far. Ha, ha!

: So...I guess it's really good-bye, Chaz...

: What a pity you won't be able to enjoy my wit anymore!

: Yes...a pity. Right.

: I will go to Zelan to assist my master Wren. Good-bye, Chaz. Eventually, the time will come when both my master and I will become unnecessary to Algo. But, until that time, I will work to complete my duties.

: After I take everybody to Dezolis, I will return to Zelan. I guess you will need the support of the system a little while longer.

: Wren...where's Rika?

: Parting must be difficult for her.

: Er...why is she leaving? Isn't she from here?

: I do not know.

: I...see.

: I believe we will meet again.

: Yes.

: Why does my face feel all weird?

: Hello? Anyone?

: They're gone.

: If everyone is going to ignore me again, I'll just eat my snacks in the corner behind the tin-man's head.

: Rika, the road you choose will probably be painful and difficult. You are our hope. You must be strong and live with pride. And put those ovaries to good use.

: Except for that last part. What the heck?

: I feel that I learned a lot from this trip. Thanks!

: After all this, I've become disgusted with some of the people there, but... I'll just have to transform those feelings into inner strength! And then try to get the headmaster fired or assassinated. Not like there's anything left in the world that could scare me after that last fight.

: There's a butterfly on your shoulder.

: Aaaaagh! Get it off!

: Uhhh....

: Good-bye, Chaz. I will always be proud that I fought beside you!

: Rune...

: Even though the battle against the ultimate fiend is over, my mission as Lutz must continue...

: You know, what exactly does the Lutz even do? Everything I've heard from you is that the Lutz was just some magician who happened to be around for a Dark Force fight.

: Yeah, well, shut your face. You see, I must watch over all Algo.

: Like Wren and Demi already are?

: ...yes, like Wren and Demi already are. Didn't I tell you to stop talking? I'm still lacking in training and experience.

: Despite already accomplishing more than any Lutz in history.

: ...true. I must continue to improve myself, and eventually pass it on to the next Lutz...

: Probably not. I can't survive another minute with you in the party, making decisions and opening your noise hole.

: But Ruuuuuuune! You're the closest thing I have to a daddy!

: Where the fuck did that come from? An abusive step-father, maybe, but jeez. You silly! Don't cry... You can live now without anyone else's help... And I feel kinda dirty now for saying it.

: Sorry, I haven't been paying attention. There's a giant space ship over your head.

: Damn it.

: Chaz!

: The claws! Watch the claws!

: Sorry!

: So...I guess gravity broke.

: Chaz!

: Look, this is enthralling discussion and all, but I better be going now.

: And Rika...good freaking luck with him.

: ...what'd that mean?

: Don't worry about it.

: Rune...

: So, uh...wanna move in, I guess?

: If you've got pants anywhere in your house, I'm sold.

: So how are those pants?

: Wonderful. But this whole outfit is kinda weird.

: Yeah, Alys had some odd fashion sense sometimes. Here, I got a photo somewhere...

: Oh my.

: Great. Just great. This is how the little brat honors my memory. Unbelievable.

: It could be worse. No effeminate wizards surrounded themselves with statues of you.

: Fair enough.


And that's it! I really have to thank Thuryl, Seiren, and Sartak for their constant contributions to the thread. I know that 90% of the discussion wouldn't even be here without their help, and god knows I don't know my shit when it comes to Phantasy Star, and Purgatory would've kicked my ass six ways to Tuesday.

Thanks to Semiru, too, for assisting with the Aiedo Inn event, which I never would've gotten up otherwise.

Man, I wish I had more to say, since I don't feel like I've adequately thanked you guys, but, seriously, the LP would've been hollow without you.

Thanks to everyone who has stuck around for this curse-breaking, too. I definitely would've given up halfway through without having any readers around!

Special thanks to my wife as well, for putting up with me during this whole time-consuming process, and for being the series fan that got me to play Phantasy Star in the first place.

But...I guess we're not really done just yet. I've got one more bonus update planned, so stay tuned.

Thuryl posted:

I can't believe it's over already, and it's only been a little over two months since it started. There's not much more for me to say about this game, because now you've seen it all. On the other hand, there's still a bunch of interesting or amusing stuff in the Phantasy Star Compendium that I never got a chance to shoehorn into this thread, so feel free to read the translation for yourself if you're still curious about anything.

It's fun to show off all the cool combo attacks, but they become increasingly irrelevant to gameplay towards the end of the game, because using each character's best attack individually will often do more damage. A guaranteed 999 damage to all enemies from Destruction sounds great until you realise that Megid, Legeon and Posibolt all do 300+ to all enemies individually anyway: add a Disrupt attack from Rika and you could easily top 1100.

Megid's a cool technique, though, and there's no denyin' it. In Phantasy Star 2, it was by far the most powerful attack in the game. Rolf learned it simply by levelling up, and it did 400-500 damage to all enemies; that's nearly a fifth of the final boss's health! Unfortunately, it was so powerful that it actually damaged his own party: everybody except Rolf had their current HP halved after he used it. (I guess that explains why Re-Faze was reluctant to give it to Chaz, and why the Destruct combo starts off with Deban; it's bad enough to have the Profound Darkness throwing Megid at you without being caught in the blast radius of your own party's attacks too.) Chaz's version isn't as ridiculously overpowered as Rolf's, but on the plus side, he can use it without blowing up his friends. In Phantasy Star 3, Megid is learned and used as part of the plot but can't be used in combat, which is kind of a letdown -- but then again, what did you expect from PS3?

Seiren posted:

So it seemed like you were plenty powerful enough to handle end-game.

Mid-High 30s is recommended by most if you have a strategy going in, low 40s or higher turns it into a breeze.

I'm still kind-of plodding along with PS1, PS2, and PS3, but now that I think about it, the end-game difficulty here in PS4 is somewhat disappointing when compared to its older siblings.


Chaos Bringers drop a Defeat Axe for Gryz. Those Centaur-like enemies (I want to say King Saber) drop a 2nd Moonslasher for Kyra.

Prophallus gives amazing amounts experience. He is how people get to 99...but going to 99 makes the game freak out, characters start losing skills...Wren starts getting MTL and TP....There is a work-around for it, but it involves extreme care in levelling up your characters to the highest, as there's a specific way it must be done. I've forgotten the order, but it exists.

Nevermind that the groups are weird (Chaz & Co - Demi vs Mother Brain?), have an awesome picture to send-off the last game in the series that was worth bothering with!