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Original Thread: Let's Play Phantasy Star!



As a child I was the only kid on my block with a Sega Master System instead of a NES, and I basically grew up on two RPGs: Phantasy Star and Ultima IV. I spent ages just getting lost in all the dungeons, and it took me years to finally finish it. PS features amazing graphics and sound for a game released in 1988 (that's two years before the US release of Final Fantasy), and a plot years ahead of its time, having more in common with FF4 than FF1.

I'll be playing the official English release rather than the retranslation; I have a lot of respect for the retranslation project, but the official release, for better or for worse, is the version I grew up on. I'm going to be doing this LP in narrative style, so there's going to be a lot of and probably not much chance for goon input. Hope you enjoy it anyway.

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