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Part 7: Case 2 - Turnabout Sisters - Investigation (Day 1) - Part 2

Case 2- Turnabout Sisters
Investigation - Part 2

When we left off...

: I was taken in for questioning and didn't get out until the next morning. My eyes were heavy... but I couldn't sleep. I sat around, waiting for visiting hours to begin at the detention center. I had to talk to Maya as soon as possible.

: (Wow, they have poor Maya locked up like a criminal.)

: It's you! The lawyer...

: Good morning! (She looks so tired...)
: Um... Are you going to be my attorney?

: (Maybe if I joke a bit she'll cheer up...) Hah hah! No way, Jose! Just kidding...
: ... ...
: ...
: (Eh heh. Whoops. That didn't go so well.)
: ...Heh...
: Huh? M-Maya...? Was that a... chuckle?
: What? N-no! ...
: It wasn't very believable, was it?
: (Not really...)

: (Who's trying to cheer up who here!?)
: ... I knew it. No one will believe me.
: What?

: (First things first, I better get her cheered up...) Yeah, of course I will! Cheer up!
: R-really...?
: (Whoa! Did I say the wrong thing? She looks sadder now!) Um... what... what's wrong? You don't think I can do it?
: ... No... no one could! Who would believe me?

: (I'd better give it to her straight...) It's up to you.
: Up... to me?
: Yes. I don't think this is something I should decide. After all, you're the one in trouble here.
: ... They're never going to believe me... are they?

And we converge.

: Even you--when you found me in the office. You looked at me like I had done it!

: No, no! I never thought...
: I-it's okay. I understand.
: ...

: Heard? Heard what about me?
: I... was talking to my sister on the phone the other day...

: Wow! Really? How'd that go?
: "It was quite the scene! Honestly, I was on edge the whole time. It's been a while..."
: Hah! So, he crashed and burned?
: "...He's a genius. One of those 'strike fear into the hearts of evil' types..."
: "The only thing he's lacking is... experience."
: Huh, sounds like it was fun! Well, I know who to go to if I ever get into trouble now!
: "I don't know, Maya. I think you might want to wait... give him three more years."
: "That is, unless you want to be found guilty."

: ...
: I-I'm sorry!
: I didn't mean to trouble you...
: No, it's okay. It's true, I guess. But... at the same time, I can't just sit and watch! When I think of the person who did this to Mia...
: ...
: I know...

Now we can ask Maya some questions.

: There's something I've been wanting to ask you...
: Yes?
: What's with that outfit?
: Oh, this? This is what all acolytes wear. It's my uniform, you could say.
: A-acolytes? Like people in religious training? What is it you do?
: Oh! It's noting strange, really!
: I'm a spirit medium. ...In training.
: A s-spirit medium!? (I'm pretty sure that qualifies as strange.)

: Could you tell me about the day of the murder?
: Yes!

: She wanted me to hold onto a piece of evidence for an upcoming trial.
: Evidence?
: Yes. That clock shaped like "The Thinker."
: (The one Larry made...) How could that have been evidence in a case?
: Um, right, she said something about that...

: Do you want to hear it in her own voice?
: H-her own voice!?
: Yes. I'm pretty sure our conversation is on my cell phone.
: You recorded it!
: Yeah! I forgot how to delete those things.

: So, you say you have a conversation with your sister on your cell phone? Let's hear it!
: Right!
: Oh!
: I just remembered: that detective took my cell phone. Sorry.
: Oh, right. (Of course...) Next time I see Detective Gumshoe I'll ask him for it.
: I'll write you a note so you don't forget, okay?
: Sure, thanks.

Yes, again. It has new info now!

: Could you tell me about the day of the murder? Sorry... I know it must be hard.
: No, it's okay. All I've been doing the last few hours is talking about it. I've kind of gotten used to it...
: Let's see... that morning, I got a call from my sister. She wanted me to hold on to a piece of evidence for an upcoming trial.
: (That's "The Thinker" clock that Larry made. It practically qualifies as a serial murderer by now.) So then, when did you arrive at the office?
: It was right around 9:00.

: Thanks, Maya. That's all I need to hear for now.

And this is when I remember we got some new profiles!

Back to the investigation.

: So you're an acolyte. A, er, medium-in-training.
: That's right. The Fey family, especially the women, have always been very sensitive to the spirit world.
: Wait a second, you said the "Fey Family"? So, Mia was into this stuff too?
: Of course! She left the mountain to "follow her career," she said.
: Her powers were first-class, too!
: (I... I had no idea.) Hmm... Wait...!
: What?
: So, you're a real, honest-to-goodness spirit medium? With E.S.P. and all that?
: Yes. ...In training.
: Well, can't you contact Mia's spirit, then? We can just ask her who killed her!
: ...!
: I-I'm sorry...
: I'm still in training. I couldn't do something on that level...
: (Hmm... I thought that would be too easy.)
: ...
: Um...!
: Huh? Something the matter?
: Um... I was wondering, could I ask you a favor?
: ...?

: My sister gave me this a long time ago.
: She said if I was ever in trouble, I should call him.
: And, well, I'm in trouble.
: Do you think you could go ask him to represent me?

: Sure, why not? I'll go ask.
: Thank you so much!
: I have no one else to turn to...

: I'm sorry... I think this is the kind of thing you should really do yourself.
: ...You're right. ...
: Something wrong?
: Actually, I asked the police to contact him, and they tried calling a few times.
: Nobody could get a hold of him!
: They couldn't find him?
: I have no one left to ask!

And we converge.

: ...? Say, what about your parents...?
: ... ... ...
: O-okay! Don't worry, I'll go ask him for you.
: Y-you will? Thank you so much!
: I'm just worried what will happen if I can't find him.
: They told me that if I don't find one, the state will pick an attorney to defend me.
: When will that happen?
: They're giving me until 4:00 this afternoon.
: (And visiting hours are almost up... I'd better hurry!) Right, I'll be back!

But first, let's look around.

: Smile for the camera...

: This guard monitors the visitor's room. He hasn't moved an inch. A real pro, this guy.

So, off to the scene of the crime.

: (The office is filled with police officers. They're all busily searching clues...)

: Umm... Sorry, don't I know you from somewhere?
: Wait, you're that Butz guy, aren't you!
: No, no, Phoenix Wright. (How could anyone mistake me for Larry!?)

: That Butz guy, he was a killer! And you're no killer! Right?
: (He WAS proven innocent...)

: Um... Suedeshoes, wasn't it?

: My name's Dick Gumshoe... W-wait!
: That's Detective Gumshoe to you, pal!

: Um... Gumtree, was it? Detective Gumtree?
: G-Gumtree...?

: And I'm the one in charge here so don't push your luck!
: (Whatever you say, Detective...)

: Um... Gumshoe, wasn't it? Dick Gumshoe?
: Right! At your service.
: Hang on! That's Detective Gumshoe to you, pal!

And we meet back up here.

: Anyway, get the name right. And don't go calling me "Dick"...

: Umm... ahem!
: You're her lawyer, right, pal? If you got business here, you'd better do it quick!
: (Whew! He thinks I'm Maya's lawyer...!)

Let's take a look around.

: The sky is blue, and so am I... There's that hotel, right across the way.

: Mia's favorite potted plant. I remember it had this bizarre name no one could ever remember.
: "Codyline stricta," pal!
: (Who was that!?)

: An old movie poster. Apparently, this was the first movie that made Mia cry when she saw it. I'll have to check it out one of these days.

: Mia's desk. Perfectly clean, as always. The only thing it's missing is... Mia.

: There's a horrendous amount of legal books here. Scarier still is that Mia probably read all of these.

Now, we chat with Gumshoe.

: About Ms. Fey... did you do an autopsy?
: Hmm? You want to know the results, eh?
: ...

: It's no use! She might have been your boss, but that doesn't mean you get any special treatment.
: Alright, alright. You can see the report, but that's all!

: Um, about Maya...
: Yeah! I'm looking forward to the trial!
: Sorry, pal, but this is one trial you aren't going to win!
: W-why do you say that?

: (Edgeworth...)
: I'm sure you know what that means, you being a lawyer and all.

: Prosecutor Edgeworth...
: That's right, pal! Mr. Miles Edgeworth himself!

: I know him. He's a feared prosecutor. He doesn't feel pain, he doesn't feel remorse. He won't stop until he gets his "guilty" verdict.
: Aww, don't talk about him that way. You make him barely sound human!
: Still, I'm afraid this pretty much decides the case.
: (So, Edgeworth is on this one... He hasn't lost a case since he became prosecutor at the incredibly young age of 20.)

: Never heard of him.
: Whoa! And you call yourself a lawyer, pal!? About four years ago, this Edgeworth guy became a prosecutor at the age of 20! Everyone says he's a genius. Surprised you don't know him!
: (Of course I know him... I was just playing dumb. He's a cold, heartless machine who'll do anything to get a "guilty" verdict!)

And convergence.

: (There are rumors of back-alley deals and forged evidence... All I know for sure is that Edgeworth hates crime with an almost abnormal passion. I never imagined I'd be facing him so soon...)

Time to present some evidence. First, the badge.

: Hmm? What's that?
: Sorry, pal, but I got no info for the likes of you!

Then, the statue.

: That statue? That's the murder weapon.
: (Huh? He thinks the clock is just a statue, too... I'm starting to wish I'd never seen this thing.)

The glass...

: Hmm? Oh, that?

: The glass shards were pieces of the broken stand.

The note...

: Yeah. The one with the killer's name written on it!
: Are you sure that Mia wrote it herself?
: Given the condition of the writing, it's hard to say if it's her handwriting or not.
: (So there's no proof that Mia wrote it.)

The autopsy report...

: Don't mention it, pal. When it comes to dealing with lawyers, "fight fair and square," is our motto!
: (I don't know how I feel, seeing everything written up like this... It makes Mia's death seem so... routine.)

And, at last, Maya's note.

: I was wondering... did you see Maya Fey's cell phone?

: Do you think you could give it back?
: Sure! I mean, wait a second, pal! Tricky lawyer!

: (Hmm... if I tell him why I want it there's no way he'll give it to me!)
: Something the matter?
: Oh, no, it's just... You know, Detective!
: Nope. I know nothing, pal!
: That cell phone has a lot of numbers on it... like her boyfriend's... A cell phone holds all a little girl's sweetest and spiciest secrets!
: Urk? Y-you're trying to confuse me! Sorry, pal, I already checked all the numbers in memory!
: Impressive! You're quite the detective.
: Uh huh. Oh, here, you can have the phone back. There weren't any suspicious call records in there, after all.

: (Okay, I can't be straight with this guy... but what should I tell him?)
: Something the matter?
: Oh, no, um... T-that carrying strap on the cell phone...
: This? Hmm... it says "The Steel Samurai: Warrior of Neo Olde Tokyo"...
: "The Steel Samurai"... that action hero on TV?
: Yeah, you see that strap is a collector's item... She... was worried it might get lost if it went down to the precinct.
: That what she said?
: Um. Yes.
: ...
: Okay, pal. I wrote down all the numbers she called anyway. Here you go.


: (Seems he didn't notice the recorded conversation... I guess I've asked all the questions I need to.)
: You all done, pal?
: Um, yes, thank you. I'll be heading out now.
: Oh, wait. One more thing I wanted to mention to you. I don't suppose you're planning on talking to that witness. Anyway, you'd better not!
: No influencing the witness with your lawyerly ways, pal!
: ...

: The... witness?
: Yeah, Miss April May.
: I'm sorry 'bout this... But I can't tell you anything about her!
: (Well, you just told me her name. Miss May, huh?) So you've sent her home already, then?
: Ahah! You're trying your lawyerly tricks on me now! She's not to go outside her room until the trial!
: (So... she's still in the hotel across the way.) I guess I should know better than to try to get a detective to leak information.
: You got that right, pal!
: (Time to pay a visit to Miss May!)

Next time: Miss April May

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