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Part 101: Case 5 - Rise From the Ashes - Trial (Day 4) - Part 8

Case 5 - Rise From the Ashes
Trial (Day 4) - Part 8

Fun fact. This is the hundredth update, and of those, 40% have been Rise From the Ashes. It is a long, long case.

: This is how he moved Detective Goodman's body!
: What's that?
: A screwdriver?
: But what does that have to do with this case?
: Mr. Edgeworth.
: Think back to the day of the crime.
: What is this screwdriver doing here?
: It's here because...

: He told me he wanted me to keep it at the Prosecutor's Office.
: In any case, on the day of the stabbings, I brought this back to the Prosecutor's Office.

: I didn't plan to return to the Prosecutor's Office.
: But you did.
: Because Chief Gant asked you to.
: You mean I... I...
: The body was found in the trunk of Mr. Edgeworth's car.

: Detective Goodman's body...
: was carried in the trunk of Mr. Edgeworth's car!
: Yes.
: Unless, of course, you have another explanation, Chief?
: Why else would you have asked Mr. Edgeworth to carry evidence from a closed case?
: ...
: There's only one plausible explanation: to transport the body to your accomplice...
: Ms. Lana Skye!

: Order! Order! Order!
: What's going on here!? Is there no room for rebuttal to the defense's outrageous accusations!?
: Think back to the photograph Ms. Starr took at the Prosecutor's Office.

: It was exactly the opposite...
: It is a photo of the body being taken from the trunk!
: Chief Gant! Please, say something!
: I believe...
: your time's up.
: My "time's up"?
: Sorry, Wrighto, but I'm having lunch with the District Attorney General after this.
: We have to get going if we're to make it in time for the early bird special.

: B-but...
: The cross-examination isn't finished yet!
: Remember what I told you earlier? A police chief...
: has all kinds of weapons at his disposal.
: ..."Weapons"...?
: Like the right to refuse to testify. I'm invoking that right now.
: What!? That is not a right to be casually invoked.
: There are certain risks to be considered!

: So you're going to just run away after all this!?
: "Run away"?
: Don't make me laugh, Worthy.
: !
: "I stabbed ol' Goodman." That's what you're saying, right?
: But if you had any conclusive evidence, you would have presented it by now.
: Well I...
: You think I had Lana dispose of the body? If so,
: then show your proof and get it over with!
: Hmm...
: I'll say it again, Mr. Wright. Damon Gant is the current Chief of Police.

: This court will not tolerate any accusations against him without concrete proof.
: Well, Mr. Wright?
: Y-Your Honor?
: Do you have any concrete proof?
: Proof that Chief Gant murdered Detective Goodman and made Ms. Skeye dispose of his body?

: (I can't let him just squirm his way out of this! I've got to keep the pressure on!)

: Yes, Your Honor. I do have such evidence.

: Then please hurry up and present it. Just remember, it better prove Chief Gant murdered Detective Goodman beyond a shadow of a doubt!

And there isn't a right answer.

: So...
: Er, what exactly is this evidence?
: It's proof. As to whether or not it's enough to demonstrate the Chief's guilt... I'll let you be the judge!
: But... I am the judge.
: Oh, right... Well,
: what do you think, Your Honor?

: (I guess it wasn't enough...)
: Please, Your Honor! Give me just a little longer to consider!

And we get sent around again.

: (It's no use showing evidence I'm not even sure of myself...)
: No, Your Honor. At present I have no conclusive evidence.
: Hmph!
: See, Udgey?

: In that case...
: This court is forced to penalize you for your allegations against the Chief.
: What?

: I don't gamble unless the stakes are high! It seems that
: Lady Luck was
: on my side again today.
: Okay Udgey, I'll leave the rest to you!

He leaves.

: I warned you earlier, Mr. Wright. This...
: is an affront to a senior officer in our nation's law enforcement agency.
: ...

: "Lady Luck," hm?
: Maybe we should have a word with her.
: Mr. Edgeworth? What do you mean!?
: There's one "Lady" who knows the real truth behind this trial...
: We haven't yet had the honor of hearing her testimony.
: (A lady who knows the truth... Another witness!)
: In the absence of conclusive evidence, the only other method of proof is testimony.
: But Chief Gant has invoked his right to refuse to testify!
: There's still someone else. One more witness who can answer all the questions
: raised in this trial. Someone right in this very room!
: Mr. Edgeworth! Who is
: this person!?

: Hmph... Why are you asking me, Your Honor? Have you forgotten?
: The defense is the one calling witnesses today.

: Mr. Wright. Does such a witness exist?
: (She may not be willing to tell the truth...)
: (But we can't just stop now!)

: The defendant...
: Ms. Lana Skye!?
: She was in the underground parking lot at 5:15 PM on February 21.

: in accordance with a certain someone's orders!
: Hmm...
: Mr. Edgeworth...?
: The prosecution has no objections, Your Honor.

: Very well. The court will now take its final recess for the day.
: In 15 minutes, we will reconvene to hear the defendant's testimony.
: This court is now in re-
: Hold on!
: Huh?

: Listen good, Lana!
: (He's talking to Lana!)
: I don't think you need me to tell you this, but if you accept Mr. Wright's claim...
: there will be terrible consequences.
: ...!
: That's right... Your sister will be found guilty...
: for Neil Marshall's murder!
: Ah!
: (This isn't good!)
: Of course, you'd never support such outrageous claims anyway... right? Just something to think about...
: All right, then.
: I've got a lunch date to meet.

He leaves again.

: ...
: Okay. If there aren't any further objections...
: this court is now in recess!

: Looks like we managed to stay in the game.
: Yeah. Thanks to your help, Edgeworth.
: That Chief...
: He's something else, eh pals?
: Detective Gumshoe!
: Ha ha ha.
: I'm not a "detective" anymore.
: Oh yeah. Sorry about that...
: Ah, don't worry. I've already decided where to work now!
: At your office!
: My office...?
: Sure!
: I'll take the place of that top-knotted girl you used to work with!

: Still...
: Looks like we're all out of moves now.
: Chief Gant's done it again.
: How is it he always gets the upper hand!?
: It's not fair he has the right to refuse to testify!
: Hmph.
: Settle down, Wright.
: Remember what the judge said?

: There are certain risks to be considered!

: It's simple. If the Chief refuses to testify...
: the opposite also holds true.
: You mean, he forfeits his right to say anything too!

: Ema! Are you okay?
: Yeah. When I came to, I was in the medical office.
: I've been listening to the trial from the gallery.
: (So she heard everything that's been going on.) Um, Ema... I'm sorry for what I said before.
: No, don't be. It was the truth.
: You know, it's funny.
: I almost feel somehow... relieved.
: "Relieved"?
: Yeah...
: Now I finally know what really happened.
: To think that all this time...
: my sister was being blackmailed by that terrible man! And she did it all...
: just to protect me.
: Ever since her appointment as Chief Prosecutor, everyone who knew her...
: said she changed. Perhaps...
: it was easier that way for her.
: What do you mean?
: What do you think I mean? To follow Chief Gant's orders.
: She must have shut herself up deep inside... to force herself to do anything and everything the Chief told her to do.
: (That must be why she became so cold...)
: It was all my fault. It's all because I... I murdered Mr. Marshall.
: Hey. Don't go blaming yourself, now. If you want to blame anyone, blame society, pal!
: Chief Gant may be able to fool everyone else with his "forgery,"
: but he can't fool my memory. I remember now. I knocked Mr. Marshall into that armor.
: I... I see.
: Well, we'd better get back.
: It's time for the final act!
: Ema, why don't you wait h-
: No. I'm going with you.
: !
: I want to be there...
: when Lana tells the truth.
: Let's go, Wright.
: It's time to end this.

Next time: This is the case that never ends. Yes, it goes on and on, my friends...