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Part 105: Case 5 - Rise From the Ashes - Trial (Day 4) - Part 12

Case 5 - Rise From the Ashes
Trial (Day 4) - Part 12

: What's the matter, cat got your tongue?
: Aren't you going to tell us how it feels?
: How it feels to be the one who single-handedly turned a poor little girl into a murderer!?
: ...
: Before I do that...
: there's just one little thing I have to clear up.
: Oh? And what's that?
: Who really
: killed Prosecutor Neil Marshall.
: What!?
: Chief Gant, you are absolutely right.

: It was
: Ema Skye, wasn't it?

: I'm afraid that's not possible. You see, this piece of cloth contains
: a critical contradiction!

: What!? A contradiction!? What is this fool babbling about?

: I'm talking about a contradiction. One that proves...
: who the real killer is!

: M-Mr. Wright! This piece of cloth...
: What could it possibly contradict!?
: (Chief Gant, your tyrannical reign ends here!)

: And what exactly is this supposed to be...?
: This is the picture Ms. Skye took.
: Take a good look at it.

: Yes... His shirt is showing underneath.
: It's hard to make out with allt he blood on his vest, though.
: Exactly my point. His chest is soaked with blood. That's only natural.

: Oh! But that
: piece of cloth...

: Since Ema Skye's fingerprints are on this cloth,
: there's no doubt that she shoved the prosecutor aside!

: However!

: No! Th-this is nonsense!
: Now then, Chief Gant.
: Let me ask you something. Prosecutor Marshall was not impaled when he was shoved aside.
: He most likely hit his head on the ground and was knocked out.
: If so, then tell me.
: Who could it have been? Who could have arrived at the scene before Ms. Skye,

: Hnnngngghgghh...
: Then, to make it look like Ema was responsble for the prosecutor's death,

: Then he broke the jar on purpose, to leave behind a clue,

: ...
: Remember what you admitted only moments ago?
: That you personally cut out this bloodless piece of the victim's vest?
: Ironic, isn't it?
: Through the very act of creating "insurance,"

: (It's finished.)

: Heh heh heh!
: Oh ho ho ho ho ho ho!

: That was close, Wrighto! You almost had me!
: !
: Sorry, but you'll have to do better than that. I refute your allegations.
: What do you mean, you "refute" his allegations?
: You see, that piece of cloth...
: is illegal evidence!

: Order! Order!
: What nonsense is this!?
: Illegal evidence cannot be used to convict a suspect!
: Remember, Udgey?

: You do have
: some conclusive evidence, don't you?
: ... Your Honor,
: I don't have any evidence I can present at this time.

: The defense did refuse to present evidence!
: At that moment,
: that piece of cloth ceased to be "legal evidence"!
: But that's not fair...!
: Hoo hoo hoo hooooo! Did you actually think you could best me in court?
: It looks like the last laugh's on you, son!

: I'm afraid
: Mr. Gant's claim is legally correct.
: Well, Mr. Edgeworth?
: True... Illegal evidence cannot be used to convict a person...
: assuming, of course, that the evidence is indeed illegal.
: Hmm?
: Well, Mr. Wright?

: Mr. Wright.
: Do you admit to it?

: (No! If I admit to that...)
: (all of my planning will have been for nothing!)
: It seems...

: If you're going to change your position,
: this is your only chance, Wright!
: (He's right...)

Which drops us at the right answer.

: Certainly,
: I refused to present evidence at one point.
: Aha!
: So the evidence is illegal!

: No it isn't, Mr. Gant.
: Huh?
: It's not that
: I "didn't" present evidence then...
: it's that I "couldn't."
: What do you mean, you
: "couldn't"?

: There are certain procedures involved when presenting evidence!
: No, Udgey! Don't listen to his lies! He's nothing but a coward!
: You can't let him?

: There is only one issue left
: to be resolved in this trial:

: Very well.
: Let us settle this once and for all.
: Earlier you refused to present evidence.

: This is my proof, Your Honor: "Evidence Law."
: What's this?
: I've done my homework too, Chief.
: Indeed, Ema Skye's fingerprints were on this piece of cloth.

: However! At that point in time, this was merely a piece of cloth, nothing more.
: What?
: You see, it's written right here in this book:
: The second rule of evidence law!

: ...!
: Rule 1: no evidence shall be shown without the approval of the Police Department!
: I found this piece of evidence myself...
: inside your safe. It goes without saying I did not have approval from the Police Department.
: Rule 2: unregistered evidence presented must be relevant to the case in trial.
: And
: here is the crux of the matter. You see, at the time it was impossible
: for me to prove the relevance...
: between the cloth and the SL-9 Incident.
: What!? What kind of nonsense
: is this!?

: That was shown
: only a few moments ago!
: No...
: He's right.
: At the beginning of today's trial,
: that piece of cloth was still meaningless.
: The person who gave it value as evidence...
: was you,
: Damon Gant.
: ...!
: You yourself confessed to a certain "truth."

: On the day of the crime,
: you personally cut out this piece of the victim's vest?
: Oh, yes!

: It was then that you approved this cloth...
: as conclusive evidence.

: Yes! You, the Chief of Police, personally approved this cloth!
: The only person who could have cut this from the victim's vest...
: is the one who stood before Prosecutor Marshall in his final moments.
: In other words, the real murderer! And there's only one person who that could be...

: N... N...
: Mmph...

: For two years he's been snooping around the department trying to get something on me! Crimes are being committed everyday, yet he insisted on hounding me!
: Well, your crime wasn't exactly petty.
: He wanted to reinvestigate the case. He recruited Angel Starr,
: then convinced Bruce Goodman...
: Detective Goodman?
: Yeah,
: that's right.

: Please, you've got to help me!

: Still, Jake Marshall didn't know when to quit.
: He stole Goodman's ID card and tried to take the evidence!
: Goodman came to me
: that day.

: I went with him to the evidence room.
: Then all of a sudden he had to speak out!

Next time: Confession.