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Part 107: Case 5 - Rise From the Ashes - Trial (Day 4) - Part 14

Case 5 - Rise From the Ashes
Trial (Day 4) - Part 14

First up, here's a video of the credits. Now, let's check in on our characters with the credits.

: She's a coroner. I think Ema will be pleased.
: As for me, this affair has pretty much ended my days at the Prosecutor's Office.
: Still, I'll manage to find my way back to the field somehow.
: Then I'll be able to investigate crimes together with Ema.

: they overlooked my unauthorized investigation of the Chief's office.
: "If we penalized you any more, it'd be worse than firing you!"
: Yep. That's what they said.
: It just goes to show...
: You can't shake me off that easily!

: Can you believe it!? I've been demoted to a security guard!
: My partner's keeping an eye on the entrance for me today.
: I'll show them, though! Someday I'm going to make detective!
: Yes sir! Then I can be just like that Dick Gumshoe!

: Miss Starr managed to sneak this in to me. She's seeing one of the guards it seems.
: Well, cowboy... It looks like you did it. You even gave Bambina back her smile.
: Can you make sure Billy and the gang get their water?

: The top layer tastes as bitter as defeat, btu the bottom layer's as sweet as victory. Kids seem to dig the turnabout theme. It's a hot seller around exam time!
: Just make sure not to eat it backwards!

: Let's see, what was his name again?
: Mr. Left...?
: Anyway,
: he said he's been doing, er, something or other for,
: uh... how many years...?
: Well anyway!
: I've got another trial to get to, so I'd better be...
: Huh? Oh no! I forgot my gavel!
: Sorry, gotta go!

: Still, sometimes I do miss hearing Nick and his "objections"...
: Still, I can't go back until
: I'm a full-fledged spirit medium!
: Maya! Afternoon training's about to begin!
: Coming!!!
: Well,
: see you around Nick!

: I brought you your tea... ...

: I can't believe I'm going to Europe.
: Thank you, Mr. Wright!
: Thank you so much for everything!!!
: I'm a little sad,
: but I'll be all right!

The End.