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Part 11: Case 2 - Turnabout Sisters - Trial (Day 2) - Part 3

Case 2- Turnabout Sisters
Court - Part 3

: Miss May. What you said just now was quite... revealing.

: Revealing? Oooh, you'd like that, wouldn't you. Naughty Mr. Lawyer...

: But there's no way of knowing that just by looking at it!
: Urp!
: Another person in much the same position as you recently called this a "clock," too...
: And he was found guilty... of murder!

: Order! Order!
: Miss May. Can you explain how you know this was a clock?
: Oooh... urp!

: The witness saw the murder with her own eyes! That's all that's important here!
: The defense is trying to confuse the issue with trivial concerns!
: Yes... yes, of course. You will withdraw your question, Mr. Wright.

: But questions are all I have, Your Honor! And as you may recall, I've caught murderers with these questions before! (Well, only once...)
: ... ...

: Objection sustained. You may continue to question the witness.
: (Whew, that was close.)
: (If he stopped me there, the trial would be over!)
: Huh? What? So... what happens now?
: What happens now is you answer my question! How did you know it was a clock?
: What...! Th-that's...
: ...Because... I heard it?
: Yes! I heard it say the time!
: So, you've been to the law offices of Fey & Co.!
: N-n-no! Hey, I didn't say that! Why would I go there! I heard from my hotel room. Hee hee!
: The law offices of Fey & Co., where the murder took place, are very close to the hotel. She could easily have heard the clock!
: Hmm. Well, Mr. Wright? Are you satisfied?
: No, Your Honor! (I can't give up now!)

: You were at the hotel! There's no way you could have heard a clock go off in the building next door!

: You have proof that she could not?
: Uh...
: Amateurs, amateurs. Listen to me, Mr. Wright.
: In the courtroom, proof is everything. Without it, you have nothing. You ARE nothing.
: Then I would like to propose a test to see if she really could have heard...
: The prosecution denies your request!
: Wh-what!? On what grounds?
: This is a trivial matter with no direct bearing on the case at hand!
: Indeed. Objection sustained.
: (Damn! Time to switch directions... quick!)
: Ready to proceed, Mr. Wright?

: Your Honor, members of the court...

: That clock is missing its clockwork!

: H-how could you possibly...?
: Just have a look... As soon as you can!

: Oh!
: See anything interesting, Your Honor?
: It is as the defense says!
: This clock is missing its clockwork! It's quite empty!

: I-I think it's broken! That clock's busted!
: You "think"?
: J-just look at it! Your Honor, please examine the clock!

: Oh!
: See anything interesting, Your Honor?
: Well, I'm not sure I would call this "broken," but I doubt it could ring...!
: This clock is missing its clockwork! It's quite empty!

: The batteries on that clock must be dead!
: "Must be," Mr. Wright?
: Your Honor, if you would inspect the clock...!

: ...
: Oh!
: Well, Your Honor? Are they...?
: This clock has graver problems than dead batteries!
: This clock is missing its clockwork! It's quite empty!


: Mr. Wright! Would you care to explain to the court the meaning of this?
: It is as you can see. The "clock" was empty. It couldn't have rung!

: is a big, fat liar!
: F-fat!?
: Well, Miss May?
: Tsk tsk.
: ?
: Quite a show you've put on for us, Mr. Wright.
: (He knew the clock was empty! Somehow... he knew!)
: I'm afraid you've forgotten one thing, however. Indeed, the clock is empty. As you say... it can't ring. However, we must ask: when was the clockwork removed?
: If it was after the witness heard the clock, then there is no contradiction!
: ! Hmm! That's true. That is a possibility.
: The clock might have been emptied after she heard it.
: And that is exactly what happened, Your Honor!
: Well, Mr. Wright? Can you prove when the clockwork was removed?
: Ho hoh! Impossible, of course...
: I have proof.
: W-what!?
: Wasn't it you who told me "proof is everything"? Well, I was listening.
: And now I'll show you the "proof" you like so much!

Can you guess it?

: Hmm. That's a very cute cell phone.
: Ooh hoo! you have a girlie phone!
: W-wait! Wait! This isn't my phone!
: Listen! This is the defendant's cell phone, and it contains a recording...
: A recording of a conversation she had with the victim on the day of the murder!

: Order! Order!

: Perhaps Detective Gumshoe overlooked it?
: *grumble* (The good detective better remember he's up for evaluation soon...)
: (My heart goes out to you, Edgeworth. Not.)
: Let's hear the conversation.

: So you just want me to hold on to "The Thinker" for you, then?
: If you could. Ah... I should probably tell you, the clock isn't talking right now.
: Huh? It's not working? That's lame!
: I had to take the clockwork out, sorry.

: Your Honor, I think this recording makes it clear that the clockwork was already gone...
: and this was recorded in the morning, before the witness even arrived at her hotel!
: Muh... muh... muh!?
: Well, Miss May? Would you care to explain this to the court?

: Just how did you know that weapon was a clock!?
: ... W-well...!
: Well, isn't it o-obvious?
: I saw that clock before!
: Um... what store was that again? I-I go to so many!

: So the witness had seen it before. That would make sense.

: Oh right... well, if she had seen it before, I guess... (Wait a second!)
: Then, the court would like--
: Hold on! P-please wait, Your Honor!
: Y-yes...? So you do have an objection?
: Um, yes, well...
: Mr. Wright!
: Sorry, Your Honor, it's just...

And we get to where we'd have been if...

: The witness claims she had "seen it before." But this directly contradicts a piece of evidence already submitted to this court!
: Well then, let's see it.

And here's your chance to guess.

: It's simple.
: This clock was never in any store, ever!
: W-whaaat!?
: A friend of mine made that clock. Only two exist in the world. And the one that isn't here is in police custody!
: I-impossible! Everything is sold in stores!
: Miss May, I think it's high time you went shopping for a better excuse...?
: Mmpf...
: Oh? Excuses not on sale today?

: That stupid clock doesn't matter, okay!? She did it! and she should die for it! Die!

: W-w-whoa! Let's not get ahead of ourselves. This is a court of law, and the witness will remain calm!

: Oh! Oh? Oh hoh ho! S-silly me! *grunt* Did I, um, like... lose it?

: (S-scary...)
: Miss May, let me ask.
: Tell me, how did you know the weapon was a clock?

: Hmm... oh dear.
: Does the defense have an opinion on this... behavior?
: (Okay, this is it!) Yes, Your Honor. Allow me to explain how I see the truth of the matter.

: (This is familiar territory. I'll just use the same approach as with Larry.)
: Miss May held that very clock in her hands!
: Mr. Wright! When was this!?
: When she used it to strike the victim! When else?

: Order! Order!
: Mr. Wright! What is the meaning of this!?
: April May, you killed Mia Fey, I say! And when you struck, the force of the impact made "The Thinker" ring! That's when you heard it!

: ...
: Tsk tsk. You truly are a work of art, Mr. Phoenix Wright.
: W-what's that supposed to mean!?
: It was you who just proved that "The Thinker" was empty!
: Oh... (Urk! Of course it wouldn't ring!)
: What's more, the witness has a rock-solid alibi.
: Miss May? Perhaps you could explain to the poor, misguided Mr. Wright? You were in the hotel at the time of the murder.
: (S-she can't prove it! She did it!)
: It would be MY pleasure!

: N-no way!
: Yes way, Mr. Lawyer.
: Tee hee? Didn't the murder take place at 9:00 at night?
: Gee, that's the exact time I ordered some room service from the hotel bellboy!
: Incidentally, the bellboy corroborates the witness's story.
: Ergo, she was not at the crime scene! Rock solid!

: Mr. Wright! You've just made a serious accusation to perfectly innocent woman!
: S-sorry, Your Honor. (That... didn't go so well. But, if that's the case... Then how did she know "The Thinker was a clock!?")
: (... Wait!)
: Your Honor, I figured it out! There is one other way Miss April May could have known it was a clock!
: One way alone! And I have proof!
: Well... proof, you say?
: Then, the court will examine your proof, Mr. Wright.

: The witness had never held the clock in her hand! However she had heard that it was a clock!
: She "heard"...?
: That is correct, Your Honor. There is no other way she could have known "The Thinker" was a clock!
: And I can show you the proof!
: Well, this is interesting. Let's see it, then.

And we essentially converge, if on slightly different wording. Can you figure out?

Next time: Proof.

Georgia Code Ann., Section 40-6-311 posted:

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