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Part 13: Case 2 - Turnabout Sisters - Investigation (Day 2) - Part 1

Case 2- Turnabout Sisters
Investigation #2 - Part 1

: I didn't expect anyone to visit me in such a dank place as this... It's really quite... moving.
: Not! You stinking lawyer! I hope you die! Have you come to laugh? Yes, laugh at the fallen Miss May!
: No, not really, there's something I wanted to ask.
: Unfortunately, there is nothing I want to BE asked. Haven't you done enough questioning, you...! Spiky-head!
: (Here we go again...) Please, you're scaring the security guard.
: ...
: So? What is it you wish to ask of me, then? Hmm?
: (For starters, how did you get to be so totally whacked!?)

So, let's get asking.

: About the man who stayed with you in your hotel room...
: ...
: Can you tell me about him? Where is he? C'mon...
: No way, Jose.
: (Hmm... maybe if I had something to get her to talk...)

: Why did you place a wiretap on Mia's phone?
: Aww, when you say it like that it sounds so... cold. So criminal.
: Um... tapping people's phones is a crime, Miss May.
: Oh, and I suppose you learned that in Lawyer School, hmm? Creep!
: (This woman is impossible to talk to...)

: Say... Why are you so... angry? I mean, you don't look like a bad person...
: Ooh, that does it! Bottom-feeding, scum-sucking lawyer!
: B-bottom...? (I can't tell, does she have a thing against lawyers... or just against me?)

Even the badge does nothing useful!

: Hey, guess what. Actually, I, um, really hate your guts. So get lost. Because, well, I'm not cooperating.
: (Thanks, I noticed.)

So, we move on.

: Looks like forensics is taking the day off today. Detective Gumshoe's nowhere in sight. The police really gave this place a working over. I doubt there are any valuable clues left. Suppose it can't hurt to take a look around, though.

Not that there's much to see.

: Mia's favorite potted plant. I guess I'll have to water it now...

: You couldn't cram more legal books in here, even if you wanted to. All the cases that the chief worked on are filed here. Hmm. Are some of the files missing...? Nah, I'm imagining things.

So, let's head out.

: Quite the performance today, if I dare say so myself.
: Oh, um, thanks. Sorry for putting you on the spot like that.
: No, no, not at all, sir! Your efforts today can only help the Gatewater's "rep," as they say.
: Huh? "Rep"?
: Yes! Our reputation will swell as the hotel where the murderer used a wiretap! We can charge a premium for the room, of course. It will be great for business, sir!
: Whoa, whoa! Miss May hasn't been charged with murder.
: I, too, will become famous! "The Bellboy who brought the murderer ice coffee"...!
: (Why do I feel like we're both stuck in the same bad dream...)
: So! You are our honored guest. Please let me know if there is anything I can bring you!

: Nice weather again today. I can see the Fey & Co. Law Offices, of course.
: Ah, yes. We plan to install a telescope in that window, of course. Just $5.00 will earn you three minutes of a "view to a kill"!
: ...
: J-just kidding, sir. Oh hoh hoh hoh!
: (By that look in his eyes I'd say he was more than serious...)

: A bottle and two glasses rest on the table. Why hasn't he cleaned these up by now?
: Ah, I beg your pardon, sir, but if you could please refrain from touching those... It's part of the decor. I call it: "The last drink... before murder!" We'll be famous! The talk of the hotel industry!

: Huh? There's still a screwdriver stuck in that drawer!
: Ah, please leave that as it is, sir. That's the "Drawer of Terror, Hiding Place ot the Murderer's Wiretap." It's set to become one of the most popular attractions here.
: (This guy's serious! I don't believe it...)

Now, to chat him up.

: About Miss May...
: Oh, her? Sir, not to boast but I knew the moment I saw her... "She'd do it!" I said!
: (Do WHAT!? I'm starting to think the most suspicious person here is this guy!)

: I wanted to ask you about the man who was with Miss May...?
: Ah, yes... He struck me as a real "Lady Killer," if you'll pardon the expression. I knew it from the moment I saw him, sir. He and I are of the same ilk. We both carry the scent of... danger.
: (There we are in total agreement, Mr. Psycho Bellboy.)
: If you had a photo of that man, I'm quite sure I could identify him.
: (A photo. Hmm...)

: Could you tell me about this hotel?
: Absolutely! And on that subject, I have an excellent idea, sir! Currently, this hotel is known as the "Gatewater." I propose that we add a subtitle!
: A subtitle!?

: Well? What do you think?
: Um... sounds great! (Whatever floats your tea set...)

And, naturally, we present the badge.

: I'm sorry... All I could think about during the trial was the hotel... I wasn't paying much attention to the evidence.

Time to move on, for now.

: (Huh. Looks like Grossberg is out today... again. Maybe he's avoiding me for some reason?)

Well, we can at least look around.

: Wait a second... Wasn't there a giant painting hanging on that wall...?

The choice here doesn't matter.

: Wasn't it? It wasn't a very memorable painting, anyhow.

: What's this? Old photos? There are two lying here. Something's been written in pencil on the backs. "DL-6 Incident - Exhibit A," "DL-6 Incident - Exhibit B"...

: I'm sure I've seen this person somewhere... Perhaps I'll borrow this photo. I'm sure no one will miss just one little photo. And it might be a valuable clue... I'll take it for now.

Maybe this photo is what we need!

: Hey, the only reason I'm back here is because YOU won't talk to me!
: Oh, so it's MY fault now? You don't just have spiky hair, you also have a spiky heart!
: (That does it. When this case is done I'm shaving my head.)

When we present the photo...

: ... Who's that? Your mother?
: (... *sigh* Looks like I've just been wasting my time.)

No good.

: About the man who stayed with you in your hotel room... Can you tell me about him? Where is he?
: I'm not telling!
: Look, he's being accused of murder! I don't think you want to be protecting him.
: Hmm. Would you have sold out the late Ms. Fey to the cops?
: No.
: See?
: (Damn! Hmm... maybe if I had something to get her to talk...)

Maybe the bellboy knows something. Certainly we can try showing him the photo.

: Well, it's a fine photo, sir. However, the person Miss May was accompanied by was, well, a man.
: (Oh... yeah. Right.)

Okay, maybe we took the wrong photo.

: I think I'll swap them...

Let's try this again.

We present the new photo...

: Look, I've said several times, I'm not telling you...
: ! Where did you...?
: (Ah hah! A reaction!) This is him, isn't it?
: What? Who? When? Why...?
: It IS him. This is the man who stayed in your hotel room the night of the murder!
: No! No, that's not right.
: (Nice try, Miss Cooperative.)
: D-do you have proof that was him? Hmm? Y-yeah! Proof! Show me proof!
: (I'm so close!)

We're on the right track, but we need a bit more.

: ... That's him, Detective.

: Um... I'm the lawyer.
: Oh, I know that! I just wanted to say "Detective" once. You know how it is.
: (No. No I don't.)
: Without a doubt, that is the man who checked in with Miss April May. How about I write an affidavit swearing that that's him!

: Well, sure. Why not?
: Yes! I've always wanted to write an affidavit, sir. From hence forth I will be known as the "bellboy who swore the affidavit"!
: Just hurry up and write it.

: (Not even Miss May can play dumb to this!)

Now we can present the affidavit.

: What's that?
: The bellboy's affidavit! He told us everything he saw. He told us about the man you checked in with.

: ...!

: (Okay, okay... she's vulnerable now. I should be gentle.) Miss May... It would be easy for me to hand this affidavit to the police.
: ...
: If they get involved, wouldn't your boss be even more... er... inconvenienced? All I want to do is have a little chat with him. You won't tell me?
: ...
: Is that all you have to say?
: Yes.
: If it's so easy for you to "get the police involved," then why don't you? Somehow I think you're not up to it, hmm?
: (Show them a little kindness and they jump all over you! That had the opposite effect to what I hoped...)
: Aww. *smirk* Poor little lawyer... And you were so close!
: (This isn't working... I think I've worn out this piece of paper's usefulness.) Dammit!

: (Why did April May not want to talk about it... she must know him!)

: You're wasting your time!
: Miss May's lips are sealed!

And from here, we'd need to go and talk to Grossberg and find another way to identify the guy. But we didn't do that.

: (This is it, all or nothing! Time to do a little bluff.) No use playing dumb! (If, indeed, that's an act.)

: Whaaaaat!?
: Even though he should be a witness to murder, this man is in hiding. I'm sure the press would have a field day with his reputation!
: ...! Ooooh! Fine! I'll talk! You... you win, Lawyer.
: (Yes! Man, that felt good! It's great to be alive!)
: Why are you pumping your fists in the air?
: *cough* Now, tell me about the man you were with.

: Redd White, the president of the information gathering conglomerate, Bluecorp.
: (Redd... White?) "Information gathering?"
: Well... I suppose you could call them a detective agency.
: Hmm... So this is the man that was with you the night of the murder?
: ... I'm... I'm scared to talk. I don't want to end up like her!
: (...!) It's okay, I'll just ask Mr. White himself. Can you tell me where Bluecorp is located?
: ...

: (Finally, a lead on this guy!)

: Time to take action!

Next time: Bluecorp!

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(2) It shall be an affirmative defense to a violation of the provisions of this section that the action was taken under extreme life-threatening conditions as the only apparent means of survival.
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