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Part 16: Case 2 - Turnabout Sisters - Trial (Day 3) - Part 2

Case 2- Turnabout Sisters
Trial #2 - Part 2

: Mr. White!
: The victim died from a "single" blow!

: What do you have to say to that?
: Er... Erp!
: (Now's my chance to hit him where it counts!)
: Mr. White. Wasn't it you who told the court you were "abso-posi-lutely perfect"?
: Mmph. I will refrain from using this phrase from now on.
: Your Honor, if you could ask the witness for a new testimony...

: The witness is obviously confused, Your Honor! I would like to request a 10 minute break!
: Yes... yes, quite.

: The witness is confused because he's lying!

: Very well. If the witness would care to revise his testimony...
: (The crowd's on my side! No slipping out of this now, White!)
: Mr. White?
: O... okay...

: Hmm. "Thwap" indeed.
: Very well, you may begin the cross-examination.
: Mr. Your Honor... My stomach, you see, it is hurting...

: This is almost over.
: ...!

: You heard "that thing fall"? What exactly was "that thing"?
: Huh? Oh... oh, that? Umm... the glass light stand!
: (Right... the one that had fallen over at the scene.)
: Phoenix!

: (Yeah, that is odd. I'll press further.) Mr. White.
: Huh? W-what?
: You're saying you saw the glass light stand?
: Y-yes.
: Then change your testimony to reflect that!
: S-sorry. My bad...
: The witness will revise his testimony.
: Okay okay. Of course.

: The "glass stand was lying on the floor"? That's the first I've heard of this.
: Why didn't you tell us about the stand before?
: W-why? Me? W-well... I was instructed not to... wait!
: One moment! Give me a minute to gather my thoughts.
: I am so... so confused.
: (White's falling apart.)

: Your Honor! Please, I ask that you do not allow the witness to be badgered any further!
: M-Mr. Wright. Please refrain from badgering the witness...

: Very well. The witness may continue his account.

: "Miss Mia"...? Mr. White, did you know the victim personally?
: No no no, triple no! How would I? How could I!

: I see nothing odd about the witness knowing the name of the victim.
: Mr. Wright! I will not have you harrying the witness!
: (You're looking a little flustered, Edgeworth!)

: Now before, you said that she was hit before she ran.
: Y-yes, I must have been confused. But don't worry! We all know what happened now.

: What did you do then?
: I gave chase, of course!

: Mr. White, please try to remain calm.

: Oh... oh right. Thank you, Miles.

: "Thwap"...? That doesn't sound like the "savage" attack from your earlier testimony...
: Ho! Hoh hoh! Yes, well, I am a man of peace, you see.


: Phoenix! He's getting a lot less talkative.
: He's probably afraid I'll catch him on something! (But it won't be easy!)

What to catch him on, though?

: Mr. White.
: It was impossible for you to have seen the glass stand!

: These are the floor plans to the scene of the murder, yes?

: This is the area you would be able to see!

: Well...? Note that the stand is not within the visible area!
: Well, Mr. White!
: What do you have to say to that!?

: Er... erp!
: Ri... dicu... losity...
: Mr. White.
: If you were in the Gatewater hotel as you claim, you could not have seen the stand before it fell over! In fact, you wouldn't have been able to see it after it fell, either!

: So, when did you see the stand, Mr. White?
: It must have been the moment that it fell! And the only place you could have seen that from... is inside the Fey Law Offices!

: Mr... White?

: Mr. White.

: You did it, didn't you?

: (Heh. Looks like we're about to get our verdict!)

: That's far enough, Phoenix Wright!

: Mr. White...

: I think the time has come. Shouldn't you confess your crime now, hmm?
: W... what?

: Ergo,
: confess that you placed the wiretap!
: The w-wiretap!?

: Order! Order!
: Mr. Edgeworth! Explain to the court what you mean by this!
: Distinguished members of the court... Mr. White is slightly confused. Allow me to explain.
: (I really don't like the way this is headed...)
: As you know, Mr. White is the CEO of Bluecorp. He ordered his secretary, Miss April May, to tap the law offices of Ms. Fey.
: What does that have to do...?
: Your Honor.
: The question is: when was the wiretap placed in the office, and by who?
: No! You wouldn't!
: Mr. White. In order to place the wiretap, you entered Ms. Fey's office. Am I correct...?
: ...
: !
: C-correct! You are most correct, Miles!

: Yes... in order to place the wiretap, I breached the Fey & Co. Law Offices!
: That is when I saw that accursed light stand!

: Now I'm confused. Please explain to the court what all this means, Mr. Edgeworth!
: Gladly, Your Honor.
: Mr. Phoenix Wright has made his position quite clear. He has determined that Mr. White knew the glass stand was in the office. He has shown that there was only one time Mr. White could have seen the stand: At the very moment of the murder! Thus, Mr. Wright would like you to believe that Mr. White was the murderer!
: I see.
: However!
: It is a fact that Mr. White had been to that office well before the murder took place! He went to place the wiretap! He could have seen the glass light stand then.

: Mr. White! You will testify to the court about this wiretap!

: Ahem. Leave it to me!
: (I... I feel faint.)

: Hmm...
: So you saw the stand before the night of the incident...
: And this is how you were able to identify what had fallen over. By the sound?

: Correct! That is right.
: I see. Very well, Mr. Wright, you may cross-examine.
: (Gah! What am I supposed to do now...!?)
: Good luck, Phoenix...

: D-do you have proof!?

: Miss April May knew the details of Ms. Fey's phone conversation! This proves that the wiretap was placed before the murder!
: Huh... right.

: Was it really you that went into the office? Or was it Miss May?

: Unidentified fingerprints several days old were found in the Fey & Co. Law Offices.
: Those were obviously Mr. White's.
: (And if I know Edgeworth, he's already run a check on those prints...)

: Now, Mr. White. Tell us why you went to the Fey & Co. Law Offices.

: Why did you tap Mia's phone!?

: This has no bearing on the current case, Your Honor.

: We have a responsibility to protect client confidentiality!

: Why did you notice something as innocuous as a light stand!?
: The light stand was made entirely out of glass. It was quite stylish, so I guess it made a lasting impression on me.
: Such a beautacious thing deserves attention, does it not? That is all.


: (Dammit! There's nothing there for me to press him on! Oh well... maybe he's rattled enough that I can bluff something out of him!)

However, when we go back through the testimony...

: (Uh oh! Don't tell me I've run out of ammo!)
: Tsk tsk. I'm afraid that's as far as you go, Mr. Wright.
: The time has come for you to admit your defeat! You fought... honorably.

: (No more... I can't take this anymore...)
: Mr. Wright? Are you giving up?
: ... Y-yes, Your Honor.

: ...?
: (Phoenix! Over here!)
: (I know that voice! ...)

Next time: ?????

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