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Part 17: Case 2 - Turnabout Sisters - Trial (Day 3) - Part 3

Case 2 - Turnabout Sisters
Trial #2 - Part 3

: What happened? ... Oh, right... I lost the trial. I was... hallucinating. ...

: Ah, you're finally awake.

: ... "Gak"? That's no way to greet an old friend! Phoenix, I want you to look at me.

: Y-You're... M-Maya...?

: When you accepted your defeat in court... It appears that was enough of a shock to awaken Maya's true powers.
: So... Maya is channeling you, Mia?
: That's right. I am Maya, but I'm also Mia.

: Maya never gave up. You can't either! That's what I came here to tell you.
: ...! B-but!
: We don't have much time, Phoenix. Now listen. You've already won.
: Huh...?
: You have that Receipt in the court record, right?

: Phoenix! White wrote that, not me!
: So... so what do I do with it?
: Look at the front of the receipt!
: The... front?

: (Looks like it's from a famous department store. "$1,000.00"... wow, big spender! "Item"... "glass light stand"...! "Date of purchase"... "September 4"...) ...! September 4!
: That's right, Phoenix.

: I bought that stand the day before I was killed!
: Whoa!
: Now, what did Mr. White say in his testimony?

: There you go! I think the court is about to reconvene!
: Go do it, Phoenix! You know you're innocent, now you just have to prove it!
: Right!

: The court will now reconvene for the trial of Mr. Phoenix Wright.
: Is the defendant... rather, are you alright, Mr. Wright?
: Yes. Sorry, Your Honor. I'm fine now.
: Then, let's start where we left off.

: Your Honor.
: There is nothing to go back to! The cross-examination of Mr. White is finished!
: All that is required now is for you to pass judgment on the defendant Phoenix Wright!
: Hmm...

: Your Honor! Please, give me one more chance. I promise you, this is the last time I'll ask you!
: Hmm...
: But, as Mr. Edgeworth has noted, the trial is more or less finished.
: Mr. Edgeworth, do you have an opinion on this matter?

: I say... let us give Mr. Phoenix Wright his "last chance."
: Very well! You may begin your cross-examination.

: Do you have proof!?

: Miss April May knew the details of Ms. Fey's phone conversation! This proves that the wiretap was placed before the murder!
: Huh... right. (Gah! I have to show him the evidence Mia gave me!)

That's about all that changes - that line gets appended to the end of everything,

: See the word "Maya" written in blood...?

: I think not. Look at the other side of the receipt.
: Th-the other side?
: Your Honor. Would you tell the court what is written on the other side of that receipt?

: Well! A "glass light stand"! And the date of purchase... Why, that's the day before the murder!

: Mr. White. When you allegedly entered Fey & Co. Law Offices at the beginning of September...

: Well, Mr. White? Can't get out of this one, can you?

: (Uh oh... he's losing it.) ...
: Well, Your Honor. I understand there must be quite a bit of PRESSURE on you.

: But I think you'll agree you can't judge me "guilty" under these circumstances.
: ! ...... Very well.

: Then, that is all for the trial of...

: Not so fast, Phoenix Wright!

: Eh? (What! No way can he worm his way out of this one! Oh wait... I forgot. It's Edgeworth.)

: There is a certain thread of logic to the defendant's claims.

: However! There is no concrete proof that Phoenix Wright is innocent!
: (...!)
: Ergo!
: I would like to request one more day before Phoenix Wright is granted his freedom. I need time to make one more inquiry into this matter.
: Hmm...!
: (Another inquiry...!? This isn't going to be another one of those "updated autopsy reports"! This guy just makes up evidence as he pleases!)

: (Hmm. I don't know where he's going with this. I'd better hold back for now.)
: I see...
: Very well. As there is no objection from the defense, I grant Mr. Edgeworth his extra day.

: Mr. White's guilt is obvious! There is no need to prolong this trial any further!
: Hmm.
: Well, Mr. Edgeworth?

: If anyone is going to call Mr. White to trial, it would be me, the prosecution.
: I need a day to ascertain whether your claims have any basis in factual evidence!
: Hmm.
: I see. Objection denied!
: Whaaaat!


: The completion of the trial of Mr. Phoenix Wright will be postponed until tomorrow.
: (No! There's no telling what will happen if I can't end this now!)

: (Edgeworth is sure to come up with--or just make up--something! And after Mia showed up to help me and all..)

: Mr. Your Honor!
: May I go home?
: Of course. Thank you for your time.
: (Gah!)

: (M-Mia...!)

: Read this note out loud.
: Mia? What's this...?

: Your Honor. If I may...?
: You're quite persistent today, Mr. Wright!
: (You bet I am! My life is riding on this one!)

: Many of them sounded strangely familiar. People in finance, famous celebrities... That's when it happened.

: P-please, stop! Make him stop! How... how did you get that list!?
: Mr. White. Admit your guilt, right here, right now. Or else this list will be released to the press!

: Case closed, Your Honor.

: Well, I see no reason to continue this trial.
: Mr. Wright?
: Yes, Your Honor.
: You've done it again! That was quite a spirited defense!
: Yes, Your Honor. I guess you could say that. (If only you knew how "spirit"-ed it was!)
: Hmm. Well!
: This court finds the defense... Ahem! Rather, the defendant, Mr. Phoenix Wright...

: That is all. The court is adjourned!

: But, congratulations! You're lucky I was born a Fey!
: I'm lucky I had both you and Maya on my side.
: I'm glad you made it. ... Thank you, Phoenix. You risked a lot to help me... and Maya. I won't forget it as long as I live!
: (As long as you "live"...?)
: ... My time here's running out.
: Huh?
: Maya's powers are still weak.
: I can't stay here that long.
: W-what!? No! There's still so much to say!
: Don't worry. I'm sure we'll meet again.
: Ch-Chief!
: Hee hee. I'm not the "Chief" anymore.
: Phoenix? Can you come to the office tonight... say, 9:00?
: The office...?
: I'll see you later.

: You came!
: Mia...
: I was kinda worried you might not.
: Huh? Of course I came...
: Well then! I'm pretty hungry. How about a burger?
: M-Mia...?
: ... Bwah hah hah! You should see your face!
: Mia!

: M-Maya...?

: (Look like... you WERE her!)
: Hmm! I might be able to use that. "Oh, Phoenix! Go to the store and buy me lunch, would you?"
: Uhm, Maya... Why are you here?

: See? Mia wrote me a letter. "Take care of Phoenix for me."
: Take care of... huh?
: She means the office! This office!
: Someone has to help with the new Wright & Co. Law Offices, right?

: Wait, no, on second thought, let's make this casual!
: Yo, Nick! Maya here, ready to get down to business! You... don't mind me calling you "Nick," do you? It's a great name! Mia said that's what your friend Larry calls you.
: ("Nick"...?)
: You know what this means? We're partners!

: It is Maya's fault I'm here now. But... If it wasn't for her I'd probably be in jail! "Wright & Co. Law Offices." It's got a good ring to it. Yeah! Thanks, Maya!

: (Good luck, Phoenix. I'll always be here... watching.)

: Huh? Do... what?
: Burgers, dummy! Burgers! There's a great burger joint just down the street. C'mon! Time's a wasting!
: O-okay! Wait up!

Next time: Turnabout Samurai

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Theft of an alligator is the misappropriation or taking of an alligator, an alligator's skin, or a part of an alligator, whether dead or alive, belonging to another, either without the consent of the other to the misappropriation or taking, or by means of fraudulent conduct, practices, or representations. An intent to deprive the other permanently of the alligator, the alligator's skin, or a part of an alligator is essential.