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Part 24: Case 3 - Turnabout Samurai - Investigation (Day 2) - Part 1

Case 3 - Turnabout Samurai
Investigation (Day 2) - Part 1

: Say, you think WP's got a chance?
: I guess that really depends on the people we found out about in today's trial.
: The director and producer...?
: Yeah, them.
: Well, what are we doing here then!? Let's get to the studios!

Nothing new to look at that's new, but we can talk to Maya!

: What do you think we should do?
: W-what do I... huh!? Why don't we do what you just said!? We gotta get the scoop on this director and producer.
: Oh, right. Then there's no point hanging out here.

: Hmm. We don't have enough information to make a case yet.
: That's exactly the same thing you said yesterday! Just admit it: you don't have a clue what happened.
: There's not enough information!

So let's get moving.

: No one's here.
: Right, now that they have Ms. Oldbag in custody. I guess they don't have anyone else to replace her...
: H-hey! In the guard station! Look! She left her donuts! ...
: ... What? I wasn't going to eat them!

: The computer that runs the studio security cameras. Huh? It looks like it's been turned off for the day.

No surveillence photos for us! So, instead, we head off to find more things to poke at.

: Hey, Nick.
: It looks like Detective Gumshoe isn't here today.
: You're right. He's probably up to his neck in paperwork after the commotion at today's trial.
: So, Nick... Remember that "Studio Two" we heard about at the trial today? It was down that path with the fallen tree, right?
: Yeah, I think that's what they said.
: Maybe the director and the rest of them are there today?
: Now's our chance, Nick! Let's check it out!

An excellent idea.

: This... is Studio Two?
: I thought so...
: It doesn't really look much like a "studio," does it?
: No, that it does not.

: It looks pretty sturdy for a movie set trailer.
: Are we sure this is a studio?

Time to poke around.

: There's some flowers here.
: Wow, so pretty! They're taking good care of these.
: Don't get to close. That fence looks dangerous.

This case seems to have a bunch of typos.

: On closer inspection, this trailer looks like it's been here for a while. I don't think this is part of some temporary film set.

: These look like materials for making a movie set.
: They've been sitting here for quite some time. This might as well be a junkyard.

: There's a big "2" painted here.
: Probably because this is Studio Two?
: Probably... Though it doesn't look anything like a studio.

Over to the other side...

: There's nothing left on the plates.
: Hey, so they ate t-bone steaks too.
: What is it with steaks around here?
: Hey! There's always room for steak!
: But... something does seem out of place...
: What?
: I... don't know. It just feels "odd."

: An incinerator. Apparently they just put this one in. It's already covered in soot. They must not clean it much.

: A light van for moving staff and equipment around. They've kept it in pretty good shape. Looks like it'd run fine.
: Well, lets go for a drive!
: Sure... if I had a license.
: Nick! You don't have a driver's license!?

: Why are you showing me your attorney's badge, Nick?

That's all there is to see around here, though. Let's check out Studio One.

: I... don't really want to be in here.
: Yeah... It is a murder scene.
: I want to go someplace else. Nick?
: (*sigh*...)

Okay, maybe not.

Maybe over here?

: Look, it's that assistant girl. Hey!

: I heard about the trial! Great job, guys!
: Oh? Oh hoh hoh. Don't mention it.
: Is it true they caught the security lady!?
: Oh! Oh... oh hoh hoh!
: Actually, she just called me.
: She told me to cover up that drain...
: You mean that one?

: (Wow, what a mess...)
: I... I know... I'm not so good with handiwork. Some assistant, right?
: Yeah, but you do work on the props, and the backdrops, right?
: R-right. Just... lots of times they end up looking worse than they did before I fixed them.
: Oh? Oh! Well, I'm sure these things happen. Nothing to worry yourself about!
: You're right! I won't!
: (Personally, I think she should worry at least a little bit more...)
: Um, if you'll excuse me, I have to go to the guard station. I'm supposed to fill in for Ms. Oldbag.
: Right! See you later, then!
: Good luck with your investigation.

She leaves. Let's check her handiwork.

: So, the fanboy they were talking about in the trial today...
: He came in through that drain?
: So it seems. I guess they covered it up in a hurry.
: Hey... Hey, Nick!
: If that drain's covered, the boy won't be able to get in.
: Uh, yeah. I think that was the idea...?
: I feel kinda sorry for him, though. Don't you?
: What, you want to rip the grate off?
: Really, Nick? We can!?

Petty vandalism to cause problems for random people for no reason? Sure, why not!

: Well, I guess some things are just made to be broken.
: Yay! You know, Nick, you're pretty swell sometimes.
: (Sometimes...?)

: There. That should make the kids happy.
: The things we do...

: This is where the Steel Samurai costume was, on the day of the murder.
: That's what Mr. Powers says, at least. I guess they snuck in and took it while he was sleeping.
: But Nick, what if Mr. Powers hadn't been sleeping? I wonder what the killer was planning on doing then?
: Huh... (She's got a point!)

Not much else in here...

: Ho hoh! You look a little out of place.
: It's the clothes, isn't it? I thought my camo vest might do the trick...
: Kind of an "alternative guard fashion" thing.

Now we can question her!

: So, how are the studios doing?
: There's police wandering around everywhere, it's terrible. They won't even let me clean up. Don't want me "disturbing evidence."
: I haven't even cleaned up our lunch plates from the day of the murder!
: You mean those plates with the steak bones left over on them in the employee area?
: Yeah. Can you believe it?

: Do kids sneak in here a lot?
: Well...
: I don't think there's that many of them, but I do see one in particular a bunch. He's always gawking at the sets, or snapping pictures. You should see Old Windbag's eyes flash when she sees him.
: She has a bit of trouble catching him though...

: I heard something at the trial today. They said that the director and producer were here the day of the murder...
: Oh, sorry... I was in the prop storage room, so I didn't see them. I guess they were here, though.
: The studio head seemed pretty eager to keep us quiet.
: So they were trying to protect the director?
: More the producer, really.
: The producer's our real star here. She saved these studios from the brink of disaster and kept them running.
: I don't think we'd still be in business if it weren't for that producer!
: (The producer, huh?)

Well, that was informative! We should check in with Will, though.

: Oh, Mr. Wright! Thank you for earlier.
: Not at all. We got lucky, to tell the truth.
: You can say that again!
: Let's not.
: So, WP! Do you have any leads that might get us going in the right direction?
: Hmm... S-sorry, but no.
: Be sure to tell us anything that comes to mind, no matter how small.
: We can't rely on getting lucky again tomorrow.
: Y-yes... *sniff*

: Do, er, "fanboys" sneak into the studios often?
: No, not that I know of. That security lady's pretty strict with them.
: But, in today's testimony, didn't she say they were often hanging around?
: The kids really, really love the Steel Samurai. They sneak past when she's not looking, I guess.

: Was the director present at the morning run-through?
: Y-yes, yes he was. He was directing how the Steel Samurai and the Evil Magistrate should move.
: Why didn't you tell us that before!?
: W-well, just, the studio asked us to keep quiet...
: That has nothing to do with this! I hate to repeat myself, but Nick here is a newbie lawyer! Fresh off the bar! When he loses, he's going to lose big!
: I... I see. *sniff*
: (Whose side is she on!?)
: You aren't hiding anything else from us, are you!?
: N-no, I sure hope not.

: Yes?
: Is it heavy, that spear?
: It's pretty hefty, yeah. I don't think the average person would be able to swing it around effectively.
: Hmm...
: And... that's the spear that broke or something during the morning run-through?
: Oh yes, I goofed on a round kick, you see... I broke the spear. The security lady fixed it for me right away though.
: With duct tape. We heard.

Now, for lack of other ideas, let's check out Studio Two again.

: (This place is deserted...)

: Eek! N-N-Nick! W-w-what was that noise!?

: Someone must be inside...
: H-Hello? ...
: No answer.
: Pretty suspicious, if you ask me, Nick! Let's go in!
: I'm not sure we should be barging in... ...Huh. It's locked.
: What? Don't we have a key?
: No. But there's probably one in the guard station at the main gate.
: Then what are we waiting for? Let's borrow it!
: (If they'll let us...)

So, back to the main gate!

: The security guard station. I can see the computer that runs the security cameras.
: Oh, please don't touch anything in there.
: The security lady would knock the stuffing out of me if she knew.
: (I really want the key to that trailer... Maybe next time...)

No dice. Maybe there'll be a key in Powers' dressing room?

: Wait, you first! Who are you!?
: You look pretty suspicious to me!
: Whatever, l4m3rs! How can j00 not know the great Sal Manella!? I make teh L33T SH0WZ! The Steel Samurai? Mine! RTFC! (Read The Film Credits!)

: I'm so sorry! I, just, you looked so... Sorry!

: ...
: W-what is it?
: You know, on closer inspection...

: Hey, do j00 do a lot of "cosplay," coz that costume r0x0rz!... *drool*

: Huh? Mmph! LOL! Buffer overrun! *pant*
: You've triggered my CR34T1V3 P0W3RZ! Yes... yes, it's coming to me! "Pink Princess"! The sequel to the Steel Samurai... "Pink Princess: Warrior of Little Olde Tokyo!"

: P-"Pink Princess"...?
: Why's it gotta be "Little" Olde Tokyo!? Why can't it have a cool name, like "Neo Olde Tokyo"!?
: Maya, we really need to talk about "cool"...

I...yeah. Sal Manella. Let's...let's question him. Maybe it won't be horrible.

: Did you notice anything unusual on the day of the murder?
: Oh, I know who j00 d00dz are. That security lady told j00 about us, eh?
: That's right.
: It was a pretty regular day. We had a run-through for an action scene in the morning. Then a meeting from lunchtime in the Studio Two trailer.
: Heh. I was so busy I didn't even get a chance to eat lunch!
: A t-bone steak, was it?
: Yeah... sux0rz! I hate missing out on food...
: Nick... what does "Sucksores" mean?
: No idea...
: Anyway, I was in a meeting from noon till after 4:00.
: With the producer, and some bigwigs from the network.
: (Mr. Hammer's time of death was estimated at 2:30 PM. If he's telling the truth, that meeting gives him an alibi...)

: About the producer who was at the meeting with you...
: Oh, you mean Dee Vasquez? She's a genius. M4d sk1llz, all the way. Scary, though. *sweats* She brought these studios back from the brink of destruction. She's the one who made it possible for me to make the Steel Samurai!
: You had a meeting with her on the day of the murder, right?
: Yeah, we were together from noon to 4:00 PM, the whole time.

: Who exactly are these "bigwigs" people keep mentioning?
: Oh, the boss over at the network, and some sponsors. Also a few production guys. They piled into a limousine and got her right around noon.
: Major tension! *sweats*
: Were all of them with you the entire time?
: Yeah, unfortunately. They're all gray-haired geezers... *scowl*
: (Hmm... sounds like they'd all be reliable witnesses.)

And let's show him our badge.

: I try not to pay much attention to things that don't interest me. LOL.
: W-why are you staring at me like that...?


Next time: Talking to someone that isn't a fat, stinky pervert.

South Carolina Code Ann., Subsections 16-15-60 and 16-15-80 posted:

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