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Part 29: Case 3 - Turnabout Samurai - Trial (Day 3) - Part 3

Case 3 - Turnabout Samurai
Trial (Day 3) - Part 3

So, the answer is...

: What's that? The camera...?
: The witness stated that he recently received this camera.
: Yes, I'm aware of that.
: He wasn't entirely familiar with its operation.
: I'm aware of that, too.
: Ah!
: Correct! Why would Cody be looking somewhere else at the critical moment? Because he was looking at his camera!

: Bullseye!

: (Pressing, not picking...)
: Good job, Phoenix! Cody was lying, clearly. Smart of you to realize there was no way he could just stand there, watching his hero... and not take a picture!
: Right!
: Cody? There was only one reason why you would have looked away from the fight.
: And that was because you wanted to take a picture. But having just received your camera, you weren't used to using it yet!
: So, you missed the climax of the fight. Correct?
: ... ... ... Yeah.
: Well, Phoenix. I'll bet you anything he's hiding more than that. Have him testify again!
: R-right. (Mia means business!)
: Your Honor.
: The defense would like to request that Cody Hackins testify once more.
: V-very well. Cody?

: And about why you didn't take a picture of the fight?
: Umm...
: (Welcome to the real world, kid!)

: Hmm...
: Anything strange in that testimony, Mr. Wright?
: I'm not sure... But I'd like to proceed with the cross-examination anyway.

: "Pops"...?
: Yeah, I called you "pops," you spiky-haired geezer!
: G-geezer...?

: Okay, off with the kid gloves! Testify, witness, testify!

: So you did see the beginning of the fight?
: Yeah.
: Did you notice anything unusual?
: Umm... well... uh... I guess the Steel Samurai was moving a little strange...
: (Moving... strangely?)

: Why couldn't you take a picture?
: My new camera has too many buttons. I couldn't figure it out. I tried to take a picture, I really tried.

: When the lens opened, what did you see?
: Uh... well, a person on the ground. And the Steel Samurai!

: That's all?
: Y-yeah! I told you, I didn't take a picture!
: (Hmm... I would have, once I got that lens open...)

: (Nah, he definitely would have taken a picture. There's got to be something here I can use!)
: Cody!
: Listen up, Cody Hackins. I know exactly what happened that day.
: You took a picture!

: (Bullseye...?)
: H-how did you know!?
: I see through all your lies Cody Hackins. It's one of my powers!

But not, apparently, using commas.

: W-wow!
: (This feels great!)
: Y-yeah... Yeah, I took a picture.
: Perhaps you can change your testimony to reflect this, Cody?

: You "erased" them?
: Y-yeah!
: Why would you erase a picture of your beloved Steel Samurai, victorious?
: Well... y'know. W-why would I want to keep a picture like that?
: (Hmm... he's becoming less and less cooperative. I better find a clear contradiction soon... or some solid evidence.)


: (How can I pick holes in such a short testimony?)
: There has to be something. Dig up the dirt, Phoenix! Find out what this kid's all about!

So, do you see the problem?

: Cody!
: Wh-wh-what!? Man, every time you say "Cody" you follow it with something bad.

: Huh? O-oh... right.
: What was it you told me then?

: I always take a picture when the Steel Samurai lands the final blow! Whizzam! I got 'em all! I never missed one! A perfect collection!
: Cody. Did you really get a picture of the Steel Samurai standing victorious over his foe? If you did, I find it hard to believe that you would just erase it!

: Mr. Wright... What exactly is this album?

: It's a collection of pictures of the Steel Samurai, all taken by Cody Hackins.
: He claims it's a perfect collection of every battle the Steel Samurai has won!
: I... I see.
: Don't you find this very odd, Your Honor?
: Among all his pictures of the Steel Samurai, none were taken that day!

: Order!
: Mr. Wright. Have you an explanation? If the Steel Samurai had just defeated his adversary... I certainly would expect to see a picture of it in this album...
: Exactly my point, Your Honor! ... ...

: Phoenix? I think we've finally discovered the truth. And what a truth it is!

: M-Mia... are we sure about this? Did he actually...?

: Yes. I'm pretty sure what you're thinking is right. Tell them, Phoenix. Tell them what the truth is.
: Mr. Wright! Please explain to the court what is going on here! Why was there no picture in the album from the day of the murder?

: I believe that Cody Hackins is what we call an "artiste."
: An... "artiste"...?
: He didn't like the photos he had taken! They were blurry, or maybe his framing was off...
: Anyway, for some reason, he erased the data!
: Is that right, Cody?
: Wh-what do you mean "framing was off"!?

: Um, uh... Yes, well, I'm sure the real reason is...
: Yes? The real reason is? Why was there no picture in the album from the day of the murder?

: Simple, Your Honor. Cody wasn't used to using his new camera. He erased those photos he took by mistake!
: W-wait a second, Phoenix. If that's your answer, we're back where we started!
: Huh? You mean, that wasn't it?
: Mr. Wright! If you have something to say to the court, speak up!
: Um, well... S-sorry, Your Honor. Can I change my answer?

: Why was there no picture in the album from the day of the murder?

: I can think of only one reason, your honor.

: The Steel Samurai didn't win! That's why Cody deleted those photos.
: You mean the Steel Samurai... lost?
: Well, Cody? I'm right, aren't I?
: Tell the truth. The bad guy defeated the Steel Samurai!
: N-n-n-no way! No!
: I-it's impossible! Th-the Steel Samurai never loses!
: He never loses to anyone! Ever!
: Your Honor...

: The witness has revealed everything with his words.
: There was a reason why he lied and told us he didn't take a picture. The same reason he erased his precious photos! For Cody, it was inconceivable that the Steel Samurai could be defeated.

: However, Cody witnessed the impossible! He saw the Steel Samurai lose! Yet to admit what he saw would destroy everything he believed in!
: That's why he lied and said the Steel Samurai won.

: O-Order! I will have order!
: W-witness! I mean, Cody! Is this true!? W-what did you see? Tell the court what you saw!
: I......

: Cody... That day, you saw the Steel Samurai lose a fight. Right?

: Okay okay! Y-you're right! Th-the Steel Samurai f-fell down... Th-then he didn't m-move...

: Order! Order! Order!

: What kind of stunt are you trying to pull, Wright!?

: Mr. Wright! What's going on?
: Apparently, we have all made a serious error.
: An... error?

: Quite simply, the victim was Jack Hammer!
: ...
: ...

: Umm... Mr. Wright? We all know that.
: Right.
: Perhaps you'd like to reconsider your last statement?
: ...
: I'm sorry. It was I who was wrong.

: L-look, I'm sure there's something we're overlooking!

: If you're so sure, then tell us what it is!

: There was no victim in this case!
: Wh-wh-what!? Has the defense taken leave of its senses!?
: Of course, Jack Hammer died. But the Steel Samurai fell too!
: It was a draw!

: ...
: Sorry. I was too shocked to say anything for a bit there.
: Listen, Wright! Only one person died in this incident, and that is Jack Hammer! Yet now you claim there "was no victim"?

: Are you insane?
: (Uh oh, he's pulling out all the stops now.)
: ...
: I'm sorry. It was I who was wrong.

: L-look, I'm sure there's something we're overlooking!

: If you're so sure, then tell us what it is!

: If you understand what really happened, it's actually quite simple. At the end of the fight, the Steel Samurai fell to the ground, and lay still. In other words, the Steel Samurai was not the killer, he was the victim! Don't you see?

: Jack Hammer was the Steel Samurai!

: Order! Order! Order! So, the Steel Samurai in this photograph...

: That's what I'm saying, Your Honor.

: Thus, he obviously knew about Will Powers's foot injury.
: B-but wait! Hadn't Mr. Hammer gone to Studio One already?
: That's what everyone thought! But remember what Ms. Oldbag said in her testimony?

: Did I see poor old Hammer? Nope. He'd already gone to the studio before I got back to the guard station.

: However, no one saw him going to Studio One. Nor was there a picture of him.

: Then he snuck into the dressing room and stole the Steel Samurai costume.
: ...
: ...
: But why would the victim do such a thing?
: I... don't know.
: ... I get it!
: ?
: I thought that the Steel Samurai was moving strange. So it was a different person inside the suit!
: Pops!
: Huh, me? What?
: Actually, there was one piece of data I saved.
: Data?
: Yeah, a photo on my digital camera!

: !

: W-what!?

: Show us, quick!
: No way man, not if you're gonna look at me like that!
: Now!
: *sniff*

: Well, looking at this it's still a little hard to say. I'm afraid that it could be anyone in that costume. Your opinion, Mr. Wright?
: I agree, Your Honor. This isn't decisive evidence.
: I'm sorry, this doesn't look like it's the proof we need. I'll give it back.
: Wait, Phoenix!
: Mia? What?
: Look at that photo once more! That's it Phoenix!

Commas are in short supply lately.

: That photo is all the evidence you need to win this trial!
: Wh-what!?
: Y-Your Honor!
: May I see that photo once more please?
: C-certainly. I don't see why not.
: Phoenix! Show him! There's a glaring, decisive inconsistency with the facts as we know them in that photo!

Next time: Did you spot it?

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