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Part 30: Case 3 - Turnabout Samurai - Trial (Day 3) - Part 4

Case 3 - Turnabout Samurai
Trial (Day 3) - Part 4

And the answer is...

: I see... a gate?
: Might I draw your attention to the number on that gate?
: The number? Ah yes. Well, it's hard to see, but it looks like a "2."
: Clearly not a "1," Your Honor, correct?
: Aaaaaah!

: I believe Mr. Edgeworth sees what I'm getting at.
: B-but... Th-that's impossible!
: Hmm? Eh? What's this all about? Please explain so that I might be shocked along with the rest of the court.
: I'll use the studio guidemap.

: However, what do we see in this photo taken at the time of the murder? It does NOT say "1" on that gate in the photo. Your Honor! Here is the true scene of the crime!

This is just to be sure you were awake. I'm not even giving it a spoiler set of linebreaks.

: Here, at Studio Two.
: I see! That would explain the "2" on the gate in the photo.

: Studio Two is no longer being used for filming!
: I see... And this is significant... why?
: (Good question! I really should think these things through more.)
: Would you like to take another stab at it? So to speak?
: S-stabbing away, Your Honor.

No penalty, at least!

: As you may recall, there is a trailer in Studio Two. Now, on that day, a meeting was held in that very trailer.
: There was a break in the meeting corresponding to the time of death.

: They were at the scene of the crime!

Which picks us up where the next one starts.

: The path to the trailer was blocked!
: So we have heard.
: The path was blocked at 2:15...

: In other words, the victim went to Studio Two before that time!
: Yes... yes, I suppose that would be the case.
: Remember Mr. Sal Manella's testimony? Allow me to remind the court: He said no one in the trailer was guilty because they could not have gone to Studio One.
: Yet, in actuality, the reverse was true! Only someone in the trailer could have committed this murder!

: O-order! Order!
: The defense makes the following claims:

: The scene of the crime was Studio Two! The person that the security guard, Ms. Oldbag saw was the victim, Mr. Jack Hammer! Mr. Hammer, for some reason, stole a Steel Samurai costume.
: Then he went to Studio Two!

: This is madness! Jack Hammer is the victim! The victim! Why would he steal a Steel Samurai costume!?

: Are you suggesting he did so to cover up the details of his own murder!?
: W-well, no, of course not...
: Hmm...
: Or do you have proof!?

: (Proof? Uh oh... I'm pretty sure I don't have anything like that...)
: Phoenix. Even if you're not 100% sure about this, you have to try. And I think you've got proof that's good enough to win them over!
: Just got for it! All or nothing!
: Your Honor...
: Yes, Mr. Wright?
: Actually... I do have proof.

This takes us the same place as...

: I have proof!

: Y-you do!?
: You do, Mr. Wright?
: (Now that they're so surprised suddenly I'm much less confident... I think I'm right, though!)

Do you know it?

: An empty... medicine bottle?
: I found this on the table in the Employee Area.

: The label reads "sleeping pills."
: "Sleeping pills"...?
: The defendant, Mr. Powers, spent that entire afternoon sleeping. He was drugged... by Mr. Hammer!

: Wait a moment... That bottle does raise some suspicions, yes.
: But there is no proof that Mr. Hammer used it.

: An... idea? Continue.
: Run a test of Powers's blood. You should find traces of the sleeping pills.

: This much time after the day of the murder!? Even if there were traces it still proves nothing!
: No blood test could tell that Hammer was theo ne who drugged him, Mr. Wright!
: (He's right. Darn.)
: (That didn't work. Time to try another idea.)

: An idea, Mr. Wright? And that would be?
: Er... we should examine Mr. Hammer's body.
: Mr. Hammer...?
: I thought it was Mr. Powers who was made to take the sleeping pills?
: I-indeed it was, Your Honor. (Wrong again...)

: An... idea? Very well, let's hear it.

: If my claim is true, Mr. Hammer's fingerprints should show up on this bottle!
: Hmm...
: I suppose you're right.
: Very well. The court will take possession of the bottle.

We hand over the bottle.

: This court will suspend proceedings on the current trial for today. Cody Hackin's testimony has revealed new possibilities in this case. In fact, things may have happened very differently than we previously thought.
: The Steel Samurai seen by Ms. Oldbag may have been the victim, Jack Hammer. The scene of the crime was not Studio One, but Studio Two.
: And those in the trailer did have time to commit murder.
: Mr. Wright?
: Yes, Your Honor?
: Your homework is to find the answer to the following question: Why would Mr. Hammer steal the Steel Samurai costume? Also, who killed him, and why?
: Find the answers for me by tomorrow.
: (That's a lot of homework!)
: Mr. Edgeworth.
: Mm?
: You will need to reconsider your stance in this case. Above all, you will need to reconsider your suspicion of Mr. Will Powers.
: As you say, Your Honor.
: This trial will be extended until tomorrow. This is the last extension!

: Very well... Court is adjourned!

: Whew! That was a close one!
: We were saved by a hair, but that's all that counts.
: I thought seriously about going home about three times during the trial.
: M-me too!
: Really? You both seemed so... so confident!
: Hah! Maybe I should take up a career in acting? I was ready to pronounce you dead about three times back there.
: Me too!
: D-dead!?
: Hoh hoh. Of course, we're kidding.
: Are you sure?
: (I wasn't kidding...) Now, Mr. Powers. We have to go make our final investigation. But I promise you, we'll find the true killer by tomorrow's trial!
: R-right! Thanks! *sniff*

Next time: The last investigation.

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