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Part 32: Case 3 - Turnabout Samurai - Investigation (Day 3) - Part 2

Case 3 - Turnabout Samurai
Investigation (Day 3) - Part 2

: Think back, Nick, to the day of the murder... Mr. Hammer put on the Steel Samurai costume. Then he left from here to go to Studio Two...?
: Right.
: But why? I wonder if someone called him...? Like the director, or the producer...?

: Hey, Nick... It's Ms. Vasquez!
: Hello?
: ...
: H-E-L-L-O!
: ...

: M-Maya! You should at least try to be polite...
: ... I'm watching the clouds. ...
: (That's all she had to say, apparently...)

: Um, excuse me? Mr. Hammer came here on the day of the murder, and...
: Shh.
: ?
: Perhaps you didn't hear me. I'm watching the clouds. I'm not interested in talking to you.
: Do something, Nick! She's really ticking me off!
: (Oh dear...)

: Umm... Mr. Powers wasn't the killer!
: You don't have to cancel the Steel Samurai!
: I think I'm tired of the Steel Samurai.
: You... you did it!
: Nick! She did it! She's the killer! My Fey blood speaks to me! I know it! I know it!
: (Oh dear...)

: Um, I was wondering if you could tell me about Mr. Manella?
: ... If you must talk about that man... Perhaps you could talk about it in the trailer? By yourselves?
: (Oh, oh dear...)

: (She's not even looking.)
: Where.
: Wh-what?
: Where did you get that?
: I, well...
: Oldbag.
: O-Old...?
: She means the security lady, Ms. Oldbag, Nick.
: Right... anyway... Ms. Vasquez. You hid this incident from the press, didn't you? And you used it to control Mr. Hammer!
: ... The wind.
: The... huh?
: It's gotten stronger, don't you think? The wind. ... Your conversation interests me. Let's talk about it more, inside the trailer.

And she's off.

: Nick. She went inside the trailer.

So we will, too.

: Well then, what was that you were talking about?

: (...! Why is she so eager to talk all of a sudden?) Ms. Vasquez.

: You were blackmailing Mr. Hammer so you could control him, weren't you? That's why he was doing kids' shows for petty change!
: Hmph... So I'm a blackmailer now?
: Well, that's what it was, wasn't it?
: I mean, sure, it was an accident...
: But you used it to drag Mr. Hammer down from his rightful place as a star!
: Oh...? I haven't pulled anyone down from anywhere. Mr. Hammer's career went sour of its own accord.
: B-but!
: You were the cause! You pressured him...
: And to think it was just an accident...!

: What is this all about? You keep saying "accident," "accident"...

: What do you mean?
: Must I spell everything out for you? Think: what would it be if it wasn't an accident?
: ...! No... No way! You mean Mr Hammer did it... on purpose?

: Wh-where's your proof! Can you prove it!?
: Hmph! Just think! Would he have let me run his life for five years... over a mere accident? And I ran him hard, believe you me!
: B-but, the security lady said it was an accident!
: Oh. Well, she was a big fan of Hammer's, you see. She jumped on the reporter who brought that photo into the studio. She wrenched it out of his hands, she did. Gave him a few bruises, too.
: (... So that's why she had the photo...)
: She's an old fool. Of course, all the reporter would need is the negatives. He could have made a copy. But he didn't. The only copy of that photo is the one you hold.
: Give it to me. Now.
: W-what? This is valuable evidence!

: U-umm... Who are they...?
: Professionals. They're good at erasing... various things.
: What do you think...? Would you like to be erased?
: Wh-what!?
: The trial ends tomorrow? How unfortunate. It's a shame you'll have to miss it!
: ... Tell me why.

: This is Mr. Hammer's "dirt"... no? Why should Dee Vasquez care about it at all?
: ... I'm sure you'll have plenty of time to think about that where you're going.
: So long, friends.
: Boys, erase away.

: Dee Vasquez! You're coming down to the precinct with me, now!

: Hmph.
: Not bad. ...
: Very well. It appears this contest will be decided tomorrow then. In court. I'll be looking forward to it.

And Dee and her boys are taken away, courtesy the police.

: Sorry I was a little late with my entrance.
: I don't get many chances to practice that sorta thing.
: Detective Gumshoe...
: Thank you thank you thank you!
: I was really scared...
: Huh? Don't mention it, pal. Just doing my job. ... ...
: Detective Gumshoe?
: Sorry, it's just... I've wanted to say that line ever since I became a detective. ...

: Okay. I've got one more job to do today.
: I'm sure we'll run into each other again soon!

He heads out.

: Well, Nick. It looks like we're getting close ot the bottom of this.
: (And who's at the bottom...? Dee Vasquez!)

Next time: The Steel Samurai's final battle.