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Part 36: Case 3 - Turnabout Samurai - Trial (Day 4) - Part 4

Case 3 - Turnabout Samurai
Trial (Day 4) - Part 4

: This photo reveals the motive in this murder!
: ...!
: I'm right, aren't I, Ms. Vasquez?
: Hrrrrrrm... hmph!

: With Dee Vasquez's help, a terrible accident was swept under the carpet... Ladies and gentlemen, the case currently up for trial... It began on that day, five years ago!
: ...
: Ironically enough, that accident precipitated Mr. Hammer's fall... His fall from stardom!
: His guilt weighed him down, no doubt.
: However! You, Dee Vasquez, used Mr. Hammer.
: You made him work for you for petty change!
: Hmph.
: Bringing us to the present day... and Mr. Hammer's last role as the Evil Magistrate!
: Yes! Undoubtedly, it was a constant source of shame for the ex-star...
: Hmm...
: One moment, Mr. Wright. We are talking about motives, here... yet you have only talked about Mr. Hammer.
: It almost seems as if... As if it was Mr. Hammer who had killed Dee Vasquez, not the other way around! What motive would Ms. Vasquez have?
: Y-yes, that's right.
: According to what you say... I would have had no reason to kill Hammer. He was a good source of income for me!
: And I never get rid of useful men. It's a policy of mine.

: Mr. Wright?

You could be forgiven for believing this is the right choice - the game's certainly trained you to believe evidence can do anything. But think about it a little.

: Okay... Allow me to present to the court evidence proving Ms. Vasquez's motive!

And it doesn't matter what evidence you pick. None of it's right.

: This is my proof!
: And... this tells us why Ms. Vasquez wanted to kill Mr. Hammer?
: I'd say all it proves is that the defense attorney has completely lost his marbles.
: (Urk!)
: Mr. Wright! The court requests that you find your marbles immediately.

: Nick! We're so close! Think this one through, please!
: Mr. Wright, I'll ask you again. Please explain Ms. Vasquez's motive for murder.

: She had no motive, Your Honor.
: What's that now!?
: It was Mr. Hammer who was out for blood!

: What's that now!?

: It's simple!
: Mr. Hammer was intending to kill Ms. Vasquez!

: Wha-!?
: WHAT!?

: Your Honor!

: So, you did do it, didn't you?

: I am guilty. It was me...

"Th-there's blood everywhere! We're too late!"
"Aah! Ms. Vasquez!"
"What...? What happened here!?"
"Manuel fell from the trailer stairs...!"

"Ms. Vasquez, please, try to remain calm..."
"No...! No! How could this...?"
"It was an accident..."
"Mr. Hammer was doing an action scene and..."
"No! Manuel! Manuel!!!"
"D-don't touch him! Ms. Vasquez!"
"Please... please don't die."

: Congratulations, Mr. Wright. I lose... again.

We fade out for a moment.

: Mr. Edgeworth... Where's Dee Vasquez?
: In the waiting lobby, Your Honor. As calm and collected as ever...

: I see...
: Mr. Wright.
: Yes, Your Honor?
: It appears you have brought about yet another miracle.
: I... thank you, Your Honor.
: I think not, Your Honor. Will Powers was innocent. That he should be found so is only natural... not a miracle.
: ... Yes. Yes, you're right.
: Very well. This court finds the defendant, Mr. Will Powers...

: That is all. The court is adjourned!

: Thank you so much!
: I'm just glad you're okay.
: Yes... but... it's sad.
: I know now that Mr. Hammer stole my costume. It's bad enough that he wanted to kill Ms. Vasquez... But to think that he tried to frame me for the murder! It makes me sad...
: Tell me why, Mr. Wright!
: H-huh?
: Tell me!

: Well, this is what I think.

: It's because you were the Steel Samurai.
: Because I was the Steel Samurai?
: Mr. Hammer was a big star, once. But he was reduced to acting in a kids' show... and as the villain, to boot! The kids love the Steel Samurai. And so, he hated you.
: I... I think I understand. H-he could have just told me. I would have changed places with him any time!
: (I think you're missing the point...)
: ...
: Thank you. I'm just glad it's all over.
: (So am I... so am I...)
: Congratulations, WP!
: Oh? Oh! Heh heh. Thanks to you, I'll be able to don the Steel Samurai outfit once more! I can't wait to get back into that sweaty costume and...

: ...?
: Is... something wrong?
: N-no! O-of course not...

: N-Nick! Edgeworth!
: ...
: ...
: ...
: Say something, Wright. I'm not good at small talk.
: Huh? What? ... Umm... that was too bad, Edgeworth!

: No... I really want to thank you. Vasquez would have gotten away if you hadn't stepped in.
: Ah, uh, pleased to meet you. I'm Powers. *sniff*
: Ah, er, Edgeworth. I'm a big fan of your work, Mr. Powers.
: (Liar!)
: ... Wright. I must say, I hadn't expected to meet you again after all these years.
: Meet "again"...?
: However.
: In retrospect, it would have been better had we not met. Thanks to you, I am saddled with unnecessary... feelings.
: Unnecessary feelings?
: Yes. Unease... and uncertainty.
: Aren't those kind of necessary?
: They only serve to get in my way. You listen to me, Phoenix Wright.
: Don't ever show your face in front of me again.
: That's what I came here to tell you.

He leaves.

: Umm... Mr. Wright? Is... this guy your friend?
: What? Friends? As if!
: They're rivals! Rivals! Right, Nick?
: For now we are... I guess.

: Why do I get the feeling I'm missing something?
: C'mon, Nick! Tell me! What's the deal with you and Edgeworth?

: I caused quite a stir by revealing that accident from five years ago. It was the talk of the town. Thankfully, Global Studios rethought its programming change. They went back to making kids' shows again.

: This is it! The new show starts today! You're going to watch it with me, right?
: (I'll admit, I was kind of surprised... I didn't think they'd seriously go through with it...)
: You have to buy trading cards too, okay! We have to trade with Cody and that assistant!
: Fine, fine. I'll do it.
: Isn't it great that WP gets to play the lead again? I wonder if they'll show his real face this time...
: I don't think the world is ready for the real Will Powers...

Next time: Turnabout Goodbyes

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