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Part 37: Case 4 - Turnabout Goodbyes - Investigation (Day 1) - Part 1

Case 4 - Turnabout Goodbyes
Investigation (Day 1) - Part 1

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: About that, yes.
: 15 years is a long time to wait...
: You can't imagine how much I've suffered...
: You... suffered?
: And now... the perfect opportunity presents itself.

: What!?

: Do you know if there's any good waterfalls around here?
: Waterfalls...? Dare I ask why?
: Duh, Nick! Isn't it obvious?
: I need a waterfall to stand under! Preferably a freezing one!
: ... Oh... Is that part of your spirit medium training?
: Of course! Except, I've been slacking off lately... I need to brave the elements and be forged anew under the rushing spring waters!
: Umm... Okay... I don't know about any falls per se, but Gourd Lake is pretty close...
: Oh. Darn.
: Sorry, but them's the breaks. Couldn't you just take a cold shower or something?
: ...
: Good idea!

She heads off.

: (So much for the rushing spring waters...)

: A large, unidentified animal was sighted at Gourd Lake! The town is buzzing with excitement! Locals are calling it "Gourdy" in a tip of the hat to Nessie, the Loch Ness monster. Though its namesake, Nessie, proved to be a hoax... locals are confident their Gourdy is the real deal. ...
: *yawn* Bor-ing. Can't they show real news for a change?

: ?
: The water pressure's kind of low in that shower.
: ... You want more pressure, huh? Why don't you go down to the fire department and have them spray you with the hose?
: ...

She heads off again.

: (Apparently, E.S.P. is no aid in detecting sarcasm...)

: Strange occurences continue at Gourd Lake... But this time, it's murder!
: (Gourd Lake again?)
: The body of a man was found in the lake early this morning. A suspect was apprehended. Sources inside the police department revealed... that the suspect's name is Miles Edgeworth, age 24. Edgeworth was an up-and-coming prosecution attorney, known for his skill and connections. He was guaranteed a long and rewarding career... has he thrown it all away?
: (...? E-Edgeworth!?) What's going on!? Edgeworth would never do something like--

: Yipes! M-Maya!
: The fireman yelled at me when I called him.
: We've got bigger things to worry about than that! They arrested Edgeworth!
: What? You mean, the prosecutor?
: Yeah, he's a suspect... in a murder!

: When? Where? Whom? Why? How?
: I-I don't know!
: Let's go find out, Nick!

: Well, what should we do?
: What do you mean!?
: Let's investigate! We should talk to Mr. Edgeworth, and check out the crime scene!
: (You're right... We need more information! Save aimlessness and confusion for later!)

: Well? Got any good ideas?
: Not really. I do my best thinking when I'm standing underneath a waterfall.

Descriptions have changed again, incidentally.

: Mia's favorite plant. Its name is "Charley." Maya's gotten the knack of watering it lately. Charley's been perking up these days.

: Maya brought in a poster of the Steel Samurai the other day. We had a big fight over whether to put it up or not. I know she's just waiting for a chance to sneak it up on the wall.

: Mia's desk. If we had more clients, I would probably sit here more often. Lately, I've been spending more time on the couch, watching TV.

: Difficult-looking legal books stand in a formidable row. They mock me. I tried reading one, and it made my head hurt. When I closed it, it slipped out of my hand. Then my foot hurt too.

: Looks like it's cleaning day again at the hotel across the way. I hear they're planning a second branch outside the city. I can see the bellboy, getting hte angle of that screwdriver in the drawer just right.

Now, let's go meet with Edgeworth.

: We've all been in here one time or another, haven't we?
: I guess it comes with the territory.
: I'm not sure it's something we should mention to too many people...

: Hey! Edgeworth! Come back!

: Nick, I don't think he's in a very good mood.
: Well, he is in detention. Were you in a good mood when you were here?
: So, you've come to laugh at the fallen attorney? Then laugh, laugh!
: Well? Why aren't you laughing?
: Nick... Should we be laughing?
: Nah. It's a trick. Laugh and he'll get mad... or burst into tears. Edgeworth. We don't have so much free time we can spend it coming down here to laugh at you.
: ... Yes you do.
: (Actually, he's right.)

: ...
: I hoped you wouldn't come. I didn't want you to see me. Not like this.
: (Hey, I didn't want to see you either, believe me.)

We can take a look around, but not much is new.

: This guard monitors the visitor's room. He hasn't moved an inch since I came in. A real pro. Or maybe he's just nervous with Edgeworth in the room.

Instead, let's chat with Edgeworth.

: Edgeworth. Tell me what happened.
: ...
: Why should I? What are you going to do about it?
: Duh! we're going to help you, that's what!
: ...!
: ... Help me? You?
: Don't be ridiculous.
: Sorry...?
: You're a novice! You've only been in three trials!
: H-hey!
: Sure, you got lucky and won all three...
: But your luck's bound to run out some day!
: You need real skill, Wright. Experience!
: ...
: Nick! He's insulting you! Nick? Why am I always the one who has to get angry!?

: The murder took place at Gourd Lake, correct?
: Yes... late last night.
: The lake is a long way away from your offices and the court... Why were you down there?
: ... I see no need to tell you.
: M-Mr. Edgeworth! You... you didn't really...?
: ... Gourdy.
: Huh?
: I went to see Gourdy.
: "Gourdy"?
: What's that!?
: I'll... tell you later. (Why won't Edgeworth talk to us?)

Maybe the badge will help.

: Edgeworth. Let me defend you.
: ...
: Hah! Hah hah! Good one, Wright. But I'm not that hard up. Not yet.
: Wh-what do you mean by that?
: Me? Trust a wet-behind-the-ears lawyer with only three trials under his belt? Never!
: Wh-what!?
: My case is near hopeless, Wright. Every defense attorney I've talked to has turned me down.
: What?
: Simply put, they were afraid they'd lose. It occurred to me that it might be my fault that they lack confidence.
: After all, I did get every single one of their clients declared "guilty."
: I don't believe it!
: Regardless, I don't want you involved in this. You in particular I cannot ask to do this.

Which opens a new question.

: Edgeworth... this is really hard for me to ask... But... you didn't do it, right? Right?
: ... Think what you will. I have only one request.
: Huh?
: Stay out of this case.

: B-but Nick is trying to help you!
: I know...! I know that!
: But I don't want your help, okay?
: !!! Why not?
: ...
: Look, just go away, and leave me alone!

And he leaves.

: Nick... Mr. Edgeworth did it, didn't he.
: Maya! Let's go investigate elsewhere.
: But, Nick...

You heard the man.

: Yeah. Gourd Lake is in the middle of this park.
: I can see some police walking around in there.
: Questioning people, probably.
: Hey! Isn't that Detective Gumshoe over there?

: There's enough of us here! Anyone found anything?
: S-sorry, sir... Nothing.
: Idiot! The trial's tomorrow! We need clues, on the double!
: B-but, sir... There weren't any clues... that's why we arrested that attorney, Mr. Edgeworth! It's clear, sir. He's the one who--
: Shaddup! Just you try saying that again! I'll... er... I'll make you sorry if you do! I mean... just get outta my face, pal!
: Y-yes, sir!
: Detective Gumshoe's kinda scary today!
: Recruits... peh!
: ...
: Aah!
: Eek!

: Hey, you're that Harry guy! Harry Butz!
: Wright! Phoenix Wright! (Will he ever learn my name!?)
: And just what are you doing here, pal? Investigating!?
: Huh? Um, well, yes. I suppose.
: Well, I'm here to help! Ask me anything you want!
: Bring it!
: He seems different than usual. I wonder what's up?
: Umm... Mr. Edgeworth hasn't actually asked us to defend him yet...
: Huh!?
: Oh? Y-you don't say...

Let's look around some.

: I feel winter's chill from the bare leaf trees today... *sigh* What is it about winter that turns people into poets?
: I don't know, but my toes are starting to feel numb.
: (Yes... my poetry has that effect on some people.)

: The sign says "Gourd Lake Nature Park." This place is full of families picnicking on the weekend.
: But... no waterfall.
: Not many picnickers come here for spiritual training, Maya.

Question time.

: Detective Gumshoe? Do you know what happened here?
: Huh? You don't know, pal?
: No...
: Wow, okay, Mr. head-in-the-fluff-pink-clouds Lawyer.
: Head-in-the... huh?
: Never mind, I'll tell you.
: It happened last night, about 15 minutes after midnight.

: In that boat were two men.

: A cop who arrived on the scene arrested him.
: How did he get there so fast?
: Well...
: There was a witness. When the report came in, we raced to the lake.
: A witness?

: You don't think Mr. Edgeworth is a... murderer!?
: Absolutely not! It's impossible!
: I don't care if there's a witness either! I don't believe a lick of it!
: R-right! Who cares what the witness says!
: (I care!)
: ...
: You really believe in him, don't you, Detective?
: Course I do!
: But... the police are pretty sure he's the killer. Nobody's even really taking this investigation that seriously.
: Oh no!
: After all the help Mr. Edgeworth has been to us... Hard to imagine that no one's standing up to take his side.
: Well, at least you are, Detective. At least you are.

: I-is it true? No one will take Mr. Edgeworth's case?
: Yeah... He's a bit of a celebrity. If you defended him, and lost, your reputation'd be sure to suffer. What's more...
: The case against him is... well, it's pretty solid.
: (I suppose it would be if they have a witness.)
: Hey! Pal! Don't tell me you're going to turn your back on him too!? Remember the Steel Samurai! Mr. Edgeworth helped you get your client declared innocent!
: I... I know. I went to Edgeworth. I tried. He really doesn't want us to represent him. Especially not us, he said.
: What!? W-well, that doesn't make any sense, pal! You should have heard him talking about you after the Steel Samurai case! He kept saying "Wright, Wright, Wright" over and over.
: ... Nick?
: I'm not sure that's a good sign.
: Neither am I...
: Why wouldn't he want your help? I don't get it.

: Who was this witness?
: Er, sorry, pal. That's confidential. anyway, the witness saw everything, apparently. I'm sure they'll turn up at the trial tomorrow.
: Was there only that one witness?
: Yep. It was pretty cold out on the lake last night. And, it was Christmas Eve after all.
: Still, we're being thorough. You never know when you're going to turn up another witness. That's why we're here today, checking things out.
: So far, we're coming up empty...
: Oh! It's Christmas today! I'd forgotten.
: What are you getting me for Christmas, Nick?
: Talk to Santa.
: Detective Gumshoe, sir!
: What? Find something?
: Um, no, sir. Not yet. But there was a call from the precinct. They want to hold an investigation briefing...
: A briefing?
: Right! I'm off!
: Oh... Sorry, pal. I guess you heard. I gotta go.

: Well, yes. Do you have any information the victim...?

: Sorry...
: They haven't worked up the autopsy report yet. I'm still waiting for it myself.
: Actually...
: Say, if you get the time, drop by the precinct! We can talk more there, pal!

And this leaves us off where the other thing starts.

: You're not coming back, Detective?
: Erm... Probably not, pal.
: so, what should we do if we have something to talk to you about...?
: Ah, right.
: Here, I'll show you how to get to the precinct. Come down and see me anytime.

And now we can visit the police station.

: Oh, hey! Detective Gumshoe!
: W-what!?
: Um, we'd like to take a look around in the park. Can we walk around?
: Yeah! No problem, pal. You got my permission.

He leaves.

: You know, Nick. I think there's something to be said for talking to people when they're busy.
: Yeah. They don't have time to think about not giving you information...
: Right! Now, let's get investigating!

Next time: Christmas In July

New Orleans, Louisiana, Code Section 54-312 (Code 1956, Section 42-91) posted:

It shall be unlawful for any person to advertise for or engage in, for a monied consideration, the business of (chronology, phrenology astrology, palmistry), telling or pretending to tell fortunes, either with cards, hands, water, letters or other devices or methods, or to hold out inducements, either through the press or otherwise, or to set forth his power to settle lovers' quarrels, to bring together the separated, to locate buried or hidden treasures, jewels, wills, bonds or other valuables, to remove evil influences, to give luck, to effect marriages, to heal sickness, to reveal secrets, to foretell the results of lawsuits, business transections, investments of whatsoever nature, wills, deeds and/or mortgages, to locate lost or absent friends or relatives, to reveal, remove and avoid domestic troubles or to bring together the bitterest enemies converting them into staunchest friends. But nothing herein contained shall apply to any branch of medical science, or to any religious worship.