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Part 38: Case 4 - Turnabout Goodbyes - Investigation (Day 1) - Part 2

Case 4 - Turnabout Goodbyes
Investigation (Day 1) - Part 2

First, checking our current profiles.

Now, on to the investigation.

: Yup. I'm not sure it warrants a "wowsers," though.
: Hmm. Probably not.
: But hey, look at that snack stand!
: "Samurai Dogs"...?
: I wanna Samurai Dog! Please!
: I bet they're great!
: With a name like Samurai Dog, how could they not be?
: They're a little behind the times, though. The kids are all into "The Pink Princess" now.
: I mean, like, y'know!?
: (Nope.)

Let's look around.

: Wow. Gourd Lake is really big.
: Yeah.
: Say, Nick. Why is it called "Gourd Lake"?
: Oh. Well, a long time ago, they used to grow gourds here.
: Whoa! No way!
: I was sure it was because the lake looked like a gourd when viewed from above!
: You know, like an hourglass shape?
: Well, it is shaped like a gourd, actually. But that's just a coincidence.
: Oh. Okay.

: The trashcan is empty. At least the place is well maintained.

: A lineup of plastic benches. I guess the idea is you buy a dog and eat it here. I doubt anyone would sit here and eat on a day like this. Except maybe Maya... if she had a Samurai Dog.

: ...and it goes "pop." Yeah, I know the ones. You see them a lot around New Year's.
: Hey, Nick! It might be a clue!
: Let's take it.
: C'mon, admit it. You just want to pop it, right?
: Was it that obvious?

: I suppose it couldn't hurt. Huh? Where'd it go?
: I already put it in my pocket.

: A hotdog stand. It's closed... The Christmas fringe looks a little half-baked. The banner reads "Samurai Dogs"... Somebody needs to redecorate.

That's all we can see here for now.

: Look... someone's camping!
: They've got guts, camping at the scene of a murder.
: Hey, hey, Nick!
: If they were camping here last night, they might know something about the murder!
: (That's true...) Good call, Maya. Let's go talk to them.

Well, first we look around.

: Hey, Nick!
: What, don't tell me you're hungry again?
: No, no.
: I was just wondering, why are camping pots and pans made of aluminum?
: ... They didn't talk about that in any of the law books.
: So, there's no law saying they have to be made out of aluminum, then!
: (I'm not having this conversation...)

: This SUV has seen better days. It's dented all over. I can't believe anyone would drive their car down here.

: The trees grow quite thick here. Further back, the trees fade into the shadow where the sunlight can't reach them.

: The sign says "No Camping." Funny place to pick to pitch your tent.
: Wait, what if the sign said "No Setting Tents on Fire"?
: ... I don't think they have signs like that.
: Oh...

: There's food and some magazines on the sheet. It takes a pretty tough skin to camp in this cold.

: This camera has a mic and some sort of attachment. It must take pictures when triggered by a noise.
: Wow! Cool! Let's try it out!
: *cough*
: "Hi, I'm Nick!"
: ... Maybe I'm not saying it loud enough.
: "HEY! I'M NICK!!!"
: ... Huh.
: Will you stop that?
: Maybe it's broken?
: D-don't kick it! Maybe it isn't set to respond to voices?

: The party popper...?

: ... Yep. It responded.
: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw!

: Eek!

: Look what ya done now! There goes a whole roll of film!
: Ah? Wha... huh? S-sorry!
: Sorry's nice but it don't pay my bills! Y'all know how much a roll of that film costs!?
: I-I'll pay you back!
: What were ya'll thinkin' settin' off a party-popper in a place like this?

Not my fuckup, that ya'll.

: Uh... well...
: What!

: Yeah, I know how y'all Yanks think! "I say, those southern folks talk with that exaggerated drawl, why they must be dumb!"
: Well let me tell you, just because I might be dumb don't mean we all are!
: N-Nick, help!
: And who are you, now? Her chaperone?
: Yeah, uh, no, rather, uh... we're sort of... friends?
: Jus' figure out what y'all are gonna say and say it for bejeezum's sake!

: (Oh boy... I guess we should pay her for the film...)
: Watch it!
: Yes ma'am. (On second thought, I'll pay later...)
: I'm really sorry!

We can ask her stuff, but all the responses are the same.

: Umm...
: What!? Can't ya see I'm changin' the film on my camera here!
: Someone--I'm not namin' any names--but someone used up a WHOLE ROLL.
: Sorry...
: (That didn't work... I wonder if I have anything to show her that would get her attention...)

So we get out our badge.

: Huh? Aren't badges supposed t' be all shiny and impressive? You a cop or something?
: Umm... I'm a lawyer.
: Wh-what!? Y'all ain't gonna try and pull one o' them lawsuits on me over that film now?
: Cause I'll have y'all know I'm a fighter and I wrassled meaner lookin' things'n you!
: N-no, that's not it at all. We're here investigating a murder that took place here, on the lake.

: ...

: (Finally! Some cooperation!)
: You too. Y'all can come out of hiding now. I won't bite. Hard.
: (Come to think of it, where did Maya get to?)
: S-sorry... I-I was feeling a little overwhelmed. The culture gap and all...
: Never you mind, honey. I kin' talk Yank for ya if... ahem... if it pleases you?
: Th-thanks. I think I'll be okay.
: Great then! I'm Lotta. Lotta Hart, but y'all can call me Lotta! I'm here photographing meteor showers for a research project.
: Mighty pleased ta meet ya!

Now we can ask her questions.

: Oh yeah, when was that murder, anyway?
: I ain't seen much television lately.
: It happened late in the night on Christmas Eve.
: That so? Christmas Eve?
: A man on a boat was shot... Did you see anything?
: Well, lemme see. A boat, ya say? I reckon I mighta seen one... not sure though.

: I seen enough boats to choke a mule. Kinda hard to remember which I seen when.

: So, what is it you do, Lotta?
: Huh? Me?
: Hah hah. Y'all don't really want to know that, do ya?
: Actually, I'm a research student at Country U., right in the heart of the heartland.
: Wow! Neat!
: Nick! She's a research student at a university! Country U.!
: Uh... so I hear.
: So, when did you come up here?
: Hmm, lemme see... I guess it was 'bout three days ago.
: What are you photographing?
: D-didn't I tell y'all that already? Meteors! Yep, meteor showers!
: (Falling stars...?)

: Y'all better know it! It's German-made. A genuine Solingen!
: (Isn't that where they make knives...?)
: Umm...
: So, what's that device you have stuck to the camera?
: Huh? Device?
: It started moving all by itself when I fired my party popper...
: Oh that? That triggers the shutter whenever it detects certain sounds. It's programmed to pick up loud noises right now.
: A programmable camera! Neat!

We can immediately present the camera, too.

: Lotta?
: Yeah?

: Ayup.
: Actually, the victim in the case we're researching--he was shot with a pistol.
: A pistol...?
: Right. Now wouldn't a gunshot make a similar noise to our party popper...?
: I guess it would.
: Your camera... didn't get a picture of the murder, did it?
: ...
: Hey! Y'all are pretty bright!
: Huh?
: I see what yer sayin'...
: Tell ya what, I'll have a look-see at my film.
: It would have been a photo taken late last night...
: I checked 'em once, don't remember if there was anything on 'em though.
: But what if I got sumtin'! I could be witness to a genuine murder! Yeehaw! I'll go check that film. Y'all come back now, y'hear?

She leaves.

: She went inside her SUV.
: I guess we should come back later...

So let's find somewhere else to poke for a bit.

: A boat rental shop. Closed for Christmas it seems. I guess a murder taking place on one of the boats won't be good for business, either.
: Boats... I've never ridden on a boat.
: Really? Well, how about we go out on one when the trial is finished?
: Hey, good idea! You bet!

Let's look around a bit.

: There's more forest off that way. I doubt I'd find any helpful clues in there.

: A small boat rental shop. Doesn't look like anyone is around. They're probably closed because it's Christmas.

: There are some boats floating at the dock. Was one of these boats used in the murder, I wonder?
: Nick?
: Huh?
: I changed my mind. I don't really want to go for a boat ride.

...and that's all there is to see in this area! So let's go visit the cops.

: I guess Detective Gumshoe is still in that meeting.

: Thanks for coming down, pal!
: Detective Gumshoe!
: We just finished the meeting. For better or for worse...
: (I get the feeling we're in for some bad news...)

We'll look around to delay the bad news.

: These are the detectives' desks. There are computers and files on each one. Funny, they're a lot tidier than I'd expect. I guess the detectives don't spend a lot of time at their desks.

: Hey, is that the police department's mascot...?

: It was my idea! I made it! It's my mascot!
: I... see. How nice.
: I'll get him assigned mascot of the Criminal Affairs Dept. if it's the last thing I do!
: Um, good luck!

: That must be the chief of the detectives here. He's glued to his computer screen.
: Wha...!? "Gourd Lake...!" "Gourdy sighted"!!! I don't believe it!
: (Shouldn't you be reading something more important...?)

: A poster of a female police officer... Wait, no. That's the latest "Babes in Uniform" calendar. My bad.

: That must be one of the detectives. He's mumbling something to himself.
: "All right, hands against the wall, all o' you... Don't even think about escaping! I got eyes in the back of my head!"
: ... He must be doing image training for arrests.

So, let's talk to Gumshoe.

: Do you know anything about the victim yet?
: No, no... Still can't I.D. him.
: Has Mr. Edgeworth said anything?
: Not a word.

: So, how did the meeting go?
: I can't tell you, pal! You're a lawyer!
: T-true...
: ... Y'know... I don't know what to believe anymore. Sure, Mr. Edgeworth's human like you or me.
: Still...
: I get the feeling that if he'd done something wrong, he wouldn't go hiding it. That's just the kind of guy he is.
: Why can't anyone else see that?
: So, they think that Mr. Edgeworth did it...?
: Well, the trial's starting tomorrow, as scheduled.
: I see...
: ...
: Umm... hey, in the end you did tell us about the meeting!
: ... Don't got telling anyone else, pal.
: Y-yes, sir!
: And... do me a favor! Stand by Mr. Edgeworth!
: He needs help, and you're the ones to help him! I'm sure he's got some reason why he won't talk to us.
: Thanks, Detective Gumshoe.

: Detective Gumshoe... How come you trust Mr. Edgeworth so much?
: Well, I'd think that was obvious. We got a strong working relationship, us two. We trust each other, and that's how it works.
: A "working relationship"?
: See, Mr. Edgeworth always gets his defendants declared "guilty" every time.
: Yeah, his methods might be a little extreme at times. But... there's a reason!
: He trusts our investigation, see? He trusts us to get the right man! That's why I work extra hard, pal. We've got to earn that trust he places in us.
: I see...
: Mr. Edgeworth is a man you can trust... And you have my word on that!

: I was wondering, did you ever get that autopsy report?
: Oh, that? Yeah, I made a copy for you.

: Thank you.
: ...Nick?
: Huh?
: CAn you show me that photo of the victim?

: That face...!
: Someone you know?
: I... I don't know.
: I just have this feeling that I met him somewhere a long time ago. ...

The badge has been surprisingly useful lately, so we try that, too.

: Sorry, I'm drawing a blank right now.

Next time: Backstory.

Portland, Oregon, Code chapter 8.36.160 posted:

8.36.160 Cleaning Skeletons.
It is unlawful to scrape or clean the skeleton of any dead body in any burial ground within the city, except in a suitable building erected thereon. It is unlawful to deposit any scrapings or dead matter from any skeleton or dead body in any burial ground in said City in such manner as to expose the scrapings or dead metter to public view.