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Part 40: Case 4 - Turnabout Goodbyes - Investigation (Day 1) - Part 4

Case 4 - Turnabout Goodbyes
Investigation (Day 1) - Part 4

: I was hoping you'd gotten my message the first time.
: Edgeworth, what about your defense?
: ...! It's no concern of yours.
: (Guess he hasn't found anyone yet.)

: Can I ask you about the murder?
: Wright. I'll ask you again, just leave me alone.
: ...
: Please try to understand.
: I'm not doing this to prove I'm tough, or because I look down on you. I just don't want you anywhere near this case. Understand?

: Why did you go to Gourd Lake?
: I have no intention of telling you.
: Nor, apparently, would you tell Detective Gumshoe.
: !
: Detective Gumshoe was really worried about you!
: ...

But hey, what if we present that photo of Misty Fey we got from Grossberg?

: ...
: Edgeworth?
: It's only been a matter of hours since you last visited. Yet you've made incredible progress in your investigation.
: I'll admit it, I'm impressed, Wright. You were always singleminded in your work, though. Once you start on something, you always see it through, don't you?
: About the "DL-6 Incident"...
: Right... DL-6.
: I didn't want you to find out about it. That is why I refused your offer to defend me.

: I just wanted to keep you away from DL-6.
: So... do you still think it would have been better for me to stay away?
: I don't know. But... I see no point in hiding anything from you now.
: Very well. Ask whatever you like, and I will answer to the best of my abilities.

: The "DL-6 Incident"... was when my father died.

: He was shot and killed, and I saw it all.
: ...!
: My memories from that time are... foggy. I suppose it's a self-defense mechanism.
: In any case, a suspect was arrested... a man. It's pretty clear he was the only one who could have killed my father. The spirit medium they used to talk to my late father said the same thing.

: And Hammond... is the victim in the Gourd Lake murder?
: Correct.
: Umm...
: That spirit medium... that was my mom.
: What? You mean you're...?
: ...
: It's strange. I thought that terrible incident was about to end, and now... this.
: "About to end"?
: The DL-6 Incident happened 15 years ago. 15 years ago... on December 28.
: December 28?
: The statute of limitations on the case runs out in three days.
: What!?
: Um, Nick? What does that mean?
: When a case's statute of limitations runs out, legally, the case never happened.
: Three days from now, DL-6 will be closed... forever.

: What happened to the suspect? The one who got off innocent?
: I don't know... He disappeared from public view. Nobody knows where to. If he's still alive, he'd be about 50 years old now.
: (I guess I can understand why he'd go into hiding... It'd be hard to live a normal life after being a murder suspect in such a big case.)

: Umm... so, was your father a lawyer?
: He was... Gregory Edgeworth. He was quite famous at the time, apparently.
: So, you were sort of trying to follow in his footsteps.
: ... I'd rather not talk about it.

We present the badge again.

: I can't say I really want to see one of those right now.

No dice. Maybe the photo of the shot?

: Who would have thought there'd be a photo...?
: Edgeworth... Did you shoot him?
: ... What do you think, Wright?
: I don't think you're the kind to point a gun at anyone, no.
: So you didn't shoot him?
: No, I didn't. It wasn't me.
: ... Wright.
: ?
: It pains me to ask you this now...
: I know! You want us to defend you!

: Sorry, charley! No way!
: Wright...
: Nick...!? ...
: H-hey, don't look so serious, guys! I was kidding! Just a little joke!
: There was nothing little...
: ...or joke-like about it!
: (I thought it was funny...)
: Nick! Do it over!
: Yes, Your Honor. How could I refuse you, Edgeworth?
: Thank you, Wright.

And this leaves us where the correct path would.

: Ah, who could have guessed this day would come?
: Not me.


: This is my chance to finally pay you back.
: Pay him back...?

: For what? I don't remember ever doing anything for you.
: Never mind... I guess you don't really need to know.
: Huh... My letter of request. Please give it to Detective Gumshoe.

: Well, I guess we should...

The scren keeps rumbling and shaking for the next bit.

: It's a big one! Whaaaaa!

It slows, though.

: I-it's calming down... ... Whew... that was scary!

And it stops.

: ...? Huh? Where's Edgeworth?
: ...
: There. He's on the floor in a ball, shivering.
: I guess he doesn't do so well with earthquakes.
: (I've heard of running, but curling up in a ball?)
: Well, I guess we're done. Mr. Edgeworth doesn't seem like he's going to stand up any time soon.
: Let's go, Nick!
: Uh... right. We have to give Edgeworth's letter of request to Detective Gumshoe.

: Eek!
: W-what's wrong, Detective?
: This wild lady comes in here just a while ago... Says she came "to talk to y'all after hearing what Mr. Wright had to say"! What's this all about, pal!?
: (Lotta Hart...)
: Why are you going around finding more witnesses!? You want to give Mr. Edgeworth the death sentence, pal!?
: N-no, not at all... Just... I mean, she did see something. There's nothing I can do about that. I can't go around covering up evidence!
: Er...
: You trying to say something about the way I do my job?
: No sir!

: So... what did Ms. Hart say?
: She says she saw Mr. Edgeworth fire the pistol.

: She even had a photograph to prove it.
: Right. I saw it too...

: That's why she said she's going to enlarge the photo. She said "it'll drop the quality a mite, but should let us see who's who!"
: She can do that!?
: (Okay, so there's going to be an enlarged photograph that shows Edgeworth in the act. Great. Just great.)
: In any case, she's going to be the one testifying tomorrow.
: Huh? What happened to the other witness?
: Well... Apparently, there was a cancellation.
: (A "cancellation"...!?)

: I'm afraid tomorrow is going to be life or death for poor Mr. Edgeworth. We got a witness who says she saw the very moment of the murder. And we got a photo taken when the shot rang out.
: (I'd say that sounds like a pretty unwinnable case... But wait... What did Mia used to say? If he's innocent, there's got to be something I've overlooked...)

: It sounds like Mr. Edgeworth is going to ask the state to assign a public defender. I was just asked to file the paperwork.
: But you still got time, pal!
: Go talk to him again, for me, please! You have to convince him!
: You have to make him let you defend him! Please! I know you're the only one who can do it, pal. You're the only one who can save Mr. Edgeworth!

We present the Request, to let him know we have him covered.

: ... Hey, you did it, pal! Glad I waited till the last minute to file those papers! I'll rip 'em up and start new ones for you!
: Thanks, Detective. Well, see you in court tomorrow, then.
: Good luck, pal.

: Hey!
: You guys feel that earthquake a little while back?
: I was worried!
: Worried?
: We're fine! I've lived out here my whole life. I'm pretty used to them by now.

: Oh, I wasn't worried about you two.
: I was worried about Mr. Edgeworth!
: (Oh, right...) He did seem to over-react a little, now that you mention it.
: Yeah, well, I'm not surprised. It was a pretty big quake.
: I'm going to go check on him. You two go eat and get your rest for tomorrow's trial.
: Later!

He leaves.

: ... I wonder what it is with Mr. Edgeworth and earthquakes?
: I wonder... He was never that scared of them when he was in school.

: (He transferred to another school after that. I wonder what happened to Edgeworth...)

Next time: Trial.

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