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Part 50: Case 4 - Turnabout Goodbyes - Trial (Day 3) - Part 2

Case 4 - Turnabout Goodbyes
Trial (Day 3) - Part 2

: Wh-what are you doing here!?
: Listen! Y-you gotta listen to me!
: I... I was...
: I was there, in the park, the night of the murder!

: B-but today I remembered it!
: Remembered what?
: The gunshot! I heard it too!

: O-order!

: What is the meaning of this!? The verdict has been decided! I call for adjournment!
: One moment, Mr. von Karma.
: So, you say you heard a gunshot?
: Yeah, I did! A gunshot! That night!
: I was sitting here in the audience, listening to the testimony... Then I realized, something he said was different from what I remember!
: A-anyhow, I can't just sit here and let you call Edgey a murderer!
: It's... It's just not right! I'll testify! Lemme testify!

: Order! Order! Well, this is the first time something has happened like this in my court.
: I'm not quite sure how to proceed...
: Judge! You've already given your decision!

: The trial is over!
: Nick! This is it! Larry's given us one final chance at this!
: (She's right! If only it wasn't Larry... He could make things even worse...)
: Mr. Edgeworth was just declared guilty, Nick!
: It doesn't get any worse!
: You're right! Okay!

: Your Honor! If there is another witness, it is our duty to hear him speak!
: Right here! Right now!
: A waste of time!
: The verdict cannot be overturned!
: Hmm... ... ...

: Allow me to speak my opinion. In all court proceedings, it is our duty to prevent an inaccurate verdict. In order to make sure no mistake has been made, every witness should be heard!
: Wh-what is this!?

: I withdraw my previous verdict of "guilty"!

: Mr. von Karma! I order you to call this new witness to testify.
: Now!
: Whaaaat!

: The court will adjourn for a five minute recess.

: Court is adjourned!

: Whew... That was too close.

: Hmph.
: I've seen worse.
: (Yeah right, Edgeworth. You're sweating bullets.) I just wonder what Larry plans to say in there.
: Larry was at the lake that night?
: Yes...

: Oh right. And he found the balloon and the air tank that night?
: Yeah.
: ...
: Hey, Edgeworth.
: ...
: Huh? You say something, Wright?
: Yeah, a lot of things. You seem out of it. What's wrong?
: It... It's nothing.
: Hmm?
: Umm... Mr. Edgeworth? There's something I've been meaning to ask you.
: What's that?
: Why are your fingerprints on the murder weapon?
: Oh.

: I couldn't understand what had happened. I couldn't think straight. Then I saw the pistol lying on the floor of the boat in front of me.

: I see...
: Wright...
: Yeah?
: This might be our chance.
: Our chance?
: von Karma has only ever run perfect trials.
: Perfect trials...?
: Perfectly prepared witnesses, perfectly complete evidence. That's the secret to his success.
: This is the first time he's ever had to deal with something unexpected! He has let someone he hasn't even talked to testify before the court! And that someone... is Larry!
: What are you getting at?
: It's likely his testimony will be full of holes, Wright.
: That's right, Nick!
: No ten minute trial this time! We'll milk this one for all it's worth!
: Hey, it was fifteen minutes! Fifteen! (Everything depends on Larry now...)

: Court is now back in session.
: Witness... Please testify to the court about everything that you saw... on the night of December 24th.
: Right... leave it to me!
: (Please, Larry, don't mess this one up!!! I hate to admit it, but you're our last chance!)
: ...
: (von Karma didn't even have time to prep his witness. I just hope Edgeworth is right about this being our big break...)

: Hmm...
: That was an unusually vague testimony, even for this court.
: In any case, Mr. Wright, you may begin your cross-examination.
: Yes, Your Honor...
: What's wrong, Nick?
: It's Larry! I have no idea what he's going to say if I press him. I'm a little scared.
: Hmm...
: Well, we've come this far. There's no way to go but forward, Nick!

: ...
: Something wrong, Mr. Wright?
: There were so many things wrong I don't know where to begin...
: Ah...
: Um, well, okay. First of all, what time was it?
: Oh, it was after 11:00 when I went out in the boat.
: By that time everyone had gone home for the night. So I waited until the coast was clear, so to speak.
: And why were you out on a boat at such a late hour...?

: "Looking for something"...?
: Er, yeah.
: Mr. Butz, what was it you were looking for?

: What the witness was searching for is irrelevant! Most likely he was hunting for this "Gourdy"!
: (You know, it wouldn't surprise me one bit if that was the truth.)
: This is all irrelevant! Let's get it over with.

: Around what time was that?
: Uh... Well, let's see... I figure I was out searching for about an hour...
: I guess it was around 12:00. Yeah.
: You're not sure?
: Hey! Don't give me that face! I'm not some sort of human sundial, okay!?
: (People use watches these days, Larry...)

: Where did the sound come from?
: Yeah, well, I wasn't too sure about that. I looked around, y'know.
: Did you look at the lake?
: Yeah, I looked.

: Wasn't there a boat on the lake!?

: Order! Order!
: Well? Mr. Butz!
: Whoa, whoa. Everybody just calm down, okay?
: I mean, it was real foggy that night.
: I'm not sure whether there was a boat out there or not.
: (Oh, okay, no problem. That's just the MOST IMPORTANT PART of this case!!!)
: Hmph!

: So you only heard one "bang" correct?

Not my typo there.

: Yeah.
: (Huh.)

And we loop.

: Well, Nick?
: Hmm... It was a pretty wishy-washy testimony, wasn't it? I guess I should just start working on the contradictions.
: Sorry... I wish I could be more helpful. I wish I could call my sister...

Can you spot the problem?

: W-wait a sec, Larry!
: Wh-what!?
: You only heard one "bang"!? You're sure!?
: That's what I said!

: They both heard two gunshots that night!
: Huh?

: Were you even listening!?
: Were you paying attention at all to what they said?
: Yo, Nick, please!
: Huh?
: You know, something's been bothering me.
: I'm a witness, see? I'm like a customer here!
: So you got to treat me nice and stuff, okay!?
: ...
: Mr. Butz.
: What!?
: You only heard one gunshot? Are you sure?
: ... Umm...
: Well, to tell ya the truth... I'm not sure.
: Eh...?
: Not sure!? H-how could you not be sure?
: Yeah, well... I, uh, I might have missed the other gunshot.
: I was, uh, listening to something else...
: Something... else?
: My radio, dude! On my headphones.

: Order! Order! And stop that booing!
: M-Mr. Butz! You were listening to a radio on earphones?
: Y-yeah! So what! That a crime!?
: I listen to my radio! Everybody listens to the radio! What's the big deal!?
: Hmm...
: Mr. von Karma... your opinion?
: Waste of time. I do not accept this witness, nor his shoddy testimony.

: Hmm...

: (No, I think I've heard enough. This is all too embarrassing... In fact, I think we've all heard enough.)
: What are you saying, Nick!?
: If you stop now, Mr. Edgeworth will be found guilty!
: We have to turn this trial around now!
: Uh...

And we pick up where the right answer starts.

: Your Honor. Please... please allow the witness to continue his testimony.
: Bah!
: Nothing is more pitiful than a lawyer who doesn't know when he's lost!
: Very well, Mr. Butz. Please give your testimony, and be sure to include details like your RADIO.
: Right! Leave it to me!
: (I wouldn't if there were any other way out of this, believe me.)

: You were listening to your radio... at a high volume!?
: Yeah, what's the big problem? Can't a man listen to his radio in peace? Isn't this a free country!?
: (I truly believe Larry has no idea what the problem here is.)
: Judge. Can you believe a word this witness says?
: What he heard was probably nothing more than a drum beat from the radio!
: True enough, it is difficult to believe this testimony.

: Wait, Your Honor! The witness said he remembers exactly what the DJ said when he heard the gunshot!
: Excuse me? "Dee-jay"...?
: An announcer... the guy who says things on the radio.
: Anyway! What this means is, when he heard the sound, no music was playing!
: The DJ only talks between songs! So he could have heard the gunshot from the lake! I'd like to cross-examine the witness, Your Honor!
: V-very well, Mr. Wright.
: (I can't believe I'm continuing this charade...)

Next time: Continuing this charade.

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