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Part 53: Case 4 - Turnabout Goodbyes - Investigation (Day 3) - Part 1

Case 4 - Turnabout Goodbyes
Investigation (Day 3) - Part 1

: A memory... of a murder.

: ... I don't believe it. Not Edgeworth. Some painful memory has been troubling him recently... But he'd never take someone's life! Never!
: Nick...

: Whaddya think of my performance today? I had 'em swooning in the ailes! Huh, Maya?
: S-swooning? Me?
: Oh... Oh, yes.
: I do remember feeling faint.
: Right on! Tell me the truth, it was like love at first sight, right?
: Right, Nick?
: H-huh? Me!? I... uh, well, maybe my heart skipped a beat or two...
: ... I think you can do better than that!
: C'mon! I saved Edgeworth in there, dude! Edgey!
: You guys should be bowing before me! Yeah! Bow before your hero!

We should probably find out what happened between scenes there.

: Larry... You really helped out in the trial today.
: You did! If you weren't there, Larry, I'm sure Mr. Edgeworth would have been found guilty!
: Hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah!
: But, seriously, Nick. That boat shop caretaker guy is pretty suspicious... But Edgey ain't off the hook yet!
: Way to spoil the mood, Larry.
: Hey, I'm just a guy sitting in the audience, you know? But from where I was sitting, Edgey seemed pretty... edgy. I mean, can you really know he's telling the truth about that night?
: ...
: Nick?
: I don't know. But... what I do know is... I'm going to believe in you two until the end.
: Us two?
: Edgeworth and... who else? You mean me right?
: Nah! He means me! Right, Nick?
: Yeah, you, Larry.
: Not... me? ...
: B-but why you, Larry!?
: Huh? Um, actually, yeah. Why me, Nick?
: ...
: Hmph. Enough with the silent treatment!

: Nick... Why do you trust Mr. Edgeworth so much?
: I mean, he's changed recently, true.
: But when we first met him, he was kind of a jerk, don't ya think?
: ... You didn't know him back then. Back when he wanted to become a defense attorney.
: Wait...
: Was that when you two were classmates?
: Yes. In grade school...

: They saved me... Miles... And Larry. They saved me and I'll never forget it. That's why I became a defense attorney, you know.

: Hey, hey, Larry. What's he talking about?
: Huh? Uh... umm...
: Er, sorry. I kinda forgot.
: Hmph.
: Okay, Nick. Out with it! I'm going to hear this story today, and that's final!
: Okay, okay. It's kind of a long story, so hang in there. ... It was the beginning of Spring, 4th grade. I was on trial. A class trial.
: A c-class trial!?

: You remember, Larry? Spring, 4th grade? A kid in my class got his lunch money stolen.
: Lunch money?
: Our school was really small.

: Huh, I see.
: Anyway, this kid's envelope disappeared. With $38.00 still inside.
: Oh... Yeah, now that you mention it, I do remember that!
: I can see why you'd forget, though. You were out of school that day. Anyway, the envelope had been stolen during PE class. I was coming down with a cold, so I'd skipped PE that day. I was the only one not in class.
: So... they thought you did it?
: Yeah. The kids in class said I should be put on trial.
: Trial...?
: So the next day we held a classroom trial, with me as the defendant.

: "Guilty!"
: "He did it!"
: "Guilty!"
: "It was you!"
: "Thief!"
: "Give me my money back!"
: "You're suach a meanie!"
: "No one play with him!"
: "Just admit you did it!"
: "You can't hide the truth!"
: "Tell us the truth!"
: "We're not gonna play with you any more!"
: "Yeah, and no borrowing my eraser!"
: "He shouldn't be allowed in the relay race!"
: "Or on the library committee!"
: "Gimme back my 50 cents I loaned you!"
: "Hey, did you rob that bank the other day?"

: In the end, even the teacher thought I'd done it.
: "Apologize to the class, Phoenix."

: I was so sad... I couldn't stop crying. Everyone was staring at me like I'd done it... I tried to apologize. I went over to where the boy was sitting... ... That's when it happened.

: "He shouldn't have to apologize! The only thing that belongs in a trial is evidence! Anything else has no place! You should all be ashamed... amateurs!"
: "M-Miles?"

: "No..."
: "Then you shouldn't apologize! Everyone's been shouting you did it, but no one has any proof! That is why, Your Honor, this boy is innocent!"

: "Yeah yeah!"
: "He did it! He's the one!"
: "We don't need proof!"
: "Make him say he's sorry!"

: "Just think how he feels! He said he didn't do it, so he didn't do it!"

: "Very well. I will replace the money myself. This class trial is over."

: After that, the three of us were always friends.

: Yeah... I had no idea, either! I mean, I forgot.
: That's when I learned what it meant to be alone. Totally alone, without a friend in the world.
: You did a good thing, Larry!
: Um, yeah, well... I was just lucky that I took the day off from school. If I'd been there they would have thought I'd done it!
: So I took it kind of personally, see.

: ("When something smells, it's usually the Butz.")

: Anyway, Edgeworth and I talked after that class trial. That's when I heard his father was a defense attorney. I remember, his eyes would shine when he talked about his father.

: "A famous defense attorney!"

: Right. I'm not sure, but the transfer probably had to do with his father's death.
: That's so sad!
: ... It was several years later when I heard Edgeworth's name again. There was an article about him in the newspaper. The headline was something like "Dark Suspicions of a Demon Attorney."

: But why? What happened!? I mean, that's not the Edgey I used to know at all!
: That's what I thought too. I tried to get in touch with him I don't know how many times... He never replied.
: I guess he didn't want to see his old friends...
: I couldn't just drop it, though. I wanted to meet him, to learn why he had become who he became. That's when I decided.

: Wait... You don't mean...? That's why!? That's why you became a defense attorney!? To meet Edgeworth!?
: If I was a defense attorney, I knew he'd have to meet me whether he wanted to or not. In court.
: ...
: Edgeworth believed in me, and I believe in him. He's in pain... And no one's on his side. I'm the only one who knows the real Edgeworth. I'm the only one who can help him.
: Whoa... Nick. S-so, is that why you helped me out for free?
: Uh... yes. I helped you because I believed in you. (Except I don't remember saying I'd do it for free...)
: Aww, Nick! Nick!!!
: Nick! We have to save Mr. Edgeworth if it's the last thing we do, okay?
: Right. (It very well may be...)
: First, there's that rental boat shop caretaker.
: We need to find out who or what he is!
: I'd settle for who. (I guess I can clean out some of this evidence I no longer need... ...)

And he does - the Court Record loses about a quarter of the items within it.

: Okay, let's go!

And we're off to check in with Edgeworth.

: ...
: You look as grim as always.
: Hmph.
: Um, Mr. Edgeworth? I heard the story about the class trial...
: Class trial? What do you mean?
: You... don't remember?
: No, I don't.
: Your lunch money was stolen, wasn't it? In 4th grade...?
: Lunch money...? ... Oh... Oh, right. Yes, I seem to remember something like that.
: Nick. I think you're the only one who really remembers.
: Well, it probably only really mattered to me anyway.
: Mr. Edgeworth, didn't you know? The trial was the reason Nick became a defense attorney!
: ... Ridiculous!
: (Gee... thanks.)
: That said... It does sound like the kind of thing you'd do.

: You haven't changed a bit, have you, Wright? So... simple. To a fault, even.
: Well, maybe yeah, but... I think you changed too much, Edgeworth.
: ... Perhaps.

: Hey, Edgeworth. Why did you become a prosecutor, anyway? You used to look up to your dad... You said you wanted to be a defense attorney, right?
: ... I couldn't let myself deny reality like you.
: What do you mean?
: My father was taken from me, and you want me to defend criminals?
: I'm sorry, Wright, but I'm not that good of a person!
: One suspect was apprehended in your father's murder, right?
: Yes. The man trapped in the elevator with my father. His name... was Yanni Yogi.
: He had to be the shooter, any way you look at it! Yet... he was found innocent. That defense attorney got him off the hook!

: When we were rescued, we all suffered oxygen deprivation. I had lost all memory of the murder.
: Lost your memory?

: He claimed Yanni Yogi had been "not of sound mind" due to the oxygen deprivation. Yogi was released due to a lack of evidence... innocent.

: I started to hate defense attorneys.

: What's your relationship with von Karma?
: He's my teacher, and a man who deserves respect. I learned everything I know of courtroom techniques from him.
: So, he's like my sister was to you, Nick.
: He is a perfectionist in all things. In court... In his personal life... He is obsessed with doing everything perfectly.
: Perfectly, huh?
: In all the cases he has taken on, none were left unsolved. And not one suspect was declared innocent. Ever.
: But... but that's...
: I know. It's possible some of the suspects were indeed innocent.
: However, it is impossible for us to accurately determine that in every case. All von Karma does is his job, to find the suspect guilty, perfectly.
: In any case... It's nigh well impossible to find a weakness in him. Should a weakness appear, he would do everything in his power to make it go away.
: Um, Edgeworth? If what you're saying is true, you're headed for a guilty sentence tomorrow!

: Now's no time to praise the enemy, Mr. Edgeworth!
: Mmph...
: It's a strange situation in which I find myself, I'll admit.
: (No kidding.)

If we try to show Edgeworth the photo of his dead father from the DL-6 incident...

: N-Nick! No!
: Th-that's a photo of his father! Don't show him that!
: (You're right... Now probably isn't a good time to dredge up those memories...)
: What is it?
: Uh, um, n-nothing.
: Huh?

If we show him Lotta's picture of the gunshot going off...

: Um, uh, no reason.
: ... You know, I was impressed by your deduction in the trial today. Granted, you were at the end of your rope, but still.
: Nick, he noticed.
: Hah hah.

We should probably check in with Gumshoe, too.

: (Hmm... Looks like Detective Gumshoe hasn't gotten back yet.)

: Oh... really?
: He said there was some guy he had to arrest by tomorrow.
: (The boat shop caretaker...)
: He shouted something about "catching him if it's the last thing I do, pal!"
: (Good luck, Gumshoe!)

So, to the lake!

: Oh! Detective Gumshoe!
: Close one today, eh!
: I got so worked up, I snapped my tie in half!
: Uh... Sorry about that.
: No prob, pal! Thanks to you, we now know who really did it!
: You mean, the boat shop caretaker?
: Look, I'll make you a promise. I'll have that scoundrel in my custody by trial time tomorrow! Come what may! It's my duty to you as a police officer!
: Now, I'm off to catch me a criminal!
: ...
: Detective Gumshoe sure is... active today.
: Oh, one other thing!
: Eek!
: No one can go into the woods today.
: The woods?
: (Where Lotta was camping?)

: The woods are off-limits to camping, and apparently the park ranger found out. He got pretty mad. No one can go in for a while.
: I guess Lotta's in a 'lotta' trouble...
: Anyway, I'll be seeing you tomorrow!

And he leaves.

: Huh? The Steel Eyesore is missing...
: "Eyesore"!?
: Looks like the hotdog stand is closed, too.
: I guess Larry's been too busy with the trial to show up for work...

Next time: Visiting the boathouse.

Code of Justinian, Book II, pt I, Section 21 (534 CE) (translated) posted:

But if the violence of a river should bear away a portion of your land and unite it to the land of your neighbor, it undoubtedly still continues [to be] yours. If, however, it remains for long united to your neighbor's land, and the trees, which it swept away with it, take root in his ground, these trees from that time become part of your neighbor's estate.