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Part 56: Case 4 - Turnabout Goodbyes - Trial (Day 4) - Part 1

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Case 4 - Turnabout Goodbyes
Trial (Day 4) - Part 1

: (Today, things are going to get settled at last... a lot of things.)

: Wh-what's the big idea!?
: S-s-sorry, Nick!
: I only touched your shoulder!
: I guess the "shock" hasn't worn off from my run-in with the stun gun yesterday.
: Anyhow, today's the last day of the trial! Good luck, Nick!
: Yeah... thanks, Maya.
: ...
: (Edgeworth is looking glum as always. I hope von Karma doesn't push him too hard.)
: ...

: Sorry! I'm sorry!
: I just thought I'd ch-cheer you up with a pat on the back...
: Maya... Maybe you should go outside and discharge?
: Right. Good idea.
: (Try not to electrocute anyone on your way out...)

: What's gotten into that girl?
: Detective Gumshoe!
: Morning! Mr. Edgeworth?
: Uh... good morning.
: How did it go, Detective?
: Have no fear! As promised, I've captured our runaway caretaker!
: I just brought him in. Took all night, pal.
: Thanks, Detective Gumshoe. You must be tired.
: Actually, after that shock I got on the way in, I feel pretty good.
: (Yogi says he's forgotten his own name... But that has to be a lie! Why would he want revenge on Edgeworth if he couldn't remember his past!? He does remember... and I'm going to prove it!)

: Court is now in session for the trial of Miles Edgeworth.
: The defense is ready, Your Honor.
: ... The prosecution... is ready.
: ...
: U-uh... right, very well. We have reached the final day of our proceedings in this trial.
: I ask that the prosecution submit decisive evidence.
: Understood.
: ...
: (C'mon! Don't be awed into silence by every little thing he says!)
: Very well, Mr. von Karma, your opening statement.
: Right. Thanks to Detective Gumshoe's efforts, the boat rental shop caretaker has been arrested. In yesterday's trial, the defense asserted that the caretaker was the murderer. However, the caretaker has yet to confirm this. I would like to ask the defense to cross-examine him as much as necessary.
: Very well!
: Please bring the witness into the courtroom.

: Ladies and gentlemen of the court... I believe you all remember our witness. He lives in the boat rental shop on the lake, from where he witnessed the incident. In addition, he has currently lost memory of his name and identity.
: Witness! Why did you run away yesterday?

: The witness was not running away, as he will now testify.
: I-I see.
: Very well, please begin your testimony.

: Zzzz... mmph?

: Hmm... Very well.
: Let's begin the cross-examination, shall we?
: (He has to know his name!)
: (Yanni Yogi! You're Yanni Yogi and I'm going to prove it!)

: I'd call what you did "running away," and not "just leaving."
: You heard Larry's testimony, and realized you were in danger!

: Now, Mr. Wright, there's no need to rush to conclusions.
: As I said, the witness was not "running away."
: Listen to the testimony.
: (He sure seems relaxed!)

: Then why did you leave!?

: He's just about to say why! Is it so hard for you to just quietly listen when someone is talking!?
: (If I sat quietly, Edgeworth would be guilty in three minutes!)

: Food...?
: Well, Polly is a bit of a gourmand, you see.
: She only eats these high-quality bird pellets from France. They only have them in the big pet shop downtown.
: But you weren't arrested until this morning!
: Why didn't you go back to the caretaker's shack?
: Er... well...
: I kind of got lost, you see.

: The witness has trouble remembering things sometimes.
: When police apprehended him, he was on his way back to the shack!
: (Yeah, right! Nice try von Karma! No one's going to believe that!)
: Hmm... I see! So he was lost!
: (Please! Your Honor, come to your senses!)

: You've lost much of your memory, is that correct?
: Er... ayup, seems like it.

: Then how could you know that you didn't have anything to do with this incident!
: Uh...
: Or... Or maybe you're lying about not having your memory, hmm?
: You know exactly who you are!

: The witness has testified quite clearly that he has no memory of who he is.
: If you claim he's lying, then show the court proof!
: (Grr...)
: (How am I supposed to prove what's going on in that old codger's head? That's impossible!)
: Hmph! I'm glad you've come to your senses, Mr. Wright.
: Very well, witness. Please continue.

: How can you say you had no motive? I say you do!
: You had a grudge against Edgeworth and the victim, Robert Hammond!
: That's why you took revenge on them! Right?

: Please don't make me repeat myself, Mr. Wright!
: This witness has no memory of anything beyond several years ago! He can't hold a grudge! It's impossible!
: (I have to prove he's lying about his memory... Otherwise, it's going to be the same thing over and over until the trial ends!)

: Might I say something, Mr. Wright?
: Yes... Yes, Your Honor?
: You've been saying the same thing now over and over. You've been calling the witness's memory of the past or lack thereof into question. But, does this really have anything to do with the current case?

: Of course, Your Honor. The witness has said he has "nothing to do with this case" and "no motive"...

: Order! Order!
: Mr. Wright! There is a serious problem with your claim! Or... are you saying... Are you saying you know who this witness is!?
: Of course, Your Honor!

: Ho hoh! Now, this is interesting. I would like to know myself! So, who is he?
: (Don't play dumb von Karma!)

: His name... is "Gregory Edgeworth"! ...
: Er... Mr. Wright? All of us here remember what Gregory Edgeworth looked like. And he looked nothing like this, believe me.
: (Wow... that's pretty harsh, Your Honor...)

: Now... let me ask you again. Mr. Wright, please tell us this witness's name.

: His name... is "Robert Hammond"!
: ...
: Mr. Wright. Robert Hammond is the name of the victim in this case.
: Uh...
: Generally, the victim in a murder case is no longer living.
: That's true...

: Mr. Wright, please tell us this witness's name.

: His name is Yanni Yogi, a former court bailiff!
: ...
: Yogi...? That name seems familiar. ...
: Oh! Yanni Yogi! From the DL-6 Incident!
: (I thought the judge would have heard of it... it was a such a famous case.)
: But, what does this mean?

: Your Honor! If this man is Mr. Yogi, then he has a clear motive!

: Tsk tsk tsk...

: Jumping to conclusions again, Mr. Wright! This man, this witness, is Yanni Yogi? Fascinating! However...
: How do you propose to prove this to the court?
: ...
: This is a court of law, as you may recall. You need proof!
: And, allow me to repeat, once more, that the witness has lost his memory!
: (This is it... I have to do this now! If I can't prove he's Yogi right here, right now... Then I've got nowhere else to go!)
: Nick! How are you going to prove it!? How can you prove that he's Yanni Yogi?
: It's okay. It's actually quite simple.
: Your Honor!

: Then, we'll compare them to the fingerprints on file for Yanni Yogi 15 years ago...
: I see... that makes sense.
: Tsk tsk tsk!
: Huh?
: I'm so very, very sorry, Mr. Wright.
: Wh-why?
: The witness... has no fingerprints!
: What? What!? No fingerprints!?

: Er... you see, before I worked as a caretaker, I worked at a chemical plant. I burned my fingers working with the stuff. Ayup.

: (Yogi, you sneak! You burned your fingerprints off to hide your past!)
: Hmm...
: Well, if the witness has no fingerprints...
: I guess we will not be able to prove his identity.
: (No...!)
: Tsk tsk tsk... Well, what will you do, Mr. Wright?
: Uh...
: Hmm?
: It seems that the case has been decided, no?
: (No!!! I know what happened! I know everything! I... I just can't prove it!)
: (But no... I can't let it end like this. I can't lose! There has to be another way!)

: There is no one who can testify as to who this witness is! No one!
: Nick! What are we going to do!?
: I didn't even consider that he might have erased his fingerprints...
: (What do I do!?)
: Tsk tsk tsk... Well, Mr. Wright? Perhaps you'd like to cross-examine the parrot for a little comic relief, hmm?
: (Yeah, yeah, very funny. You're a sore winner, von Karma. ...)
: (Wait a second... "Cross-examine the parrot"?)
: Wh-what is it, Nick? No... you're not going to...!?
: Your Honor!

: The defense would like to take Mr. von Karma up on his proposal!
: Take Mr. von Karma up?
: On his... proposal?
: Exactly, Your Honor!

: O-order! Order!
: Uh... well, what do you think, Mr. von Karma?
: Need you even ask!? This is a farce! I object!

: Wait a second!
: You were the one who suggested I cross-examine the parrot, von Karma!

: I have a right to do as you suggested!
: Mmph...
: ...
: Well, if you're so desperate, then please, be my guest.
: !
: Of course, should you go through with this...
: And nothing comes of it, then I hope you're ready for the consequences.
: Nick... this is crazy!

: (You know, come to think of it... This is a really stupid idea.)
: Tsk tsk tsk... I've heard of desperate men grasping at straws... But this is the first time I've heard of men grasping at macaws! Hah!
: (Think! von Karma is a perfectionist in all things. He's probably rigged every piece of evidence and all the testimonies...)
: (If I can't do the unexpected I've no chance of winning!) Your Honor. I've thought about this proposal...

: And I'm going to do it. I'm going to cross-examine the parrot!

: Let the parrot take the stand.
: I will cross-examine her, Your Honor.


: !
: This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard!
: (von Karma's rigged every person's testimony, ever piece of evidence... Except the parrot! She's my last chance!)
: (At least... I think so.)

: Bailiff! Bring in the parrot.

Next time: The parrot.