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Part 57: Case 4 - Turnabout Goodbyes - Trial (Day 4) - Part 2

Case 4 - Turnabout Goodbyes
Trial (Day 4) - Part 2

: That's... quite a bird. Please tell us your name?
: "..."
: Name!
: "..."
: The witness is ignoring me.
: (It must hurt... to be ignored by a bird.)
: Ahem. Very well, witness...
: Who is your owner? Please, er... testify for us.

: Hmm...
: Certainly the most concise testimony we've had so far.
: Very well, begin your cross-examination.
: Right...
: What are you going to do, Nick?
: ... I... I don't know! What do we do, Maya?
: Hmm...

: Witness! You can't just say "hello" and expect us to get anywhere!
: I want you to testify!
: Maya, you talk to her.

: (Remember... two days ago...)

: *squawk* "Don't forget DL-6!" *squawk*

: (That will prove that the caretaker had something to do with DL-6!)
: Um, Polly? Have we forgotten something?
: "... ... Hello! Hello!" *squawk*
: ...! That's not what you're supposed to say! Forgot! Something we forgot!
: "Hello! Hello!" *squawk*
: Uh oh. It's not working, Nick! She won't say it!
: (This is ridiculous! Why won't she say it!?)
: Tsk tsk tsk... Something the matter, Mr. Wright?
: (Wait... Don't tell me von Karma expected this! He couldn't have retrained the parrot... could he!? Did he train her not to respond when we asked if we'd forgotten anything!?)

: Witness, you're here to speak! You must speak to me!
: "..."
: Frankly, I can't believe that you're speaking to the parrot.
: W-well...
: I guess we should try to get some information out of her!
: We need to show the judge that her owner is Mr. Yogi!

And loop. But what if we tried another tack?

: (Maybe I should get her to say her name?)
: Polly! Polly! What's your name?
: "Pol-ly! Pol-ly!" *squawk*
: Mr. Wright... I think we've established that this parrot is named "Polly."

: Uh, well, I guess it doesn't really have anything to do with that, no.
: Hmm...
: Please only ask questions pertaining to the matter at hand.
: Very well, witness. Continue your testimony.

Obviously, this is not correct.

: Yes it does!
: !!!
: Hah! Fascinating!
: You claim that the parrot's name will prove her owner's identity? Then show us this proof!
: Nick! Don't you think you're taking the bluffing a little too far?
: Listen. We're not here to answer the question of "who is the caretaker." We're here to prove that he is Yanni Yogi! All we have to do is tie the name "Polly" to Yogi!
: Your Honor.

You may want to go back and read the case file from when we found it.

: The DL-6 Case file?

: That's quite a large file you have there! Which page is this "proof" on, then?

: Show us, or stop wasting our time!
: Hmm...
: Very well. Mr. Wright, please show us the page.

All the wrong answers for this section are essentially identical, so I'll only show this one.

: It's on the "Case Summary" page!
: ... I'm sorry... But I don't see anything here that relates to the name "Polly."
: At least, not on this page.
: Hmph! A bluff! As I expected!
: I'm afraid I have to deny your claim, Mr. Wright.
: The witness may continue.

: It's on the "Suspect Data" page!
: ...?
: This page has all the information about Yanni Yogi! Right after he was arrested, his fiancee committed suicide, see?
: Hmm... Indeed, it does say that, yes.
: What was his fiancee's name?
: "Polly Jenkins"... "Polly"!
: Exactly, Your Honor! He remembered the name of his fiancee who committed suicide.

: That's why he named his parrot after her!
: I see! I guess that is possible.

: Bah! A mere coincidence, that's all! My granddaughter has a dog she calls "Phoenix."

: Well, Mr. Phoenix Wright? Does this make you my granddaughter's fiancee!?

: Hmm... Indeed.
: Alone, it is a little weak for evidence in a murder trial.
: We would need some other corroborating evidence...
: (Where am I going to find that!?)
: Nick! We're getting closer!
: One more! If we can just get one more piece of evidence...!
: (Right... but what?)
: Hmph!
: Very well, witness. You may continue.

We only have one option left - we're going to have to ask the parrot about that safe code.

: (Maybe I'll get her to say the number of that safe...)
: Huh? The safe? Why?
: Let's just try to get her to say anything, okay?
: Polly! What was the number of the safe in the shack?
: "1228... 1228..."
: ... My, what a reckless parrot.
: Well, Mr. Wright?

: Actually it does! That's why I had her say it!
: Hah! Ridiculous! How can the number to a safe tell us who the caretaker is?

: Show us your proof!

: The DL-6 Case File? What is this obsession you have with that case?
: Mr. Wright.

: It's on the "Case Summary" page!
: The Case... Summary?
: Specifically, the date on which the DL-6 Incident occurred!
: The date of the incident? December 28...?
: Why, that's today's date. Fifteen years ago!
: And the number on that safe is 1228!
: Ah!
: He used the date of the DL-6 Incident as the number for his safe, Your Honor!

: That's how important that date was to him!
: I see... It certainly is an interesting coincidence. People often do set their secret numbers to dates.

: Bah! This is not tangible proof! I set my ATM card's number to "0001" because I'm number one!

: This has nothing to do with a date! Nothing!

: That's enough!
: I think we've reached a conclusion here.
: This is mere coincidence, that's all!
: True, that is a possibility.
: However, two coincidences at the same time seems more like a "pattern" to me.
: Wh... what are you saying!?

: Summon the caretaker of the boat shop. Immediately!

: Witness... Tell us your name.

: Wait! This witness, he doesn't remember...

: ...!

: I've accomplished what I wanted to do. I'm done.
: Nick! He looks totally different!
: This is the real Yogi, I think. Finally. He's been acting feeble to hide his true identity. Acting... for 15 years!
: W-well...! Let me ask you again.
: Please state your name for the court!
: My name... is Yanni Yogi. 15 years ago, I served as a bailiff in this very court.

: Order! Order!
: Yanni Yogi! So was it you who killed Robert Hammond...? And tried to frame Miles Edgeworth for his death?
: ... Yes. It was me. I did it. ...

: They put me on the witness stand 15 years ago... Robert Hammond... he said I was mentally unsound.

: So... I pretended to have brain damage...
: I was innocent, really! But he didn't believe me!
: We won the trial... But I lost everything. I lost my job, my fiancee, my social standing... ... Then, this year, 15 years later...

: The plan was written out in careful detail. It was a plan for me to take my revenge on the people who ruined my life. I didn't care who had sent it. I thought this was my chance, after 15 years, this was it! Finally, a chance to have my revenge on Robert Hammond and Miles Edgeworth... I have no regrets.
: W-wait a moment! Revenge... against Miles Edgeworth? What do you mean?
: I'm not at liberty to speak on that matter. Why don't you ask Mr. Edgeworth yourself?

: von Karma... Where is Mr. Yogi?
: Under arrest, Your Honor. I saw no room for error in his confession.
: Then... the defendant, Miles Edgeworth is...
: Innocent. In this case, at least.
: Hmm.

: Very well. Will the defendant please take the stand?

: There are a few mysteries left unsolved.
: Still, you are cleared of suspicion for this particular case. So I would like to pass judgment on the murder of Mr. Robert Hammond.
: Any objections?
: ...
: ...
: ...
: (I don't believe it! Why isn't von Karma saying anything?)
: Very well. This court finds the defendant, Mr. Miles Edgeworth...

: That is all. The court is adjourned!

: D-did someone just say "objection"?
: (It wasn't von Karma...! Wait, but that means...) No...

: Your Honor.

: Wh-what do you mean?

: As we have heard, Yanni Yogi killed Robert Hammond in revenge. But, revenge for what?
: Nick! Edgeworth is going to confess! He's going to say he's guilty! He's going to tell them he was the murderer in the DL-6 Incident! He's going to tell them he killed his own dad!

: The judgment has already been passed! I object to Edgeworth's outburst...

: Didn't something like this happen yesterday, too? I believe a certain witness raised an objection after a guilty verdict was passed.
: (That would be Larry...)
: We must hear this new argument!

: We must hear Miles Edgeworth!

: He's right. We have a duty to hear Mr. Edgeworth out.


: (No... I'm sure Edgeworth thought about this one long and hard. This isn't my place to interfere!)
: Nick, are you sure!?
: There's nothing we can do about it. This is his problem, now.

Next time: Convergence.