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Part 59: Case 4 - Turnabout Goodbyes - Trial (Day 4) - Part 4

Case 4 - Turnabout Goodbyes
Trial (Day 4) - Part 4

: Order! I will have order!
: ... Mr. Wright has proven one thing to us quite clearly... That the murder weapon was fired twice at the time of the incident.
: However! As Mr. von Karma says, the second bullet fired was not found.
: It is highly unlikely that the police merely overlooked this second bullet.

: So, all we have is the single bullet fired. I'm afraid I have to discount the defense's claim.
: Tsk tsk tsk.... I praise the judge for his wisdom in this matter.
: (Gah! How did this happen!? I don't believe that the second bullet didn't exist! Was I wrong? Have I been wrong about this whole incident?)
: What are you doing, Nick!? Why aren't you raising an objection!?
: ... I'm sorry, Maya.
: What?
: I... It looks like I was wrong.
: Nick...?
: If the second bullet wasn't there, then all my conjectures are for nothing!
: N-no...
: But you said you'd do it, Nick! You said you'd get Edgeworth declared innocent!
: ... I'm sorry... It's just, when I saw the photograph, I thought that two shots had been fired. I was so certain of it. I thought I'd won! I thought there was another person, someone else who fired the killing shot. But now... I was wrong to think it could be that simple. This case has stood unsolved for fifteen years!
: Nick...

: Well, it seems that we have finally cleared up this incident. Only one bullet was found at the scene of the crime.
: That shot was fired by Miles Edgeworth.
: Precisely.
: I would like to ask one thing of Miles Edgeworth before passing my verdict. Have you been paying attention to the trial so far?
: Yes, Your Honor.
: Do you have any objections?
: No... No, I do not.
: So you killed your father, though that was not your intention?
: ... Yes, I did.
: ... Oh no... He's confessing... ...

: Very well. The statute of limitations on the murder of Gregory Edgeworth runs out today. Therefore, I must pronounce a verdict on the defendant today, right here...

: Right now!
: Indeed.
: Does anyone have any objections?
: (I've been here before... It's just like my first day in court... There are so many things I know I should be saying... But my mind's gone blank, I can't find the words...)

: (Every lead I thought I had has been squashed. This is really the end. Edgeworth... I'm sorry.)

What was it that I had been doing all this time?
Wasn't my whole life leading up to today?
But now that I'm here... I know I've failed.
Mia... I'm sorry.

: !!!

: Maya...?
: What?

: (What's happening to me...? I have to think...! Wait... don't think... act!)

: Your Honor!

Which drops us off at the other answer.

: Your Honor! I... I object!
: Tsk tsk tsk.

: Mr. Wright, on what grounds do you object, hmm?
: Oof!
: Nick...?
: (I... I don't know! His case is perfect!)
: Oh no...
: Grah!

: !!!

: What did you just say?
: N-nothing!
: (The second bullet must exist?)
: (But where!?)

: ...
: It seems waiting is not going to produce us any answers from Mr. Wright.

: Wait, Your Honor!
: Hmm?
: I, uh...
: Th-the second bullet! It, uh, it exists!
: What!?
: But we've just heard proof that it did not exist!
: I-I realize that, Your Honor. (I'm really grasping here!)

: I-it's just, someone took it from the scene of the crime! That's what happened!
: But... Who!?
: Th-th-the murderer!

: The murderer? Then tell us, just who is this "murderer"?
: I'm... still thinking about that one.
: Hmm...
: So the criminal took the second bullet? Why would he?
: Huh?
: First of all, how would he have found it?
: It's not easy to find a stray bullet, Mr. Wright!

: O-of course there was a need. That's why he took it!
: Bah! What possible reason could he have had!?
: W-well...

: Er... Maybe he thought that the bullet would be used as proof?
: Proof...?
: It was a special bullet, so he took it with him...


: Uh... Well, the murderer was a very cautious sort, you see. That's why the murderer had to search for that bullet...


: If that was the case, then he would have taken the bullet from inside Gregory as well!
: Huh?
: Why would he only take one of the two shots fired!?
: Oh, right.
: Mr. Wright? Have you really thought this through?

: (Argh... This isn't going so well.)

So if neither option is correct there, what is?

: (Why would the murderer have spent the time to look for that stray bullet...?)
: (I haven't got a clue!)
: What's wrong, Mr. Wright?
: Uh... Um...
: Bah! The murderer had no reason to take that bullet!
: You don't want to admit it, but it's true!
: Urk...

: (Had to take it...? The murderer? What does that mean?)

: Y-yes, Your Honor! (I have no idea what I'm doing...) U-uh, well, the murderer had no intention of taking the bullet from the scene.
: But... uh, the murderer HAD to take that bullet.
: "Had to," Mr. Wright? What do you mean?
: Well, for instance... (For instance WHAT!?) Uh, maybe the bullet, uh... hit the murderer?
: The bullet... hit the murderer?
: J-just saying, for instance.
: I mean, if it hit you, you would have to take it with you, wouldn't you? It's not like you could perform surgery right there.
: Y-y'know?

: (Wait a second... I was just talking off the top of my head, but what if that's really what happened?)
: Let me just get this straight. So at the time of the murder, the murderer himself was shot?
: And he left with the second bullet still inside!? Thus leaving only one bullet at the scene of the crime?
: Uh, yes... I guess that's how it would work, yes.
: But there's a problem with that! The other two people rescued from that elevator... Miles Edgeworth and Yanni Yogi were both unharmed!
: So that would mean...
: The murderer came from outside, yes.

The pistol discharges, and the bullet...

: Mr. Wright. You are truly the most unpredictable defense attorney I've ever known.
: I can tell you're grasping, yet I cannot deny the possibility of what you say.

: What are you saying! Deny it! Deny it! No one involved with the incident was wounded! There was no "murderer"!
: Hmm...
: (No one was wounded at the time of the incident...)
: (He's right. I can't think of anyone...)
: Hey, Nick.
: Huh?
: I just thought of something really crazy.
: Crazy?
: Remember what Mr. Grossberg said yesterday?

: Wow.
: It must have been quite a shock for von Karma. He took a vacation for several months after that, you see. Yes, an unusual event for the man. That was the first, and the last vacation he's taken in his many years of prosecuting.

: But took it because he was injured!

: Which would mean...
: It could only mean one thing!
: He was the murderer in the DL-6 Incident!
: He was the man who shot Gregory Edgeworth!
: It was... von Karma!
: (Oh man!)
: Something wrong, Mr. Wright? You seem... dazed.
: Uh, n-no, Your Honor.
: Well? You have indicated the possibility that the murderer came from outside. Can you give us the name of your suspect?

: (Wait... I don't have enough proof yet. This is my trump card, I'd better save it for the right time.)
: Mr. Wright? Something the matter?
: I-I'm fine, Your Honor.
: Tsk tsk tsk... Shall we carry on with the trial then, hmm?

: That said, we have no farther to go. All that is left... is the finish. In other words... the verdict!
: Wh-what! Not yet!
: Think, Mr. Wright. You have said that someone from the "outside" was the murderer.
: Yet you cannot suggest anyone as a possible suspect! Which means your conjecture... is worthless.
: And will be rejected. Of course.
: Nick!
: Now's no time to be holding on to that trump card!
: The trial's almost over!
: A-alright! I may not know what I'm doing... but here goes!

And we're left with the right option.

: Your Honor!
: There is a suspect... one lone suspect!
: ...
: Well, this is certainly interesting news. Very well, Mr. Wright.
: Who is your suspect?
: V-V-V...
: (Urk! My h-hands are shaking!)
: V-what?

: von Karma!?

: You mean, THE von Karma? The prosecutor? Sitting right there?
: Bah.
: You... don't object?
: Hmph. I see no need.
: Why honor this ridiculous outburst with my objection?

: Because you took a vacation for several months starting the day after the incident! Yet you pride yourself on a perfect record!
: Why would you take such a long vacation without any reason!?
: So you're claiming that I took a vacation to heal my "injury" from the incident? Fascinating!
: Prove it. I would have needed surgery, no? Where did I go under the knife at, Mr. Wright!?

: Bring the doctor that operated on me! Have him testify!
: Urk...
: Nick! Let's find out who his doctor is!
: It's no use.
: E-Edgeworth!?
: I know von Karma. Perhaps too well.
: He's perfect. He wouldn't leave clues. He probably didn't undergo surgery.
: That would leave a doctor as a witness.
: (Grr... Nobody's that perfect!)
: So... so what, Nick?
: Did von Karma pull the bullet out by himself!?
: That's insane!
: No... he couldn't have. You can't just pull bullets out of yourself! ...
: (Wait... What does that mean...?)

Next time: What that means.