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Part 64: Case 5 - Rise From the Ashes - Investigation (Day 1) - Part 3

Case 5 - Rise From the Ashes
Investigation (Day 1) - Part 3

: This is the kind of room that just screams "I can do the job."
: Quite a change from your office, really.
: Thanks.

: (A trophy? What, that shield?)
: It takes real nerve to display stuff like this.
: Whoever's office this is, he must be a real stuck-up jerk!
: Mr. Phoenix Wright... You never tire of prying into other people's business, do you?
: (That voice...!)

: Huh?
: Aaaaaaaaaaaaah!
: M-M-Mr. Edgeworth!
: ...! You know him from somewhere?
: O-of course! I'm his
: biggest fan!
: My sister introduced us once, and...
: (Right... her sister was the Chief Prosecutor, after all.)
: Well? What brings you here?
: I'll warn you... I've been known to be a real stuck-up jerk...
: N-no! Did I...? No! It was just, Mr. Wright here, he...
: Hey! Don't blame me!
: W-we're just here to investigate a murder case!
: Murder...?
: A body was found in this nasty, bright red sports car in the parking lot...
: Hmm?

: Whaaaaaaaaaaaa!?
: Y-y-y-your car!?
: (I'll say one thing, she certainly can scream.)

And now, we get the chance to poke all around Edgeworth's office.

: Wow! This jacket is even lacier than his usual ones!
: This must be his lucky trial jacket!
: Lucky jacket, right... I've never seen him wear it.
: I'm sure there's a story behind why it's in a frame!
: Maybe I'll be naughty...
: and take a picture!
: (She's getting way too excited about this.)

: It has a big "K" on it.
: *mumbles* of Prosecutors...
: Huh? What's that?
: It's the "King of Prosecutors" trophy.
: K-K-K...
: "King of Prosecutors"!?
: It's a great honor. They send that shield to the best prosecutor each year.
: What! So?
: So that "K"... that's...
: "K" stands for "King"?
: Yeah, you got a problem with that?
: I didn't design the thing!
: "King of Prosecutors"...
: Kind of like "Employee of the Month," only better!

Nothing to talk about on the object itself, however.

: Mr. Edgeworth has such a comfy sofa!
: Sofas like this make me want to curl up and take a nap.
: I bet he pours over his case files here until the wee hours of the morning... Then he takes off his jacket, rolls up his sleeves...
: And goes to sleep using his arms as a pillow!
: (I don't believe it. She's actually daydreaming about Edgeworth working...)
: I bet in the morning he has sofa hair, and little creases in his cheek from the seams!
: He's so cool!
: Sofa-hair is cool!?

: A work desk. It's quite tidy, as one might expect.
: What a nice desk! Easy to use, and easy on the eyes!
: It's polished so well I can see my own reflection.

: (Strange... Why did I just picture Detective Gumshoe?)
: Maybe I'll take that name plaque as a souvenir.
: Don't. He'll sue you.

: My, my, my! What an amazing bouquet! Just right for Mr. Edgeworth.
: No kidding. Hey, there's a card on it... "Back from the Dead -- Wendy" ("Wendy?" ... I've heard that name somewhere before.)
: And beside it...
: A giant Steel Samurai!
: Wow, I want one!
: Huh? There's something written on the bottom of his foot. "Between a rock and a hard place -- Wendy"
: Wendy? Is she Mr. Edgeworth's fiancee?

: Um... I don't think so.

: Whoa!
: What a view! It must be nice to have an office on the 12th floor.
: I guess you would feel... important.
: Incidentally...
: Were you to jump out this window, the time until impact with the ground would be...
: ...
: Got it!
: Approximately 3.23 seconds!
: (That's handy to know...)

: Oooh! Cute! What a pretty tea set!
: I go more for the instant tea bags myself.
: Amazing! The drawer below is filled with packets of tea leaves!
: They're all sorted by place of origin and flavor!
: Look at this Royal blend! What an exquisitely splended concoction!
: (There's such a thing as taking a hobby too far...)

: Whoa! These are all case files!?
: They're stacked up to the ceiling! There's even a ladder...
: Odd... I thought Edgeworth wasn't good with heights.
: He must have someone get them for him.

: (Strange... Why did I just picture Detective Gumshoe?)
: He must study these case reports so closely...
: He's so cool!
: You wouldn't say that if you saw him sweating bullets up on that ladder.

: Hey, a chessboard!
: I'm not too up on my chess but it looks like Blue's in a bit of a tight spot.
: The Red Knights have surrounded the Blue Pawn...
: Huh?
: Those horses are mounted knights. Their swords have really sharp "edges!" And check out that poor pawn, his head is kind of spiky... Kind of reminds me of you.
: Mr. Edgeworth must be an avid chess player!
: What's wrong, Mr. Wright?
: (Edges... surrounding a pawn with spiky hair... Nah... It's nothing.)

Now, to question Edgeworth.

: So, the body was found in your car?
: Go ahead, say it, Wright. You think I did it, don't you?
: After you went through all that trouble to help me last year, no less.
: N-no, we don't think you did it!

: Uh, wait, no, she didn't do that! I mean...
: Wait...
: So you're the Chief Prosecutor's little sister, then?
: Y-yes, sir! Ema Skye!
: It, uh...
: It's nice to meet you again!
: (Now that didn't sound forced at all...)
: Ah, now I remember. You've... really grown.
: I'll admit, it was a surprise to me, too.
: To think that my own car would become the scene of a murder.
: More surprising still... Now I'm forced to prove my superior's guilt.
: I can understand... W-wait!... What did you say!?
: Lana Skye is the Chief Prosecutor... the top prosecutor in the district.
: She can't prosecute herself, so I'll be the prosecutor at the trial tomorrow.
: You!?
: Mr. Edgeworth...

: To be honest...
: It's a bit of a miracle I'm still here at all.
: What do you mean?
: Rumors. You've heard the rumors about me, haven't you?

: Wh-what? That's crazy!
: Hmph. Some people need very little excuse to think ill of others.
: It's a fact of life. Impossible to stop.

: They think it's funny.
: (Toys? That bronze shield? There's got to be a story behind htat one...)

: It was my first big case.
: That's right, I remember.
: (Two years ago... I wasn't even a lawyer yet.)
: Since then, I always felt that she was looking out for me...
: It appears I was mistaken.
: M-mistaken!? Why?
: I mean, I know she's not the warmest person...
: But I'm sure she felt some responsibility for you!
: Then... why?
: Why did she stab someone in the trunk of my car?

: Wha... Whaaaaaat!?
: Mr. Edgeworth! Your knife was the murder weapon!?
: To be specific, it was the knife kept in the toolbox in the trunk of my car.

: Um... Edgeworth?
: What?
: Are you sure you didn't do it?
: ...
: (C'mon, can't he take a joke?)
: You have a strange sense of humor, Mr. Wright!

Examining the knife...

: Either that, or Edgeworth cut himself peeling an apple. What's Edgeworth doing with a knife like this anyway?
: Hey! Maybe he spends his weekends roughing it in the wild!
: Edgeworth? In the wild? I think my fruit-peeling theory is more likely.
: Are you kidding? I always pictured him as an outdoorsman!
: (Now there's a scary thought...)

Presenting the badge...

: What? You wanted to be a defense attorney, Mr. Edgeworth?
: Yet, my path is laid out clearly before me...
: I have no time to reflect on what might have been.

Presenting the trophy...

: I lost a day of work to receive that travesty.
: Huh? Why's that?
: I had to go to the Police Department ceremony to receive that broken shield.
: The Police Department?
: Yes. Right next to the Police Station downtown. You've been there, correct?

: What does it matter?
: I've got more important things to worry about.
: Oh. Right...
: (He doesn't seem too concerned about his award, for better or for worse.)
: Yesterday was a very busy day for the Prosecutor's Office.
: Maybe... we should ask him more about yesterday?

Presenting the ID card...

: M-Mr. Wright!
: Huh? What?
: Are you sure you should be showing that to Mr. Edgeworth?
: Oh. (He'll take it for sure, won't he.)
: *sigh* I wish I could be on the same side as Mr. Edgeworth...
: But then my sister would be found guilty!
: (If she sighs any deeper I'm going to start getting depressed...)

And now we have a new topic.

: Could you tell me more about yesterday... the day of the murder?
: Yesterday was the annual cleaning day at the Prosecutor's Office.
: Cleaning day?
: Working with the Police Department, we sort and file all evidence for solved cases. We call it "evidence transferal."
: Wiping your hands of old cases, in other words.
: Oh, and another thing...
: A ceremony was held at the Police Department. There's an annual review and awards for outstanding police officers and prosecutors.

: I was at the police department yesterday afternoon... I got back here at 5:12.
: That's... very precise.
: People like myself and Mr. Edgeworth pride ourselves on our precision, Mr. Wright.
: No, I place little faith in my memory.

: This is the parking stub from the underground lot.
: (The murder took place around 5:15...)
: So the murder happened right after you got back.
: What, Wright?

: Um...!

: I'm Edgeworth. What is it?
: I'm here, sir, at the request of the Chief, sir! I've got your report, sir!
: Report? What? Did you find new evidence in the case against Chief Prosecutor Skye!?

: (I don't like the way this conversation is going at all...)

: No name of that kind, sir! Not in this report, sir!
: ...!
: (I think I just heard Edgeworth's lid blow.)
: Mr. Edgeworth's lid isn't on very tight, is it?
: I made a clear request to the Police Department, did I not? I need to focus on the trial tomorrow, so don't bring me anything unrelated!

: Sir! But, but sir!

: I wasn't aware of the particulars of your arrangement with us, sir!
: Give me your name!
: U-uh, yes... yes, Sir! M-M-Meekins, sir. Officer Meekins!
: Right. Officer Meekins?
: Take your report and leave. And good luck with that raise next month.

: (Poor guy. Looks like he was absent on the day they gave out brains and good luck.)
: Wright.
: Y-yes, sir!? (Gah! He caught me off guard!)
: As you can see, I'm busy.
: You may leave now.
: L-let's do what he says, Mr. Wright!
: The victim was a detective from the same department as that patrolman just now. Go down to the Police Department.
: You can ask more there.
: U-uh... Thanks. (He seems to have finally calmed down at least.)

Examining the parking stub...

: This is dated the day of the crime.
: The murder took place three minutes after Edgeworth parked his car. If only he was held up at a couple extra red lights...
: he wouldn't have been caught up in this whole affair.
: Perhaps...
: It just goes to show you never know what'll happen when you run a yellow light!

Next time: Cops.