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Part 66: Case 5 - Rise From the Ashes - Investigation (Day 1) - Part 5

Case 5 - Rise From the Ashes
Investigation (Day 1) - Part 5

: (Looks like the investigation is still going...)
: I have to be getting back to the shop...
: Sorry... Looks like I'll be stuck in this pit 'til the sun sleeps.
: I'll see you in my dreams tonight, then, baby.

: Ah, h-hello.
: Why the surprised looks? Didn't I mention...?
: I've got a boyfriend in Criminal Affairs, too.
: (What happened to the security guard!?)

She leaves.

: Hey! What's wrong, bambina?

: (Jake Marshall... Strange guy to put in charge of a crime scene.)

Now we can chat Marshall up.

: There's something I wanted to ask you!
: The scene of the crime... a cold grave for men who've lost their dreams... And me? I watch over them as they sleep... dreaming of the desert's harsh judgment.
: ...
: He's asleep.
: Well... should we show this hopeless case something to catch his interest?

It doesn't matter what we ask - that's all we get until we present the letter.

: What's this? I warn you, fan letters to me go right in the spittoon!
: It's a letter of introduction from Detective Gumshoe. May we investigate?
: Gumshoe...? Ah, that old cowdog?

: Huh?
: Look, where it should say letter of "introduction"... It says "invitation."
: Ah... I think he just miswrote it. (Great, Detective Gumshoe. I owe you one...)
: No worries. This proves it's from Detective Gumshoe, better than a blood test.
: Guess I'd better let you in, then.
: Th-thank you, Officer Marshall!
: (Officer Marshall isn't a "detective"... he's a "patrolman"... That reminds me of something...)
: That is odd!
: Isn't a crime scene supposed to be handled by a detective or higher?
: Well, folks. The clues are calling! Welcome to our gold strike. Be like the settler! Strike out for lands unknown! Manifest Destiny!
: Let's have a hootenanny!
: Note to self: police investigations are like settling land.
: Well, Mr. Wright, what do you say!?

So Nick tosses it out. Now we can examine the crime scene.

: "A Block"... This area is reserved for prosecutors.
: Defense attorneys are relegated to "B Block."
: I dream of the day when I will be able to park my car here!
: I'll go over to B Block to buy my hamburgers from you, Mr. Wright.
: I'm not planning on giving up my job that soon...

: Look! Something's written on it!

: There's a name printed on the paper above that... "Goodman."
: (Maybe it fell out of his pocket when he was killed.)

: How am I supposed to know?
: Note to self: for deductive reasoning, go to Edgeworth, not Wright.
: (I'm sure Edgeworth wouldn't know what this means either.)

This only shows the image above. Can't move it around.

: This appears to be the car where the body was found. (It looks like the lock on the trunk is busted.)

: The body was found in the trunk of my subordinate's car.

: Yeah. Prosecutors get the big bucks.

: Scientific analysis would suggest this belonged to the victim!
: I can't think of anyone else it could belong to...

: (Right! Let's check it out.)

The game automatically jumps us to investigating it.

: Redial...?
: Um,
: Mr. Wright? Most phones keep a record of all the calls you've made and received. You just press the blue button to dial the last number you called.
: Convenient, isn't it? I'm surprised you didn't know about it.
: Sorry to disappoint you, but even I know about things like "redial."
: Huh? Oh, I'm sorry! It's just, you never know with people from your generation.
: (Whatever... let's check this phone out.)

: What's wrong with it? Everyone has different tastes, you know.
: Here, check out mine. It's a Pink Princess strap!
: These are hard to come by, you know.
: (I see he's as popular as ever with the kids...)

: Note to self: a defense attorney doesn't think first, he just pushes the button.

: Hey! That song! I know that!

: Ah! Oh, s-sorry.
: I see you, pardner!

: Uh, well, yeah...
: Whose phone is this, anyway? It was on the ground over there...

: What? It's my sister's!?
: She apparently dropped it when she was taken into custody, right after the crime. Look... the last call was made right when the murder occurred! Looks like she was fixing to call someone.
: Except she only spoke for a few seconds, according to this.
: Who did she call!?
: No idea.
: Sorry, pardner. Now, I got a question for you, pardner.
: I heard a phone ring just now... one of those new-fangled ring-tunes.

: Your phone!?
: Yeah, uh, it's kind of strange, but... Someone called me right as we picked up the other phone, a wrong number...
: ... I hope you're not lying...
: They shoot you for that in Texas, pardner!
: (Uh oh, I've incited the wrath of the Lone Star patrolman...)

Back to looking around.

: This rope... is it...?
: Yep. They laid it in the outline of the victim's body.
: ...
: So wait...
: The victim must have died when the killer closed the trunk on him!
: ... (You have got to be the only person I know that would come to that conclusion.)

Now, let's talk to Marshall. We present the badge.

: A beam of light, illuminating evildoers who come in the dark of night!
: Note to self: evildoers are weak against starlight.
: (Hey, that's a sheriff's badge!)

: Officer Marshall? Could you tell us more about the victim?

: Good men always die young. Remember that, pardner.
: Um... could you be a little more specific?

: Detective Goodman was stabbed here at 5:15...
: The smiling Madonna told me the tale...

: One stab to the chest. A fine piece of work.

: Was my sister involved with the victim in any way?
: Funny you should mention that, bambina. Chief Prosecutor Skye and Detective Goodman...
: had nothing in common at all.
: Nothing in common...?
: They apparently worked together on a case a few years back.
: (So... there's no motive!)
: Goodman wasn't a particularly gifted detective.

: But, my sister called the victim here on the day of the murder, right?
: Here... to this parking lot?
: So it seems. Like calling an unarmed man to a shootout at high noon.

: Um, I don't mean any offense, but... Officer Marshall, you're a patrolman, right? Not a detective.
: You callin' me out? They shoot you for that in Texas.
: Huh?
: I was one of them fancy-shoed "Detectives" till two years ago, to tell ya the truth.
: Oh, really? (Now he tells me!)
: But, you're a patrolman now. So how can you be in charge of a crime scene?
: Nothing gets by you, does it, bambina?
: So, why are you in charge?
: No reason. We're just short on hands right now. I'm keeping an eye out in the meantime.
: That's odd, though.

: He's nothing but a sad ol' cowdog, that can't find his tail.
: Maybe it's because he runs with that Edgeworth, eh?
: Edgeworth...?
: That cowdog's been kicked out of this cattle run... by order of the Chief of Police.

: (Detective Gumshoe, kicked out of the investigation!?)

: So, there's no connection between Detective Goodman and my sister!
: That's correct, but... There's a goldmine of evidence against her...
: ...!
: And the prospector tomorrow is none other than Edgeworth himself... I'm afraid your sister's fate is decided, bambina. Many condolences.
: Officer Marshall!
: Yeah, bambina?
: H-how can you say that! You and my sister,
: you were...
: (Is there something between this cop and her sister that I don't know about?)
: ...!
: I apologize, bambina. Something must have gotten to me.

: (Dry wind or ill will, someone's up to something here... but who?)

: Suspicions about Mr. Edgeworth have been flying around for nearly two years now.
: Forged evidence... arranging testimonies, you name it.
: He was unbeatable because he did whatever it took to win.

: But rumors are just... rumors, aren't they?
: These are prosecutors we're talking about! Evidence is everything to them!
: If you follow the rumors about Edgeworth to their source, you find one person... But... they're off limits. Untouchable, you might say.
: One person? Who?

: What!? My sister...?

: Edgeworth couldn't rustle all those cattle by himself. Some people load their guns with bullets, some people load them with "deals."
: What, you're saying Edgeworth was making deals to win trials?
: "Where there's gunshots, there's bound to be bullets." That's what the old-timers say.
: There's a big ol' secret hidden around here somewhere. Everyone knows it.
: (Is that why Detective Gumshoe was taken off the case...? Did they target him because he was closest to Edgeworth?)
: So, well, how are we doing, Mr. Wright?
: I guess we've got some clues... We have an autopsy report, a note from the victim, and a cell phone...
: So... you think we'll be okay?
: Well, the only thing still bothering me is that Lana is confessing to the crime. She says she did it!
: No problem!
: I can guarantee that she's not the criminal.
: Oh, by the way, Ema?
: Yes?
: I know that song your phone plays when it rings...
: What...?

: It's the Steel Samurai theme song, isn't it? That popular TV show... for kids?
: ...!

: it was yours. At 5:18, just after the murder took place...

: Your sister called you, didn't she, Ema?
: I... I'm sorry!
: Can you tell me what you talked about?
: I... She hung up right away.
: I see...

And the cell phone is updated.

: (I've got a bad feeling about this... Like... maybe I still don't know everything that went on here...)

Next time: Trial.