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Part 67: Case 5 - Rise From the Ashes - Trial (Day 2) - Part 1

Case 5 - Rise From the Ashes
Trial (Day 2) - Part 1

: Frankly, there are still a lot of... gray areas.
: Or rather, the whole thing is one big gray area...
: Don't worry about me, no matter what the outcome.
: I'm ready to accept my fate.
: I believe in you, sis.
: Mr. Wright, let me offer you a word of advice.
: Yes?
: A defense attorney should
: never "believe" their client.
: ...!
: The defendant is called to trial because they are suspected of wrongdoing!
: Never forget that.
: Ms. Skye, you... You remind me a lot of Mia. But there is one decisive difference between you and her.
: And that is?
: You're not a defense attorney.
: ...
: I believe it's almost time for the trial.
: Good luck, Mr. Wright.

: (No one's going to bail me out this time...)

: (I'll be alone in there... So I have to discover the truth all by myself!)

: The court is now in session for the trial of Ms. Lana Skye.
: The defense is ready, Your Honor.
: The prosecution has been ready for a while, Your Honor.
: (Edgeworth...)

: I hope that personal feelings will not be a part of the proceedings today, Mr. Wright.
: ...!
: I will choose the path I think is right, regardless of what those around me might say.
: The judgment to be made here is in our hands, not those of anyone else.
: Very well, Mr. Edgeworth, your opening statement please.
: Chief Prosecutor Lana Skye has committed an unpardonable crime.
: Not only this, but she was rash enough to commit it in the Prosecutor's Office lot!

: However, she will now pay for her rashness with her life. There was a witness to her crime...
: A "professional" witness!

: Well then, call your first witness, Mr. Edgeworth!
: The prosecution calls its first witness, Ms. Angel Starr, to the stand.
: (The "Cough-up Queen"...?)

: Hmm? Haven't I seen you somewhere...?

: Ho ho! Caviar! I've never eaten caviar before!
: (The judge is really wolfing it down...)

: Uh... thanks.
: Will the witness state her name and profession?

: It is too early for lunch. Your name and profession, please.
: ...
: Well, Your Honor? How does it taste?
: So this is why everyone raves about caviar!
: It's so tasty it hurts!
: I always thought caviar would taste like pickled tapioca.
: (What the heck does pickled tapioca taste like!?)

: Name. Profession. Now.
: Me? The name is Angel Starr.
: Don't go forgetting it. I find myself running Lunchland these days.
: Is... that what you wanted me to say, Mr. Edgeworth?
: Very well, witness. Please describe the incident to us.
: The prosecution will wait!
: I'm not finished eating...
: (Hurry it up!)
: Mmmm...
: Very well, Mr. Edgeworth. As you know, we usually call on the police to provide a description of the crime...
: Your Honor, as Mr. Edgeworth has said to the court...
: I am a... "professional."
: Uh... Huh?
: What exactly does that mean?
: Until two years ago, Ms. Angel Starr was a special investigator with the police. She was a first-rate homicide detective.

: ...
: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-hah! I-I know who you are!!!
: Cough-up...!?
: Cough-up Queen Angel Starr, Your Honor.
: Long time no see.

: V-v-very well! Y-you may continue with the description, Ms. Starr!
: (Just who is this lady!?)
: If I might have the court's attention over here...

: I suppose that's to keep visitors from taking up prosecutor's spaces, yes.

: And who was this valiant "witness"...?
: Why, it was me, Your Honor.

We get the floor plans seen above added to the Court Record. I forgot to open it up here. Whoops.

: Witness, did you see the very moment of the crime?
: Of course, Your Honor.
: Immediately after that, I apprehended the Chief Prosecutor.
: Hmm...
: It seems rather cut and dry, doesn't it?
: Well, Mr. Wright?
: Uh... I can't agree on principle, Your Honor.
: It seems that some poor losers are unwilling to accept the truth, Your Honor.
: Shall I proceed to crush what little hope they have remaining?
: If you can... Then give them your worst, Ms. Starr!
: (Wait, are they talking about me...!?)

: Hmm... Bringing a lunchbox to your boyfriend?
: How touching!
: Hmph. As you can see...
: There is no room for doubt.
: The key "point" of your testimony seems to be nothing other than...
: the point of the knife which you saw being stabbed into Detective Goodman!
: So... how does it feel to be so utterly crushed?
: I... I'm still thinking about that.
: I-it's merely a flesh wound, Mr. Wright!
: Very well, Mr. Wright. You may cross-examine the witness.

: How did you know!?
: I respect the prosecutors' basic abhorrence of crime. Yet their methods are ugly and twisted.
: Twisted methods will always lead to tragedy.

: The lunchlady's uninformed opinion is duly noted.
: Given that they are used to erasing inconvenient evidence at their whim...

: Killing off a detective that knew too much is merely an extension of that.
: ...
: Ms. Starr... do you have something personal against prosecutors?
: I felt that I had found my dream job when I became an investigator...
: And if I hadn't been laid off by those prosecutors over there, I'd still be one.
: Laid off...?
: (She was fired...)
: To me, prosecutors are nothing more than worms.
: That said, I am a pro, as you know. My testimony is unbiased... and flawless.

: Very well. You may continue, Ms. Starr.

: This boyfriend... he's the detective?
: Not that boyfriend. The security guard.
: Th-"that" boyfriend?
: You have... several?
: Yes. "This" boyfriend, "that" boyfriend, and "the other" boyfriend. Care to join?
: The "yet another" boyfriend position is still open for applicants.
: ...
: I-I'll stick with the lunch, thanks.
: Note to self: the judge had to think before replying.
: The security guard room is in the lot, in A Block.

: (That would be the room with the "SECURITY" sign.)

: Since I'm a visitor now, I parked in B Block.
: So... she was in B Block when she witnessed the crime.

: You "sensed" something? So, you're saying you had a premonition of the murder?
: It felt like... how would you say... Oh yes...
: It was like the feeling you get when you view a pumpkin chock full of seeds!
: I have no idea what that means.
: Speaking of a "detective's instincts"...

: Yes, well, he was like a young cheese.
: A... young cheese?
: A pale white cheese, not yet tangy with experience on the streets. A greenhorn.
: Hmm...
: I, of course, am hard, yellowed, sharp as a tack.
: I bet you stink, too.
: In any case, there, in the lot, I felt something stirring in the back of my mind...

: By "garish car," you mean...
: Mr. Edgeworth's car, yes.
: M-Mr. Edgeworth's!?

: Wasn't it?
: ...
: Indeed, it was.

: Hmm!
: What an odd case this is.
: And the person you saw... you are sure it was the defendant?
: I saw her from no further than thirty feet away.
: I am certain it was her.
: (If she's telling the truth, we're doomed!)

: Even if we don't have any proof, we can always complain!

: Witness! In your testimony, you clearly stated the following: Prosecutors are nothing more than worms.
: Ergo!
: You are a biased witness!
: You might want to keep those silly opinions to YOURSELF in the future, rookie.
: Huh? Rookie?
: Unless you're willing to risk the consequences of doubting me?

: That...
: That was inspiring!
: I believe I've heard that tag line elsewhere... you could cry plagiarism?

: The moment I witnessed the crime,
: my reflexes took over and snap! I took a picture.

: (I suppose that's more exciting than just hanging it around your neck.)

: You think I'd show it to you, a prosecutor? Think again.
: ...!
: My boyfriend works in the photography division of Criminal Affairs.

: (Uh oh, that is unmistakably Lana Skye!)
: So, what was the defendant doing at the time?

: Tell me more about this knife that the suspect was carrying.

: Is that right, Mr. Edgeworth? It is your knife, after all.
: Er... Ahem, yes, that's about right.
: Prosecutors are, by nature, well-versed in the location of a man's vital organs.
: I'm sure it was easier than boiling an egg for my egg salad surprise set.

: Y-you can't testify as to her ability to kill an egg! I mean, a person!
: Hmm? Perhaps a chicken salad set would have been a better metaphor?
: So, the defendant was holding a knife. What then?

: Tell the court why you didn't try to stop this crime!
: You did see her raise the knife to strike, no?
: Hmm...
: The defense has a point.
: Unfortunately, by the time I realized what was going on, it was already too late.
: Too late...?

: I... I see.

And loop.

: I-it's only a flesh wound, Mr. Wright! We can make it!
: You said that before. Anything else?
: Scientifically speaking...
: Ms. Starr's testimony... is flawless.
: (Sounds pretty fatal to me.)
: Wh-what do we do!? Is this it? Is my sister guilty!?
: Let's just keep our heads cool and press the witness a bit, shall we? (For some reason, having her panicking next to me makes me calmer...)
: D-don't smile like that!

It's been a while since you've had to...but can you spot the contradiction?

Next time: More lunch.