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Part 72: Case 5 - Rise From the Ashes - Trial (Day 2) - Part 6

Case 5 - Rise From the Ashes
Trial (Day 2) - Part 6

In every other case, a chapter break has meant going to the next cycle of Investigation or Trial. Not so this time! Instead, we're going back into the trial once we finish the recess.

: Um... Mr. Wright?
: Huh? What?
: Are trials... always like this with you?
: Like you're swimming up from the bottom of a lake, about to reach the surface...
: But no matter how hard you paddle you never seem to get there...
: Pretty much. Except today we're swimming in quicksand. So what happened to your sister, anyway?
: Apparently she got called off to the judge's chambers.
: Hmm... Probably something to do with that piece of cloth.
: So! This is where we turn this trial around, right?
: Our only weapon, a tiny, insignificant piece of cloth!
: I'm the one who's starting to feel tiny and insignificant to tell the truth.

: That's what they told me when I was a young'un, at least.
: Officer Marshall!
: Thought I'd come take a look-see at how the trial's going. Looks like I'm late. They've got the place locked down tighter than a fort in enemy territory!
: What is going on over there, anyway? All the police I've seen these last two days have been really on edge.
: Don't you got enough on your plate without worrying about other people, compadre?
: You could be worrying about the chief prosecutor's taste in mufflers, for example.
: Um... Officer Marshall?
: The whole "muffler" thing didn't have anything to do with scarves...
: She wasn't even wearing a scarf!

: You don't say?
: Now don't that just beat all.
: ...?
: I've seen the red breeze blow at her slender neck many a time...

: What!?
: At the awards ceremony that afternoon. Edgeworth's seen it too, I'd reckon.
: (What does that mean!?)

: So, Ms. Starr
: wasn't mistaken...
: Well, it's about time.
: Remember, pardner, sometimes you gotta grab the bull by the horns...

: (Ugh... I have a bad feeling about this.)
: So... what are we swimming in now, Mr. Wright?
: If it's steak sauce, I can hook you up with some fine ribs! Ooh-wee!

: I'd... like to... resume...?
: (What's up? The judge keeps looking over at the prosecution...)

: Is something wrong, Mr. Edgeworth?
: Your face is blue, your lips are purple, you're sweating bullets... That furrowed brow, those grinding teeth, those water eyes... What's more, your eyes are unfocused, you're doubled over, your back is bent...

: It... can't... be!!
: This... can't... happen!
: I wonder what happened to Mr. Edgeworth?

: Well then, I believe it is time we continued on with this trial.
: During our recess I had requested that the prosecution conduct an investigation...
: Th-this is unacceptable!

: Hmm...
: It seems our prosecutor is quite beside himself.
: Ah, er, excuse me. Knock knock?
: ...?
: Who's there?

: (What's with this guy?)

: Hey! The temperature rose 5.7 degrees when that man came in!
: (Who on earth is he...?)

: Ah, it's you...

: Sorry I'm late, Udgey! The roads were packed. It's just me!

: Ah! Hello, hello.
: No, I've been so busy...
: Busy! Busy-smizzy, Udgey, my boy! You have to make time to relax!
: Y-yes, indeed.
: Udgey... seems to be his nickname for the judge...?
: I'm afraid you're right. Very afraid.
: Um... sorry, but... who are you?
: Ah hah! So you're Wrighto! The attorney! I've heard good things about you, son!
: Eh? Uh, th-thanks...?

: You know, we should all go swimming together sometime! Jolly!
: Little...
: Little Worthy...?
: Mr. Wright!

: Chuh...?
: Chief of Police...!?
: He's the top ranking police officer in the entire district!

Just imagine dead silence pretty much every time this happens.

: Name's Gant, Damon Gant. Pleased to meet you, everyone!

: So, uh, to what do we owe this honor today?
: It's been over... two years since you last came to this courtroom, hasn't it?

: Hey! Th-that's...!
: My sister's muffler!
: (So Ms. Starr wasn't just seeing things!)

: On little Worthy's car, no less!

: Wh-what's this!?
: It's what you'd call a switchblade knife.
: Quite perplexing, this.

: Chief!
: What kind of outfit are you running!?
: M-Mr. Edgeworth!
: How could they miss such a vital piece of evidence!?
: If your investigators are this lax, how do you expect us to do our job?
: N-now wait a minute, Worthy!

: I've no desire to hear your excuses!
: I'm telling you to wait!
: Or didn't you hear me?

: ...!

: There's no mistaking that signature...
: Miles Edgeworth?
: Th-that's no fair!
: The day of the crime, I-I had...
: Your head in the clouds because you got that award!
: I know how you feel...
: But you're the person in charge.
: I'll expect a written apology.
: What? Are you serious!?
: Don't be too upset, we'll find a way to clean up this mess... that you made.
: ...!
: This is the first time I've seen Mr. Edgeworth at a loss for words...

: This kind of major blunder is unlike you Mr. Edgeworth.
: Gah...!
: The court accepts this new evidence.
: But, I'd like to ask the defense a favor first.
: Y-yes?
: Just to be sure...

: The b-blade, Your Honor?
: Well, I don't see why not...
: Could you open it up for me, I wonder?
: Yes, well.
: I think all you have to do is push that switch, and...

: If I cut my finger Mr. Wright, I wouldn't be able to pound my gavel anymore.
: (Yeah. But if I cut my finger, I wouldn't be able to point it at people anymore...)
: Come on! Just hurry up and open it!

The game forces us into examining the knife.

: It seems to say "SL-9 2"...
: What does that mean?
: Well... (I've heard something similar... "DL-6" of "DL-6 Incident" fame...)
: But... it's strange.
: Huh? What is?
: I'm not certain... But I get the feeling I've seen this somewhere before! Letters like this... or letters that looked a lot like this... somehow.

: I'm the one who's scared!
: Look at this knife blade... the tip is broken off.
: (And this dark red stain... blood?)

And back to the trial.

: This does not excuse the actions of the Police Department!
: I would like to hear an explanation from the Chief of Police himself!

: I'm terribly sorry, but could I ask you to testify for us?

: There...
: There was a murder at the Police Department!? A detective!?

: That's hush-hush information, Udgey! We haven't exactly announced it yet.

: W-wait a second!
: You said "5:15"...

: Order! Order! Order!
: Anyway, we at the Department were all a-flustered, as you might well assume. We're in the middle of a top-top-secret investigation.
: Don't tell anyone, okay?
: I think we understand the Police Department's situation...
: Well, Mr. Wright?
: (Two detectives killed at the same time in two different places...)
: The chances of that are really slim. Scientifically speaking, of course.
: I'd... like to exercise
: my right to cross-examine the witness.

: Very well... however!
: Keep your questions focused on the case at hand!

Next time: Cross-examination.