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Part 74: Case 5 - Rise From the Ashes - Trial (Day 2) - Part 8

Case 5 - Rise From the Ashes
Trial (Day 2) - Part 8

: If you're going to tell us a little, why not tell us everything?
: Ah, well, case information is sticky stuff. You have to do everything properly.

: Okay...
: how about the gender of the victim!
: You want to know that!? Um... Hmm... Okay, a hint.
: Let's see... first hint! The gender that's NOT female...!
: Ah hah!
: He was a guy!
: What did I tell you! The boy's sharp!
: Stop goofing around, Mr. Wright! This is serious business!
: S-sorry, Your Honor.
: (Hey, tell that to the Chief of Police!)

: Okay, well...
: What division was the victim stationed in?
: Oh? You want to know that, do you? Do you? Ah hah...
: Criminal Affairs, Division 1.
: The detectives responsible for homicide cases.
: (Homicide... that would be the same division as Detective Gumshoe!)

: It's almost like a serial killer was after homicide detectives...
: Except this serial killing happened simultaneously, scientifically speaking.
: Well, I sure hope Detective Gumshoe isn't next on the list...

: Okay... How about you tell me
: the victim's ID number?
: Hmm? Sure, why not. It's not like you'll be able to tell who it is from that!
: Of course not.
: You won't tell me their name, after all.
: We keep a tight lid on ID numbers, so don't go getting your hopes up.
: The number is...
: 5842189.
: Well! That's quite...
: long!
: And we have to remember these! It drives me nuts!
: 8... 2...
: I can't do it.
: (You didn't even get the first number right!)

: Well, Mr. Wright? Does this tell you anything?

: Absolutely nothing, Your Honor.
: Ah... well, yes.
: First of all, it was too long! I've forgotten it already!
: S-sorry!
: I mean, why are you getting mad at me!? I didn't come up with those numbers...
: Hmm... 5842189...

: Actually, it does, Your Honor.
: It does...!
: I think!
: Meaning?

: Well, let's hear what the defense hast to say.
: You say the ID number of the detective who was murdered at the Police Department...

: Witness! ...
: ...
: ...
: ...
: What is it, Mr. Wright!?

: No, I... it's just,
: I got confused...
: And this is news?
: Huh?
: Just come out with both guns blazing...
: like you always do.

: (Two places, two detectives murdered... at one time.)

: Oh hoh!
: Is it yours?
: N-no, Your Honor. I'm a defense attorney... remember?

: Shame on you, Wrighto! Personnel IDs are top secret!
: Detective Goodman's ID number is...
: "5842189."
: ...
: ...
: ...
: And...?
: This means... what, exactly?
: Huh?
: Wait...
: That ID number we heard from the Chief earlier...
: That started with "82..."
: Hmm. I've forgotten.
: (You even got the first number wrong!)
: The number the Chief of Police gave us was...
: 5842189.

: W-wait a second, Wright! What does this...?

: Mean? That's what I want to know!
: The two ID numbers are identical!
: In other words... The detective killed in the Police Department's evidence room was Bruce Goodman!

: What does our witness think about that!?
: ...
: Oh! Ho ho ho, sharp as a tack, Wrighto! Sharp as a tack!
: B-but wait! Detective Goodman is OUR victim!

: Yet, a Detective Bruce Goodman was also killed at the Police Department...

: Th-that's impossible!
: So, what we're saying is...
: The same person was killed at the same time!?

: Order! Order! Order!
: Chief! What does this mean!?

: No... what I want to know is...
: why didn't I hear about this!? Yes, it's top-secret, fine! But I'm the prosecutor in charge of the case!!!
: Now, just wait a second, Worthy. No need to get all flustered.

: Your Honor!
: The Police Department has made a grave error in this case...
: Wait.

: Or didn't you hear me?
: ...!
: The oversight... the grave error...? Mr. Edgeworth...

: They're yours.

: How... how dare...
: We informed you yesterday.
: I believe it was our Officer Meekins who brought you the news?
: O-officer... Meekins?
: Mr. Wright!
: Where have we heard that name before?
: Wait... Ah hah!

: I'm here, sir, at the request of the chief, sir! I've got your report, sir!

: According to Meekins, you didn't accept the report?
: Hard to believe.
: B-but your officer, he told me!
: He said that report had nothing to do with the Lana Skye incident!

: Mr. Edgeworth. The victim's name is written write on top of the report.

Whoops, nice typo, game.

: Wh-why didn't your officer tell me!?

: He did seem... challenged.
: In any case, this is a serious error, a gross negligence of duty on your part, Worthy.

: B-But, sir!!!

: Then, I...

: No such luck this time, Worthy... or should I say, un-Worthy?

: What!?
: Now what was the second rule of evidence law, hmm?
: Well, Mr. Wright?
: Huh? Oh, well, it's, uh...
: Rule 2: New evidence may only be submitted if it concerns the case on trial.
: And how is this relevant!?
: Normally, you submit a list of evidence to be used in court before the trial.

: So...
: What does this mean?
: I couldn't submit this evidence until a connection was proven in court.
: ...!!
: The connection was just proven by Wrighto over here.
: Good job, Wrighto, my boy!
: Huh? Uh... I...
: I was just doing my job.

: No...

: It seems...
: we have come to the end of this trial.
: You are becoming a thorn in my side, Worthy... There've been rumors...
: After all, you were in the defendant's chair just last year...!
: ...!
: I apologize for this terrible lack of due diligence on my part...
: M-Mr. Edgeworth!
: Please... Just give me one day. I'll get to the bottom of what happened...
: If it's the last thing I do!
: You'd better get results this time. Really.
: I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!
: Poor Mr. Edgeworth...

: I don't think there's ever been an error this serious in the history of this court.
: We will grant one further day as the prosecution has requested.
: Will this be sufficient, Mr. Edgeworth.

This case has more typos and grammar issues than any other in this game, really.

: Yes, Your Honor. Thank you.
: Whatever your punishment for this is, for your sake I hope it's not... decisive.

: Very well! Court is adjourned!

Next time: The case only gets weirder from here.htah