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Part 79: Case 5 - Rise From the Ashes - Investigation (Day 2) - Part 5

Case 5 - Rise From the Ashes
Investigation (Day 2) - Part 5

This room has a whole second half to explore!

: What is a saw and paint doing here?
: Since the dawn of time... True art has always been a war against oppression.
: True art...?
: I noticed that there's blue and yellow paint here.

: Well... You might say this is
: my studio...
: (Here? In the evidence room!?)

: Detective Gumshoe, perhaps?
: There you go, pal, making me out to be some kind of hooligan!
: That's apparently from "the" case.
: "The" case?

: I wonder what shape these pieces were in before whatever it was broke?
: You want to try to put it back together?
: Hah! Good luck, pal. That's no job for amateurs.
: Why, I spent a good three hours on that before I had to give up!
: That's why I always carry around a tube of glue!

This is a new kind of puzzle. We have to put the item back together by matching the edges up. We can rotate the broken pieces to try and make them match the jagged edges, and we can swap between pieces to find the ones that match, like this.

Let's skip ahead to the completed puzzle.

: H-huh?
: Well, I think we did it.
: But some of the pieces are missing.
: That only took me two minutes to do!
: The problem is finishing it!
: Were some pieces stolen?
: I bet they were missing to begin with.
: Still...

: I kind of understand how it got broken.

It gets added to evidence.

: Hey, look here! It's hard to make out, but there's a dark red stain here.
: Hmm... Looks like blood.
: Do you think Detective Goodman's blood somehow got on it when he was stabbed?
: Not likely. This blood looks like it's been here for months, maybe longer. (This jar was evidence in the SL-9 Incident... That might be when the blood got on it.)

: Huh? This thing doesn't have a bottom!
: That's weird.
: I wonder which side is "up"?
: Better yet... What's the purpose of a bottomless jar?
: ...
: At least it doesn't collect dust inside, right?

Back to looking around.

: Detective Gumshoe, maybe?
: There you go, pal, making me out to be some kind of absent-minded detective!
: That's evidence from "the" case, you know.
: You mean SL-9? (It does have a tag on it...)

And we add it to the record.

: I guess this is another piece of evidence from that case.
: You know, I never did care for the word, "tag." It's confusing.
: Huh? What's so confusing about that?
: Do you know how many other words sound like it? "Bag," "Gag," "Nag," "Lag," "Xag"...
: "Xag"...? Is that a word?
: Do you challenge me...?
: What, are we playing a word game now?

: Look, this one's open! And there's a indicator tag stuck on it still!

A indicator tag, really?

: That locker is coded with Detective Goodman's fingerprint.
: (Detective Goodman's locker!)
: Are you sure it's okay to leave it open like that?
: Well, it'd be hard to get it open again if we closed it.
: (It's empty... they must have taken the contents elsewhere.)

: Wh-what's this...!? Blood!
: It's a little worn... but there's definitely a handprint here!
: It looks like someone tried to wipe it off.
: Mr. Wright!
: What if there are other bloodstains left in the room!?

And we will, after I catch up on some stuff I forgot to get earlier. First, we can examine the Luminol bottle.

: "Eme Skye" Don't tell me you bring this with you everywhere you go.
: Well, you never know where something might go down!
: (Just what kind of a world do you think we live in...?)

Second, we can present Angel's photo to Gumshoe.

: Anything you can tell us about it?
: That Ms. Starr is quite the lady.
: Why, I remember it was winter... I was 16.
: She was the only one who ever got me to talk about what happened.
: 16... that's how old I am now!
: I wonder what happened?
: (I wonder if Detective Gumshoe wore a trench coat in high school, too.)

Now, the Luminol. It took me a while when I first played this game to figure out how to use it. While examining the scene, you have to open the court record and select the Luminol. While accessed this way, the button that would normally present it instead reads 'Spray.' Hit it and we begin the Luminol...well, minigame, I guess?

: What's the matter, Detective?
: Th-this locker...
: It's mine!
: It's yours?
: Please! You have to help me...
: When they come to take me away... Promise you'll testify that I wouldn't harm a fly!
: You'll do that for me, won't you, pals!?
: (This is an important clue! I'll jot it down on the floor plans...)
: I'm counting on you guys! Believe me, you can't trust the police!
: What? But you're a detective!

: I'm not a professional. What's your opinion, Detective?
: Hmm... Pale blue blood... Maybe Detective Goodman... was actually an alien?
: This proves that something really happened in front of this locker.
: I'll make a note of it on the floor plans.
: Hey! If you didn't want my opinion, you shouldn't have asked!

: There's no reason for the murderer to touch this spot if he fled out the door. (This just might be something significant!)
: Hey...
: That's some pretty amazing stuff you got there, pal!

: It's called "Luminol Testing Fluid"!
: Where'd you get your hands on that!?
: Huh?
: I'd like to get some too!
: I'll just borrow 50 bucks from the Chief!
: Where do you get this, Ema?
: I always buy it by mail order.
: (Well, I'd better jot this down on the floor plans.)

: Was there something you needed to be going to?
: It's just that Mr. Edgeworth's inquiry committee should be letting out soon.

: It might help, you know...
: R-report? You mean the note written on the back of that flyer?
: The one that says nothing but "No problems"!?
: Hey, it's Mr. Edgeworth we're talking about! I'm sure he can use a report like this.
: I believe in him!
: (Who needs enemies when you've got friends like Detective Gumshoe...)
: I'm off, pal! Later!

He leaves.

: (I should probably see what Edgeworth has to say, too.)

Good idea.

: Oh! It's you!
: Have we met somewhere...?
: Huh!?
: Mr. Edgeworth! I beg your leave. So long!

He leaves.

: (Is Edgeworth here...?)
: There, standing by the window, a teacup in his hand!
: Ah, it's you.
: (He has the hotel bring him tea service!?)
: Mr. Edgeworth... you're back from the District Prosecutor's Office inquiry?
: Precisely.
: By the way, Detective Gumshoe was looking for you.

: Really? Was it helpful?
: Apparently, a new French restaurant is opening near here.
: I think he was trying to console me, somehow.
: (Er, I think the report is on the other side, Edgeworth...)
: Poor Mr. Edgeworth... I think this whole thing is really taking a toll on him.

Now we can question Edgeworth a bit.

: So, how did the inquiry committee go?
: Actually, they decided to treat this not as a case of concealing evidence...
: But as a communications error during the investigation.
: "Concealing evidence"...?
: Yes. Apparently, there are some who believe...
: that I concealed evidence. They gave me a warning.
: "You were lucky this time... again."
: "Again"...?
: I've heard them say that so many times.
: Ever since that case two years ago...

: Are you okay for the trial tomorrow?
: Well, I'm still the presiding prosecuting attorney. However...
: Something happened?
: They gave control of the investigation over to the Police Department.
: The Police Department!
: Yes. Any further investigation for this case will be directed by the Chief of Police Gant. I can do nothing but wait for his results...
: I... see.
: Why, I ask you? Why!? All along, I've done only what I believe is right. I have nothing to be ashamed of! But still...
: (Wow, I've never seen him this out of sorts...)

We present the ID entry list.

: Oh, right! I'd better check this now...
: As I was saying, I...

: Edgeworth, you went into the evidence room that day, didn't you? Just before the incident occurred, no less.
: Yes, that's true.

: W-why,
: Mr. Edgeworth?

: The Chief of Police...?

: He told me he wanted me to keep it here in the Prosecutor's Office.
: But... it was solved, right? It would have to be if the evidence was already filed...
: The Chief is never one to explain himself.
: In any case, on the day of the stabbings, I brought this back here.
: Can I ask what kind of case it was?
: I... can't say.
: It really has nothing to do with the current case.
: (Now I'm curious about this other case. I'd better make a note of it.)

: What's that got to do with anything?
: Nothing, apparently. At least, that's what Edgeworth said.
: Hm. That makes it seem all the more suspicious.
: Who knows? This might turn out to be the clue that breaks the case!
: Wouldn't that be nice...

: Stubborn as always. I told you this has nothing to do with the current case.

If we present the switchblade (or, I am fairly sure, any SL-9 evidence)...

: ...
: I know you. You've probably got a hold of some information already, right?
: It all has to do with that case you were on... the SL-9 Incident. And some "dark suspicion" you were wrapped up in.
: You were the man who revived the worst memory of my life, as I recall.
: I figured I'd be telling you about this sooner or later.

: Okay, Edgeworth. Why don't you tell me about it. Tell me the truth.

: The SL-9 Incident was a heinous serial killing case. The head of investigation was the Deputy Chief of Police at the time...

: (That wacky old coot was involved in the case two years ago too then...)
: He was the best we had, and it was my first time working with him... I was nervous.
: Wow, you get nervous, too, Mr. Edgeworth?
: (What I want to know is why was a Deputy Chief of Police on the investigation?)
: In truth, I used slightly more... extreme methods than normal. We were dealing with a vicious murderer. If I let him go, the blood would be on my hands.
: We won our guilty verdict, and the killer was executed.
: Wait, you didn't...
: Of course not!
: I didn't touch the evidence.
: Yes, I will do anything in my power to win a trial. However...
: I do have a code, and I follow it faithfully.
: By the way, Ema.
: The Chief Prosecutor wanted to know something...
: M-my sister? What?
: You still working on that
: scientific investigation?
: Huh? Y-yes! Of course!

: Luminol testing fluid... Hm?

: Aluminum powder for taking fingerprints!
: It's been chemically treated for better adhesion.
: F-for me? Are you sure?
: We are the "enemy" you know.
: I've no say in today's investigation... do as you will.
: Edgeworth... I'm really--
: No need to thank me.
: Here, take your powder and these fingerprint files for everyone involved.
: I, uh, th-thanks! (How about giving these to Detective Gumshoe as well!?)
: Well, let's get going!
: One last investigation!
: Right! (I do seem to remember seeing a suspicious handprint somewhere...)

Next time: The science of deduction.