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Part 80: Case 5 - Rise From the Ashes - Investigation (Day 2) - Part 6

Case 5 - Rise From the Ashes
Investigation (Day 2) - Part 6

We're starting off heading back to the evidence room with our new toy.

: (Our investigation turned up a suspicious handprint.)
: Here, in this blood on the detective's evidence locker.

: A finger...?
: Each finger leaves behind a slightly different imprint.
: So let's choose the finger that will have left behind the clearest print!
: I really can't tell the difference at a glance...
: Quit procrastinating and choose a finger!

Selecting it brings us to the next new minigame.

: Let me show you how it's done.
: (Ema's starting to get that sparkle in her eyes...)
: First, we sprinkle the aluminum powder around.
: Huh? How do you do that?

: Ah... it looks like that did the trick.
: The aluminum powder adheres completely to the print.
: Once the powder is well spread...
: just blow away the excess.
: Huh? How do I do that?
: You just blow. With your breath.

: Wow... that looks like fun! (It might take some getting used to though...)
: It's fine! It won't go up your nose or anything.
: You just pour the powder on thick, and blow away the extra!
: Those are the basics of fingerprinting, Mr. Wright!
: (I guess I'd better give it a try...)

So yeah, drop powder, then blow into the microphone.

: But... this looks nothing like a fingerprint.
: Hmm... Now that you mention it, I guess it doesn't...
: What does it mean?
: It think it means...

: we're out of luck.
: Out of luck...?
: The person who left this handprint must have worn gloves.
: ... Don't tell me we've been wasting our time here!
: Hey, calm down. That's just the way it goes sometimes with scientific investigations.
: But... it does seem a shame.
: While we're at it, why don't we look for other prints?
: Other prints...?
: Looking at the locker door again closely...

: Let's see if we can find a clear print!
: (Hmm... fingerprints outside the blood...)

: D-dazzling...?
: Anyway, this print took a lot of effort to find.
: Let's match it up right away!
: So we're not done yet? This is quite a process...
: Well, there's no point in finding a fingerprint...
: and not knowing who the owner is, right?
: (I guess she's right...)
: Look at the fingerprint data we got from Mr. Edgeworth...
: and point out the person you think left these prints!
: Huh? How am I supposed to know who it was?
: I could make a pretty good guess.
: The bloody handprint and the fingerprints are in different places right?
: That means that the prints probably don't have anything to do with our case.
: So, whose fingerprints would we most likely find on this evidence locker?

: ...
: Something wrong, Mr. Wright?
: You gave me this "so what?" look.
: I guess that's probably because I was thinking "so what?"
: Okay, so we came up with nothing this time, but there's always next time!
: Sometimes you hit, sometimes you miss!
: You gotta roll with the punches, Mr. Wright!
: Thanks for the sympathy. (Wait... If I remember correctly... there was one other handprint in this room. Let's check it out!)

There is indeed.

: This is where we got a luminol fluid reaction, right?
: Right!
: There was a handprint here!

: Okay, let's check for prints!
: That's the spirit!
: Oh! But I have to warn you about something first.
: What?
: The area with the blood was wiped away, right?

: Any prints in that area will have been wiped away too.
: Oh... right. So... that means no prints.
: Would you say that the probability of your hypothesis is
: high?
: D-don't ask me!
: Anyway...
: We must try to find prints that weren't wiped away.
: (Prints other than the ones left by the bloody hand...)

: Whgose are they? Whose!? Is it someone I know?

: It's Officer Marshall!!!
: Huh? O-Officer Jake Marshall!?

The fingerprints are added to our evidence, but I forgot to check them.

: Th-that's got to be a coincidence!
: He's not involved in the crime!
: Ema. This are decidedly different from Detective Gumshoe's prints.

...this are?

: ...!
: The luminol reaction. The blood and the fingerprints are in the same place.
: Oh... Oh!!!

: But why would Officer Marshall...
: It looks like our investigation is finally turning up some results!
: ...!
: I guess this is what you'd call "decisive evidence"!
: I... I don't believe it!

Next time: The long-awaited return to court!