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Part 81: Case 5 - Rise From the Ashes - Trial (Day 3) - Part 1

Case 5 - Rise From the Ashes
Trial (Day 3) - Part 1

: So, what do you think, Mr. Wright?
: I think the prosecution is as confused as we are. After all...

: and a different suspect was arrested at the other crime scene.
: Lana!
: Good morning, Mr. Wright. I apologize for yesterday. I was... indisposed.
: I hope they didn't hold you too long for questioning.
: We just finished, actually. I'm used to all-nighters, though.
: So, how'd it go?
: It's as Mr. Wright suspects. The police are clueless.
: I figured as much,
: so I struck a plea bargain.
: A plea bargain? What do you mean by that?
: We agreed that if I told them the truth behind this "simultaneous murder," they wouldn't seek capital punishment.
: That's what I mean, Ema.
: But Lana!
: Don't tell me you...
: Much to my regret,
: I'm as much in the dark about this as they are.
: Ms. Skye.
: Hmm?
: We discovered traces left by a certain person in the Police Department's evidence room. They belonged to Officer Jake Marshall.
: You found Officer Marshall's... traces?
: Blood-stained fingerprints, to be exact.
: !
: That's the trump card I have up my sleeve today. You do understand what this means, don't you?
: In order to defend my sister, you're going to accuse Mr. Marshall?
: We have to play the cards we're dealt. Isn't that right, Ms. Skye?
: ...
: Do what you have to do, Mr. Wright.

: Court is now in session for the trial of Ms. Lana Skye.
: The defense is ready, Your Honor.
: The prosecution is...
: Hmph.
: ...
: Hmph?
: I'm afraid you'll have to clarify.
: It takes 30 minutes by car to reach criminal affairs from the Prosecutor's Office.

: But that's not physically possible, is it?
: What's more, I hear the victim from the evidence room just "disappeared"!
: Yes, and the body eventually reappeared in the trunk of Mr. Edgeworth's car.
: (Wow... this is one messed up trial...)
: One of my duties as prosecutor is to present impartial evidence.
: Today I will present evidence relating to the murder at the Police Department.
: In so doing, I believe the way in which we should proceed will reveal itself.
: Now that's what sets Mr. Edgeworth apart. He sounds so on top of things...
: even thought he doesn't know what's going on himself!
: And that's supposed to be an admirable trait?

: Very well, let the trial resume. On the day of the crime, what exactly transpired at the Police Department?
: Mr. Edgeworth, you may call your first witness of the day to the stand.
: For its first witness, the prosecution calls...
: the suspect of the murder that occurred at the Police Department!
: The suspect!? You mean, the so-called
: murderer!?

: (Hoo boy.)

: Will the witness please state his name and occupation.

: Yes, sir! I am Officer Mike Meekins, sir! My occupation is, um...
: that would be murderer, sir!
: ...
: ...
: ...
: Er...
: So you're telling us you're a "professional killer"...

: Sir. It was me, sir! I'm the one who did it! I'll never kill anyone again, sir!
: You've got to believe me, sir!
: Uh... Actually, what we'd like to hear from you is...
: Sir! I'm what you would call part of the "younger generation," sir!
: A person whose actions adults can't possibly comprehend!
: Please, Mr. Edgeworth, sir! Help me, sir!

: Officer Meekins.
: Y-yes, sir!
: Give us your report of the crime.
: Consider that an order.

: Yes, sir! As you wish! After all, I am a part of a generation that must be told what to do, sir!
: You can't fault him for a lack of enthusiasm.

: Hmm. So the victim,
: Detective Goodman,
: attacked you?
: "Do unto others before they do unto you"!
: That's the Meekins family motto, sir!
: I see. Then you fainted, and a colleague helped you regain consciousness.

: Yes, sir! He knocked me upside the head, sir!

: Very well. The defense may begin its cross-examination.
: (What I need here is)
: (more info to work with!)

: Mr. Meekins. You work in the General Affairs Department, do you not?
: Yes, sir!
: I am in charge of hiring new recruits, sir!
: (Yikes! Now there's a scary thought.)
: Evidence transferal was taking place on the day of the crime, which meant many officers were given special tasks not ordinarily performed.
: I was in charge of guarding the Blue Badger, sir!
: The Blue Badger?

: Yes, sir. The lovely police mascot created by the Head Detective, sir!

: That was my sole mission for the day, sir!

: I see. Sound like a very... uh, important mission.
: After the award ceremony finished that day, there were so many people running around

: that I relocated the Blue Badger to the evidence room!

: Oh... So that's why you went to the evidence room.
: Tell us... what did you see when you got there?

: In order to enter the evidence room...

: Precisely, sir! I have one right here around my neck!

: There it is! I found it!
: This is the one right here.
: Could you please read us the number?

: Yes, sir! It's "4989596." That's my number, sir!
: I see... Huh?
: But the number 4989596...

: Please explain, witness.
: It's n-no real mystery, sir!

: and the second time is when I went to go get him after everything settled down.
: I see.
: So it was during that second time when?
: Yes, sir! That was when I spotted the man on the security screen!

And our ID record is updated.

: So you were attacked... Can you please tell us exactly what happened to you?
: It was a knife, sir! A knife!
: Detective Goodman pulled a knife on you?
: What happened then?

: (You aren't exactly the kind of person someone would want to run into...)
: That's when I reacted, sir!

: I swung my arms like an octopus, struggling to detain him! That's how I got this gash on my hand.
: Maybe if you'd just kept your cool your hand wouldn't be...
: When I saw the blood trickling down my arm, I panicked!
: I grabbed the man by his collar!

: What exactly do you mean when you say you, "did it"?
: I know I don't look like the type, but I'm really into kung fu films, sir! The man let his guard down for just an instant,
: so I snatched his knife from him!
: You took his knife?
: I spun him around and performed a disarming maneuver! I made sure to close my eyes like a man!
: I, uh, see... (He must have been desperate.)
: The next thing I knew, his white coat was drenched in a sea of my blood, and then... Then, the next thing I knew...
: Yes?
: He punched me right in my face, sir!

: About what time did you regain consciousness?

: No offense, sir, but how am I supposed to know that? I was unconscious!
: Oh... right.
: According to the report from the officer that woke up the witness, it was about 5:30.

: I woke up crying tears of pain!
: That's nice...
: Er, I mean... it's nice that you recovered, that is...
: When I came around though, I made sure to finish my mission, sir!
: Your "mission"...?
: Yes, sir! The Blue Badger, sir!

: (Well, we can all rest easy now...)

: I believe we now have a fairly accurate picture of what happened.
: Yes, Your Honor. Only one thing remains unclear.

: (He's got a point...)
: Um...
: Yes, Officer Meekins?
: With regard to that, sir...

: Chief Gant delivered it to me just this morning sir!
: The Chief?
: Delivered it...?

: Yes, sir! That's absolutely right, sir! A videotape, sir!
: It contains footage from the security camera in the evidence room.

: What!? But I specifically asked if there was such a tape,
: and was told it had been mistakenly erased!
: That's quite a mistake.
: I just do what I'm told, sir. It's the only thing I'm really good at.
: (Looks like communication with the Police Department is as good as ever...)

: Well then, let's have a look! Show us the video of you murdering the victim!
: Oh... Please stop using that word, "murder," sir! It scares me!
: (A video of a real murder... Just what are we getting ourselves into...?)

Next time: A video of a real murder...