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Part 82: Case 5 - Rise From the Ashes - Trial (Day 3) - Part 2

Case 5 - Rise From the Ashes
Trial (Day 3) - Part 2

You're going to want to watch this video. It's too long for a gif and totally wordless.

: ...
: ...
: ...
: Well, I believe we're all thinking the same thing.
: How can we deal with these unsettling feeling stirred within us...?

: What the hell was that wriggling piece of plywood!?

: Sir! That is the pride and joy of the entire Criminal Affairs Department, sir!
: It's the Blue Badger, sir!
: (Why am I not suprised this isn't going smoothly?)

And the prints, while we're in here.

: Yes, well anyway...
: this tape seems to prove that the witness did indeed encounter... er, "someone"
: in the evidence room, and some sort of... er, "activity" did take place...

: Your Honor... instead of relying on clearly incomplete footage,
: the witness's testimony will suffice.
: Is that alright with you, Officer Meekins?
: Yes, sir! As you wish, sir!

: What's this about a fingerprint?
: Each detective has been given a locker, equipped with a fingerprint-activated lock. These locks ensure that each locker can only be opened by the detective it belongs to.
: Intriguing...
: That would mean...
: the victim at the crime scene would have to have been Detective Goodman.
: Very well! The defense may begin its cross-examination!
: (I don't know where this cross-examination will lead,)
: (but everything begins with contradictions. That's where I have to start!)

: Tell me, were you able to get a good look at him?
: At the face of the man who attacked you with a knife?
: S-sir! If you must label people as having "seen" or "not seen" the man's face... I believe I would be classified as... the latter?
: The latter? But you were standing right in front of him, were you not?
: More to the point, you are the person who fought him, aren't you?
: Oh, yes sir! But... I didn't get a clear look at his face, sir. I'm not the kind of guy who looks directly at people when talking with them, you see...
: (Yeah, that's a good trait for a police officer...)
: Still, I'm sure it was him! I'd bet my badge on it!

: But you don't know that for sure, do you?

: Well... I suppose you might say that. That is, if you must label people as having "seen" or "not seen" it.
: Since his face can't be identified in the video, only you can verify it.
: ! W-w-why is everyone l-looking at me? If I had to label your stares as "disturbing" or...

: Meekins!

: Having been shown a questionable video at best, we are not in the best of moods.
: Now please be more certain when you testify!
: Y-y-yes, sir!

: Tell us why you are positive it was him!

: About thesel ockers... Is there no other way to open them?
: No, sir! I myself tried all kinds of methods in the past!
: They only respond to registered fingerprints, sir!
: (I wonder what kind of methods he's tried...?)
: If the man opened the locker's lock, which only responds to its registered fingerprints,
: then he must be the person the locker was assigned to.
: Exactly my point, sir! And this too!

: How do you know that information?
: I've heard rumors, sir! From people in the know, sir!
: "People in the know"?
: The workers in the department cafeteria, sir! They keep me informed!

: They also listen to my... romantic troubles, sir!
: ...
: For the record... the opened locker did indeed belong to Detective Goodman.
: I verified this information through a more... reliable source.
: Hmm...
: So the victim opened the locker with his own fingerprint.

: S-sir!
: If I may say something, sir!
: Please do. After all, you are the one being examined.
: I don't understand why the man's face is so important in this case, sir! I mean, it was his hand that opened the fingerprint lock...
: and it was his hand that tried to thrust his knife into my body, sir!

: Yes, you have a point.
: The footage doesn't lie.
: That is...

: Mr. Wright! Let's check the Court Record again!

: The tape was provided by the Police Department, so there's no problem with it.
: I admire your trust in the Police Department
: Mr. Wright.
: But if you ask me, I think there's a problem with what's shown on the tape...
: rather than with the actual tape itself.

: (This all sounds true enough, but the victim's body was found at the Prosecutor's Office.)
: (There has to be a mistake somewhere...)

: Here, you can use the player to watch it as much as you'd like.
: The security video... (Maybe I should take another look at the footage...)

And loop. But what if there is a problem with the video?

: there is one thing in particular that seems rather strange.
: Strange?
: This contradiction leads to the possibility that...

: the man may not be Detective Goodman.

: What? This video contains such a contradiction?

: Interesting... Your Honor, I have a proposal.
: Yes, Mr. Edgeworth?
: I propse we have the defense...
: point out to us this alleged "contradiction" in the video.
: (He would want me to point it out...)

: Very well, proposal accepted. Let us further inspect this piece of evidence.

: I will now play the security tape.
: Mr. Wright. Please show us this contradiction you speak of.
: (I have to point out a problem in the video?)
: (This is the first time I've ever had to do that.)
: You can do it, Mr. Wright!
: It's set up so you can Fast Forward, Rewind or Pause the video. Just take a good look and be sure to point out the right thing!

: Please don't play it too many times. I-I can't stand watching this video!
: (How did this guy ever become a police officer?)
: Now then, Mr. Wright. Please enlighten us!

We can select anywhere on the video, and as noted, we can advance or reverse it to any frame we want. If we pick just a random spot, like, oh, here...

: The thing that's strange about this video...
: would have to be... uh, this?
: ...
: Hold on a second. I need to use my eye drops.
: ...
: Well, I don't get it.
: ...
: Um, would you mind if I borrowed your eye medicine?
: Don't look at me with those bleary eyes!
: Before your eyes get too teary, perhaps you should think this through again, hmm?

So, back to the video. You know, that falling thing early on is kind of weird...

: The thing that's strange about this video...
: has got to be this!
: Hmm... Yes, that is strange.
: Something certainly seems unnatural about that.
: What could it mean?

: Sorry to interrupt, Mr. Wright...
: but you seem to have forgotten the point of this exercise.
: The point...?
: What you are looking for is one thing and one thing only:
: Something that indicates the man may not be Detective Goodman.
: Oh, yeah.

: Whew... I almost walked right into the defense's trap!

: I'll place him under arrest, sir!
: (Rats... I need to slow down and tackle these things one piece at a time.)

So, back to the video. Something's still funny early on...

: The thing that's strange about this video...
: has got to be this! Officer Meekins.

: Sir! D-do you mean me, sir?

: A-according to my very limited experience, that's the way I understand it, sir!

: If so, then something is seriously wrong with this picture!

: Let's rewind to a little earlier...

: What's this!? It's... already lit!

: Precisely my point, Your Honor.

: Order! Order!
: What's the meaning of this!?
: It's very simple, Your Honor.

: But the locker locks are controlled by an electronic system. When a door is shut, a sensor is triggered...
: and the locker is automatically locked!
: Oh, I know! It must have broken down!
: Of course, I'm not an expert in this...
: That's not likely, Your Honor. The sensor would detect and report any malfunction.
: Oh well. It just goes to show novices should keep their mouths shut.
: So then, Mr. Wright. Do you have an explanation?
: Me, Your Honor?
: Yes. Why wasn't the locker locked?
: Me, Your Honor?
: ...
: Yes, well. You see... This isn't exactly my field...
: What do you think, Miss "Scientific Investigator"?
: Huh? Oh, um...
: Maybe something, like, jammed the electronic system?
: (Something... jammed the sensor? Say...)

: Yeah, I thought so too!
: There's got to be another clue somewhere in this footage!

: Very well. Let's inspect the video once more. The locker wasn't locked...
: Mr. Wright. Please point out the cause for this!

Next time: Understanding.