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Part 83: Case 5 - Rise From the Ashes - Trial (Day 3) - Part 3

Case 5 - Rise From the Ashes
Trial (Day 3) - Part 3

: Please watch closely.
: This is the continuation of the part I showed you earlier.

: Something white fell out of the locker!

: But sir!
: It's been my experience that things fall out when doors are opened!
: I often fall out and roll great distances when I open my car door, sir!

: We can't be sure
: that item was in the locker to begin with.
: What do you mean?
: The sensor triggers the lock when the door is shut... What if something was inserted, say,
: between the sensor and the door?
: In... Inserted...?

: It was stuck between the door and the sensor!

: Oh, I understand now, sir! It's just like my tie!
: Two out of three times it gets stuck in the door when I get out of my patrol vehicle, sir! Instead of the door closing, My tie chokes me!

Oh, capitalization errors...

: But the object would have to be extremely thin to fit in the door.
: Not only that, it would also have to block electrical currents...
: It would need to be an insulator.
: Yes, an insulator!
: But at the crime scene...
: there just might have been something that fits the description.

Capitalization errors!

: But s-sir!
: By "insulator," you don't mean...
: (I think I've finally got this figured out.)

: Very well! Will the defense please present the relevant evidence!

Can you guess?

: But we can't be sure that was in the victim's locker.
: It has a tag that says, "SL-9 Incident."
: !
: The video seems to depict the victim opening the locker,

: On the day of the crime, even I could have opened that locker!

: Sir...

: Order! Order! Order!

: witness stabbed in the evidence room... was not Detective Goodman?

: Do not be misled, Your Honor.
: What do you mean, Mr. Edgeworth?
: The defense has merely demonstrated that possibility, and nothing more.
: The "victim" in the video was indeed Bruce Goodman.
: The prosecution will offer one more testimony to prove this!
: What!?
: Officer Meekins,
: please testify about this.
: Sir! M-me, sir!?
: I'm not sure what you're referring too, sir...

...too, really?

: ...

: O-oh! You mean that, sir! Of course, sir!
: (Is this a joke...?)

: Very well, begin your testimony!

: An ID card record. I see...

: Just before the crime, hmm?
: Yes, without a doubt this is the victim's ID! However,
: one thing does strike me as unusual...
: Several hundred cases should have been due for transferal.

: This particular evidence room is only used for storing certain special cases.
: "Special" cases...?
: Extremely violent cases involving police staff.
: Just hearing that makes
: my hair stand on end!
: (Me too, althought it doesn't make much of a difference...)
: There were only a few cases up for transferal there, and most were cleared up by noon.

: Right... I see. Now, Let us move on to the cross-examination.

This part's just full of those, huh?

: So, unlike your earlier testimony, you believe this to be rock solid, do you?
: Yes, sir! Solid as stone, sir! If my hand wasn't wrapped in bandages...
: I'd even give you the 'V fo Victory' sign, sir!
: Couldn't he just use his right hand for that...?
: Let's hear him out.
: The witness can't afford to make any more mistakes.

: Is that card hanging from your neck one of these ID cards?
: Yes, sir! This card right next to my cuffs, sir!
: I keep it here so I won't ever forget it!
: But what if someone were to steal it from you, keeping it out in the open like that?
: ...
: Maybe I shouldn't wear it around my neck... Remember when I said two out of three times my tie gets stuck in my car door when I
: get out? Well, the remaining time my ID card gets stuck. Instead of the door closing, My ID card chokes me!

...again? Really?

: (Maybe I should just leave this one alone...)
: At any rate, each police officer has only one ID card.
: Both the Police Department and the Prosecutor's Office can attest to this.

: Please proceed with your testimony.

: Let me see... yes, that would be it.
: Detective Goodman...
: ? (What's the matter?)
: A-according to this...

: So it is, Your Honor.

: (You've got the wrong color, kid.)

: It would seem...
: the inquiry committee will want to speak with you again today.
: I have nothing to be ashamed of regarding my actions, or their consequences.
: For now, let us continue with the cross-examination.
: Poor Mr. Edgeworth...
: It must be so difficult for him...

: Earlier I believe you testified that when you asked the man to show his ID card,

: Yes, sir! He didn't show me any ID card, sir!
: Don't you think that's odd? I mean, if he had his ID card,
: all he had to do was show it to you.
: There wouldn't be any reason to draw a knife!
: ...

: M-maybe he just panicked?
: (Everything stems from contradictions. Let's point them out...)

And loop.

: Mr. Wright! What do you think?
: I'm... confused.
: What?
: (The problem with this ID card testimony is far too obvious.)

: You're thinking too hard about it. Come on, let's show them what we've got!

Can you spot it?

: Wait one moment, Officer Meekins.
: I-I'm not good at waiting, sir!

: I found it at the crime scene.
: That makes sense.

: When I say, "crime scene,"
: I'm not referring to the evidence room at the Police Department. I mean the "other" crime scene...
: The underground parking lot at the Prosecutor's Officer!

: ...
: Your Honor...
: I have one more piece of evidence to present.

: A... Lost Item Report?
: It's only half completed,
: but it shows that Detective Goodman had lost "something" on the day of the crime.

Yes, they really do switch who's talked mid-sentence.

: Something important enough to fill out this report.

: I can't say for sure...
: but there is a high probability!

: Order! Order! So now...
: what does this all mean?
: It can only mean one thing.
: It doesn't require much thought!

: Order! Order! Order!
: Does the prosecution have a response?
: ... I have only one thing to say
: to the defense.
: ...?
: Bravo, Mr. Wright.
: B-bravo...?

Next time: Oops.