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Part 88: Case 5 - Rise From the Ashes - Trial (Day 3) - Part 8

Case 5 - Rise From the Ashes
Trial (Day 3) - Part 8

: What about that piece of plywood?
: The Blue Badger!
: Mascot of the police force!
: Defender of truth, guardian of proof!
: Explain yourself, Mr. Wright.

: So?
: So watch what happens when we put him in.

: Well...?
: Well... what?

: That's right. So long as the Blue Badger is dancing here...

: So that means...
: Uh... just exactly what does that mean!?
: It means it can't be done!
: What are you saying? Blood traces were undeniably found on that locker!
: Don't look at me, I didn't put it there!
: Mr. Wright! Think it through scientifically!
: Ema!
: On that afternoon...

: ...! So that must mean this blood mark... was left there before the Blue Badger was brought in...?
: Just one moment! I will not allow such farfetched balderdash in my courtroom!
: It may sound farfetched, Your Honor...
: but it's the only possible explanation! On February 21st... in the Police Department's evidence room...

: blood was spilled not once, but twice!

: B-but how...!
: One time was captured on this tape, taken by the security camera.

: The problem is... the "other" time.
: Someone bled prior to the struggle shown on this tape.

: It had to have been...

: That's ridiculous! I refute you!

: The murder portrayed in the security tape has been proven to be a fake.
: However!

: So then... assuming this "murder" you purport really happened.
: When did it take place!?
: I demand you show evidence that proves it occurred!
: (When did the first incident occur...)

: To surmise, the defense claims that...

I think you might mean summarize, Judge.

: Goodman, another "incident" took place in that evidence room.
: The blood mark on the locker proves this.
: Very well. Then tell us...
: When did this "first" incident occur?
: Proof must be presented.
: (Proof that shows when the murder took place...)
: (There's only one piece of evidence that can show that!)
: Now then. Will the defense please present its evidence?

: If the crime took place inside the evidence room, then the perpetrator would had to have

: An ID card...
: Oh!
: The ID Card Record!

: Let's see here... 4:50 PM. If the crime took place before that time, then it would be... 4:40 PM... Ah!
: AAAAAAAHHH! M-M-M-M-M-M-M-Miles Edgeworth!
: Just what have you done!?

: I never figured you had nerve, boy.
: Put off the act, witness.
: It doesn't take a lot of thought to figure out it couldn't have been me.
: Hmm...
: Nope, I ain't gettin' it...
: Hmm...
: I'm afraid I don't understand either.
: It's clear from the luminol test that blood was there. However, when the "second" crime took place...

: That means...
: the blood from the first crime was wiped away...
: by the real murderer.
: I would have had just ten minutes to murder the victim, carry his body away,

: That would mean...
: the crime must have taken place before Mr. Edgeworth entered the evidence room.
: Let's look at the chart again.
: There's only one other card number remaining: "7777777"!
: Talk about a lucky number...
: But wait...
: That doesn't make sense!
: How could Officer Goodman have entered the evidence room?
: Since there's no record of his card being used beforehand...
: he must have entered along with the real murderer.

: That's the only plausible explanation.
: He went in with "7777777"!

: Mr. Edgeworth!
: Please look into this ASAP!
: Find out whose ID number is "sevensevensevensevensevensevensevenseven"!
: That's one "seven" too many, Your Honor. Unfortunately...
: I'm unable to look up the owner of that ID card. At least, at present.
: What!?
: Explain yourself, son.
: The ID number "7777777" belongs to someone with a rank of Captain or higher... Someone who is a so-called "executive officer." We don't ahave the authority to inquire into such a person's identity.

: But that's ridiculous! Just how...
: I'm not finished talking, Mr. Wright.
: There is one situation in which we can be granted such authority.
: If an official charge filed against an executive is accepted.
: An "official charge"...
: You're all alike, aren't you? With your "cover-ups" and your "forgeries"...
: That's how the Prosecutor's Office operates!

: I take pride in my work, Officer Marshall.
: I would appreciate it if you would keep your slander to yourself.
: "Slander," is it? Okay.
: Let me ask a question.
: Yes?
: No, not to you. To her, the defendant sitting over there.
: Your own little "executive."
: (L-Lana?)

: Don't be stupid. She's been charged with murder.

: Don't play me for a fool, pardner.
: That's not what I want to ask. All I want to know is one thing... about the incident.
: The SL-9 Incident?
: Answer me this, Chief Prosecutor! In that trial two years ago...
: Did you really only use legitimate evidence!?

: Do you need the witness to repeat his question, Chief Prosecutor?
: I heard him fine, Mr. Edgeworth.
: Two years ago... I was in charge of the prosecution for that trial.
: At the time, we...
: Occasionally... we felt the powerlessness of the law.

: At least... I did.
: ...!
: L-Lana...
: I became a prosecutor in order to suppress crime with the law. But before I realized it,
: we were the ones being suppressed by the law.
: Defendant!
: Just what are you saying!?
: I'll ask you again, Chief Prosecutor. During that trial two years ago... did you really present all the evidence in court?
: Can you look me, an investigator in that crime, in the eye and say that you did?
: Chief Prosecutor! You didn't...
: ...
: I don't have to, Officer Marshall.
: !
: Why don't you answer him!?
: Drastic crimes require drastic measures...

: But Lana!
: Even if it involved "forging" evidence.

: See? That's what I'm talking about.

the chaos in the courtroom could not be quelled. The conclusion of the trial... would have to wait until the following day...

Next time: Well, shit.