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Part 89: Case 5 - Rise From the Ashes - Investigation (Day 3) - Part 1

Case 5 - Rise From the Ashes
Investigation (Day 3) - Part 1

: I'm so sorry, Mr. Wright. I'm so sorry for what my sister said...

: That's just the way it is. We did what we had to...
: in order for him to get the verdict he deserved.

: I never knew that the "SL-9 Incident" was just another name for...
: the "Joe Darke Killings."
: (Sounds like everyone's heard about these killings but me...)
: Lana wanted Darke convicted so badly! That's why she used me...
: That's why she used what happened to me.
: What do you mean, "what happened" to you?

: Joe Darke's last victim was Prosecutor Neil Marshall.

: he left behind an incriminating piece of evidence.
: But what did you have to do with those killings, Ema?

: What? He tried to kill you!?

: So that means you...
: Yes.

: I was a witness in the Joe Darke trial.
: (I didn't see that one coming!)

Now we can start asking Ema some questions.

: It happened two years ago... it was right about this time of the year, too. There was a terrible thunder storm that day... Unusual for the season.
: I was alone in my sister's office. We were planning to eat dinner together once she finished her work.

: Joe Darke...
: It seemed like he was running from someone. He pulled out a knife and screamed at me. I didn't know what what was going on.
: Just then, Prosecutor Marshall showed up.

: Joe Darke tried to take me hostage,
: but before he could... Mr. Marshall tackled him.
: Then...
: What happened?
: I-I'll never forget it!

: a bolt of lightning flashed outside the window, lighting up the office for an instant. What I saw burned a permanent picture in my mind.
: I... I can still see it now...
: (A permanent picture...?)

: I don't remember the moment when Darke stabbed Marshall.
: So you weren't able to testify about that?
: No, I was only asked about when I was attacked. That must be why Lana...
: why she "made up" the crime.
: Made it up? You mean, provided bogus evidence?
: The Prosecutor's Office wanted that guilty verdict so badly.
: Lana forged the evidence, and Mr. Edgeworth used it...
: Edgeworth!?
: Yes.
: But I'm sure he didn't know anything about it!
: He couldn't have known he was being given false evidence. Even so...
: that's when it all started. The rumors about Mr. Edgeworth, I mean.
: It's all my fault... If I could have just testified properly, none of this would have happened!
: (So it's true. Even though he may not have known it... Edgeworth really was involved in falsifying evidence!)
: After that case ended, Lana was never the same. She became cold, like she is today.
: (She must not have been able to face up to what she did... Especially not to Ema.)

: What did you see in the instant that crime occurred?
: ...

: (Neil Marshall was stabbed right in front of this poor girl!)

: Poor Ema... You've been through so much.

: I drew a picture, but it wasn't any good.
: Two years ago... You must have been 14. That's understandable.
: Once it was all over... I made up my mind. I decided that when I grew up, I'd become a scientific investigator.
: I want to be able to fight crime with my testimonies! And find the evidence to make an airtight case...
: That way, Lana would never have to forge any.
: I see... (I think I'm finally starting to understand what makes Ema tick. But there's still something that bothers me about that crime.)

: There's something that's puzzling me, Ema.
: What is it?
: You said you were in Lana's office at that time, right?
: That's right.
: Why then would a serial killer come running in there?

: Oh, there's no mystery there.

: Taken in for questioning? You mean by the police?
: Of course. This happened at the Police Department. He tried to run away halfway through the interview, and fled into my sister's office.
: But why did he run all the way over to your sister's office?
: Because the detective offices and the questioning room are right across from the elevator.
: ... Across from the elevator? But Lana was the Chief Prosecutor, wasn't she?
: No, silly!
: Didn't I tell you? Two years ago...
: Lana was a detective. She was the best in the entire force!
: Whaaaat!? (That's news to me!)
: After the Joe Darke case, she was transferred to the Prosecutor's Office and made Chief Prosecutor.
: (Lana used to be... a detective? I'd better have another talk with her!)

We can present the case file to Ema now, too.

: What was it labeled, again? The "SL-9 Incident"?
: Yes. The name of everyone connected to this trial is listed in here. All that's left... is to figure out just what role everyone plays in this case. If we search hard enough, I think we'll find our answers. (What exactly did, or didn't, Lana do?)
: I'm not sure I want to know everything...

Now, it's off to see Lana.

: Mr. Wright. It seems I keep causing you trouble.
: Falsifying evidence... I didn't think you were the type.
: Criminals don't mind playing foul, why should we?
: But Lana! If you're wrong...
: an innocent person might be found guilty!
: Believe me...
: I understand the risks.
: Lana. Ema told me about you.
: Oh?
: About how you were a detective two years ago, and how the SL-9 Incident was the reason for your transfer to the Prosecutor's Office.
: That's right.
: Could you fill me in on the details? Especially about that unusual change of jobs.
: ...
: I suppose you have a right to know, Mr. Wright.

: A lot of revelations were uncovered at the trial today, not the least of which was the fact that this case is largely connected to another one, two years ago.
: Evidence from that case was stolen...
: I expected as much. I know how obsessive Officer Marshall can be.
: That trial... it really wasn't "fair," was it?
: ...
: I believed in you, Lana!
: I believed that no matter what happened, you'd always stick to the truth!
: It couldn't be helped, Ema. At that trial two years ago...
: I sold my soul.
: Well, all drama aside, the fact of the matter is at 5:15, there was no murder at the Police Department.
: Tell me it's not true, Lana! What the withness... Ms. Starr said!

: ...
: Lana! I don't understand!
: Why won't you tell us?
: Ema... This
: doesn't involve just me.
: (I don't think I've ever seen Lana look so fazed before...)

: It's true. I was a member of the police force two years ago.
: She was amazing!

: Chief Gant?
: Then he was the Vice-Head of Criminal Affairs, but he still worked the crime scenes. Damon Gant... he was everything I aspired to be.
: They were the best team ever! They solved crimes before the reports could even be filed!
: (Ema really idolizes her big sister.) But now you're Chief Prosecutor... What happened?
: I always planned on becoming a prosecutor. The reason I became a detective was...
: to gain experience investigating crime scenes, so you could later use that experience in court.
: Gant's help in the SL-9 case was critical in its resolution. After that, he became Chief of Police,
: and arranged my transfer to the Prosecutor's Office.
: (Maybe I should ask more about this "investigation" of theirs two years ago.)

: Two years ago I was second-in-command of the detectives investigating Darke.
: "Second-in-command"? That means the Chief Detective was, no doubt, Damon Gant?

: (They even had the same office...!)
: We led a team of the best detectives on the force:

: It was the first time Marshall worked with his brother. He was quite... "gung ho."

: We asked him to come in for questioning. We were desperate for evidence.
: That was when the last murder took place.
: (When he tried to murder Ema...)
: Prosecutor Marshall was trying to save me from Darke...
: You see, the first person who happened upon the scene of the crime... was me.
: ...! (Now you tell us...)

: Detective Gant and Prosecutor Marshall were the ones questioning Darke that day.
: The investigation was in its final stages, when Darke must have panicked. He waited until Gant and Marshall let their guards down,
: then fled the room. From there, he ran straight too... the office shared by Detective Gant and myself.
: That's where he found me.
: So you were the first person to run to the scene, Lana?
: It appears so. I was filing some papers while Gant and Marshall were questioning Darke.

: Three bodies? Prosecutor Marshall, the victim, Ema, who had passed out,
: and the suspect, Joe Darke. During the struggle, it seems Mr. Marshall struck a final blow before he died. Joe Darke had incurred a minor concussion, and lay unconscious.
: What did you do?
: To be honest, I panicked.

: (Can't blame her, after all her sister must have gone through.)
: After that, I placed Darke under immediate arrest.
: Let me get this straight. You were all involved in the SL-9 Incident?
: That's right. Quite a coincidence, hmm?
: I don't buy it.

: W-what are you saying?
: There's no way everyone involved in this trial was also involved in that incident just by "chance."
: But that case was solved two years ago!

: Officer Marshall... Yes, his actions came as a surprise to me as well. Ever since his brother died, he's changed completely.
: I guess he wasn't convinced with the ruling against Joe Darke.
: ... Life doesn't end with the closing of a case.
: Everyone has to live the rest of their lives with their memories.
: That "case" just might not be over yet.
: !
: Ema was assaulted by Darke at the Police Department, right?
: Yes, in the office that Damon Gant and I shared. The office that Mr. Gant now occupies by himself:
: the Chief's office.
: (Maybe we should have a look at the Chief's office - the site of the final SL-9 murder!)

So, off to the police department.

: I don't see Detective Gumshoe anywhere.
: Things seem kinda quiet around here today.
: You're right. (The head of the department seems the same though.)
: Why don't we go look for some other people to talk to?
: Right. We can come back here later.

So we head outside.

: Howdy, Bambina.
: Oh, Mr. Marshall!
: I never thought things'd turn out this way when I woke up this morning.
: Que será será. You never know where life'll lead you, eh Bambina? I should've known my luck had run out when ol' Billy dried up this morning.
: Billy...?
: Must be his pet cactus. Say, where are you headed?
: Just over to the Prosecutor's Office for a little interrogation. It's a "voluntary" appearance,
: but we all know I won't be coming back. Sorry, but you can't go in the evidence room today, pardner.
: But Mr. Marshall...
: Why did you do it?
: Why do prospectors head west?
: If ever there was a case I needed to know the truth about, it was that one.
: Before you turn yourself in, Mr. Marshall... would you mind telling us exactly what happened?
: Hmph...
: Looks like I won't be getting a steak lunch today.

Next time: Questioning Marshall.