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Part 92: Case 5 - Rise From the Ashes - Investigation (Day 3) - Part 4

Case 5 - Rise From the Ashes
Investigation (Day 3) - Part 4

: Oh, you're back.
: You're still here?
: I gotta make 150 copies of these files.
: Brewing coffee, copying files...
: I'm turning into a regular DJ!
: You're a "DJ" as well?
: If I'm not mistaken, I think he means "Desk Jockey."
: ...
: Oh, that DJ...

: I gotta admire your persistency,
: but my answer's still no.
: ?
: I'm not letting you in the Chief's office, period.
: It'd be my neck on the line.
: (That office is the last crime scene in the SL-9 Incident. I have to take a look in there!)
: There's got to be something we can do to make the Detective change his mind.

And now there is - presenting Edgeworth's resignation.

: ......
: N--no way! Mr. Edgeworth can't be serious!
: Is he ever not serious?
: I can't believe they've pushed him this far...
: Mr. Edgeworth really feels responsible.

: At first I thought he was as cold as ice, but now I know different!
: He trusted us detectives to provide him with sound evidence, but we just...
: we betrayed him!
: Detective...
: ...
: ...
: ...
: That's it.
: I've made up my mind!
: But...

: We can't do that. If someone found out...
: they wouldn't let you off the hook with another lost item report!
: Look at me. It's no secret I'm already out of the loop. After all, I'm friends with Mr. Edgeworth.
: Depending on how this case turns out, I may already be as good as terminated...
: (What...?)
: So at least let me do this...
: for Mr. Edgeworth's sake!
: All right, Detective. Thank you.

And we get his ID.

: Whatever you do, just don't say that to his face.
: Look, his eyes are half shut!
: Yeah... and his mouth is half open.
: Hey! Each of his shirt buttons is off a notch!
: And he's got the narrow end of his tie in front. ... I think this goes beyond being a "photogenic" issue.

: Here goes, Mr. Wright.

: If anyone finds us now,
: Detective Gumshoe's a goner.
: If that happens, I'm counting on you to bail me out!

The screen flashes a few times.

: Sorry, I thought you were a ghost.
: I didn't even know you could slap a ghost.
: AAAAH! Detective Gumshoe! What are you doing sneaking up on us like that!?
: I-I-I wasn't "sneaking."
: I was just worried something might go wrong...
: so I came too.

We crumple up the ID.

: Hey, don't do that to my card!
: I heardly ever get a chance to come in here,
: so I figured I'd have a look around myself!
: Besides, we're all in this together now.
: You really do want to get fired, don't you?
: Not if we're lucky. Now come on, let's see what we can find out!
: (I've got a bad feeling about this...)

: That desk on the other side of the room... Was that your sister's?
: Yes. That's where I was waiting for Lana...
: on that day two years ago.
: Is anyone using it now?
: No sir. This is entirely Chief Gant's office now.
: He practices a strict policy of "preserving the crime scene."
: (That's a strange reason to leave it there...)
: He leaves it as a warning to everyone else. He wants us to always be alert. He told us so himself at our New Year's party.
: Of course, he was pretty intoxicated at the time.
: I see.
: So ever since Lana left,
: no one ever touches that desk?
: No one except Chief Gant... and the cleaning leady who's in here each morning.
: (Still, two years have passed since that incident. There can't possibly be any clues remaining.)

: Can I ask you something?
: Sure.
: You only came here to look around, right? Because it's one of the SL-9 crime scenes.
: I mean, that's your only reason for coming here, isn't it?
: ... Why do you ask?
: You don't think...
: Nah!
: You wouldnt be...
: No.
: ...
: No, there's no way.
: Never mind. Don't worry about it.
: Okay. Now then, let's look around a bit more.
: Hey, hold on!
: Not so fast, buddy!
: Huh? What is it?
: When someone tell you "don't worry about it,"
: it's supposed to start bothering you, pal!
: You dont just let it go at that!
: S-sorry. (This guy's starting to get on my nerves.) Okay, so what's bothering you?
: You two don't think... Chief Gant...
: might be a suspect, do you?
: What!?
: Yeah. Mr. Wright! What do we think of him?

: (Perhaps it's best I don't divulge my feelings... yet.)
: There he goes, ignoring me again.

Now, let's look around.

: This is the real deal, isn't it? This armor and these weapons?
: Sure is, pal. The Chief doesn't care for imitations.
: First the pipe organ, now this armor... Do you know how many taxpayer dollars must have gone into this room?
: What? You mean we're paying for this!?
: That's it. I'm not paying one cent of my taxes!
: (You don't have any taxes to pay.)
: Ssh!
: Be careful of what you say!
: Who knows? The Chief may be hiding in this armor as we speak!
: I don't think he'd fit in there.
: Even if he did, he'd never be able to get back out.
: Cut it out! You guys don't know how scary that guy can be!

: You can see pretty far from 15 stories up.
: If you were to drop that suit of armor from here...
: At first the Chief wanted to use stained glass for this window.
: Really? Why didn't he?
: They say he changed his mind because he wouldn't be able to see the view.
: Oh.
: (Stained glass or not, it's a huge window...)

: This is a safe, isn't it?
: "Safe"... that word is ripe with intrigue!
: Uh, okay. If you say so...
: It looks like a code needs to be entered in this panel to open it.

Maybe, but we'll get back to that later.

: (I'm not sure what will happen if we enter the wrong code. I'd better wait until I find something more definite.)
: A seven-digit number...
: Didn't we see one of those somewhere?
: How about we try entering my birth date?

: Wow! Look at the size of Chief Gant's desk!
: (Speaking of that, when we were here earlier...)

: Chief Gant! (He put that paper he was reading in his desk.)

: A list of evidence?
: In most cases the list runs twice as long as this.
: Hey, look at the case name!
: Huh?
: "SL-9 Incident"! I wonder what this is doing here...
: Hold on, Detective! What did you just say?
: I said, "I wonder what..."
: No, about evidence lists. Normally they're twice as long?

: That's right. I guess there wasn't a lot of evidence.
: (A half-sized list of evidence...)

: Most lists...
: run twice as long.

: I knew it! The Chief must be hiding something about that case!
: It would appear so.

There's not much to see on the front of the list, but on the back...

: What is it? Did you find something?
: (I can't make it out. I'd better keep quiet about it for now.) Huh? Oh. No, it's nothing.
: Why are your eyes moving about like that, Mr. Wright?
: (I'd better not forget about this picture!)

: The Chief's organ sure is a sight to behold.
: Occasionally we hear him playing it from the Criminal Affairs department.
: (That's on the 2nd floor, and this is the 15th!)
: When a detective screws up, the Chief calls him to his office...
: and makes him listen to the organ for hours.
: What's so bad about that? Music soothes the soul!
: After that,
: the detective can't hear anything for days except for the ringing in his ears.
: (So it's an instrument of punishment... literally.)
: But aren't the Chief's ears affected?
: ...
: He never listens to anyone anyway.
: (That's besides the point...)

: This mark looks like some kind of flower.
: Word is, it's designed after the insignia on the prosecutor's badge.
: "Prosecutor's badge"...?

: What!? They have badges too!?
: The design's supposed to portray the severity of the punishment system.
: Now that you mention it, it does look all pointy and kind of painful. But Mr. Edgeworth never wears a badge.
: That's because he's a sharp dresser.
: A badge like that wouldn't go too well with his outfit.
: So sharp dressers don't need to wear badges?
: I guess everyone just kind of lets it slide.
: (I don't see how that's supposed to signify severe punishment...)

: (The day Joe Darke ran out of the questioning room and tried to kill Ema...)
: After receiving his award trophy, Mr. Marshall took a picture here,
: then went along with Chief Gant to question Darke.
: I bet he never knew he'd be dead just a few hours later...
: (Gee, you think?)

: This was Lana's desk. It sure is tidy.
: Lana's always been a meticulous cleaner.
: There's not even any dust on it! Looks like someone's still keeping it clean. Does Lana ever come back here?
: No.
: Chief Gant must still keep it clean in memory of their partnership.
: They were the stuff legends are made of!
: (Does he keep it in memory of her, or in memory of the crime...?)

: These shelves are mostly empty. Lana must have cleaned them out when she transferred over ot the Prosecutor's Office. There's a small picture frame on the left shelf.
: Hey! This is when Lana and I went to that theme park...
: ...

: Look at that giant window...
: Makes you want to crash through it and jump outside.
: Uh, this is the 15th floor.
: I know! I was just saying...
: (Saying what?)
: Ever since making detective, I've always dreamed about doing something like that.
: Note to Self: Detective Gumshoe has a lot of dreams...
: So long as he doesn't go crashing through that window when he gets fired.
: Don't say that!

Next time: The secrets of the safe.