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Part 93: Case 5 - Rise From the Ashes - Investigation (Day 3) - Part 5

Case 5 - Rise From the Ashes
Investigation (Day 3) - Part 5

Now, at this point, we have a safe to crack.

: Do you know what it is?
: I have a hunch...
: Oh, I know!
: You want to try my birth date? It's...

We do have a seven-digit number that hasn't seen use for anything yet. Could it be that easy?

: What number did you enter!?
: Whose birthday was that, pal?

: What?

: The number of the mysterious "executive officer" who entered the room that day.
: You mean,
: "Sevensevensevensevensevenseven"?
: That ID number!?
: I think you're one "seven" shy this time. This can only mean one thing: That's Chief Gant's ID number!
: Say...
: Anyone care to look inside?

: Is there any money in there? How much does he have stashed away!?
: Look! It's a... a...

: (This somehow looks familiar. Where have I seen this before...?)
: There's something else in here too.

: Hey! I saw someone wearing a shirt like that once! You think the Chief made up the design?
: Uh... I don't think so.
: Oh. Well, it was just a thought.
: Is that it? This is all that was in the safe?
: Apparently so. It's empty now.
: A piece of cloth with a handprint on it, and a broken shard from a cup.
: They look like pieces of evidence,
: but unless you can prove they have something to do with this case, I'm afraid I can't just let you take them.
: After all, it's my neck on the line here!

: (Great. Now I have to prove their "relevancy" to get them. How are these two items related to the SL-9 Incident?)
: Come on! There's got to be something we can show the detective!

First, we present the jar we built yesterday.

: All of us put that back together. Oh, those were the days...
: (It's kind of early to be nostalgic.)
: Wasn't this jar a piece of evidence from that case?
: That's right. One of the shards had an "SL-9 Incident" sticker on it.
: Doesn't this ring any bells? You know, that fragment we just found?

: Yes, that one... that was in the safe.
: ...
: !
: Now that you mention it, it's ringing a lot of bells!

: Here, let me see that shard. I'll take a crack at this.
: Go ahead, pal. Show us what a rookie can do!
: Mr. Wright! Here's some glue!
: (If I can piece this together again... it'll prove Chief Gant was knowingly hiding evidence! Here goes...)

: Chief Gant willingly and knowingly hid a piece of this jar in his safe.

: !
: In other words, he concealed a piece of evidence from the SL-9 Incident.
: But...
: Hey guys! Get a load of this!
: What is it?

: it's different from the others!

: There's a reddish line on it!
: (A reddish line... That's blood!)
: I don't get it!
: Why would Chief Gant hide this in his safe?

And so the jar is updated. Now, time to present the fingerprinting kit.

: Hey, I know what that is!
: So, you want to take some fingerprints?
: That's a great idea, Detective!
: All right, go to town. Sheesh! ...
: ...
: What are you doing? Why are you sticking out your hand like that?
: Go ahead. Take my fingerprints.
: ...
: Um, it's not your fingerprints we want to take.
: Huh?
: Come on, this isn't the time for jokes. We're talking about that cloth we found in the safe!
: Oh! Heh heh!
: I knew that. The one with the hand print on it, right?
: Sheesh, where's your sense of humor?

: Sprinkle the powder on the cloth,
: then, once they've been absorbed into the prints, blow the rest away!
: (What are you, my mom? I don't have to be told a million times!) All right, let's get this over with!

: (No... How can this be!? What are Ema's fingerprints doing here!?)
: Hey, you found a match?
: Whose fingerprints were they!?
: Huh? Oh, uh... it seems the prints are too old. They aren't clear enough to get a match.
: Oh... That's too bad.
: I thought they'd be Darke's prints.
: Psst! Hey you. Over here.

We join Gumshoe on the other side of the room.

: What's going on here? What are that kid's prints doing inside the Chief's safe?
: Don't ask me! Let's just keep this information from Ema for now.
: ...

: Yeah. Someone left behind an oil stain on the fabric. Whoever it was, they must have had a really oily hand.
: Mr. Wright, think about it scientifically!
: Huh?
: A more likely explanation is...
: the person slipped and fell on a freshly waxed floor,
: getting wax all over their hand.
: Well, that would account for this amount of oil I guess. (I don't see what's so "scientific" about it though.)
: It happens, you know. I always slip on the floors at school after they're waxed.

Back to the case.

: Well? Was I any help?

: Now that's not very kind, is it? In other words, if it wasn't for his ID card, he would have been useless...
: Isn't that right, you in the coat?
: C-Chief Gant!

: We didn't think you'd be back so soon.
: Fortunately I'm a man who believes in signs.
: As I was walking to my meeting, I happened to look out a window and saw a stray dog run right into a pole.
: Just then I thought of a certain detective.
: Do you mean... m-me, sir?
: Now then,
: I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you all to leave.
: Y-yes sir!
: Sorry...
: Oh, you in the coat.
: Me, sir!?

: You won't be needing it anymore.
: But sir...
: Now get out!
: Y-y-yes sir!
: We'll be on our way too, then.
: Wait.
: You, the one without the spiky hair. Don't go yet.
: M-me, sir!?
: I'd like a word with you.
: But sir!
: I'm not a licensed scientific investigator yet!
: You with the spiky hair.
: You're free to go.
: M-Mr. Wright!!!

We are automatically dropped off outside.

: The Chief's office is off limits!
: But no, you just had to go sneaking in there like that, didn't you!?
: I thought you said you didn't care anymore if you were fired.
: Yeah, but if I knew it'd be like this,
: I never would've said it!
: (Now that I've seen the evidence Chief Gant was hiding in his office... I think I'm finally starting to get the picture... It's hard to believe anyone could keep quiet about it all this time...)

: Anyway, you listenin' to me!? I'm gonna try to smooth things over with the Chief again!
: Later, pal!

: so she'll be busy for the rest of the day...

: I see. So the Chief asked Ema to come in for questioning...
: It's no use thinking about it. Tomorrow's the final day in court. I'm committed to doing everything I can to defend you, which is why I'm here.
: But I've already told you all I can...
: What you've told me over these past couple of days... is absolutely nothing. Not a single, useful thing.
: Really? I believe I did mention something quite important. Something I told you right at the beginning.
: I said that I was the one who stabbed Detective Goodman.
: You know, I think I've finally figured it out... Who it is you're hiding behind those words.
: ...
: Mia did a good job mentoring you. I'm rather jealous...
: !
: It seems Edgeworth was right.
: Edgeworth...?
: Once you're convinced you know something, no one can persuade you otherwise.
: "Thick headed" is the term he used, I believe.
: (Now's my chance to get her to tell me the rest of the story!)

: I have to admit I was more than a little perplexed at first. You insisted you "did it," yet there was no incriminating evidence. That's when it hit me. It's not that you're unwilling to tell the truth, it's that you're incapable of doing so, because of a certain individual.
: What an intriguing notion. A certain, "individual," you say?
: So you think I'm... protecting this person?
: Protecting? No. I think "afraid of" is more like it.
: !
: If I'm not mistaken, the person in question may have persuaded you to silence.
: ... For argument's sake, Mr. Wright, whom may I ask is this person you're speaking of?

: Well, Ms. Skye?
: ...

: Mr. Wright. You are addressing the Chief Prosecutor. Do not forget your place.
: (I take it she's still not ready to spill the beans.) My apologies.
: Could you please tell me a bit more about the circumstances?

: I respected him as a detective.
: Assuming he is respectable, then tell me something... Why would he try to hide his crimes?
: His "crimes"...?
: Both you and Edgeworth will be brought before a board of inquiry for what you did. Specifically, hiding and forging evidence.
: Of course, these are serious offenses...
: Why is it, though, that Chief Gant's name was never mentioned?
: Chief Gant...?
: Edgeworth didn't know the truth behind the forgery. The only party who could have possible investigated that evidence was...


: Me. I had access because I was second in command of that investigation.
: Yes you, but also one other: Damon Gant.
: ...
: If you intend to accuse Chief Gant, you'll need more than just words.

: I just found this in a safe in the Chief's office. This jar piece, and this strip of cloth. Do you know what these are? They're pieces of evidence from the SL-9 Incident!
: I...
: The person concealing evidence was none other than Chief Gant himself. Now tell me! Why are you taking all the blame for him!?
: ... Touché, Mr. Wright. It's as you surmised. I cannot disobey the Chief's orders... even if it means being found guilty for murder.

: Why not?
: Come now, Mr. Wright. You can't possibly expect me to be able to tell you that. Three days ago...
: I had no choice but to cooperate.
: (In the murder of Detective Goodman!)
: Or perhaps I should say, "follow orders."
: Yes, that's more accurate than "cooperate."

: Although I can't tell you the details,
: I can say that I was given an order that day.

: "You'll find it inside the trunk of Miles Edgeworth's car."
: Just as I suspected. Despite what everyone believes... you were not the one who murdered Detective Goodman!
: Correct.

: I discovered that murder weapon while inspecting the body.

: No.

: (The knife from the SL-9 Incident... serial killer Joe Darke's knife!)
: I couldn't just leave that knife in him,
: so I took it out and stabbed him with another knife.
: That would be Edgeworth's knife?
: That's right. Even though he was already dead, my hands were shaking at the thought of stabbing him. That's why I ended up
: cutting my hand.
: And that is the reason for the bandage on your right hand?

: And then...

: (Ms. Starr...) Why did you need to hide Darke's knife so badly?

: It took a lot of work to finally close the Darke case two years ago. It was over with. I didn't ever want it to be opened again. My intent was to prevent that
: by whatever means possible.
: So... you hid Darke's knife?
: The weapon used to stab the detective was evidence in the Joe Darke case... If word got out, which it would, the reporters would have a field day with that.

: In Edgeworth's exhaust pipe...
: Right. Then I called my sister,
: to tell her what happened, and to ask her to hide the knife that was inside my muffler.
: You asked Ema?
: I didn't want anyone on the force to know about this.

: (about Lana's innocence!)
: Speaking of phone calls, I had a bad feeling about one of them that day.
: A bad feeling?
: The truth is, after I received those orders from Chief Gant.
: The first thing I did was make a phone call.

: To Marshall? Why on earth would you call him?
: The lead investigator for the SL-9 Incident had been murdered. I wanted that fact to be kept hidden, and I needed help. He was the only other person I could trust.
: Or at least, I thought I could trust him at the time. However, it seems that after I spoke to him he went off on an escapade of his own...
: Oh! You mean...
: Not wanting the case to die, he decided to take things into his own hands.

: He had already stolen the ID card... but it seems he still hadn't made up his mind to break into the evidence room.
: After my phone call,
: any remaining doubts he had must have disappeared.
: So your phone call caused the incident in the evidence room!?
: I'm afraid that's all I can tell you.
: But Lana...
: You've earned my respect, Mr. Wright. Both as a defense attorney and an investigator.
: Now please... Don't pursue this any further in court tomorrow!

: (Tomorrow's trial... There's only one way to drive off Lana's demons...)

Next time: Endgame.